Sunday, November 30, 2014


Yesterday was crazy in Yankeeland. First thing I see when I log in to Twitter is that Max Scherzer has a deal on the table from the Yankees. Not even an hour later I am hearing the rumor isn't true at all. It made my head spin, and I am sure it made a lot of other fans do the same thing. It's been a quiet winter so you throw a big name like Scherzer in there and of course all hell is going to break loose.

So where are we at? As of last night before I went to bed, there was no source confirming an offer was indeed made. But Casey said there was a conflicting report between 2 people he was speaking to.  He could not vague for how credible the info was because at that point, it was a whirlwind, but he said he did hear that the Yankees has planned to present a 4 or 5th year to Max Scherzer with a 1 year option to follow. They did not present it... they have it prepared. We're being cautious here at BYB, but as we wrote in MAX SCHERZER COULD BE THE YANKEE RESPONSE, after the Red Sox and the Blue Jays have made some serious moves already, we know that the Yankees are going to counter that somehow. We don't sit back and become spectators. We will fight to get back to the top in the American League East.

OK, so a 4 or 5 year deal with a 6th option... MAYBE!  It's not a bad offer, but it may not be enough. If it isn't enough....I can't say that I am too upset about it. Don't get me wrong, I like Scherzer. His stuff is nasty, and any team would be lucky to have him...but I don't want him if it is for a long term deal. Actually, if I could have my way I would hope to get Gio Gonzalez in a trade.

If Scherzer gets a 6 or 7 year deal like we initially reported yesterday in RUMOR: MAD MAX SCHERZER GETS BIG DEAL OFFERED FROM YANKEES then that means the Yankees would have Scherzer on the books up until he is 37 years old. I am just not a fan of these contracts anymore and I think we should steer away from them. What does make sense to me though is trading for Gonzalez.

Gonzalez currently has 2 years left on his contract with the Nationals, and at a pretty team friendly price. The Yankees are missing another left handed starter, which I think is crucial for Yankee stadium, we need to neutralize that short right porch somehow. CC Sabathia says he is feeling good so far, but we really can't take that chance anymore. We need another lefty, we have been missing it for awhile now.

Just like we need another lefty, the Nationals are looking for some outfield help and we have some options here. I wouldn't be surprised though if they had an eye on Aaron Judge, especially after all of his success in the Arizona Fall League. It would take more than just Judge to get this done but I wouldn't be surprised if that is a starting point.

It looks like the quiet winter may finally be over. The Hot Stove is lit and Max Scherzer started a frenzy. So how will this end? Stay tuned, you know we will have all of the information here for you when we know it.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ

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We all know that person…and if we don’t chances are we are that person. They just seem to bring drama along with them like a toothbrush on an overnight stay. It isn’t always their fault, some of these folks don’t intend to be trouble, and they just automatically find it. They can often seem like a weight on our shoulders. What do we do? How can we make sure these negative forces of nature don’t take us down with them? The answer is simple, but can be tough to execute…we need to cut them from our team if you will.

I have always admired ARods natural ability to play the game of baseball. He takes to the diamond like a fish to water. He is an outstanding, gifted athlete…even before the PEDs. The only thing Alex seems to excel at more then sport is bringing problems with him wherever he goes.

Al, like Derek Jeter and Nomar Garciaparra, was a fresh-faced shortstop ready to set the world on fire. He was good looking, insanely talented and had the Seattle fans buzzing with talk of October baseball…and then…Alex opened his mouth.

Jeter and Rodriguez were close friends and then during an interview in GQ magazine ARod ran his buddy DJ down. Why? What compelled him to do that? Jealousy? Maybe. Was it stupidity? You bet. But it was more than that. Alex Rodriguez is just a toxic person. He can’t help it. It’s in his DNA. Al doesn’t see anyone but Al when he looks around. He is the ultimate “Me” player. Yes, he helps younger teammates and roots for his guys, but you can see it’s to bolster his own image…it’s sad really.

Even when ARod has tried to change his ways he slips back into the old routine like a warm bath. He can’t be someone he is not…namely Derek Jeter.

We are stuck with him, ladies and gents. That’s all there is to it. We are not innocent either. We loved that he crushed dingers and won MVPs…face it, we did. Now that he is making Ty Cobb look like a good guy we shout to the rafters that we NEVER wanted number 13 (fittingly a bad luck number).

I want to like the guy. I want to see him go out on a good note. Maybe he learns from his mistakes…finally. But I don’t see it. He is toxic. He doesn’t know he is the problem. He needs to have that drama draped around his shoulders to feel complete. He is at home with the Dark Side of the Force. There is no coming back for this guy and it’s tragic. He could have been and should have been talked about a one of the greatest to ever play this game…instead; he will be a cautionary tale that parents tell their kids. Talent is a great foundation, but you need to build on it in a positive way to make it pay off.

The Yankees need to wish him well and turn the page in this story. And if Alex was a good person he’d take the money he’s made and walk away…but he won’t.

 Alex is toxic.

** Alex is truly that unwelcomed family member now…he is toxic. He is bad company. And it’s time that he moves out.**

 --Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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Saturday, November 29, 2014


Thank God Jack Curry can get sources that I can't.  He just reported this about the Max Scherzer deal:
Go back to shopping for Christmas...

As I tweeted alittle bit ago:
It's the rumor season... it's crazy. 

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BYB is trying to confirm a possibly BIG offer involving Max Scherzer.  The report is that this morning the Yankees have made a 6 year offer to Max Scherzer.  We first read about it on Twitter from Dan Pfeiffer here:

BYB has heard heard 2 things, none of which is a 6 year deal. The deal I was able to confirm was possibly 7 years and $190 million dollars. Let me also tell you that another source revealed to me that he cannot confirm either deal mentioned above.  So... as always, rumors are flying. We are working to confirm that deal right now.

As you know Bleeding Yankee Blue has suggested many times that the Yankees were quietly aiming to sign at least 1 pitcher, be it Max Scherzer or Nationals lefty Gio Gonzalez.  The bottom line was, they needed to do something, they were clearly outplayed by the Red Sox and Blue Jays.

If this offer is complete, we will be sure to bring you the update, but as you know we like to make sure these stories are firm.

Let's recap, the rumor is the Yankees offered a 6 year deal to Scherzer.  We at BYB have heard the offer is actually 7 and around $190 million.

Wow... more when we know it.  Stay close.

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I just spent the last 24-hours shopping.  My friend and I hit door buster after door buster from about 6:00 p.m. on Thursday through about 9:00 p.m. Friday.  I digress, I really started on Wednesday morning with an online order to Best Buy, and I am not counting that, nor am I counting the quick cyber search to the H.H. Gregg site for Dr. Dre Solo2 Beats (don't tell my 13-year-old).  I got some deals, had some laughs, had some frustrating moments and lived to see another day.  As I sit here with blood shot eyes I have to say that sometime around 3:30 a.m. last night as I gazed out the window from Starbucks to the hollow halls of the mall in front of me, I realized something.  I am out shopping for what I think I need, my kids want and my friends would appreciate.

And bang, it dawned on me- has Brian Cashman asked himself, "What do the Yankees need to win?"  I guess he has, but has he really?  Has he sat down quietly, perhaps in the wee hours of the morning, in the darkness in his home and answered that question in a way that enabled him to answer it honestly and truly?  I say no way!

We have written a number of pieces with Cashman in the headline over the last year and particularly over the last few months since the season ended for us in yet another disappointing way.  MY DAD'S ADVICE FOR BRIAN CASHMAN, HARD TO BELIEVE, BUT BRIAN CASHMAN PLAYED BALL... and of course, CASHMAN'S END IS COMING.  Through these and dozens of others, we have tried to get into the mind of Cashman, who is still sort of a mystery to me.  I know under his leadership, and I use that word very lightly, we have made the playoffs 15 out of 17 times since he's been at the helm.  Hard to believe, right, but it is true.

Yet according to the New York Post back in early September, "Cashman’s offseason last year was a fiasco. If you’d like to analyze all of his trades, there are quite a few that come up lacking. He always has more money to spend, which not only means acquiring better players, in theory, but more importantly means he can cover his trail when it’s littered with mistakes."  I think that about sums up Cashman for me.  He keeps layering his Christmas tree with a lot of ornaments. Some of the ornaments weigh a little too much while others get pushed to the back and have no real presence or appeal.  I call those the filler ornaments on my tree.  Cashman just layers until he can't anymore and the tree falls, with the ornaments tumbling and breaking.

As I end my Black Friday the same way I began it, from my contour memory foam pillow, I beckon Brian Cashman to please go shopping for a championship team.  Go to Oakland, Detroit and Washington D.C.  Go to the National League West, go to the Arizona Fall League and go to the Winter Meetings.  Just go, go out and shop and make some deals, pick up some door busters and use a coupon code for God's sake.  Please, do something.  I can't go on like this, in this funk of post-seasonitis.  I need something special under the Christmas Tree this year.  No more broken ornaments! Go shopping for a championship team, Brian!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
Twitter: @suzieprof

Be Read. Get Known.

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Good for the Blue Jays to snag 3rd baseman Josh Donaldson from the Oakland A's.  It was reported last night that that happened.  Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports was the first to report it... making sure he was NOT scooped by a 13 year old this time, and good  for him:
I received a text from someone that told me that Jeff Samardzija may have been part of this deal as well last night.  I was relieved to find out after making a call that that was not the case. 

But there is no question that the Blue Jays have a good ballplayer in Donaldson, plus he's a third baseman... plus, he's young with a ton of upside...

And as we watch the Red Sox and Blue Jays build to be competitors in the American League East... you have to wonder what the hell the Yankees are doing?  I have a theory.

I've said this before, because it appears to be their MO.   The Yankees have a plan. That's all I got.  That's right... I went there.  That was followed last night by my fellow Yankee fans growing equally as impatient as I am:

Good dialog, a ton of speculation, some good suggestions... and it always ends with "Hal or Brian's a Moron."  I will not go that far, but I will tell you, I get it 100%.  When moves aren't made, even smart, small moves that Cashman could clearly make... Yankeeland goes crazy.

I would suggest that the Yankees are going to make 1 big move, but I am unclear of what that is. It could be Max Scherzer.  It could be Troy Tulowitzki. It could be Gio Gonzalez, a lefty and a guy I would LOVE to have in New York.  Whatever it is, I think something's coming.

Couple that with the fact that I believe that the Yankees are trying to be extra smart with our youth.  They hear the message. They know the fans want our kids to have a chance.  Whether they'll stick to that is anyone's guess, but I think they are doing their best to NOT trade everyone away.
I hope so Laurie.

Think about it... if they make a trade and give away the kids, we bitch and moan... but if they don't do anything... well, we bitch and moan.  They really can't win.

As a fellow fan, just know that the Donaldson trade is significant and I am impatient just like you. We needed a 3rd baseman, that clearly should have been our guy!  It may have been a trade we could have made, but we'll never know now.  All I can suggest is we be patient the best we can. 

In my gut, I feel like something is going to happen in Yankeeland.   If I get a sense of what that is, I'll write about it. But don't lose hope... we are still the Yankees after all.

Go Yanks! Black Friday Exclusives Sneak Preview

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Friday, November 28, 2014


Keep calm everyone. My dad has it all figured out....well, he thinks he does and I for one think it is not only funny, but it's interesting. My dad wants to be a General Manager ladies and gentlemen and for the Yankees none the less. Maybe I am finally bringing him over to our can only hope.

Brian Cashman has a hard job, no doubt about it. I admit, I don't always agree with some of his moves and there have been times where I have twitched violently as a response to some of his signings but I would never want that man's job. My dad isn't even a Yankees fan so the fact that he has so much interest lately makes me laugh. Check it out....

Dad: Who is this Giancarlo Stanton kid?

Me: He is a 25 year old outfielder for the Miami Marlins.

Dad: You mean the Yankees missed ANOTHER young superstar?

Me: We aren't going to get them all, dad. The Marlins drafted him in 2007. They picked right.

Dad: Well now the Marlins get him for another 13 years and for $325 million. They should have drafted him. If I was in charge it would have happened BUT not that extension. I guess they haven't seen what the Yankees are going through with the Alex Rodriguez deal. No one is worth that many years.

Me: I guess not, and you are right.

Dad: Now he will never play for the Yankees.

Me: I guess not. There is another great player out there for us.

Dad: Boston is having another big off season. They made two good signings.

Me: *shrugs* I didn't really want Pablo Sandoval anyways.

Dad: Why not? He did great in the postseason.

Me: Yes, he did. However, those postseason numbers are not what the Yankees would most likely get out of him during the regular season. Plus, he was too expensive. I like Chase Headley more and he won't command that kind of years or money.

Dad: I don't know, I like the idea of Sandoval better.

Me: Let's revisit this after he has to adjust to hitting at Fenway and dealing with the Green Monster.

Dad: OK, we will. And what about Hanley Ramirez? I don't get that at all. The Yankees should have been all over this guy. You lost Derek Jeter and Ramirez has very impressive numbers for a shortstop!

Me: I agree with you about his production, but Ramirez is also very injury prone. You have seen what has been going on with the Yankees the past two seasons, we have struggled to stay healthy. He is expensive also. I think the Yankees need to focus on staying healthy and can still get good production out of someone else who isn't that high of a risk. It's OK that we don't have a long-term replacement for Jeter right now. Truth is, I don't think you CAN replace him. We just need someone who can do the job and contribute. Cashman will find him.

Dad: When are you going to start signing people? Boston is going to sign everyone!

Me: So they can take on massive salary again, realize it doesn't mean you have a winning team and trade them all off again like they did in 2012? Go for it. They cant make up their mind what direction they want to take. That alone gives me no reason to panic.

Dad: You guys need to do something, and if I were Brian Cashman I would be getting more aggressive with Brandon McCarthy and Chase Headley.

Me: I will be sure to tell him dad. HEY! Maybe you can be his assistant GM!

Dad: OK smarty pants.

So please Brian Cashman....please start making some moves. It's hard enough hearing my dad the Mets / Diamondbacks fan tease me on a regular basis when it comes to his teams but now he is taking an interest in Boston which makes me sick to my stomach.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ

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Brendan Kuty of has a great piece about a young Yankee shortstop that is definitely the future. Yankee fans should remember this kid.

You know how we love believers here at BYB. Well... we found another and you need to know about him.  According to Kuty,

"Jorge Mateo is among the Yankees' top prospects, a 19-year-old shortstop who signed for $250,000 in 2012 out of the Dominican Republic.

Mateo's young, so he doesn't have a ton of experience and he's got plenty of time to realize his potential."

Fangraphs writes: "He’s good defensively but isn’t a the super-smooth Gold Glove type, so he’ll need to continue to hone his instinct and footwork, but the tools are there to be a solid defender...Mateo was one of the best prospects in the (Gulf Coast League) this year, despite missing some time due to injuries. His projectable frame, elite speed, and natural hitting ability suggest that he could become an above average shortstop at the major league level. How he develops physically will help to determine his ultimate ceiling, but he could hit .270 – .280 with 10-15 Hr’s, a good OBP and above average defense."

Give it time and keep your eye on Mateo.  He's the future.

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Ramiro Pena was a good solider for the Yankees when he was with us.  But he ended up going to the Atlanta Braves, where he apparently start sporting a goatee. While there, he had a .258 average with 6 homers and 21 RBIs.  Anyway, because he's a former Yankee, I like to keep you all in the loop.  There is news in Pena-land.

Pena was outrighted by the Braves.  Right now, he's out of a gig. But there is no question he'll get picked up somewhere be it a minor league job or a major league job as a utility guy.  He's a talented player with a ton of upside for any club.

Wish Ramiro well... and tell him to shave. We all like his baby face better.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014


As always, I wanted to send a message to the Bleeding Yankee Blue audience, but today, I also want to take a moment to give a big hug to my second family.  My writers.

Since the birth of BYB, there has been a writer running this thing but then my writers came along to help me out and with that, our amazing audience followed. But you would never be there if we as writers didn't get this thing off the ground.  As Muhammad Ali once said, "Me, We."

It started with one writer. Me. Me making sure the stories were ready to go.  Me looking for news and reporting it, but there were misspelling, strange phrases, and no rhythm what-so-ever.  BYB has been called "a really bad version" early on by me in the past, and that's true... it was ugly.  But so was Microsoft in the beginning.  So was IBM. So was Apple. So was Hardball Talk and MLB Trade Rumors at one point.

Beginnings are brutal, but they are also fun, because while you want it to be perfect... you're working out the kinks more than anything.  You want people to notice, but you don't want them to notice the mess.  Well... sometimes they do and sometimes you, or me as the head, feels bad about that.  But I think for me personally, having my early readers join me on this quest, they understood my labor of love and allowed me to tinker.  The readers were patient and I was alone trying to figure it all out. The readers respected my craft and let it come together with support.

Then the writers came, and as they did, we evolved.  We.

Jeana Bellezza showed up with a smile and a passion for writing.  But more importantly, while timid, she wanted to take on the world.  She wanted a shot... and I gave it to her.  I believed she could because she believed in herself.  Jeana's been with me for almost the entire time at BYB. She's a hard worker, dedicated and her focus has never changed since she started.  She's my Jeter.

Jeana, to this day, my favorite piece by you is still A YANKEE PROPOSAL....SORT OF. It's real life... with alittle Yankees mixed in.  It couldn't be more perfect for what we do here at BYB.  Thank you for letting what's in your heart pour out on my pages.

Erica Morales showed up one day.  Like a soldier on a battlefield, she dove right in ready to write.  There wasn't a hesitation.  Immediately she knew her role. Plus, it helps when you're a friend of Jeana Bellezza... you already have the back story walking in.  Erica too had a passion for writing, but also loved the Yankees.  She went straight to her work and to this day, the stories you read some days on these pages will bring life to anything going on in the Yankee clubhouse, or ARod's court case, or her family directly.  She inter-mingles her creative nature wonderfully and for that, I will always be grateful.

Erica, to this day, my favorite piece from you has to be MY GRANDFATHER, JORGE POSADA & LIFE LESSONS.  Family related... life lessons... you got me! Thank you for your hard work.  Never lose that fire.  It will take you places, kid.

Steve Skinner and I became instant friends pretty early on. We are close in age, love Thurman Munson and appreciate the Yankees even when they were terrible in the 80's. That's because we lived through it!  Steve walked from Bleacher Report to work for BYB.  Partially because he loved the creative aspect of what we do here and partially because he loved what we represented... Family, Life and being a passionate Yankee fan base.   Steve and I have the same values and raise our children very similarly.  I think that's why our bond is the way it is.  Steve, your love for the Yankees is evident in everything you write.  My favorite up to this point has to be THE BEST I'VE EVER SEEN. Keep up the great writing and thanks for leaving Bleacher Report for us. The BYB audience is lucky to have you... so am I.

Ike Dimitriadis started writing for BYB doing recaps with my friend Frank Gentry.  Both did a tremendous job for BYB.  When the season ended, Frank moved on but Ike stuck around.  I would have loved to have had them both, but that's life.  You know what I like about Ike the most? He didn't want to be held back. He didn't want to be type cast.  He wanted more than recaps. He wanted to be more creative and wanted to write features for BYB.  Ike, like my other writers, goes the extra mile while still maintaining a life with a family outside of BYB.

He's gone to Sabathia events for us.  He works closely with the YES Network when we need him to. He's dedicated, and I appreciate that very much.  Ike, I still love your piece, THE 20th ANNIVERSARY OF A BITTERSWEET SEASON. It's one of my favorites.  Thanks.

Suzie Pinstripe stalked BYB on Twitter.  I'm kidding. That's not true at all.  She did reach out to me a lot though and ask if we needed writers.  It's funny. People do that a lot, and many times we don't need writers. Or, I am just not sure if that person is aware of the work load and dedication associated with BYB.  But for some reason, I knew she was serious about wanting to write for us. I could tell that she was not only knowledgeable, but she was a hard worker.  I asked for her to come aboard and it was evident that she wanted to help move BYB to the next level.  Her baseball knowledge is vast. She loves to write, you can tell when you read it from our pages.  She also balances family and a demanding job, but always manages to make deadline for us.

She's a catch, and I'm proud to have her on our team. Suzie, I will always love "CAN'T YA CALL ME BUCKY?" It takes me back!

When the host of the MLB Fan Cave tells you he likes what you do and wants to contribute, you kind of let that fall into place.  I'm glad I did.  Mike O'Hara is a passionate Son of a Bitch and he and I have the same rooting style.  Plus, we both love to write.  He's a good dude and another great find in this world of BYB.  He never disappoints and will always give it to you straight.  His honesty as a fan is the exact reason why BYB began. Mike gets it and I'm both thrilled and honored to have him on our team. He calls me "Skip" and I consider that a badge of honor, and so, Mike O'Hara has a gig with BYB as long as he wants, because he and the rest of my writers are the hardest working writers on the web.

Mike, one of my favorite pieces from you was a simple, honest one: WHEN IT COMES TO TEIXEIRA, I WISH MY DAD RAN THE YANKEES. That's real right there.

Alexis Garcia joined us this year and with it came a valuable, passionate writer from the City of Angels... LA. A Dodgers fan, but a baseball fan first, Alexis writes when she can because she handles plenty outside of BYB.  But she wanted to contribute to BYB because she liked what we did and for that, I am grateful. Alexis has brought plenty to the table as our "Eye on MLB" writer and never disappoints.  Alexis, thanks for coming aboard.  My favorite piece by you has to be BASEBALL'S NOT BETTER BECAUSE OF SELIG... IT'S WORSE. Keep up the great work. Thanks for taking the time!

And finally, Wolfgang Von Bunt is brand new.  A friend with a passion for writing and while he's only contributed a few times to BYB, when he writes, there's always something you will never forget.  His love for pop culture and baseball is what really drew me in and I'm happy to say that Wolfgang is with us.

Wolfie, my favorite piece by you has to be IF THE GIANTS WIN, ARE THEY A DYNASTY? Thanks for being with us, pal.

Oh yeah, and it would be wrong to never mention my writers of the past.  Writers who offered their own talent and creative flair... Jesse Schindler, Grant Cederquist, Frank Gentry, Chad R MacDonald, Rudy Laurens, Mikey Blue, Will Cohen, Christy Florio, Kate Munrow.  You've all been a great part of BYB's evolution and success.  Thank you for helping us blossom.

Me, We.

I'm thankful for my staff. I'm thankful for their hard work and what Bleeding Yankee Blue has accomplished and I'm thankful to all of you, our audience who understand that were regular people with regular lives who balance jobs, family, kids and activities... and then, we sit down and write you something about the Yankees you need to know about.  We're thankful you read us... and we're thankful that you understand all we do.  You get it and I, as Chief of BYB, appreciate it.

Today's Thanksgiving.  Enjoy... and thank you for being so dedicated... for reading, for writing... you're all very special people and I am blessed.

-Robert Casey, CEO & Writer for
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