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I appreciate honesty especially in a world where we can't always find it easily.  Movies like Ocean's 11 and the upcoming Ocean's 8 highlight dishonesty, in the most entertaining way.  To say that dishonesty is a reality would be a true statement, although we don't like it and we don't wish our loved ones to practice it.  So, in an effort to stay honest and focus on reality, it is our duty to share with you some harsh and unpleasant realities: David Robertson could be traded in order to allow for the Yankees to build their forces for a new championship while staying under the luxury tax.

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"The Yanks currently have $172 million-ish tied up in seven signed players, an estimate of what eight arbitration players will cost via MLB Trade Rumors, obligations from trades for Brian McCann and Chase Headley and the $14 million-ish each club will be charged for benefits such as pensions and insurance," reported the NY Post.  So, if the Yankees want to pick up "any kind of more expensive luxury item" they have to cut their current payroll.

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Sure the logical choice is the player labeled as the 5th outfielder.  But the reality is that trading Jacoby Ellsbury may not be that easy.  According to Chris Carelli of SNY, "trading Ellsbury will not be a simple transaction for a number of reasons."  These reasons include: his substantive contract (the biggest roadblock), no-trade clause, perceived future value, chronic injuries and age, and his need for everyday reps (in order for him to be ready to be inserted into the lineup).  

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But there is someone who could give the Yankees the cushion they need to pick up that infielder and additional starting pitcher.  As much as I hate to say it and would hate to see him go, the reality is that David Robertson could provide the flexibility the Yankees need to keep dealing and still stay beneath $197 million.  

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"But the biggest dent within reason would come from trading David Robertson ($11.5 million for luxury-tax purposes and entering his walk year). The Yanks have depth to set-up Aroldis Chapman with Betances, Warren, Chad Green and Tommy Kahnle," reported the NY Post.  

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And with the Robertson deal, the Yankees could move on Yu Darvish, Manny Machado or Mike Moustakas.  My reality is do we really need any of these?  Can we just pursue the championship with what we have or perhaps with a smaller pick up of Gerritt Cole or Patrick Corbin?  Can we rely on our farm system rather than sacrifice David Robertson who is coming off one of his best seasons since coming to the Yankees in July.  His ability to come into a game situation as a long reliever or as a closer make him invaluable to our bullpen.  His leadership on this Yankee team also cannot be undervalued.  

The Roberston Trade could be a reality if the Yankees are not willing to settle for what they have in place and feel they need more to secure their championship season in 2018.  I'd be dishonest if I didn't share this nugget but it is a painful one to swallow.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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