Thursday, September 30, 2021


I don't put a lot of emphasis on individual awards because I keep my eye on the real prize....a World Series trophy. But even though most of us are super focused on winning the series against the Blue Jays and making it into the postseason, some are also focused on the Cy Young award.

The two favorites for the AL Cy Young are playing in this series and baseball is focused on Jays starter Robbie Ray and our own Gerrit Cole. We watched Cole pitch last night, and we will see Ray pitch tonight against Corey Kluber. If Ray pitches a better game then Cole did....he may be the standout favorite.

It would be nice to see Cole win the Cy Young, but that's something you have to earn and two of his last three starts have been clunkers now. He's struggled in some big games and he did again last night, too. Aside from the stats, here is a good visual for proof.

We could all tell early on, Cole was not on his game and the Blue Jays sat back and capitalized on his mistakes. He did finally settle down after the first couple of innings but by then the damage was done. Cole threw 19 pitches in a two-run first inning and 13 of those pitches were four-seam fastballs. The Blue Jays made contact with 7 of them and put 6 in play including a ball that was right down the middle to Marcus Semien who did not miss. Bo Bichette also had a big night with two home runs including the go-ahead run to win the game. You cannot pitch middle-middle to the Blue Jays and walk away unscathed. They are too good offensively.

Cole's final line for the night looked like this: 6 IP, 5 ER, 6K and 2 HR. Cole allowed 7 extra-base hits last night. He gave up the most extra-base hits on his four-seamer in ANY game he's ever pitched. The Yankees scored 5 runs, that should be enough to win a game. The offense did not fail Cole this time. They have in the past but this time the offense bailed him out when they tied the game and he failed the team by putting them behind in the first place. 

Cole is our ace and we need to rely on him especially in these big games as we fight for postseason berth. He said last night he would be ready to pitch the last game of the season on short rest if needed. The question here shouldn't be "will he be available?" it is "should we trust him and take that risk?" Two of his last three starts have not been good.

We want and need to see Cole pitch well, but that hasn't happened lately and because of that I think he can kiss any hope of a Cy Young award goodbye. Hopefully we haven't kissed the postseason goodbye, because right now that's the ONLY thing that matters and the gap is closer now that the Blue Jays and the Red Sox won last night. 

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Senior Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj

Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Source: New York Post

The Yankees don't have a mascot. And that's okay. They are the Yankees, not the Mets. But when Nestor Cortes, Jr. talked his team into a team turtle, there was no turning back. After adopting this said turtle, the Yankees went on a seven game win streak which included the powerful, game winning home runs from Giancarlo Stanton in Boston and last night's big 7-2 win in Toronto. Could Bronxie be the different maker? Well let's put it this way, the Yankees will take any good karma they can after this season of ups and downs.

Source: ESPN

"Cortes is very much a proud papa, but others, including DJ LeMahieu -- who is said to just enjoy staring at Bronxie -- are involved and engaged caretakers, as well. This week, Bronxie made his first road trip, joining the team in Boston," wrote ESPN.


The Yankees have gone on a tear. Not the tear the St. Louis Cardinals have—a team that has come back to life to win 17 in a row (franchise record) and clinch an NL Wild Card slot should the season end today. Similar to the Yankees final week of the regular season, they have a somewhat tough last six games against Milwaukee and the Cubs. Both teams were sort of left for dead 8 weeks ago, with their stints to the IL, COVID and just poor baseball. But the Yankees have something the Cards do not—a pet turtle named Bronxie.

"Lucky charm, whatever you want to call it; I know a lot of guys believe there's a connection here," Gardner said before Sunday's game. "At the end of it, it would be great if we could go out and get him a little World Series ring," reported ESPN.

Source: Yahoo Sports

Bronxie needs to provide some good vibes for Yankee pitcher Jameson Taillon who is likely out for the rest of the season after coming out of the third still being bothered by his right ankle. He also has some work to do to keep guys like Stanton and Aaron Judge healthy and fierce while also providing some love for his proud Papa Nestor Cortes, Jr. who will likely need to give the Yankees some good innings to backup Corey Kluber who does not have the endurance to go more than 5 innings and fill in now for Taillon who would have made another start in the postseason if the Yankees make it out of the Wild Card. 

Source: CBS Sports

Wade Boggs was one of the most superstitious players I have ever seen. He was specific about what sock he put on first and what he did in the batter's box. And if Bronxie was a part of the clubhouse back in 1996, Boggs may have rode the horse with Bronxie in tow. So, yeah, this turtle is something special and the Yankees can use anything special to keep their dreams alive in 2021. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Tuesday, September 28, 2021


The Yankees play the Blue Jays the next few games and it's gonna be a major battle. I mean look, the Yankees have been phenomenal the last few games and beating the Red Sox the way they did was just unbelievable. This can be a good team when guys like Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge are healthy. 

Unfortunaely the Yankees rotation needs to be on point too or the whole thing falls apart. But for a large grouping of games just recently, everything is working out great.  You gotta give this team credit. They are finding ways to win at the right time.

The Blue Jays are no slouch. They are young, they are energetic, and to be honest with you, if Vladimir Guerrero Jr wasn't so damn good, I would probably give the MVP to Stanton just becuase he's been so damn dynamic.  But Yankee luck doesn't happen often.  I will say this though... let's see how those 2 match up the next few games... you never know, Stanton could outplay Vlad.

But I think the bigger question, at least to me being a super critical Yankee fan who expects excellence at every turn... isn't it sad that we are getting this excited about a wild card spot?  Some will say I'm just being a dick, I get it. But when it comes to the Yankees, you just want that division win.  I know that ship has sailed... and I recognize that you have to take what you can get. But I get so frustrated when it comes to the wild card. Plus... and don't get it twisted, we aren't there yet. Something could derail us. We need to stay hungry and stay on point.

What needs to happen in the Blue Jays series? Well... for one, wins.  But what else? Pitching. And what else after that? Stanton and Aaron Judge need to stay hot. Not the mention we need to see DJ LeMahieu wake the F up. This guy is a fantastic athlete, but he's struggling this year. Does he suck? No, but he does at this moment.  Guys like LeMahieu, Torres, Rizzo need to be revved up and contribute.  

Literally, that's all we need, a handful of guys to carry... but yes the pitching needs to be great.  And Aaron Boone can't make stupid moves. He can't meddle. He can't take Clay Holmes out to "save him". He can't pull guys to give them a day of rest. You play to win, you play to win the rest of the season and you need to secure that playoff spot.

I hate rooting for the Wild Card slot. I absolutely hate it. But that's all we got at this point. So what do we do as Yankee fans? We rally. We root hard, we rally harder and we give our team support to get there. 

Getting into the playoffs is special. Getting into it in the wild card spot is less special, but important, especially this season. We need this for us... let's get after it.

Monday, September 27, 2021


Great news for the last two series of the regular season....Jonathan Loaisiga and Jameson Taillon could be back as soon as TOMORROW. Maybe. That's not just big, it's huge!

The Yankees have missed Loaisiga, their most reliable bullpen piece since September 3rd, but he has been throwing recently. He threw a bullpen on Friday and another one was planned yesterday so if all goes well we could see him back on the mound shortly, has the details HERE. Everyone cross your fingers!

This is some of the best news we could get. The Yankees just won their last series against the Red Sox but are still fighting for a Wild Card and Loaisiga could be the extra spark to help us get there. Losing Loaisiga has been tough and the Yankees have had to get creative without him and honestly it sucked.

So getting Loaisiga back is good news or all of us, but that means changes coming also. The best part about September is expanded rosters, but with regulars returning the Yankees will still need to send people down to the minors or let them go. But who?

The most obvious choice would have to be Andrew Heaney for reasons that don't need a lot of explanation. He's been awful and honestly, I never liked that Brian Cashman got him in the first place. The Yankees hoped he could help get them over the hump but he's been a liability and not a help. He hasn't pitched since September 18th when he gave up three runs in three innings. Heaney is a free agent at the end of the season and he has no minor league options remaining so the Yankees can't just send him down. Not that this should be an option even if he had options...

I've been pretty tough on Heaney since he came to the Yankees. The Yankees took a leap of faith and it just didn't work out. There's no real role for Heaney and he hasn't earned one. It just makes sense to cut the cord. The Yankees have better options. 

So no hard feeling, Heaney but this is where you should be released. It's good news to get some reinforcements back but good news for them means bad news for Heaney and I don't feel bad about that because he didn't help the Yankees win it probably won't help down the stretch.

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Senior Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, September 26, 2021


Source: The New York Post

This is the a team that has been nothing short of a Jekyll and Hyde remake. They lose six, win six, commit three errors, complete three triple plays, go hitless, hit grand slams—it has been a roller coaster of emotions, big wins and big losses. But last night, was absolutely electric and silencing at the same time. Giancarlo Stanton's laser swing launched a soaring go-ahead grand slam over the Green Monster in the eighth inning on Saturday, powering the Yankees' come-from-behind 5-3 victory over the Red Sox at Fenway Park. 


With Aaron Judge and Brett Gardner on base with walks and the Yankees down 2-1, the drama of the eighth inning was just beginning. Red Sox pitcher Darwinzon Hernandez hit Anthony Rizzo enabling Yankee slugger Giancarlo Stanton a chance to put his team ahead. Hernandez left a "94.3 mph fastball over the heart of home plate that Stanton pummeled for a 452-foot slam, his 33rd homer of the season. Stanton is the first Yankee since Johnny Blanchard in 1961 to hit a go-ahead grand slam in the eighth inning or later at Fenway Park," reported

That swing could be the one that turns this season around for the Yankees. Not only was it clearly timely, but it was a forceful and it sent a message that was clear and convincing–The Yankees are not done yet, no even close. This win ties the Bombers with Boston for the first Wild Card slot— a place they have been battling for, winning then losing again. 

The Yankees are starting to become a full strength team, with Luis Severino back with tremendous force to close out some batters in late innings, and the team is about to get back one of their best bullpen pitchers, Jonathan Loaisiga. just in time for the next team in the que—Toronto.

Source: Robert Sabo

"Hopefully, if everything goes well with that [bullpen] … then he could potentially be active for the Blue Jays series,” Aaron Boone said Saturday before the Yankees played the Red Sox at Fenway Park, reported the New York Post. Right behind him is Jameson Taillon who is expected to start against the Jays as well. 

It will be all hands on deck for the next seven games. If this team can win all seven- fantastic. If they can at least win 5 out of 7, that works too. Guys like Stanton need to hit with runners in scoring position, just like tonight, just like Friday night. This is the consistency the Yankees have been craving. And if this monster grand slam serves as the catalyst for what's ahead—we are in for a wild ride into the Wild Card and beyond my friends. Buckle up!

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Saturday, September 25, 2021


The Yankees are doing what they can to get to the playoffs.  Beating the Red Sox is obviously huge, but they just can't stop winning, even after they play them.

Everyone is contributing at the right time. writes about Anthony Rizzo and how this guy is a real leader:

“You’re just playing baseball and you try to keep it as simple as that,” Rizzo said. “There’s going to be moments where you get punched in the face and you’ve just got to bounce back and not have that one moment define the whole game. It’s just staying in that moment at all times and not looking ahead just because we jumped out to a 3-0 lead. There’s a lot of baseball to be played.”

CBS Sports writes about Gleyber Torres and Gerrit Cole and their contributions last night:

"Bouncing back from perhaps his worst start of the season, Cole allowed three runs on five hits and three walks, striking out six in six innings.

Gleyber Torres also had three hits — including a homer — for the Yankees, who opened the season with seven straight losses against their AL East archrivals but have since beaten them seven out of 10 tries."

And thank god that Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge are healthy. This season, no matter what happens, has been great to watch these 2 sluggers do damage. 

"Coming into Friday, Stanton had hit just .192 (10-for-52) with two extra-base hits, 22 strikeouts and a .569 OPS in 16 games against the Red Sox this season.

Instead of reverting back to those numbers, he continued his torrid stretch of late, homering for the fourth time in his last seven games. He has been a force dating back to August. In 46 games since Aug. 3, Stanton has a slash line of .310/.361/.621 with five doubles, 16 home runs and 41 RBIs....

‘G’ was great,” manager Aaron Boone said. “To take that cutter inner half or on the corner in and drive it out the other way in right-center, he’s about the only guy doing that right there. Just really good at-bats all night by him. He continues to really swing the bat well.”

Stanton lofted a long single off the Green Monster in the fourth inning, then ripped a double down the third-base line in the sixth. His quest for the cycle came up short in the eighth inning, when he flew out near the Pesky Pole."

Look, everything I saw last night has been solid.  I just want them to continue to dominate.  I know you do too.

More baseball coming... let's hope these Yanks can continue winning!

Thursday, September 23, 2021


The final road trip begins. The most important stretch of the season is about to start tomorrow. The Yankees now have to play and win against the Red Sox and the Blue Jays if they have any chance to get a Wild Card Spot. The Yankees can't sit back and relax....but Aaron Boone isn't stressing at all. 

He should be though. We all have our gripes about Aaron Boone as a manager. I'm sure he's a nice person and once upon a time he hit an epic home run, but I don't think he is a good leader. He's not a good manager. The New York Post had an exclusive with Boone HERE, and I didn't like reading it. 

"I’m not worried about it," Boone told The Post when asked about his job status. "I’ll be fine no matter what happens."

I didn't like reading it because it is true. I don't have any ill will for Boone, but I don't want him to continue as manager. He will be fine no matter what happens, he has other options out there. He could go back to the booth or do something for another team. He'll be fine no matter what happens because his fate is already determined.

He knows he is safe. After all, Brian Cashman said before the 2021 season that he hoped for "10 more years with Boone" because we all know that Boone is Cashman's YES man. He does what Cashman wants, when he wants and how he wants it. He's not going break this cycle you gotta get rid of Cashman, but that's not my point here.

Even Jon Heyman believes Boone will be back next season, read more HERE. Or does he? He gives a real wish-washy answer.

"I think Cashman, no matter what happened, loves Boone and would want to keep him. That's my impression, it could be wrong," Heyman said. "If they don't make it, I'm with you, I wouldn't be shocked if they made a change. His contract is up. It's not good timing to not make the playoffs, you know, a team with that kind of a payroll."

Not good timing? Try terrible timing. Any other manager would be kicked to the curb. But this is Boone....he's Cashman's personal puppet and will play whatever roster Cashman designs (terribly). Analytics has their place in baseball, but that should be held to talent evaluation only. Analytics will NEVER replace a good manager who understands the game. Too bad Cashman doesn't understand that. 

If the Yankees fail to make the postseason what else needs to happen before Boone finally loses his job? Cashman too. He is just as much to blame since he came up with this flawed roster. It's not wrong to want change! 

I'm glad Boone will "be fine no matter what happens"....but I won't be fine, unless Boone and Cashman are gone.

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Senior Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj

Wednesday, September 22, 2021



The ups and downs of this Yankees team is truly a novel; not a best selling one, but a novel at the very least.  As a person who did the required reading when asked, the last half of this story is a tough one to get through given the roller coaster plot that keeps you on your toes. Perhaps Yankees Play by Play Announcer Michael Kay said it best on Sunday when he called this Yankee performance a "Jekyll & Hyde" season. And given the suspense that the team is putting us through with the different flavors of baseball they are playing, it is going to be a thriller with the potential of an unhappy ending. 


“It’s all in our hands,” Aaron Judge said. “If we go out there and take care of business, do what we need to do, we’re going to be where we want to be in October,” reported But this on again/off again team can't keep consistent, makes senseless errors, oh and there is Gary Sanchez.

Source: Newsday

“Sometimes because Gary is the lightning rod that he seems to be sometimes, a play or two torpedoes some of that or changes that narrative,” Boone said. “I think it’s important to acknowledge the strides that he has made in every facet on the defensive side while also acknowledging a couple of big mistakes this week.”

For instance, over the last week or so, Sanchez missed a tag at home plate against the Mets, let two wild pitches go in Baltimore, and totally misjudged a pop up against Cleveland. But Sanchez is not the only offender. 


Joey Gallo has had a tough start to his Yankees career and his most recent neck injury adds him to the Jekyll and Hyde roster. Gleyber Torres, DJ LeMahieu and Luke Voit are all part of the cast of characters. And coming in from the bullpen in starring roles for this Jekyll and Hyde remake is Aroldis Chapman and Chad Green. Their lack of consistency from the pen is noteworthy of a special award. 

This season has been nothing short of dramatic. Between injuries, and errors, this team has played with no sense of urgency, losing to bad teams and giving up opportunities to not only take the Division but eek into the Wild Card. I can't not root for the Yankees but to be honest this has been a tough team to watch, even when we win. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Even if we get to the playoffs with Aaron Boone as their manager... does anyone actually think the New York Yankees can make it that deep into it and perhaps even win the World Series? Have you seen how inconsistent our bats are? Have you seen how worn out our pen is? Have you seen that we really don't have the arms to go anywhere except for ending up losing the ALDS or even the Wild card game?

The Yankees don't have the stuff. It's pretty obvious. And yes, they could go on a streak again, there's no question about it, but confidence is down, fan support is down... and the Yankees just suck, can we just admit it? This is not their year.  Great a win against the Rangers is good, but we need many more wins.

I've been ripping on Aaron Boone all season. This guy is trash. I know he's probably a real nice guy, but he cannot command any type of respect from a team like this. The Yankees are better than this, but leadership starts at the top and if this guy can't lead, the Yankees are gonna have a hell of a time trying to win. 


noun: the action of leading a group of people or an organization

What does a leader do? They create an inspiring vision and they look toward the future. Now this is baseball, but what you need to do is draw confidence from your troops. In essence, you need them believing they can do anything out there.   If someone like Boone goes into a post game, all he's ever doing is talking in circles.  "Yeah, Gary let that ball get by him and in that situation, he can't do that."  or "Yeah, we're not hitting and we need to do better."  I mean... no shit.

If you can't motivate or inspire your team and keep them engaged... you get fired. And that is what I am hoping happens to this guy.

I said it once and I'll say it again... how much do you love Phil Nevin? One of the most experienced guys on the Yankees staff and a passionate baseball guy.  You know who the Yankees will work for? Phil Nevin.  When Nevin speaks, these guys listen.  When Boone argues a call, you know he's just putting on a show to rev up the fan base and the team. But you know that it's a show and nothing more.

When Phil Nevin argues, he's just downright pissed. He cares so much about winning and has been on a baseball field way longer than loser Boone. Honestly, I don't know what Yankee Brass was thinking when they put together this ridiculous Yankees coaching staff. They are not experienced, more excited about their job title than the work, and I gotta be honest, they know NOTHING. It's like a bunch of fan boys in the dugout drooling over the fact that they can chat with Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton in the hopes that one day their kids can come down into the dugout and take a picture with them.  Knock it off... we have a season to play!

Look, the bottom line is the Yankees are running out of time when it comes to consistency. You don't want them stumbling into the playoffs as they will literally have no shot.  Or maybe we do want them to not make the playoffs... right? Maybe then we can dump Sanchez, the entire coaching staff and Boone and let Phil Nevin still stand... maybe as our future manager or maybe just that necessary energy we need in that dugout.  We need a change folks... this may be the worst season I've ever remembered in recent Yankee memory. It's almost like Yankee brass took their eye off the ball.


Monday, September 20, 2021


A picture is worth a thousand words, or so we have all heard. The picture pretty much says it all. We don't need many words to describe the series against the Cleveland Indians. I think the consistent "BOO" coming from the stands sums it all up.

It was obvious from the start that Gerrit Cole just didn't have it. He threw a clunker and gave up 7 runs on 10 hits over 5 2/3 innings. It wasn't pretty. It was ugly enough for fans to BOO him as he left the mound. I don't read into the boo birds, those were out of frustration. Every pitcher is going to have those off games and that's when the offense needs to step up. It doesn't matter WHO pitches. If your offense doesn't score any runs it doesn't matter. He would've needed to pitch a no-hitter the way this team hits. There is no excuse for an 11-1 loss yesterday AND a series loss against the Indians.

There are 2 weeks left in the season, and while mathematically the Yankees can still steal a wild card spot recent performance doesn't give us a sunny outlook. The Rangers are up next followed by the Red Sox and the Blue Jays. Every single game is important now, but the Red Sox and Jays series are EVERYTHING. The Yankees are now 2.5 games behind the Red Sox and 1.5 games behind the Jays. The Yankees need to sweep those games, realistically. And realistically, the Yankees recently played the Jays in a four game series and were SWEPT. The Yankees have a HUGE hill to climb now.

The Yankees have done this to themselves and they are to blame. It's been "GO TIME" for too long and the Yankees haven't put the petal to the metal. We've seen NO FIGHT. The Yankees can't expect to not hit and barely crawl over the finish line of the regular season and get to the World Series. 

Cole threw a clunker today....but the Yankees have been no-shows all season. Do the Yankees have what it takes to play in October? My love for this franchise says YES, but my frustration with this roster says no. 

It's time for the Yankees to put up or shut up. No more excuses! No more stupid Aaron Boone soundbites either!

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Senior Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, September 19, 2021


Source: SNY

After belting two home runs in the Yankees 8-0 win against the Cleveland Indians on Friday, Outfielder Joey Gallo exited the game on Saturday after only one at bat and no signs of anything being wrong.  This is not a good sign for the Yankees and their hottest hitter. Gallo has been fantastic since making a slight change in his batting stance, batting .348 (8-for-23) with six home runs in six games. Another scare for the Yankees and this time it's Pal Joey.

"Gallo was removed due to neck stiffness according to the Yankees, without further elaboration. He was replaced in left field by Tyler Wade to start the fourth inning," reported Pete Caldera of Defensively Gallo has been on point as well, giving the Yankees more leadership and advantage against base runners from left field. His most recent mechanical adjustment has given Gallo more power leading to his recent home run tear.

“Over the years, when I’m taking my best swing, I have a little more open stance and I’m getting into my back leg more,’’ Gallo said after the Yankees’ 8-0 blowout win over the Indians at the Stadium. “For a few weeks, I’ve been more flailing a little bit and I didn’t have much strength. I knew at some point I’d get going,” reported the New York Post

Hopefully this is just a short term concern and Gallo is back in the lineup to take on Texas, his old team, next week. These games are all must win for the Yankees if they want to have any chance at a postseason in 2021 with Seattle, Boston and Toronto all vying for two AL Wild Card spots. According to, "Obviously, the performances of each team’s star players over the next two-and-a-half weeks will play significant roles in how the race shakes out. But role players will dictate who eventually emerges with the two playoff bids in hand."

Source: Wendell Cruz/USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another Yankee scare. This season has been filled with ups and downs and Gallo has been one of those cuspy players in the mix. When he's locked and loaded, he is a threat–making this set back even more damaging for the Yankees. Hopefully we will get better news but for now, the Yankees have to rebound again from players getting bitten by the 2021 IL. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Manging Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Friday, September 17, 2021


 I can't take this team.  Every day is a heartbreaker.

The Orioles play to win. The Yankees play to get by. It's the only thing I can suggest watching these 2 teams fight.

I will say this, I was hard on Clay Holmes when he came over to New York and despite last night's loss, obivously blaming that guy, he's actually been quite decent.  That being said you have got to be kidding me with this team and the ridiculous losses.'s Pete Caldera writes:

"Down to their last strike at Camden Yards, the Orioles tied Thursday night’s game on a wild pitch by Yankees reliever Clay Holmes, who was seeking to nail down a two-inning save.

And in the 10th, Austin Hays bounced a one-out RBI single over a drawn-in infield against Wandy Peralta, giving the Orioles – losers of 99 games – a 3-2 victory over the Yankees."

Why? Why does it happen? And listening to Boone with his stupid smug face in the post games, it just disgusts me.

"“The heater up and away there, you probably gotta get to,” said Aaron Boone of Sanchez's defense of the pitch."

Duh Boone, YOU THINK??? And once again, Sanchez can't get anything behind the plate because he's too damn slow.

Look, I hate writing about the Yankees when they suck, but I also don't wanna leave you hanging. The bottom line is the run a few weeks ago was so beautiful, but it's about pitching and leading that is really gonna be the end of this team.  Sure, every once in a while the Yankee bats are dead, but even if we did make the playoffs, do you really think this Yankee team can go far? This again is NOT the Year. And when they are finished, you only have to believe that Cashman and Boone will be out of a job. It has to be their fate at this point. 

Who replaces Cashman would be anyone's guess, but there are plenty of professional former players and former managers and coaches that can replace Boone easily. And I have news for you... THE YANKEES NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE WHEN IT COMES TO THAT COACHING STAFF TOO. They're a bunch of nobodies.  Except Phil Nevin who likes winning more than breathing. The rest of dorks with no real experience... and Boone is the leader of the dorks.

Yanks lose to the O's. What else is new. They're killing me.

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