Monday, May 30, 2022


There's a fine line between "protecting" a player and coddling him....and I don't think the Yankees know the difference. Even if they do know the difference, I worry that they will still screw it up.

And that's a real possibility when it comes to Nestor Cortes, read more HERE. We are heading into June, and there are already headlines about innings limits. The Yankees are going to come up with some crazy science experiment to make sure Cortes still pitches enough to help the team get to the playoffs without overworking him before they get there.

That's where Matt Blake comes in....and some more Yankees analytics. Because we all know how much the Yankees love to throw analytics into everything, and Blake is already babbling about it.

"The historical way to do it was just to look at innings totals and go up 20 or 30 percent," pitching coach Matt Blake said. "That’s not fair to guys because all innings come in different ways with pitch counts and stress. You can look at their body, performance in the weight room and training numbers and then track that as the year goes on," Blake said. "You add subjective and qualitative feedback from the players, who can tell us how they’re feeling physically and mentally and see if there are any trends positive or negative."

The historical way has been used for a long time. Teams have analyzed strengths and weaknesses throughout spring training and made adjustments throughout the regular season as needed. But what about when you have a short spring training and a pitcher that hasn't pitched more than 119 professional innings?

It's the perfect storm for a lot of shenanigans yet to come. I'm calling it now. Cortes is the real deal, we can see it. Is he going to pitch 200+ innings? Probably not due to a bunch of factors....but I don't like the idea of Blake and Aaron Boone already talking about this. We've seen the Yankees experiments go wrong already. Deivi Garcia is the most recent experiment....and what about Joba Chamberlain back in the day?

Do we want Cortes to pitch to the point of dead arm? Of course not, but the Yankees have proven they don't know how to identify or prevent that either. Just let him pitch! The league will eventually get more intel and make some adjustments to try and be more successful against him. It's a natural part of the game. He wants to pitch and help his team, let him do it! He's not a flame thrower, the 100+ mph fastball isn't in the equation here. There's a difference between playing smart and conditioning properly and a science experiment.....but the Yankees can't identify this.

The Yankees better think long and hard about shutting Cortes down didn't help Stephen Strasburg or the Nationals back in 2012. There's no reason to think it will help us either. Stop the coddling or knee jerk reactions and let the man pitch using logic!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, May 29, 2022


Source: NY Post

The Yankees have been bitten by the injury list. It only took two months, but it has happened. One could argue that Aaron Hicks would contribute the same amount injured or not. The facts are the Yankees need to consider calling for backup and what about ringing up Brett Gardner?

"You can certainly make the argument that Gardner would help this Yankees team right now. Giancarlo Stanton and Tim Locastro are on the injured list, Aaron Hicks has struggled mightily (and is now dealing with a hamstring issue) and Joey Gallo continues to seek results," reported

Source: The Boston Globe

Gardner grounds the Yankees. Is he the best player? No. Does he provide the right amount of speed, on base opportunities and defense. Yes. So why is he not playing in 2022?

"According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, Gardner actually turned down a one-year deal from the Blue Jays when MLB's lockout ended. The contract was worth $6 million, more than Gardner receiver from New York when he re-signed on a one-year pact last spring."


And in Gardner style, he didn't just turn down the Blue Jays, Rosenthal reported that the Atlanta Braves also sought out the outfielder and he declined the opportunity, hoping for his 15th year in pinstripes, the only team he has played for since coming to the Majors in 2008. 

Gardner stated very openly at the final out of last season his intentions and desire to play for the Yankees in 2022. "I hope that I'm back next season," Gardner said, still donning his Yankees jersey and cap long after the final out. "I hope that I'm back in that room, and I hope that I'm in Tampa come February, but there's obviously a long time between now and then, a lot of things that need to get figured out. We'll see what happens."

Source: Yahoo Sports

Listen, when you onboard someone for the first time, it takes time to groom them, help them assimilate to the culture of your organization. All of that takes resources and time. But with Gardner, he knows this clubhouse and his role with the Yankees. He has always served nobly. It is time for the Yankees to call on the veteran one more time. He is needed. And honestly, I would take Gardner any day of the week over Hicks or Gallo. Pick up the phone, Brian Cashman. I am pretty sure Brett Gardner is eagerly awaiting your call for help. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Thursday, May 26, 2022


Matt Carpenter is a New York Yankee!


TSN writes:

"The team announced the signing of the three-time All-Star infielder to a major-league deal and added him to the active roster.

Carpenter, 36, was released by the Texas Rangers last this week. He had appeared in 21 games at Triple-A Round Rock, batting .275 with six home runs and 19 runs batted in."

What does it mean for Joey Gallo? Well look, I don't know, but I do know that they needed a lefty bat because Gallo can't hit.  Will Carpenter replace him in the lineup? I don't know the answer to that. In fact, my headline was written the way it was because I was trying to be a little provocative. 

Think about this... right now Gallo is batting .171 in 36 games. 5 home runs. Seriously, how bad is he?

I do know this, while Carpenter is 36, he's scrappy, a hitter, can field and is a clubhouse guy! I can't wait to see what he does in New York!

The Yankees new #13? Damn I hope so.


There was one bright spot in last night's game against the Orioles, and that was JP Sears. The Yankees didn't have any offensive answers to the Orioles, but Sears rose to the occasion all on his own.

It shouldn't be that way though. Sears looked great, he was impressive and since he has exploded onto the Yankee scene unexpectedly, we hinted that IT JUST WENT FROM BAD TO WORSE FOR DEIVI GARCIA. But honestly, Deivi Garcia isn't the only concern.... there's an elephant in the room we can't ignore.

All I want to reflect on is how great Sears looked in his first major league start where he threw 84 pitches, in 5 innings that allowed 3 hits and no earned runs.....but I can't. The Yankees deflated offense completely distracted me. Sears moment is overshadowed for me by the same old, disappointing offense. The Yankees won another series, but no thanks to the dead offense.

The Yankees have found their first test of the 2022 season. The injury bug has finally weaseled its way back in the clubhouse, and it couldn't come at a worse time. The Rays are up next in an important four game series with a 4.5 game lead in the AL East that sounds like a nice cushion.....but it's not. I don't care that it's early in the season because the Rays are a thorn in the Yankees side. We aren't 100% healthy and we aren't playing our best. It's time to buckle down.

Good teams will find a way to win no matter what obstacles are in their way. I don't care that Giancarlo Stanton is out with what Aaron Boone now claims is "ankle inflammation" and not a calf strain. Yes, he's a big par of the lineup but so are guys like Aaron Hicks only because he's paid an insane amount of money and utterly useless.

There is plenty of other talent that should be able to step up and help this team keep winning, but that doesn't include Hicks. I don't think there is anything in the world that would make Boone see and understand this. He's useless offensively and defensively. He literally has no benefit for the Yankees....but yet he led off last night. Go figure.

I'm happy for Sears, I am but he carried the Yankees last night. He's the reason we won. The offense needs to pull their heads out of their rear ends and figure it out fast or the Rays are going to close the gap.

We squeaked out a win last night.... but I'm still mad. The Yankees owe Sears a few beers and a nice steak dinner.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Source: NY Post

Aaron Judge is the home run leader of the best team in baseball. I realize it is still mid-May, but his statistics are outstanding.  He has 17 home runs and is batting .325.  As I try to keep my mind off the pesky Orioles and the debacle of a weekend against the Chicago White Sox, my mind is occupied by the success of Judge—and what it means for the Yankees to keep him. I can't help but wonder how his surge has led to more and more teams wanting him, driving up his price in the free agent market. Could this be our last season of the Judge's Chambers in right field? Let's take a closer look.

Source: NY Times

"Before the season Judge somewhat surprisingly rejected a seven-year, $213.5 million contract extension that would have taken him through 2029, his age-37 season. It certainly wasn't an unreasonable offer, but Judge deemed it too light, so he's betting on himself and playing out the season. And so far, it could not be going better for him. He's been awesome," reported CBS Sports. Now, we all wanted Judge to take that offer, but his presence and his potential to carry the team demanded more. And he will likely get it but it may not be from the Yankees.

"The Giants have money, they have money to spend and they have a big need for a power-hitting bat in the middle of the lineup. Aaron Judge is from California. Makes all the sense in the world, if not for that team in the Bronx,” Jeff Passan reported via  


Honestly, it would break my heart see Judge play anywhere but in New York. I watched him grow up in the bigs, often going down to Trenton to watch him as a member of the Double-A Yankee affiliate Trenton Thunder. He was a star there and quickly made his way up to the Bronx. He immediately earned the hearts of many fans with his big smile as he donned number 99 and played catch in right field with a young fan or two who sat behind him in the stands. Of course it has been his home runs that have excited fans the most. Judge brought life back into the Yankees after our beloved Derek Jeter retired in 2014. 

It may not be just San Francisco who is wooing Judge for greener grass. The Mets, Red Sox and Dodgers should not be ruled out either. The bottom line is if the Yankees want to keep their star, they will have to pay him, significantly to compete with the free agent market.


"It is likely that Judge will command in a contract in the range of $300 million when he hits free agency this offseason. Whether or not the Yankees are willing to meet that steep asking price for their star right fielder will dictate whether or not they lose him to the Giants, or elsewhere," reported

Aaron Judge #99. He is the face of the modern day New York Yankees. He commands the spotlight over anyone else. Losing him would be like losing the heart and soul of this team. It can't happen. And the better he gets this season, the more valuable he becomes on the market. I root for Judge and want him to succeed. I just hope he wants to play in New York more than he wants the money to play somewhere else.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Tuesday, May 24, 2022


At this point we all know that Josh Donaldson was punished for his "disrespectful" words used toward Tim Anderson. These days it's about feelings, and Anderson "felt" like he was being attacked, so he blew up this story as to make himself feel insulated. According to several sources, but we'll use Yahoo Sports here.. they write:

"MLB has fined and suspended New York's Josh Donaldson one game for an incident on Saturday involving Chicago's Tim Anderson that ignited both the Yankees and White Sox benches to clear for a tussle near home plate."

Did we really need to go there? Probably not, but this is what we do now... "investigate".  How about this? How about if Tim Anderson had a real problem with it, he could have said "Yo dude, you don't know me. Don't do that. I don't like that. Don't call me that". Perhaps if he did, it would have been over. But whatever the case, he didn't speak up directly to Josh and instead blew this up like he was just racial attacked on the public streets of New York City or Chicago. I will say it again, Donaldson was annoying Anderson, sticking his finger in Tim's eye to get a rise out of him. Did he cross the line? Tim says yes,  and I say maybe yeah, but it's nothing that any other guy wouldn't have done and it's nothing that someone with tough skin couldn't handle. And now Donaldson was fined and suspended. Let's move on please. 

But we can't. Why? Because now Chicago White Sox coach Ethan Katz decides the punishment wasn't enough. Why? Because he has ZERO context about his own player, Tim Anderson. Brendan Kuty writes:

"Chicago pitching coach Ethan Katz wanted it to be longer than the one game ban MLB handled down — in addition to a fine of an undisclosed amount.

“Just one game,” Katz wrote. “We all saw his malice at third a week ago, then this comment with the ridiculous excuse that followed. What’s the point or message behind a 1 game suspension? This is incredibly disappointing and plain frustrating.”

Katz later deleted the tweet."

Hey Katz, worry about Anderson. The guy is a menace himself.  ESPN, April 2022... writes:

" Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson was suspended one game and fined an undisclosed amount by Major League Baseball on Friday for giving fans the middle finger during a game Wednesday in Cleveland.

"I have to apologize for my actions," Anderson said Friday. "There are a lot of people who really look up to me. I take full accountability of what I did. But it's something that I have to learn from and grow from."

How about this, Sports Chicago:

"Tim Anderson won’t take the field with the White Sox today when they open the season in Detroit. Instead, he’ll be in his hotel room, watching the game like any other fan, on TV.

Anderson is serving the first part of a two-game suspension on Friday, dating back to a benches-clearing melee with the Tigers last season. Amid the hoopla, Anderson made contact with an umpire, which led to the discipline from MLB."

How about 2019:

My point is when everything is in context, Tim Anderson is not a nice guy, his behavior is just as asinine as Josh Donaldsons. In fact, he's kind of an asshole and troublemaker and certainly NOT Jackie Robinson.  

Katz needs to shut up.  Donaldson is in the wrong, no question about it, and he received his suspension for going too far with his razzing, but this country has a bunch of people in it that aren't ever to blame, while blaming others.  Anderson deflected this past weekend... and he got away with it.  Ehtan Katz needs to recognize that and keep his stupid mouth shut.  His player is not innocent when it comes to "respecting" the game either.  

Maybe that's why Katz deleted his Tweet.

Monday, May 23, 2022


The story is ridiculous. I broke down the entire thing in ANALYSIS: DONALDSON AIMS TO MENTALLY BREAK PLAYERS... BUT THAT'S ABOUT IT.

When you got a guy like Tim Anderson saying he was "disrespected" for the name of a hero he anointed himself as, Jackie Robinson, you can't suddenly have your feelings hurt when else someone calls you it.  My opinion.

But these days in society, life is no longer about razzing and joking and ripping. It's about feelings... and it sucks. The world's gone soft.

Everyone these days has feelings and everyone's sensitive.  And the day Tim Anderson was called "Jackie" was the day he ran into a guy that was just that Big Oaf. That Bull in a China shop. I mean, think about Josh Donaldson for a moment. He is the poster boy for giving players mental breakdowns with his constant razzing. He is the finger in your eye and the guy that will put you on display for the world to see because he loves to cause trouble.  And the other day he met his match with the "feelings police" and Tim Anderson. 

Interpret "Jackie" however you want, but no one liked it in Chicago... many didn't in New York, and MLB? They were forced to "investigate" because that's what we do now.   All that said, if you are a media person or a baseball person, you may not wanna talk about it, but you gotta.

Today more fallout. Donaldson received a suspension from the MLB.  The Chicago Tribune writes:

"Donaldson received a one-game suspension and undisclosed fine Monday for what Major League Baseball described as “inappropriate comments” made to Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson during Saturday’s game at Yankee Stadium.

“There is no dispute over what was said on the field,” Michael Hill, MLB’s senior vice president for on-field operations, said in a statement. “Regardless of Mr. Donaldson’s intent, the comment he directed toward Mr. Anderson was disrespectful and in poor judgment..."

It is what it is, and everyone can now move on, I guess.  But remember this the next time you think you're being funny or clever or sarcastic. You can't do that anymore. In fact... don't even talk.  

And speaking of not talking, as I stated before, right now as ridiculous as it is, it's the hottest story out there. Media will talk about it even though they don't want to, and sports guys and baseball people should too.  It's the way the media is. Just like this Johnny Depp trial. You may not love it, but if you're a show that covers the courtroom, you're doing it wall to wall and most likely if you like that stuff, you're watching... it's everywhere. 

Paul O'Neill was supposed to be on with Brandon Tierney and Tiki Barber to talk about his book. And because the story is still white hot, they were going to ask about Donaldson. Well apparently, O'Neill didn't want anything to do with that.

“We were supposed to have him on right now and he is on hold, OK,” said Tierney, who listed O’Neill as his second favorite all-time Yankee after Don Mattingly.

“He has a new book coming out, called, ‘Swing and a Hit.’ And Jack Curry wrote it, along with Paul. We were told and Tiki, you don’t even know this because I was going through this while you were finishing up your thought on the air. We were told we can not ask anything about Donaldson and Anderson.

“I said, ‘We can’t do the interview if that is the case.’ I said, ‘Please tell Paul, we will navigate this responsibly. We will not belabor it. But I can’t have Paul O’Neill on the show after we spent an hour and 35 minutes talking about Tim Anderson and Josh Donaldson and not ask him about what transpired. That sucks..."

It does suck. 

Look, O'Neill's a legend. No one better for me, but stories like this need opinions from everyone. Next week? No. Now when it's hot? For sure.  If Jack Curry were on, he'd answer the questions.  Alot of people would.  You may feel icky about it, you might not want to throw anyone under the bus but if the question was asked, at least say "No comment", or "I wasn't there, I don't know what I can really say about it."  No one is bigger than a media question about the hottest story of the past 24 hours... No one. 

And the be honest, as a blogger and journalist, I think it was a great move by Tierney to cancel Paulie.  We'll all still read the book, we love the O'Neill, but media is where we formulate decisions and new ideas, and clearly Paulie didn't want any part of it.

Look, at the end the day, the story is stupid. And the punishment? Weird. To quote Keith McPherson on MLB Network today....  


The Yankees aren't admitting this yet but, they are worried about Deivi Garcia and so am I. Garcia used to be the Yankees second-best pitching prospect and he's in a downward spiral and barely cracked the top 30. He couldn't wait for 2021 to come to an end but his 2022 start so far is nothing to feel great about.

We got a short, encouraging glimpse of Garcia in Spring Training but it was short lived. I was hopeful that he would carry that with him into the regular season. As bad as his 2021 start was, this year looks even worse and he better turn it around fast otherwise some new kids are knocking on the door of the 40-man roster.

The season is young but he has a bloated 9.90 ERA in six starts with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders down in Triple-A. In 20 innings he has allowed 22 earned runs on 27 hits and walked 16 batters. He's quickly losing ground to guys like JP Sears and Hayden Wesneski, who isn't on the Yankees 40-man roster yet but he's making the Yankees think long and hard about that. If Wesneski continues to impress, Garcia is going to find himself left behind.

I hope Garcia can pull himself out of this. He's still 23 so he's young and I think he can be saved, however I already said ANALYTICS FAILED DEIVI GACIA AND NOW THERE IS PROOF! The Yankees have some other kids that are starting to climb the rankings and Garcia is freefalling. I think the Yankees are to blame for a lot of that because....the Yankees haven't done well developing young talent. They look at numbers spit out of a computer and try to tinker with these younger kids like they are a science experiment. Not to mention Matt Blake and Aaron Boone are just brainless morons.

But Garcia is in a race against time. He may be young enough, but some of these other kids pitching well are older than him and proving they are already closer to that big league opportunity. They may outpitch him for a big league opportunity and that would suck. I like Garcia, I've always pushed for him....but time may not be on his side anymore.

I hope Garcia can pull it together quickly. We always want to see the kid that we follow for a long time make it to the show and be successful. I still hope that happens, but I'm worried about him. He doesn't have a lot of reputable coaches behind him to guide him....and history has proven this. 

I want to see the Garcia from Spring Training come back again....please!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, May 22, 2022


Source: Associated Press

It is a pleasure to watch the Yankees over the last few weeks. They are scoring runs. They are swinging the bat well. Their defense has been spot on, including their pitching. My only anxiety is when I see Aroldis Chapman warming up in the pen. Chapman seemingly has picked up where he left off from last season—unable to focus when he puts a runner on first then loading up the bases with walks. He throws hard but when he is not on, he loses games the Yankees should have won. Yet, on the flip side, when I see cool and calm Clay Holmes take the mound in a challenging situation, I see someone who is ready, focused and unfazed by anything other than the batter in front of him. He is already making a difference in his secondary closer role, but what if he was the closer. Can Clay Holmes steal the closer role from Chapman?

“I think in a lot of ways, he’s simplified things,” Boone said. “We talk about intelligence and he’s a smart guy that understands all the tools available to pitchers these days, how to take that stuff and how to apply it and how to benefit from it. Some guys get overwhelmed by it. Some guys don’t apply it the right way. I feel he’s done all that," reported Boone is referring to the work that Holmes has put into his pitching, which is paying off in a big way for the right hander. 

This season, Clay Holmes has just been stellar. In fact, he’s been one of the most consistent relievers in baseball going 4-0 with an 0.44 ERA. He also has one of the nastiest pitches in the sport— 96-to-98 mph slider. I have been incredibly impressed with his presence when he comes into the game, which as a set up man, is often a situation with guys on base threatening to score. He has command and poise, staring down hitters and performing his craft with great accuracy and precision. 

Source: Sports Illustrated

"A problem for opposing hitters, Holmes might be stealing the Yankees’ closer job from Aroldis Chapman, who had a couple of bad slumps last season and recently has fallen into another. Chapman is a free agent after the season and no lock to return, while Holmes, 29, has two more years of team control. Thus a switch in roles this year for Holmes could last at least a couple of years," wrote

Source: NY Post

The transformation of Holmes is similar to what we are seeing in his counterpart in the starting rotation, Nestor Cortes. Ironically, Holmes saved Cortes's game in Saturday's 7-5 win over the White Sox. Essentially,  Holmes went from a .5.57 ERA when he was with the Pittsburgh Pirates from 2018-21 to virtually unhittable with the Yankees thanks to tweaks to his mechanics that have kept the walks out of his stats and built more confidence to just mix up his stuff, including his lethal sinker.

Source: Sports Illustrated

Holmes will likely see more action with Yankee bullpen ace Chad Green on the IL. And as he steps in more regularly, he will build even more confidence, which is all part of the package of a closing pitcher or for any pitcher for that matter. This is an area where Chapman has really suffered, hurting his performance and his dependability out of the pen.


Can Clay Holmes steal the closer role? Yes. That may very well be the plan with Chapman likely exiting next season. If Holmes can stay healthy and can keep dealing his nasty stuff, we may very well see him in more and more closing stints this season, setting him up for a great future as the regular closer and potentially an All Star this season. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof


Look, it really doesn't matter what I say though, because everyone has an opinion about Josh Donaldson's "comment" to Tim Anderson today, which started a brawl between the White Sox and Yankees.  Donaldson called Anderson "Jackie". Anderson said it was "disrespectful". Those are facts.  

Was Donaldson's ribbing on Anderson obnoxious? 1000%.  Guys on the baseball field razz each other and knowing that Anderson and Donaldson had a past already, it would make it much easier for one of them to give the other more razzing in this series.  It just so happens that Donaldson didn't think before he spoke today. And now? Well... the whole Twitter verse has gone fucking crazy.

Now people are going to read this post on BYB and form opinions about me.  Don't.  I don't know you guys and I'm not about to go reading your twitter and judging you. That would be dumb.  All I am trying to do is cut through this and understand it... not just the Donaldson, Anderson thing, but all of it.  But let's start there...

Tim Anderson is quoted as saying this in an article in 2019:

"I kind of feel like today's Jackie Robinson... That's huge to say. But it's cool, man, because he changed the game, and I feel like I'm getting to a point to where I need to change the game."

Now reading that quote as a 50-year-old man, I see a hungry, excited ballplayer that doesn't realize in what capacity that statement means. It's immature in my opinion.  

Think about this... Tim Anderson was 26 years old when he said that.  If you think about the struggle, the hardship, the racism, the death threats, the survival mode that Jackie Robinson had to go through in his lifetime in this country, there is literally no comparing him in the 40's when it comes to Tim Anderson playing baseball now. Yes, racism still exists, but playing in the major leagues as a black exists now too.  

But look, if Anderson feels this way about changing the game at 26 years old, I root for that... but what does that mean?  Does it mean showing his ability on the field? In 2019 he batted over .330... I was rooting hard for this guy, I still am. He's incredibly talented.  But "change the game". Again, what does that mean?

Now since that quote, it was stated today the Josh Donaldson and Tim had a thing.  They joked about it.  Here's what Donaldson said:

So, I guess now we need to think about this further. Josh suggests they've joked about it before.  Do you know that? Do I? No idea. No one knows.  

Here's what I do know. This beef between Tim Anderson and Josh Donaldson first started on Friday May 13. That was how this all began.  The Sporting News writes:

"In the first inning of their second meeting, Anderson was sent back to third base by catcher Jose Trevino's throw. As Anderson was getting back, Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson applied a hard tag that knocked Anderson off the bag, and also apparently drove his knee into Anderson's arm. The third-base umpire immediately spotted the move and called time, ending the play there and allowing to get their bearings."

Was Donaldson kind of being a bully? Probably. Was he trying to get a rise out of Anderson? I think so. Was it racist? I say no, but that's my opinion.  But let me tell you something. I've seen plenty of baseball over the years from High School to the pros, and every once in a while, there's some asshole on the field that wants to get someone revved up. And I firmly believe that day it was Donaldson.

But the Sporting News goes on:

"What followed was a strange, slow saunter onto the field by both sides. Neither one seemed to know what it was trying to achieve. Anderson and Donaldson both seemed to say that things were fine, but some wires apparently got crossed. The situation on the field calmed down quickly and Anderson and Donaldson appeared to be OK with each other afterward.

Donaldson gave his viewpoint after the game..."

This is the first time Donaldson uses the phrasing "not intentionally".  At the time no one is thinking anything other than what Josh is suggesting, two competitive guys competing. OK fine. 

Today was another round of Anderson v. Donaldson. This time it was different.  This time Josh Donaldson wants to continue the ball breaking. I mean after all, since the last time the two teams met, there appears to be no bad blood at all. And do, Donaldson being the instigator decides to get under Anderson's skin again and thinks back to 2019, and calls Anderson "Jackie". 

"Josh Donaldson said Saturday night that he called White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson “Jackie” during that afternoon’s game in New York, leading to tension on the field and a benches-clearing situation..."

Donaldson claimed he was trying to 'defuse' the on-field tension. But my opinion is he was razzing once again, because if you read the timeline, the tension wasn't really existent, was it?  But what followed is what's now in play... how the word Jackie is being interpreted.
Now read that quote: 

“It was a disrespectful comment...I don’t play like that. I don’t really play at all. I wasn’t really bothering anybody today, but he made the comment, and it was disrespectful, and I don’t think it was called for. It was unnecessary.... "

But this is what's not being reported. After Anderson says that there's more:

Reporter: That was when you guys crossed paths at shortstop there at the end of the third?

Tim Anderson: Yeah, but that happened in the first. The first time he got on. You know and I spared him that time and then it happened again."

So, what does this tell me? Well, a few things. For one, Donaldson is just a pain in the ass. He was a pain in the ass with Gerrit Cole and now he's moved on to Tim Anderson. 

I love his competitive nature. I love that he can rev up a clubhouse. But I've played with guys like this and I've ignored people like this, but yes, I do know they exist. Donaldson is annoying. Donaldson will get in your head. Donaldson is looking for a way to get you off your game.  Donaldson is obnoxious, and ladies and gentlemen, let me also state that Donaldson is playing his brand of baseball.  This is just the way he is.  He will beat you down mentally as a tool and strategy to try and take your mind out of the game.   This is clear tactic, and reading that second conversation between the reporter and Anderson it makes sense. He kept doing it to Anderson... it got on Anderson's nerves.

Now, I'm a white analyst giving you my opinion of a white Donaldson razzing a black Tim Anderson.  I have no skin in this game, pardon the pun. I am merely trying to break this down. It's the way my mind works.  It is my opinion that Donaldson is more of a dumb jock than a racist ballplayer. Do I know this for a fact? No.  Do I see how Tim Anderson could take today's "Jackie" razzing? Absolutely I get what Tim is saying. All I can suggest based on Josh's behavior is that he is just one of those guys that likes to stick his finger in your eye because he knows baseball is a very mental game.

And that brings me back to the context of this. As I posted earlier, Josh said he was saying it because Tim called himself "Today's Jackie Robinson."  Does he mean that? I think so. Did he mean for it to be racist? I personally do not.

Donaldson has made a public apology. 

He said "I apologize, it's not something I wanted to do", meaning, he didn't do it intentionally. But let' not sugar coat it... he was still trying to F with Tim. That's clear.

Now let's see if Tim Anderson responds.  

Anderson is a top-notch guy. He's intense. I believe for the better of the game though, he and Donaldson will hash it out and be done with this once and for all.  I think Donaldson has learned a valuable lesson... to keep his annoying mouth shut. I think he has learned that you can't razz everyone because some players don't like jokes when they're competing.  And you know what else I think? I think this whole thing is blown out of proportion because Anderson's been frustrated with the Sox losing to the Yanks so often.  

What I don't like is that it's way too easy to call someone a racist.  We know nothing about Donaldson other than he plays ball. We see all these people on Twitter fighting about who's racist and who isn't. I literally asked a ton of questions tonight on Twitter trying to understand all sides of this. It's not easy. And don't worry... it happened to me too:

Too often people like to accuse without knowing anything. It's all about one side stories and headlines. No one researches, no one reads and no one actually thinks. I don't know if Josh Donaldson meant to be racist, but I suspect he didn't. I don't know if Tim Anderson doesn't want to be teased or if he really had a problem with being called Jackie after he already suggested he wanted to be him.  

I do know that being razzed continually while your team's under .500 can make some ballplayers pretty unhappy, and I suspect that's where Tim Anderson is right now.

Let me finally state that I have no bad feelings toward anyone. This was an exercise that I really wanted to dig into because everyone was going crazy on Twitter, and I needed to form my own opinion on it.  

Am I right? Maybe. Am I wrong? Maybe. 
But at least I thought it through and that's all that matters.

I hope these guys can get past this, I really do.

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