Saturday, November 30, 2013


Sometimes when you seem like a selfish person and blurt something out that is so outrageous, everyone turns on you.  Then, you later come back and take it back... or deny it. That's what I would do at least.  What am I talking about? The "Tail between your legs" theory, brought to you by Bleeding Yankee Blue. It's a life lesson... write this down.

You can almost predict that an article like this about Cano would come out. The New York Daily News has an article out and I'm sure you saw it. It claims that Robinson Cano denied he ever asked for $300 million.  They write:

"'I’ve never asked anybody for $300 million,' the free agent second baseman told the Dominican website El Dia on Thursday, during a ceremony to honor the Dominican Republic’s World Baseball Classic Championship earlier this year.  Cano went on to say in Spanish that “nobody has ever heard that come out of my mouth ($300 million) and you’re never going to hear it."

We nailed this mess here at Bleeding Yankee Blue before anyone.  I wrote it to Wally Matthews of ESPN  on November 19th only to be ignored.
But the fact of the matter is, this was never about Cano. This was about Jay-Z and Cano's reps coming out guns blazing so they could look like superstars netting the biggest sports figure ever in the history of all-sports... a huge contract and with it, their name in lights.  Why else would they use the Michael Jordan reference?  The trouble is Robinson Cano is NOT Michael Jordan.  He's not even Derek Jeter and now Cano is back peddling because, he knows his reps have overshot.

Cano needs a lesson in "Reputation."  My dad told me about reputation once... ONCE and I never forgot it. He told me “You can be a champion all your life, but you miss 1 commitment, you lose trust in 1 person… and the rest of your life,you lose.”  Maybe Cano should talk to my dad, or maybe he just did, because not only did that teach me a tremendous lesson, it stayed with me almost 25 years later.  These days, I teach my children the same thing.  

Now look, Yankee fans will forgive Cano, I mean, this is a silly spat and it will be forgotten now that he's come out and said he "never" asked for $300 million, but the timing is peculiar isn't it?  I mean, Why now? I just told you guys that this story came out right around the middle of November.  We wrote OH, I GET IT. THIS IS ABOUT JAY-Z, NOT CANO November 20th. Are you going to sit there and tell me Robinson didn't crack open a newspaper or get a text for ANYONE telling him he was being alittle ridiculous with that $300 million, 10 years demand? No, he did, but the difference is this... he went back home. He went to mom and dad.  There, I said it.  Sometimes going home keeps your grounded.

Think about it.  Big time celebrities get caught up in the big life.  Big money, big living and there are away from reality and surrounded by "people."  When this story came out originally, I stated here at Bleeding Yankee Blue, "Go home Robinson and talk to mom." I was serious. It's what I would have done.  It's what anyone with common sense would have done.  Why? Because Cano's not a bad guy.  He's a young guy who now has "people" and sometimes "people" aren't looking for your best interest... they're looking for theirs.  

You have to picture it like this because I am. He went home, he saw the 'rents and mom and dad set him straight... and I'm making this up, but this is what I see:

Mom: "Robinson, what are you thinking son?"
Dad: "You want to stay in New York, you've told me that.   You're talented, you're my son and I know you are, but you need to fix this for you... for your reputation."
Robinson: "OK Pop, you're right. I will."

Family keeps you grounded.  Don't know what I mean? Ask Derek Jeter about family.  The point is parents may not be in the negotiation room, but they sure as hell know how a child is perceived by the public if you're looking "greedy" in the real world.  Parents want what's best for their kids. Sure, money's a big part of it, you want to be set in life, but Cano IS set, plus he has a great reputation attached to that.  They last thing his parents want to happen is to have Cano lose that positive reputation and instead be perceived as a greedy bastard.  That's worse than the money in my opinion.  To put it simply, I would rather my sons be loved and a team player and get paid their "worth" rather than they be a scumbag and selfish player making trillions.  To me, reputation is much more important... to the Cano family, I bet it is too.

Now I know none of what changed Cano's mind.  I do know he knew exactly what his representatives were asking for and he's lying to us all telling us he "didn't ask for $300 million." But I'm willing to call it a "white lie' all for the sake of reputation.  Let's get him back in pinstripes for 6 to 7 years, don't you think?  He's a good Yankee, not a leader, but he could be.  And let me tell you something... if he does what he's doing right now and steps back and accepts a normal, realitic deal to come back to the Bronx... he will be back in our good graces for sure.  Why you ask? Because in the end, reputation rules... that's coming from a parent that knows...

That's my take anyway.

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With the first big signing of the post season, the Yankees have added the best catcher on the free agent market, Brian McCann. This move was big for us, especially since 2013 was really a series of back-up catchers volleying for the starting position. Our only question now is, who plays back up?

(In Photo: Francisco Cervelli)
Francisco Cervelli is eligible for arbitration in 2014. Brian Cashman said that they would extend an offer to the catcher. Cervelli had a fairly strong start in 2013. Unfortunately that came to an end when the catcher suffered a broken hand. He also experienced a set back during rehab, and was given a 50 game suspension due to the biogenesis scandal. He was only able to play in 17 games in 2013.

Chris Stewart is also eligible for arbitration. He played our starting catcher for 109 of our games this season. Both his fielding, and hitting leave much to be desired. It is my guess that Stewart will not be tendered an offer. We just wrote about the fact that he could also be traded. Read CHRIS STEWART COULD BE TRADED for more on that.

Which leaves us with the youngsters. Austin Romine, and JR Murphy.  Romine's season was fairly disappointing. Though, if I am being fair, I know it was mostly due to lack of starts. He really didn't have the opportunity to prove himself. Romine only hit .207, but again, the Yankees decided to go with Stewart for the most part, and did not allow for Romine to actually shine. The opposite is true of Murphy's season down on the farm. He hit .269 between Double and Triple A, and has improved defensively.

(In Photo: JR Murphy)
So who plays back-up? It all really depends on whether or not the Yankees actually intend to tender Cervelli an offer. Romine still has the minor league option on his contract, where Cervelli does not. If they do not extend that offer, then it is likely we will see Romine as back-up catcher. And if there is a need for it, they can always bring up Murphy to get a few appearances at the plate.

In comparison to the catchers problem we had at the beginning of the 2013 season, this is not a bad problem to have. I am more than happy with the McCann signing. After Russell Martin left, I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth. Catchers, in my opinion, is the most important man on the field defensively. Stewart, and Cervelli left a lot to be desired. I'm glad that the problem this year is "who is playing back-up," instead of "which back-up is going to be our starter?"

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer
Twitter: @e_morales1804

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Well, who would have thought there would be so many new Red Sox fans out there?  Me, that’s who.

I literally got back from Disney a few days before Thanksgiving.  It was a quick trip and I had a chance to go to the theme parks The Disney folks are amazing.  Always smiling, always willing to help out a visitor.  It’s a Magical place. I hope 1 day I can back there for a month… I will never be that luckily, but one can dream, right?

I was in Animal Kingdom 1 day.  It wasn’t my favorite park, but the kids loved it.  Me, always looking for a story, decided to look around for one. Well, I found it.  Too many Red Sox fans... and I mean TOO MANY.  I decided there was a post I needed to write… and here it goes.  I am covering the identities of the people because I’m going to break balls at their expense and I actually mean no harm to the individual… it’s the team I hate.  Plus, this is all in good fun.

The black bar reminds me of my childhood. The Good Ol' AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap cover...remember that?

EXHIBIT A: This guy tried to squeak by me. I saw him coming and he saw me whip out my camera.  He tried to get by, but let’s face it, days after the World Series, he still has the artificial beard and maybe realized he overreached being a Red Sox fan with a beard and a brand new Red Sox shirt.  We caught him.  You can’t escape BYB. I kid, I kid.

EXHIBIT B: This one of one of my favorites. 2 dudes and their kids walking through the park.  One is clearly a Red Sox fan.  The other appears to be a Twins fan.  If I was a Twins fan, I’d walk the other way.  The guy in the middle was staring my down.  I pretended I was taking a picture of the monkeys…

EXHIBIT C: I love this one.  A brand new Red Sox jersey and he has a band-aid on his face.  Clearly he just shaved his beard off and cut himself… his team accomplished what they set out to do… and good for them, but the band-aid is not appealing… Although, it’s better than those stupid beards.

EXHIBIT D: Here’s another one, and if I’m a Red Sox fan, I am NOT wearing this shirt, it’s hideous.  If you’re going to go sports shirt, go traditional, not stupid, you know what I mean?

There were many less Yankee fans in my trip, but I found the biggest bad ass I could find.  

He was a big guy, looking for a fight and wearing the Yankees proud on his cap.  I liked this guy.  I wanted to shake his hand and thank him for representing! 

Overall, my trip was glorious, but everywhere I looked, new Red Sox fans… and I didn’t like that part one bit.

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An interesting nugget now suggests that Chris Stewart, the Yankees great defensive backup could be traded!

This rumor comes from MLB Daily Dish, and no where else as of right now.  Bleeding Yankee Blue will keep an eye on it for you. If there is more to it, we'll expand.  Right now, they are trying to avoid arbitration with Stewart. There could be a resolution between Chris and the Yanks by the end of the weekend. The Yanks will either agree to deal him or he will go somewhere else via non-tender or trade. All is very interesting, yet nothing from a top publication.  We'll keep you engaged if something happens.

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Friday, November 29, 2013


According to Webster’s Dictionary “Chairman” is “The person who is in charge of a meeting, committee or event”.

Our latest “inductee” into the Yankees Mount Olympus (number 8 in our rankings) spent his career known as the “Chairman of the Board”.

It is, of course, Whitey Ford.

With all due respect to Andy Pettitte and Ron Guidry, it is Whitey Ford that ranks as the Yankees greatest southpaw.  He may very well be the Yankees greatest starting pitcher, period.

Not blessed with an over-powering fastball, Whitey had to rely on keeping batters off-balance through pinpoint control and wily intellect.  It goes without saying; he was successful in doing so.

Ford’s 236 wins are the most by any Yankee pitcher, and he leads the franchise in innings pitched, games started and shutouts while ranking second in strikeouts and WAR (wins against replacement).  All of this accomplished in spite of giving up two years to military service.

While most in the era talked about Mantle, Maris and Berra, Whitey was the force on the mound that made the championships those players won possible. 

Even today when people talk of the 1961 season, it is the great home run race that Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris (hitting 61 “clean” HRs) held through that summer.   Lost in the glamour of it all is Whitey’s
25 – 4 record and 14 scoreless World Series innings pitched (where he yielded just six hits and ONE walk).  He led the league in wins and innings pitched as he brought home both the CY Young and World Series MVP awards.

The ’61 postseason was just a continuation of something Whitey started in the 1960 World Series where he threw 18 scoreless innings.  Together with the 1962 World Series, Ford went 33 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings pitched in the October classic – breaking a record held by none other than Babe Ruth.

He was selected an All-Star eight times and led the league in wins three times, ERA twice, shutouts twice, and complete games once.

Whitey was remarkably consistent no matter the circumstance.   His 2.71 postseason ERA is nearly identical to the 2.75 he carried in 16 regular seasons.   Simply put, he was unflappable.

Off the field he was no different.   His late night exploits with pals Mantle and Billy Martin have been well documented, but of the three he was the most level-headed.

Whether on the field or off it, Whitey Ford always seemed to be in charge, and in 1974 he was inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame.   His number 16 sits on the wall in Monument Park as a tribute to the excellence Ford established on the mound in route to six World Series titles.

He truly was the Yankees “Chairman of the Board” and now occupies that position in our Yankees Mount Olympus.

--Steve Skinner, BYB Guest Writer
Twitter: @oswegos1


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I promote people I like.  It's that simple. People that think I'm obsessive can go scratch.  Hell, I wish more people would do this for each other. I think it would make the world a happier place.  Kindness makes the world go 'round. Someone told me that and she raised me right... it was my mother. Thank god for her.

So, what am I talking about? This... Pete Caldera is crooning again at the Carnegie Club this weekend.  When you ask? Well, I have the info, check it out:

On November 30th there will be 2 shows at the Carnegie Club. One show at 8:30pm and one show at 10pm!  

Pete will once again be with the Stan Rubin Trio. Tell a friend, tell your mailman, tell your mom... it's a great night out!   Dress in proper attire, expect smoke, because it is a cigar bar, but it may be the coolest place you will ever chill out, so trust me, it will be worth it!  You'll be walking about of there telling Pete he's "Money", that's how cool this guy is!


Plus, the entertainment and atmosphere is terrific! Again, he'll be performing 2 shows.  8:30pm and 1 at 10pm.

As you may or may not know. I've always admired Pete as a terrific sports writer for the Bergen Record, but he's also an incredible singer! Support this dude!

Pete, you're a good egg and I hope these posts help! 

Support Caldera, go to the Carnegie Club and check him out!

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Reward the behavior you want to see. Everyone from parents of small children to corporate executives understands that piece of advice. If you believe that nugget of wisdom, then Major League Baseball took a hit this past Sunday as the St. Louis Cardinals announced the signing of Jhonny Peralta to a 4-year, $53M contract. A 10-year veteran shortstop with the Tigers and Indians, Peralta fills a hole in the Cardinals roster. At the same, Peralta served a 50-game suspension this past season because of his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal regarding performance-enhancing drugs. Therefore, it makes you wonder why the Cardinals would shell out that much money to a player who has tarnished the image of baseball.

Let us review his performance over the last several years. In the four years that he played for the Tigers, he hit for a .275 average, and a modest .764 OPS. He does not work too many walks, and he does not steal bases. He has excellent fielding ability and range, which makes him a defensive asset. For this work, he has never made more than $6M in a year, exclusive of club options. So why does his annual salary suddenly jump to $15.5M, which is what he will be paid in 2014, as per his contract with St. Louis? You can see why many are crying foul, saying that baseball is rewarding bad behavior.

There is a dark issue here that needs to be addressed. If you ask any sports organization, whether it is professional or collegiate, they will tell you that winning is the name of the game. Winning fills seats at stadiums, winning sells merchandise, winning gets marketing endorsements. Because of that, sports organizations tend not to care about issues like PED use unless it gives them a bad name. However, PED use has given players a bad name, not teams. The Red Sox and the Dodgers do not have a bad name because of Manny Ramirez’s PED use – only Manny does.

Furthermore, all the financial risk goes to the player. If Peralta stays clean and plays in a way that meets expectations, then everybody wins. If he does not stay clean, the Cardinals will benefit from his “enhanced performance”. If Peralta fails a drug test, he will be suspended without pay and the Cardinals are not financially liable. Their biggest problem is being without a shortstop. That is where they were this time last week – in need of a shortstop. There is absolutely no downside for the Cardinals on the deal. Which is why it pays for them to reward bad behavior.

This is going to be a problem for baseball. Teams will go out and sign players that have violated Major League Baseball’s policy on performance enhancing drugs, without regard for the consequences. Maybe the penalties need to be harsher. Maybe there needs to be a penalty for teams connected to player drug use. One thing is for sure - baseball cannot ignore this.

Commissioner Selig, I hope you are listening.

--Ike Dimitriadis, BYB Writer
Twitter: @KingAgamemnon
My blog is: Shots from Murderer's Row

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We're starting a new series here at Bleeding Yankee Blue.  It's an easy one and fun one.  We'll be combing through baseball players Twitter pictures and each week, we'll bring you at least 3 interesting pictures that they posted and chat about it.  Don't forget, a short time ago we casually were checking out AJ Burnett's pictures and realized that he's obsessed with Batman.  Read AJ BURNETT IS BATMAN if you want a chuckle.

Today, we start with New York Yankee first baseman, Mark Teixeira... This should be fun...

This picture tweet was funny!

Mark apparently tweeted a picture of an newspaper headline. I actually got a laugh looking at this one.  He's right, how ridiculous and obvious is this!

This is another classic and clearly Tex lives by the "common sense" theme:

I mean, again, he is correct! Now, I can tell you that whenever I rent a car, I never make an attempt to separate the keys and I've never lost them yet, but it crosses my mind all the time.  I roll the dice, apparently Tex is more of a planner, God bless him.
And finally, my favorite of his stash! This is a picture, er, or a painting of him catching the ball in the last out of the 2009 World Series! Love it.  I don't remember what happened to that baseball.  I hope Tex didn't Doug Mientkiewicz it.  Actually,  I wouldn't care if he did, he earned it that year. Here are some highlights of that World Series.

I hope you guys enjoyed this "Twitter Pic" series and we're going to try and do this with different players once a week.  There are a ton of great pictures that are on players' twitter accounts that many don't see.  Gotta love it and gotta share them!

Want to check out Mark Teixeira's Twitter? Check him out at  @teixeiramark25.

Good work Tex! Can't wait to see you in Spring Training!

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Thursday, November 28, 2013


It may be Thanksgiving, but something did in fact happen today. George King III of the New York Post has a nugget about our bud Phil Hughes who will most likely leave the Bronx, or, at least won't be invited back.  This is his free agent year and so, expect movement. The movement could be a new home with the Twins.  Check this out...

King says: "...the former Yankees starter who, despite a 4-14 record and 5.19 ERA this past season, is in line for a multi-year deal. 'Two years at $15 million isn’t out of the question considering the shortage of starters,' said a scout from a team not in on Hughes...The Angels — who play a bicycle ride away from where Hughes grew up in Orange County, Calif. — Twins, Mariners and Royals have interest in the 27-year-old right-hander."

Hey, I am of the belief that the Yankees ruined this kid. It doesn't mean he can't turn it around, in fact, I believe a change of scenery could in fact help him blossom again.  Look, Hughes is young and Hughes has talent, but the combination of the Yankees toying with this guy and Hughes just showing no confidence in himself on the mound had destroyed him in the Bronx.  Sad but true... it's also my opinion.

Whatever happens, I'll still root for the kid. I like him.

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Today is Thanksgiving.  It's a big day in millions of households all over the place.  It's the time of year where we sit with family and friends and pray, eat and enjoy each others company...and someone special gets the drumstick.  Now as I grow older, I find myself thinking all too often about my family and what comes next in life.  It's a crazy road.  One moment everyone is healthy and laughing at one another in my home.  The next, we're at each other's throats and just want peace and quiet.  But the moment the kids grow up and leave the house to begin their own journey, I know I'll be a mess.  I'm crazy about my kids.  I'm crazy about my wife, and I thank her today for putting up with me.  Today happens to be our anniversary too.  15 years isn't easy for many couples these days, but I'd like to think we did it with ease, because it happened so quickly and it was a lot of fun so far... I can't wait for the next 15.

Family is a big deal on Thanksgiving and as you know from this past year, we've built a pretty good one here at Bleeding Yankee Blue, with your help of course.  We interact quite a bit and the dialog we share is special, but the thing is... me, my writers, we put our thoughts out there for you all to see every single day.  Sure, there are people that like to criticize us for our work, but it's funny... when I ask them to do a better job, they don't.  In fact, they stop criticizing.  Writing isn't easy, is it?

As far back as I could remember, I was writing something down somewhere to get thoughts off my chest.  My mind is constantly full.  I can never relax, and when I say never, I'm serious.  I once went for a massage.  I say "once" because I didn't enjoy it.  It would have been better for me to give it than to get it.  Anyone who needs to keep moving like me knows what I'm talking about.

Many times when you, the BYB readers are sleeping, I'm writing. It's usually my only time where there is silence and I haven't taken time away from my family.  I do it because I know you'll be looking for it in the morning.  That's what makes my writers so special. They do that too.  Do you know they prepared some pretty wonderful pieces for you BYB readers over the next few days? They did, and they did it now because I want them to be off for the next few days.  I want them to take a break, they deserve it, they work hard.  All of us have families.  All of us need to spend time with them today... so do do you... so do I.

I'm 42 years old.  I haven't seen nearly as much as I want to in my life, but that's OK.  I have a gift.  I have terrific people all around me.  I see smiles and while life is a stress some days, it's days like this that make it all worth it.  Sipping a glass of wine, relaxing, talking, keeping it light.  Living life is needed.  You clear your head this way, you think, you reflect and you love.

I'm thankful for my parents who have always been consistent.  "Never give up. Fight for what you believe. If you want it, go get it. Rise above the losers.  Etc, etc." It's all there and there are a dozen more cliches' that could be included.  But the point is, they taught me to challenge myself, even when I didn't think I should. And then I did... and it all worked out. It's an important life lesson. Look at the mountain, climb the mountain and end up on top, but only if you believe in yourself.

Don't believe me? Ty Hensley's a product of that.  Kimberly Roots is (Read DON'T STOP BELIEVING...EVER). Derek Jeter. Bryce Harper. BYB. The list goes on and on. The message is the same. Fight hard, work hard and anything can be accomplished... anything.

I'm thankful for my Bleeding Yankee Blue writers.  They are warriors in every sense of the word.  They write, never complain and while life is busy, they get it done because they know you, the readers will be looking for it.  We have become close and we have become a true family.  We talk regularly, not only about BYB, but about life.  We all have work or kids, or sports or events, but when we need to re-group and get something cooking for you guys... we do it.  We do it because we love it. We do it, because we love our readers... our family.

I'm thankful for the friendships I have made over the past few years.  The Hensley family, Marci and Ty in particular are spectacular people.  I am a huge Hensley fan and my kid can't wait to see Ty pitching in Yankee stadium.  I think that's pretty cool.  You want a treat? Read THANKSGIVING WITH THE HENSLEYS, and interview we did with Marci last year.

I'm thankful for Pete Caldera, a great and underrated sports writer for the Bergen Record.  He's a true talent, not only with the pen, but with his voice and sings at the Carnegie Club in New York City several times a year.  I've seen it, it's awesome.  We've become friends and it's been a pleasure to know him.  I'm a fan and you should be too.

I'm thankful for the Posadas. They have terrific values and raise their family right! Meeting Laura and Jorge with my wife this past year was a thrill and while it was brief, it was memorable.  We here at BYB have supported them since we began and in turn, they have supported us.  Laura, thanks for the tremendous support! Our readers love you guys!

Laura knows we're real here.  They know this isn't an act. They know BYB is genuine and that's all we ever wanted from our readers anyway, so we appreciate it very much.

I am thankful that Clay Rapada likes to break our chops, that Mike O'Hara, the former host of the MLB Fan Cave is with us. I'm thankful to have such a great friendship with Kathy Jacobson, one of the best people around and that I can chat it up with guys like Wally Matthews or Bob Lorenz or the fact that Peter Keating of ESPN can write about little "us" in their big magazine. Read HUSTLE TO BE NUMBER 1... NOT 2, for some great stuff. 

I appreciate the audience, embrace it and will continue to try and keep BYB ahead of the curve.  Today though, we rest, we enjoy our families and we pick it up tomorrow.  Look, if there's news on the Yankees front, we'll bring it to you, but it's Thanksgiving.  It's going to be a slow day, so we'll take advantage of it.

Thank you.  Thank you to the best, smartest readers in the world.  I often think about Derek Jeter standing at the mound in 2008 when he lifted his cap and told the crowd that "Yankee fans are the greatest fans in the world." Well, we are, but that's how I feel about you, the readers of Bleeding Yankee Blue as well.  We engage you and you keep the conversation going.  We chat, we laugh, we break chops and at the end of the day, we're a family and you, all of you, are the greatest readers in the world. Fact. I believe that totally and will never forget the tremendous support you've given us.  Many, many thanks. For those who were with us in the beginning, well, we've had a journey, haven't we?

Finally, and again... to Suzie, Jeana, Erica, Chad, Ike, Steve, Rudy and writers... my incredible writers that never say no and never stop plugging away... I applaud you. Keep up the great work, and never stop climbing the mountain.

Happy Thanksgiving.

-Robert Casey, CEO & Writer for
Follow me: @BleednYankeeBlu

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Late Night’s Jimmy Fallon always takes time out at the beginning of his show on Fridays to thank those who have impacted him and frankly, America, in a humorous way.

We here at BYB have so much to be thankful for as we continue to write as a team on a sport and franchise that has given so much to baseball and to all of us as forever fans.  So, like Jimmy, Suzie would like to say “thank you” to the Yankees of 2013 for giving us so much material this year on which tout, rant, discover and laugh about.

Thank you, Alex Rodriguez, for lying and crying about PEDs, especially most recently when you threw the chair and ranted on Mike Francesa’s show on WFAN.  “ARod vehemently denies any wrongdoing in the case, including saying that he's not used PEDs at all since 2003. He also denies having leaked documents about Ryan Braun to Yahoo Sports, calling that accusation by MLB "laughable" and "disgusting." Finally, he denies any obstructing of justice during the course of this case, one of the several reasons given by Major League Baseball to give Rodriguez the biggest drug-related suspension of all-time,” according to CBS Sports.  Again, I say, Thank you, A-Rod- you truly can’t make this stuff up.

Thank you, Andy Pettitte, for deciding to comeback again and give it your all this season.  I wished it was a bit more, but I will always be grateful for your passion, your amazing pick off move and your relentless drive to be a champion.

Thank you, Mariano Rivera, for driving us for all these years. You are an exemplar for leadership and athletic competition.  I don’t know what we will do without you.  "I've had an opportunity to play for 19 years and give the best of my talents and my ability to this organization,” said Rivera following his final pitch of his major league career.

Thank you, Alfonso Soriano, for choosing to come back to the Bronx and busting it loose for us the second half of the season.  I never felt good when they traded Sori away.  Having him come back to us this summer was like Thanksgiving in July and I am not the only one who felt that way. “Everybody knows how I feel about Sori,” Jeter said of Soriano, who was dealt to Texas in February of 2004 in the trade that brought Alex Rodriguez to the Yankees. “I’ve said it when we traded for Al, he’s someone that you develop a relationship with, and you miss them when they leave. We had a great relationship.”

Thank you, Brian Cashman, for setting us up to fail in 2013 by not opening your wallet for pitching, for letting Raul go, and for giving us more to laugh about as you sparred with ARod right in front of the media throughout the spring and summer.  By the way, I will cut your hands off if you sign Cano long term.  I hope you have learned your lesson with ARod.  Oh, and by the way, on Black Friday, can you please get us the ultimate door buster?  A pitcher would be nice!

Thank you, Joe Girardi, for not bailing on us for the Windy City.  Thank you, Derek Jeter for protecting that ankle carefully this off-season so you can be ready to lead us to victory in 2014.  Thank you, Mark Teixeira, for coming back this spring with something to prove.  Please don’t take two months to warm up.  June is too long; how about you are hot from the season’s start this year for a change.  And finally, thank you, fans, for sticking with us, even when we had nothing exciting to write about, nothing but losses to avenge and injuries to nurse.  At least we are not the Mets.  Ha, ha, ha, ha… thank you, God for that!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Opinion Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle tweeted that it appears the San Francisco Giants are close to a deal with Ryan Vogelsong.
Vogelsong is a good pitcher. Not outstanding but in the Bronx, he would be a solid number 3 or 4.  Don't forget, the Yankees have only CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova and a lot of money in a safe somewhere in the Tri-state area for Masahiro Tanaka, assuming he will become available. That is yet to be seen considering Nippon Baseball and Major League Baseball are still negotiating how it all works between the 2 parties.

That leaves a handful of free-agents pitchers.  Ryan Vogelsong was one we mentioned in a piece called PITCHING FITS, written by Chad R MacDonald where he simply wrote:

"The real prize in San Francisco is Vogelsong. Bookmark that guy and check on him a lot. There is amazing talent and potential there. Should the Giants loosen their grip on him, the Yankees should wrest Ryan Vogelsong away. He would be the one I would go after."

Smart statement, but the Yankees aren't listening. Oh well.

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