Saturday, October 31, 2020


I'm not quite sure how you can be the manager of a new baseball team. Don't forget, his old team was not only caught cheating under his leadership, but they had an elaborate scheme to cheat using technology and garbage cans, and then when they got caught, they got slapped with a one season suspension, and the season was only 60 games. 

Then, after that, Hinch gets hired by the Tigers to manage once again. I'm sorry... AJ Hinch is trash and doesn't deserve a second chance.  He was in charge when the cheating went down for the Astros. He should be banned from the game, not for a season, but forever.

The New York Times writes:

"It may take years for the stigma of one of the most infamous cheating scandals in sports to fade from Hinch, the manager of the 2017 Astros team that was found to have cheated on its way to a championship. But less than 30 minutes after Hinch’s season-long suspension from Major League Baseball officially expired with the end of the World Series on Tuesday night, he had been contacted by Detroit.

And less than 72 hours after that, Ilitch introduced Hinch as the Tigers’ 39th manager during a news conference at Comerica Park on Friday.

“This is a man who had learned and grown from the experience,” Ilitch said, “and that resonated with me."

Detroit Tigers Chairman, Chris Ilitch has been fooled. Talk about desperation.

The Tigers need help, this is true, but Hinch is the wrong guy to do it. Meanwhile Bob Nightengale, probably the biggest apologist for all the cheaters in the Astros organization tries to spin it his way... probably to get more interviews with these losers down the road:
Give me a break Bob. You were once a well respected journalist. You picked the wrong side and lost alot of integrity. Speaking of integrity.

"Hinch also spoke about the sign-stealing scheme and being suspended for the entire 2020 season. He said his focus going forward is on “integrity and honesty.”

But isn't that always the strategy as like... a human being? This guy is full of shit.

I'm sorry... Hinch? Cora? The Houston Astros team? They're all a bunch of pompous, arrogant pricks. And the worst part? Rob Manfred tried to make it go away because it didn't want the scandal to be the highlight of his reign as commissioner. But me, a true baseball fan DOES NOT FORGET.

Hinch doesn't deserve a second chance. He's a piece of crap and the worst part for the innocent Tigers is now they're tainted just by association.

Whatever... baseball's gone downhill and it's time for a new commissioner with some balls.

Friday, October 30, 2020


 A smart move and no doubt we need him. Some would even suggest we take Aroldis Chapman out of the closer role and put Zack Britton there in his place. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The New York Post writes:

"...Zack Britton — perhaps their best arm in the bullpen — is coming back for two more years.

The Yankees had until three days following the World Series to pick up Britton’s $14 million option for 2022, and they did that Thursday, according to a source. If they hadn’t, Britton could have opted out of the $13 million he is due for 2021 and would have become a free agent.

“Very excited to continue the pursuit of a championship with the Yankees,” Britton tweeted."

When is came to Brett Gardner, that same courtesy did not happen. 

The great Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record writes:

"Gardner's contract called for a $2.5 million buyout to be triggered in the event the Yankees declined his 2021 option. 

There might still be a path to bring back Gardner, 37, on a one-year deal. He was the longest currently tenured Yankee during the 2020 season."

Brett's a great player and had a lot of good years for the Yankees, but it is very possible his time in New York is over.  Not sure what will happen with him. 

This is do know, Britton is a very important piece.  Glad that got worked out.

Thursday, October 29, 2020



Have you seen the latest pictures of Yankee prospect Jasson Dominguez lately? I think words like "jacked" are still an understatement. I mean, he's worthy of a brand new adjective. I just don't know what it is yet!

He's a cross between an NFL running back and the Incredible Hulk (minus the mood swing, I hope), he's just a freaking giant and he's only 17! I'm convinced he is a mutant because it is the only thing that makes sense to me.

I don't know what kind of crazy workouts he's doing lately, but it's safe to say he's not missing any shoulder or leg days.

I'm excited to watch Dominguez as he continues to progress. It makes me also wonder what we could have seen from him if there had been a minor league season this year. I hope we get an exciting minor league season next year because I can't wait to see what this switch hitting giant can do.

I also hope that he stays healthy. We've had enough bad luck with our other big outfielders like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Maybe big doesn't mean always hurt. Youth is definitely on his side, but man that is an awful lot of muscle. I guess we will see how he handles all of that muscle, he's 5'10 and 210+ pounds, while Judge and Stanton are both over 6'5 and 250+ pounds so that is a pretty big difference.

I can just hear all of the Yankee haters now. I'm sure they are already calling for daily drug tests and accusations of steroid use. He's a young kid who obviously works hard and deserves a fair shot. He's still probably three years away from the big leagues, but he is going to be really exciting to watch!

For now I guess I can sit and wonder what kind of meal plan he is on and how heavy is this kids bat?!

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Source: The New York Post

This is going to be a tough off season; one of the toughest for the Yankees in particular. They simply don't have the money to shell out this year given the salaries in tow and the ones they will have to payout in order to keep their prized players on the roster. So what does this mean? Brian Cashman will have to go fishing and find that diamond in the rough to keep the team on course for post season success.

"I am going to speculate that Hal Steinbrenner will order a payroll that drops beneath the $210 million luxury tax threshold for next season. So you can scratch off signing J.T. Realmuto and Trevor Bauer in free agency and trading for Francisco Lindor, especially since re-signing DJ LeMahieu likely will be a four-year, $100 million-ish proposition. And the Yankees pretty much have to do that," said New York Post writer Joel Sherman earlier this month. 

There is no doubt that DJ LeMahieu deserves to be paid for his tremendous contribution to this team. And he himself is a diamond in the rough, finding his way to top of short list of consistent players, who just happen to also win the batting title. But paying LeMahieu means we simply can't offer top dollar for others who need to fill the gaping holes in the Yankee roster.

"The Yankees talk up (Gary) Sanchez, but the reality is they seem to be trying to talk themselves into thinking he can be salvaged. What are the chances here? Maybe he will reemerge elsewhere. The Yankees should see if they can get anything for him and, if not, he is a strong non-tender candidate," said Sherman. 

And removing Sanchez makes room for another diamond in the rough and another positive consequence: perhaps the Yankees starting pitching improves because of the renewed faith in the catching ability of the next guy in. Maybe that next guy is Gold Glove finalist from Cincinnati, catcher Tucker Barnhart or White Sox backup catcher James "Mac" McCann. Either would instill some confidence in pitching and both with a consistent bat. 

Without a bunch of money to spend and a lot of contracts to draw up, the Yankees need a diamond or two in the rough and be willing to give up a diamond in the rough himself, Luke Voit to get there. This is going to be a tough off season, and the Yankees have to be open to a variety of deals to get to where they need to be. Let's hope Cashman can use some of his magic to get there. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Love this nugget about Joc Pederson and the need for the Yankees to try and snag him in Free Agency.  That's because, let's face it... we could use him, and there's more than one reason why he'd be valuable in the Bronx.

Thomas Carannante writes:

"The Los Angeles Dodgers slugger has delivered on the big stage in the NLCS and World Series this year and has been a member of the NL powerhouse since 2014. Pederson is a lefty and New York badly needs that in their lineup. This would take some roster tinkering (Pederson is an outfielder and we already have plenty of those), but it could be worth it.

The short porch in right field, though it complements many left-handed hitters, just feels like it’ll be an unmatchable advantage for the veteran....

And what about his postseason prowess? It’s considerable. For his career, he’s slashing .272/.345/.503 with 25 runs scored, nine home runs and 20 RBI in 63 games, largely as a part-time player. Remember, he’s a platoon guy for the Dodgers and manages to produce despite limited plate appearances. That’s exactly what the Yankees need."

And guess what? I absolutely love the thinking here.  If we learned anything this season with the Yankees... it's that we can't go deep into a post season, we need a lefty bat that's reliable and we don't have pitching. We do however know how to hit dingers and play a little small ball.  

And so, adding this lefty bat in the lineup with guys like DJ LeMahieu (hopefully we sign him long term), Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton would made our club powerful in the offense part. If we can add one top starter that secures our pitching and then? Then we win the World Series in 2021.

Anyway... just spit-balling here, but no doubt, I love this idea. LOVE IT!  

Nice work Carannante! Making people think!

Monday, October 26, 2020


Last winter, Didi Gregorius gambled and took a one year deal so he could re-establish his value. He had a good season, and any other year he would be entering free agency with a potential for a big payday. But this is 2020, and the pandemic has changed everything. 

There are three shortstops available this winter that will be attractive to teams that will be looking for upgrades. We know Didi is one of them, but Andrelton Simmons and Marcus Semien are also on that list and it will be interesting to see if the Yankees are interested in Didi....or any of the others.

It was hard for a lot of fans to see Didi leave. He became a fan favorite and now there are rumors out there that he may reunite with the Yankees again. Mark Teixeira thinks the Yankees should bring him back, read more HERE. But he also thought the Yankees were going to lose to the Cleveland Indians in the postseason and that Luke Voit should be traded even though Voit is a cheaper option for the Yankees who are rumored to be looking to cut some payroll. I don't know if Teixeira is right about this prediction or not but if he is, I wouldn't be upset about it.

This season was tough for many reasons, but I am not convinced that Gleyber Torres is a long term option for shortstop. I think he is better at second base, but Didi thinks the Yankees will stick with Torres. "I don't think they would want me back in New York, to be honest, right now," Gregorius said Friday when asked about a reunion with the Yankees. "I think Gleyber (Torres) is the future shortstop."

And even if the Yankees were interested, he may want to stay in Philly. On Friday, Didi had some opinions that some of us also share including me. Didi was asked to compare some differences between Aaron Boone and Joe Girardi and his answers were interesting.

"The biggest difference? They’re both good managers. For me, the only thing I see different is Joe goes more with his instincts – that’s what I think – and Boone goes more with analytics. That’s what the team is doing now most of the time. I always tell people I understand the analytics part of the game, but you’ve also got a take the heart of the player. You can’t measure that on paper or anything."

And I think he is right. I can't stop thinking about Boone's blunder in Game 2. Using Deivi Garcia as an opener to pull him for J.A. Happ didn't work at all. He overcomplicated it....and baseball is already complicated enough. There was no real reason to pull Garcia yet. Boone pulled Garcia to get Happ's lefty arm in and it was all based on that didn't work. The instincts and the analytics should go together, and that's what Boone doesn't get.

So Didi is in a tough spot at no fault of his own. These are unprecedented times, and this will be an unprecedented offseason. Didi earned a good contract, but we will have to see where the market falls, and if Didi's statement changes the Yankees mind at all.

I would welcome Didi back with open arms, I guess we just wait and see what happens. I'm sure he's caught the attention of many teams, not just the Yankees.

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, October 25, 2020


Source: N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Enjoying the World Series? More like tolerating it. At least the Dodgers are there and Houston is not, is what I keep saying to myself. But what is more interesting is what happens when the World Series ends in a few days. Baseball refreshes, and a new season begins to ramp up. For the Yankees that can mean a lot of change, which will hopefully get them to the Fall Classic in 2021.

"Free agency begins the day after the World Series ends. Players can’t sign with a new team until five days after the World Series is completed. Trades can be made starting the day after the World Series ends. Contract options can be exercised or not within five days of the World Series ending," reported the New York Post.

For the Yankees that means a number of decisions around who stays and who goes, who they trade for and who they don't and whether or not these shifts can get them to the World Series next year.

Source: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

"The biggest decisions facing the Yankees are whether to re-sign free agents DJ LeMahieu and Masahiro Tanaka, what to do with Zack Britton’s 2022 option, and deciding whether Gleyber Torres and Gary Sanchez will continue to be their shortstop and catcher, respectively. If they decide Torres and Sanchez are not their best options, the Yankees will be busy filling those positions in a financial climate that has been severely damaged because COVID-19 denied customers entrance to ballparks for the 60-game schedule," reported The New York Post

Bold statements but they reflect some of the strongest and weakest links of this team. Pitching continues to be a challenge for the Yankees despite signing Gerrit Cole. He can't be the whole pitching staff and Tanaka seems to have lost his luster in the last couple of years. There is also the option of moving Adam Ottavino and Luke Voit and whether or not Brett Gardner stays or goes. All of this to say that none of this matters if Aaron Boone calls the shots purely on analytics instead of combination of gut and numbers.

Source: Associated Press

According to, "Boone says that he has the freedom to make his own lineups and pitching decisions, and that’s the official stance from GM Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner, too. But all parties also agree that the team’s analytics staff factors heavily in lineup and pitching moves." Context here stems from a WFAN interview with former Yankee shortstop Didi Gregorius who compared his current manager, Joe Girardi's style to Boone's leadership. "They’re both good managers. For me, the only thing I see different is Joe goes more with his instincts – that’s what I think – and Boone goes more with analytics.”

It will be a real hot stove leading up to the Winter Meetings in early December. Lots of decisions and moving parts. A few games left in 2020 before all of the hoopla begins. Enjoy the Series and get ready for an interesting off-season. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Saturday, October 24, 2020


Of course, it is never nice to think about your players leaving your team to play for someone else but it is the reality of baseball. After this 60-game stint, it is safe to say that these three Yankees have probably played their last game in the pinstripes. 

The first player that is probably leaving the Yankees is Masahiro Tanaka. After returning from the scary hit from a line drive during Summer Camp, Masahiro started tweeting what felt like farewell messages. After he said that they were meant to celebrate the end of a seven-year deal, but it did not feel like that. Nothing is official, of course, but right now it's all about the vibes, and the vibes say Tanaka will not be returning.

James Paxton is next on the list of Yankees we may be saying farewell to. The Yankees are growing stingier, so the first issue is if they are willing to pursue Paxton without the guarantee that he won't need Tommy John surgery in the future. Along with that, even though the pitcher's numbers have been great (never posting an ERA over 4.00 in a season), he's never made more than 29 starts in a season. It seems likely the Yankees may pass on him due to the risk based on his health outlook.

It seems as if most people know that Gary Sanchez was never supposed to be in the Bronx long-term. I think it will be easy to say goodbye to Sanchez, especially after watching Kyle Higashioka successfully take over the behind-the-plate duties for ace Gerrit Cole

Sanchez had an incredible run in 2016, and an All-Star year in 2017, but after that began to underwhelm in the '18 and '19 seasons. He was usually on the IL due to groin issues and when he actually could play, he did nothing but strikeout. This continued into 2020 and I think it is safe to say fans have been ultimately disappointed with the once amazing catcher.

What do you think? Are we going to say goodbye to these players in the offseason? 

--Missy O'Rourke
BYB Contributor
Twitter: @missy_orourke

Thursday, October 22, 2020


We aren't in the offseason yet, but the rumor mill has already started. There is a lot of chatter about the Yankees looking for ways to shed some payroll to drop below the $210 million luxury tax for 2021, which will be especially important to save money for DJ LeMahieu.

So the The New York Post broke THIS on Tuesday, and it caught my eye. If the Yankees want to shed some payroll, they might be able to move Adam Ottavino. Maybe. A big challenge will be that he is expensive and 2020 Ottavino wasn't as effective as 2019 and teams will take that into consideration.

"According to several talent evaluators, teams would be interested in the right-hander but with the understanding that the Yankees would have to absorb some of the $9 million owed to the soon-to-be 35-year-old Brooklyn native and Berkeley Carroll School product."

"As long as he stays healthy, I am sure he can go somewhere else and re-establish himself in a real season,’’ said an AL scout who was willing to discount the 60-game schedule of this past season due COVID-19 in which Ottavino posted a 5.89 ERA in 24 appearances.

So scouts say teams are interested, if the Yankees are willing to eat some of the contract. Maybe it could happen. Ottavino becomes a free agent after next season, and I can't say I hate the idea. I expected a little bit more out of the guy who said "I would strike Babe Ruth out every time" back in 2018 before we signed him to his three year deal. He looked good in 2019, but he took a big step back this season.

Ottavino was an important asset back in 2019 and he appeared in 73 games, pitched to a 1.90 ERA in 66 1/3 innings and struck out 88 batters. This season, he only appeared in 18 1/3 innings and gave up 20 hits, walked nine batters and struck out 25. In the postseason, Aaron Boone only used him for 2/3 of an inning. Even in a shortened season, that's a significant step backwards.

I guess I had higher expectations with Ottavino. He talked a big talk but he couldn't back it up this season so if the rumors are true and the Yankees NEED to make moves to save money and a trade makes sense, then I would be okay if that means losing Ottavino. 

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


I have ranted about Gary Sanchez for years. But management and media alike always said, "Sanchez is the only pure hitter on the team." I have never seen that side of Sanchez. I have seen someone who is just not athletic and maybe his bat kept him in the game for awhile but when that dried up, I simply see no use for him. Even Gerrit Cole had more success with the backup catcher Kyle Higashioka. Will Sanchez be without pinstripes in 2021?

Source: Newsday

According to, "Sánchez’s future in pinstripes figures to be a main point of discussion when the Yankees’ braintrust huddles in the next week or so for their annual pro scouting meetings. The Yanks’ decision to start Kyle Higashioka in five of their seven postseason games spoke volumes, and it is certainly fair to wonder if the Yankees view Sánchez as their starting catcher in 2021." I want Sanchez to be good; because we need a catcher who can think strategically, lead the infield, communicate well with pitchers and yes, catch and hit.  Sanchez just hasn't been that guy and that has made him a liability for a Yankee team that just can't afford to have an Achilles heel.

Source: NY Times

"Sánchez will continue to work with catching coach Tanner Swanson remotely this offseason, as he did during the four-month shutdown. Cashman said that there could be a catching competition next spring, but Sánchez is arbitration-eligible and will be due a raise over the $5 million he earned this year. That’s too much for a backup," reported

Source: Springfield News-Leader

According to, "A short-term solution would be to sign St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina. The nine-time All-Star is regarded as one of the best backstops in the game. And the nine-time Gold Glove winner is set to be a free agent following the World Series." Wow. I love that guy and I loved his brother, Jose Molina, when he had a short three-year stint with the Bombers from 2007-2009. 

It will be an interesting off-season for sure following a heartbreaking 2020 season. 2020 could be the last one for Sanchez in pinstripes and guess what, that's okay by me. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Monday, October 19, 2020


And I am not talking about the weather, necessarily. Some of you have winter months coming and the snow will return. Well, it will return for most of you. For me, it is still hovering around 100 degrees in the middle of freaking October.

But geography aside, baseball doesn't count because winter is still coming. The World Series is coming, which means free agency is around the corner and early predictions are calling for.....a long and COLD winter that will hit the sport we love hard, maybe harder than ever before.

We are all sick of the pandemic. I never want to hear the words "Coronavirus" or "Covid 19" ever again....but it's still sticking around. Even if it isn't making you or I, or the players sick (knock on wood), it is sticking around and its side affects will still be around when the calendar flips to 2021.

The New York Daily News breaks it down the best. We already saw how much slower the last two winters were, but now as owners deal with their financial losses it means that players will also pay a hefty price. I'm sure Gerrit Cole is happy that he isn't a free agent this season because that $324 million deal may not happen a year later. Instead, now we wait and see what is in store for DJ LeMahieu.

If the Yankees move on from all free agents: Masahiro Tanaka, J.A. Happ and James Paxton, that’s about $52 million coming off the books. That's a lot of money but the Yankees are already predicting an estimated $200 million loss (or more) thanks to the pandemic shortened season with no fans. LeMahieu has certainly earned his big pay day, but as the Yankees try and cut payroll can they offer him enough money to get him back? And if the Yankees do get LeMahieu back, will that be the only significant move that the Yankees move?

I hope not, but owners are already setting the tone for the winter. We have to prepare for anything. This could be the strangest winter we have ever seen. There could be many free agents looking for a home and for those players entering arbitration - what does that look like after a short 60 game season? 

I don't know what to expect this winter. We will have to wait and see how the Yankees and baseball in general respond to the market. Let's just hope we can get fans in the stands again for 2021. We all miss it and we need it.

 I know things will be different moving forward, I just hope winter won't be as bad as predicted.

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
 BYB Managing Editor
 Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, October 18, 2020


 The Houston Astros lost last night. America is happy.

Quick note. The Rays beat the Asstros 4-2 last night to advance to the World Series.  Pretty awesome. Randy Arozarena hit his 7th post season home run. Pretty good stuff.

I had to take a shot at Carlos Correa this morning just because he's a bitch.

And it looks like Phil Hughes has done his own trolling, even subtle, it doesn't matter... it does the job.

Cheaters blow. And you know what? Baseball Fans? We don't forget.

Saturday, October 17, 2020


Let's not forget where the Astros came from. They are a bunch of cheaters.  They are trash.

I have written about this extensively on Bleeding Yankee Blue and this post will be no different.  Has clown Carlos Correa forgotten that he was part of a huge cheating scandal or does he just want to act like it never happened? Does Josh Reddick and George Springer and Alex Bregman really think it's over and that they've paid their dues? Let me tell you something. SMOKE AND MIRRORS WILL NOT MAKE ME FORGET THAT THESE GUYS ARE ALL PIECES OF SHIT.

I've expressed my anger for this fake, manufactured season all year. I can't stand it. I thought I was gonna love a short season, but what's happened to me is every time I watch, it's fun for a moment, and then I realize that there really isn't much energy in these ballparks. That's because the fans supply that.  And that brings me back to the Astros. 

Get all excited all you want, Carlos Correa. Act like you deserve to be there. Everyone knows you're not.  Now couple that with you guys actually winning without detection devices and you're acting like this season actually matters.   It does not.

We can fake our way through this season all we want. If the fans can't be present, if Rob Manfred wants to act like the Astros have been punished enough for a scandal that should have rocked the entire baseball world, but didn't because he didn't want chaos... then I'm not interested.  

I don't know what will happen with the Astros and Rays in the next game.  I know what should happen. But say the Astros win. Who cares. WHO FUCKING CARES. There are no heroes on that team.  

The media can sit there and act like these players are back in the fold all they want.  Buster Olney may be the dumbest of them all... feeling sorry for Jose Altuve because he suddenly can't throw. Well... karma's a bitch and the day the Astros stripped the innocence of baseball from the game was the day the Houston Astros lost me as a fan of true baseball players.

That's because the Astros deserve darkness. The Astros deserve a kick in the crotch, a true reprimand, a punch in the jaw and to sit down quietly.

Fake seasons don't put the Astros back in baseball's good graces. Write that down.  

Fake seasons like this are made because fans needed an outlet to watch professional sports in a pandemic.  It doesn't mean anything.  Correa can act like this is their road to the top all he wants, but it is nothing more than a dog and pony show for a bunch of losers who disrespected the game and then got off easy.

F the Astros. You cheated your fans and screwed baseball.  And now you act like it's over?  Nope. For me and for many, the Houston Astros, playing fairly or not, will always be under the microscope of skepticism because of their elaborate, well orchestrated scheme to cheat and win games. They should never have been allowed to play in 2020. I have news for you... the whole bunch should have been banned from baseball for life.

I am disappointed for what baseball has allowed the Astros to do, to act like and to forget. They forgot they were punished. They forgot they were under a microscope of suspicion. They need to be reminded pretty quickly and they should be humbled for a long, long time.

F Correa.
F Bregman.
F Altuve.
F Springer.
F Manfred.

Go Rays!
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