Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Source: The New York Yankees Twitter

We are one day away from the start of the Yankees 2021 season. And although we are starting the season with some key fixtures in the repair shop, the Yankees will open 2021 with 10,850 fans in the Bronx on Thursday, April 1st and there is no fooling with this team. Great expectations are upon the Yankees and the only thing stopping them is themselves.

Source: The New York Post

According to the New York Post interview with the big three announcers of the Yankees, Michael Kay called the Yankees starting lineup equal if not better than the rest of the league, "I think their lineup is as good as any lineup in baseball. Every single one of those guys is gonna give you a quality at-bat and make it dangerous for the pitcher to attack him."

To say that the "Savages" are back in business would be an understatement as the Warrior himself, Paul O'Neill had something to say about that kind of passion. "It almost becomes a mindset. It becomes kind of a team concept … being in there every pitch, having long at-bats, not allowing pitching to just mow through your lineup. Those wear on even the best of pitchers. Long at-bats and owning the strike zone are a big part of that." 

Source: Sporting News

And if these words don't psyche you up for a great start to 2021, how about O'Neill calling out the "Warriors" of this Yankee clubhouse. "I like the way (DJ) LeMahieu goes about the game, I love the way (Aaron) Judge goes about the game. I think Aaron Judge a lot of times is overlooked how good a baseball player he is because he hits the ball so hard. … Luke Voit, another guy that you enjoy watching because he has a lot of intensity, everybody’s wired a little bit different, but some people need to grind every single day and some people need to just sit back and know that it’s gonna happen." 

You have to read this article. Honestly, the big three call out the best and worst of the Yankees with the walk-up cadence that will warm you up for the next best thing: The Yankee in 2021. Great expectations are upon us my friends and the winners are us, the fans. "They feel like they’ve got more weapons this year, this is the best they’ve felt going into a season. Confidence is important in this game, and they look like they have it going into this year," said David Cone. 

Baseball is back; the Yankees are back and we are about to embark on something great, something special this year. We at BYB are ready. Are you?

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


I'm so sick and tired of stupidity.  I have to tell you, we are in a very dangerous world right now. Social media has crippled people's thinking and have literally made everyone stupider. 

Look at my continue fact checks and wise cracks with Aubrey Huff on Twitter. 

He continually puts out crap, lies, bad facts and people, sheep... believe everything he says. 

There are no more independent thinkers and the world is full of wanna-be influencers. That's scary.

COVID-19 is a virus. In the world, we are doing our best to combat it. If it means that health officials ask you to wear a mask to protect yourself and others, do your part. It's not a big ask. 

If there's a COVID vaccine out there that could protect people? Take it... IF YOU CHOOSE TO. It's not mandatory... it's a precaution. You can read all you want about people that have died from the vaccine, but the numbers don't add up to what COVID has killed. I'm not saying you're risking dying by taking the vaccine. I'm just saying it's to better humanity so one day soon we can all take our masks off.

I lost too many friends this past year.  Some were careless... some were defiant suggesting that the Government can't control them. Now they're dead.  All I'm saying is, if you're smart, not selfish... it could make a difference.  But it's more than that... it's what's transpired since this virus hit our shores. Those same, idiotic "influencers" think it's ok to blame Asian Americans. What's the reason? There's no connection.  It's like looking at me as an Italian American and saying, "Oh, you're Italian? You're mobbed up?" It's racist and idiotic. Knock it off.  Stop calling Asians the virus. Wake up! Think for yourself! Read everything. ACTUALLY READ. Don't read a headline from Aubrey Huff, he knows nothing. Read articles... FROM LEGIMATE SOURCES... left, right, everything... and form your opinion that way.  Sure, it takes longer to find the truth, but it's the truth and not made up.  I'm so tired of it. 

Masahiro Tanaka walked away from the MLB and the Yankees because of Asian-American hate. That came from his mouth.  That's being reported everywhere today.  Do you see how serious that is? He's scared enough for his family that he would leave America... the greatest country in the world, full of opportunity, to circle the wagons and go back to his homeland.  That is significant. writes:

"In an interview with a Japanese newspaper, Tanaka appeared to suggest that one of the reasons he and his family chose to return to Japan was because they faced racism amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to a translation from Google on the Japanese newspaper’s website, Tanaka said his son felt insecure at school and that they were “discriminated against.” He also said his wife felt “anxiety” in the U.S.

NJ Advance Media’s Brendan Kuty reports Cashman was asked Monday about the report:

“Brian Cashman said Masahiro Tanaka didn’t tell him about any instances of racism he faced in the U.S., but that it was ‘heartbreaking’ to read about.”

Think real hard about that.  Think about the Asians getting beaten on streets in my country... the USA, because they just wanna make ends meet or just want to live their life in a free country... and they can't.... because some asshole deeply believes that Asians are to blame. Think real hard about that.  Think about how they got that information. Probably from the internet of some hate sight. Probably from Twitter where headlines of false information reign supreme.... and someone with an axe to grind thought that that one headline "must be true" without doing the research to find out the truth.

We are America. We are supposed to be the example of freedom, humanity and what is it now? Think about it?  

Trust me... no one is making you wear masks. No one is making you take the vaccine. No one is taking away your guns. No one is banning abortion. And no... Asians aren't the virus.... Hate is. 

You need to read EVERYTHING. You need to smarter. You need to stop being a sheep... Left, Right... all of you.  It's disgusting and it's time to better yourself with information. Otherwise... we will never move forward.

I feel terrible for Masahiro Tanaka, but as a family man, he did what he needed to do to protect his family. I applaud that.  But that's a signal folks... wake up.

I leave you with this. Read this dynamic piece from the Athletic by Kavitha Davidson.

A must read!

Monday, March 29, 2021


The regular season is about to start and the Yankees bench is a little more clear then what it was a few days ago. A little more clear....not completely. We know the fate of Jay Bruce and Mike Tauchman at this point. The mystery for them is solved for now, but one mystery is still unsolved.

Last week I said THE LAST BENCH CUT COULD BE THE ONE YOU LEAST EXPECT! and I still believe that. We still have a giant question mark looming with Tyler Wade. I said he could be on the chopping block and I still think he could be. In fact, now I will say that he SHOULD be.

I agree that the Yankees need a backup infielder. I don't think the Yankees should or could go indefinitely without one but, why does that backup infielder have to be Wade? Just because he is available shouldn't be the acceptable answer. The Yankees need the right guy for the job. Any "healthy" body shouldn't be the answer even when the Yankees are riddled with injuries. What happened to earning your spot?

That hasn't changed, so what has Wade done to earn his spot? His defense was his most attractive asset and even that is suspect and his bat should be equally as important especially when the Yankees are missing some of their heavy hitters like Luke Voit. A defensive substitute just isn't enough. He's had four seasons with a .190 BA and so far this spring he has a .194 BA with 14 strikeouts in 36 at-bats. Why is this worthy of a roster spot? Maybe it's not.

And if Aaron Boone's comments are any sort of hint, then so be it. We shouldn't be okay with rewarding a spot to Wade just because he fits a need. Does he play the position? Yes, but he's still a square peg in a round hole as far as I am concerned. He makes sense on paper, and that's it.

I hope some things are still in play as Boone said and I hope that is someone else. No offense to Wade, I appreciate his efforts over the last four seasons but it hasn't paid off. The Yankees could in theory option him to the minors and then we just wait for the time that he gets the call and then what? It's kicking the can down the road.

Maybe Boone is just giving me or others that share my opinion false hope, and maybe he isn't. Maybe there is someone else out there that the Yankees are looking at, like maybe a reunion with Todd Frazier? He did recently opt-out of his deal from the Pirates so it could theoretically happen. If it could, the Yankees should entertain it.

Either way, I don't have hope false or otherwise when it comes to Wade's likelihood of contributing to the Yankees. We've tried this already and it hasn't worked. It's an irrational attachment that fans and the Yankees have that hasn't worked out. It's time to cut the cord.

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, March 28, 2021


Yes, this is real. No, I am not kidding. And man we predicted this...unfortunately. The Yankees starting first baseman, Luke Voit will undergo surgery for a partial meniscus tear in his right knee, skipper Aaron Boone shared with reporters on Saturday afternoon. It should come as no real surprise as Voit had been vocal about the soreness he had been experiencing in his right knee since the start of spring training. Friday, following his MRI, Voit learned the full extent of his knee injury. Voit will start the 2021 season on the Injured List and likely will not return to full time play until June.

Source: The New York Post

"The Yankees will turn to Jay Bruce -- the non-roster invite who made the Opening Day roster -- to serve as the team's starting first baseman in Voit's absence, Boone confirmed Saturday. Bruce exercised his opt-out on Thursday, but the Yankees had 48 hours to make a final decision regarding a roster spot for him," reported CBS Sports.

This news keeps Mike Tauchman and Tyler Wade on the roster for the Yankees on Opening Day. Both could find some time platooning at first base. However, the Yankees will miss more than Voit's big bat in the lineup, coming from a guy who has had spent his fair share on the IL. 

Source: Sports Illustrated

“It’s gonna be tough,’’ Aaron Judge said of losing Voit. “Luke’s a big part of this team, a big part of this offense who hits in the middle of the lineup. He’s a real vocal guy in the clubhouse who gets us motivated and we’re gonna miss that the next month. I know Jay Bruce is gonna do some special things for us,” reported the New York Post

Voit is coming off a stellar 2020 season, albeit a short one. He batted .277/.338/.610 with a league-leading 22 home runs and 52 RBI in 56 games. Bruce is a 33-year-old left-handed hitter, who has turned some heads this spring proving he can hit for power. His overall production, and on base percentage is certainly not in line with Voit's and Bruce has only had 50 starts in his 13 year career at first base. 

Source: The New York Post

“I’m confident I can play a very adequate first base, and with more practice, I think I can be good. It sounds like I’ll have the opportunity to be there pretty extensively for the foreseeable future,” said Bruce as reported by The Post

Sigh. Let's hope that the Yankees can overcome this set back, that Voit rehabs and can come back well before June and that the Yankees have enough depth in their clubhouse to stay focused and get a good start to the 2021 season. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof


When I read that the Yankees released Derek Dietrich yesterday, I was pissed.  I'm a big Dietrich guy. He brings energy and production to a team that could always use that.  Here's the tweet from the Yankees yesterday...

But then is was Greedy Pinstripes with some words of wisdom:

Look, a .111 average with one home run in the spring is hardly fire. In fact, it's horrible. But we all know what Dietrich is capable of.  Now some would argue that if you don't put up the numbers, you get cut and that's just business, and I get that... but Dietrich is a sparkplug. We need this guy. Let's hope Greedy Pinstripes is right.

Friday, March 26, 2021


Many of us like Mike Tauchman.  But if there's no room or if it helps the Yankees out to possibly trade him, let me tell you what they're gonna do... probably trade him. Here's the thing though, Cashman is gonna want something good on his return. And so, with whispers of possible suitors for Tauchman, we need to see what's out there. 

Yup, I feel like this story comes out every 3 months. Between him and Clint Frazier, they're always getting traded in the baseball world with rumor... and then they aren't. I do wonder what Tauchman's future brings however. We'll have to see.

MLB Trade Rumors writes:

"The Yankees are receiving trade interest in outfielder Mike Tauchman...They’re looking past his 2020 season and valuing him more in line with his 2019 output, per Martino, who adds that it’d take a reliever with some team control or another piece with legitimate value for the Yanks to part with the 30-year-old outfielder."

And Andy Martino of SNY writes:

"The Yanks believe that his breakout 2019 was representative of his ability, and are valuing him accordingly. It would take a controllable reliever or another piece of real value to pry him away from New York."

We will see what happens with this guy. Personally, I like the guy and he's a true contributor, but baseball's funny that way... you never know.

Thursday, March 25, 2021


Last week I was torn. I had a lot of different ideas as I was PREDICTING THE ODD MAN OUT! but I have changed my mind. I have a new idea, it may be radical but it could still work. I'm not looking to cut Jay Bruce and I'm not looking to cut Mike Tauchman, either. 

Maybe the Yankees don't have to choose between either of them. You can make good reasons to keep both of them. They both have good value for the Yankees and cutting one of them would be hard. It might be a little easier to cut someone else instead....what about Tyler Wade?

Honestly, he's in consideration for that last bench spot. We already know Brett Gardner isn't going anywhere and Kyle Higashioka is a lock for the back-up catcher spot. So then it comes down to Tauchman, Bruce and....Wade. Nothing against Wade but, he has options remaining. The Yankees can send him down. The infield becomes a little dicey, they won't have an emergency infielder but the Yankees can get creative.

Aaron Boone has already given third basemen Gio Urshela some reps at shortstop. We already know Gleyber Torres can play both second and shortstop. Aaron Boone has new confidence that Jay Bruce can lay first base when needed, read more HERE. Then of course we have DJ LeMahieu who proved he could play all over the infield when he went from no defined role back in 2019 to MVP worthy last season. The Yankees have versatility and can make it work.

Would losing Wade as a backup infielder hurt a little on paper? Sure, one less body for them to use, especially when they are riddled with injuries. It would be challenging, but another important part of this would be to have the RIGHT bodies on the roster. Bruce has proven that he deserves a spot on this team AND he has an opt-out clause that he can exercise today. Tauchman is versatile and likely a guaranteed need considering how often the Yankees are down an outfielder. Oh and the fact that he has no minor league options left is another risk. If the Yankees let him go....another team will be ready to claim him.

Cutting Wade isn't a great solution by any means....but I don't think cutting Tauchman or Bruce makes more sense either. I think the Yankees need both Tauchman and Bruce, and we will find out if the Yankees think so too....any moment now.

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


You all are no stranger to my feelings on Brett Gardner. He is gritty, he is dedicated and he is grateful. And he understands his role on the 2021 Yankees and he is ready to serve.

"For me, I still mentally and physically have to be prepared to play every day," Gardner said. "I know that if all of our guys are healthy, that's probably not going to happen, which is fine. I know what I signed up for when I decided to come back here. I'm just excited to be a part of this team, and however often I play, I'll be ready for it," reported Bryan Hoch

Source: USA Today

Brett Gardner is about to embark upon his 14th major league season, all 14 with the New York Yankees. And although he will likely not be in the lineup on opening day, he will be in the lineup this season. Gardner could have gone elsewhere given his track record and persistence to play with heart and speed. But the Yankees are thrilled he chose to stay in the Bronx where his presence will clearly make an impact on this year's team.

"We didn't bring him back as a reward for what he's done in the past. We brought him back because we think he's going to impact us in the present. We're lucky that he loves being here, because I guarantee he had a chance to go elsewhere and probably make more money," said Brian Cashman as reported by Bryan Hoch

Gardner will get playing time, there is no doubt about it. He is a hard worker, a great defensive player and he quite frankly stays healthy. "I'm fortunate," Gardner said. "I've been able to play a little longer than maybe most guys. I'll just continue to take good care of myself, hopefully put the right things in my body, and it'll treat me well. Yeah, here we are -- ready for another season," said Gardner.

For all the naysayers, I say go ahead, rant, and for those who love Gardy for his determination and consistent contribution, this is good news for the longest current tenured Yankee. The best part of this all, besides having Gardy in 2021, is that he is humble and grateful for the opportunity.  He appreciates the value to play and the value of the game on his life. Good luck Gardy! Here's to many Gardy Parties this season!

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Enough with the injuries. Everyone's getting hurt. Except for Giancarlo Stanton, which is crazy to me, but whatever.

The latest few victims are Justin Wilson and Asher Wojciechowski. I hate when pitchers get hurt, and it's happening a lot lately. Just recently it was Zack Britton. It sucks.

The New York Post writes: 

"Injuries aren’t good at any time, but particularly not right at the end of spring training. Southpaw reliever Justin Wilson left Monday’s game with left shoulder tightness, and is set for an MRI exam Tuesday morning. Wilson’s fastball velocity was slightly down, but that can vary game-to-game in spring training under normal circumstances. Boone said Wilson “had a hard time getting loose” and that “there’s a chance it might not be that big a deal.” Given that the Yankees are already missing Zack Britton, losing another high-leverage reliever could be a substantial challenge to overcome."

And then of course there's Asher Wojciechowski. WFAN writes about him and his lat:

"Asher Wojciechowski left Sunday’s Yankees-Blue Jays game in the bottom of the seventh inning after feeling something in his right lat muscle. With one out in the seventh, Wojciechowski immediately reached for his right arm near his bicep after throwing a 1-0 pitch to Teoscar Hernandez.

Wojciechowski, 32, was a non-roster invitee to Yankees camp after signing a minor-league deal this winter. "

The Yankees are dealing with a lot, but they are winning and ultimately are looking good, but injury can kill a franchise... and we have to figure out why this is happening so often. 

Monday, March 22, 2021


I am looking for any and all signs that point to Gary Sanchez rebounding and finding his mojo again. I'm skeptical (and so are many others) that he can be a productive starting catcher. The Yankees still believe in him, and I want to....maybe this is a *small* sign.

No surprise, Gerrit Cole is the Yankees Opening Day starter but maybe his catcher that day is. Last year with our season on the line in game 5 of the ALDS Aaron Boone started Kyle Higashioka behind the plate in place of Sanchez. Before that, Higashioka took over as a personal catcher for Cole and here we are about to start a new season and Boone is giving Sanchez the nod instead.

So far, Sanchez had only caught Cole once in Spring Training so I'm sure he needed to get back behind the plater with Cole pitching regardless. It's just interesting that even after a poor 2020 season and little time catching the Yankees ace this spring Boone feels comfortable going with Sanchez, but he is.

Considering that Gerrit Cole has history with a dedicated catcher I wasn't sure if the Yankees were convinced that Cole should continue working with Higashioka since it has already proven to work but, Boone already said ""I would expect Gary to be behind there Opening Day," Boone said HERE.

At the end of the day, the Yankees have stood by Sanchez for years now so I guess it is no surprise that he isn't getting the nod for opening day. I do happen to like the Higashioka and Cole combo though, it seemed to work but Sanchez so far has received a lot of praise over Spring Training. Maybe things will be different this year.

I hope Sanchez has turned the corner and surprises us all. I like all of the good praise, but I need to see it when it counts in April and beyond.

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, March 21, 2021


Source: Sports Illustrated

We are just shy of 10 games until Opening Day 2021 and the Yankees have a lot of reasons to be smiling. Three of them are Aaron Hicks, Mike King and Jay Bruce. And here's why!

Skipper Aaron Boone announced Friday that Aaron Hicks is a natural number three slot hitter (Read DEMOTIONS & REWARD FOR THE NEW YORK YANKEES), and that is great news for Hicks, the Yankees and fans. But in addition to his lefty bat in between righties in the lineup if Hicks hit from that left side, he is adding a new/old secret weapon to his arsenal and strategy to get on base more in 2021.


"I feel like by adding a bunt, being able to use the middle of the field a little bit more, [it] will definitely take away that huge shift on the right side and ultimately give me more chances to get more hits,” said Hicks, who batted .225 with a 121 OPS-plus last season," reported the New York Post. Wow, bold statement from a team that places the long ball ahead of any kind of short ball tactic. But this could be a good one, if Hicks can stay in the lineup consistently and keep his opponents thinking that he could go long or short at any moment. 

Source: Adam Hunger | AP

Right hand pitcher Michael King struck out six Orioles over 4 innings in his bid to make Yankees staff on Saturday. He is looking strong and could be a great option for the Yankees in a starting role or out of the bullpen as a long reliever. "King has stated that his goal is to give the Yankees at least 100 meaningful innings, regardless of whether it’s as a starter or in a relief role. Other pitchers are ahead of him on the depth chart and he probably won’t make the Opening Day roster, but the odds are good that he’ll be needed at some point," reported SB Nation after Saturday's loss to the Orioles. And with the injuries that the Yankees have faced over the last few years, King will be in pinstripes 2021. 

Now how about Jay Bruce? The veteran has certainly turned some heads this spring but was it enough to make the cut? With his bat and ability to play both corners of the outfield plus first base, I would have to vote yes. 

Source: USA Today

"Obviously I’ve had some struggles the last few years, I do kind of give that to injuries, but I feel like when I’m on the field and I’m healthy, I’m pretty much in line with my career numbers,” Bruce said. “I feel good, I feel normal, I feel like myself, you know, I know that I can help a team, I know that I can, you know, be a part of a winning team and help a team win a championship,” reported The New York Daily News

King and Bruce who are bubble players will know their fate on Thursday, March 25th. As for Hicks, glad to see he is switching things up in order to get on base amidst the shift that has taken its fair share of hits away from the Yankee switch hitter. Opening Day 2021 is almost here and the Yankees are certainly making things even more exciting for all of us fans who are not only craving baseball but a championship in 2021. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Saturday, March 20, 2021


A lot of stuff going on in Yankeeland.  First off how are we all not talking about how Aaron Boone got a pacemaker and a week later he's managing the Yankees again? I mean that's pretty incredible! The dude's a savage, no question. But more to that, the Yankees are looking so good, I love every minute of it! It's gonna be a great season. I cannot wait for it to start.

The addition of Derek Dietrich in my opinion might be the best part of this whole offseason. He brings talent and energy to this team!  I've also become a huge fan of Gio Urshela and am expecting great things.  But there were guys that needed to be demoted to make room for all this incredible talent, and sadly, some of these guys, we love, but there's just no room.

CBS Sports talks about Mike Ford:

"Ford was optioned to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre on Friday.

Ford struggled in the majors last year but worked with the major-league coaching staff this spring. He went 3-for-19 with a double, two RBI, one walk and three strikeouts over nine spring games this year but will now prepare for the minor-league season."

And Ford wasn't the only one. Newsbreak... and many other outlets have this:

"...infielder Thairo Estrada, and relievers Albert Abreu and Brooks Kriske were all optioned to Triple-A Scranton."

But in the meantime, reward for guys like Aaron Hicks. Boone has tapped him the number 3 hitter for the team, and I love that. 

"As a result, and by virtue of his excellent power and patience combo, the Yankees love what Hicks brings to the table as a number three hitter.

...Boone has recently said that he sees Hicks as his third hitter for the 2021 season. He shows a tremendous amount of confidence in the versatile outfielder and believes he is among the best hitters in Yankees’ loaded roster."

The Yanks are making their adjustments, and I am loving every minute of it. I cannot wait for opening day!

Bring it!

Thursday, March 18, 2021


Last month I was worried that Brett Gardner was a Yankee casualty. We speculated that his days as a Yankee were over. It turns out I may have been concerned about the wrong veteran's future. As we get closer to Opening Day, it looks like a different Yankee outfielder may be left behind.

I'm struggling to find where Mike Tauchman fits right now, and I think the Yankees are also. I didn't expect Jay Bruce to be this productive in Spring Training. He's looking to rebound after an underwhelming three-year contract with the Mets and Tauchman looked good in 2019, and even with a short 2020 season he regressed.

Aaron Boone says he wants to start the regular season with 13 pitchers and 13 position players. It's safe to assume 12 of those position players are likely set, read more on that HERE. So that leaves one more spot left, and an uncomfortable decision to make.

A week from today Bruce can opt out of his contract. On the same note, Tauchman is out of minor league options and has four years of team control before he can become a free agent. Neither of these players can be sent to the minors without passing through waivers which seems unrealistic so the Yankees will likely lose one of them....unless there is a trade.

Considering the Yankees are giving Bruce a look at first base and he has had a productive Spring, I think that is a good sign that the Yankees like his versatility. Tauchman also has versatility, you can't ignore an outfielder who has the ability to all three positions. As much as we would like to forget, we can't ignore the Yankees have a brutal injury history in recent years especially with Aaron Judge and Clint Frazier so it would be smart to keep him for the extra versatility.

So, who gets the last bench spot, Bruce or Tauchman? Do the Yankees go with Bruce's experience or Tauchman's versatility? Considering that the Yankees are cursed by the injury bug I'd rather keep them both in a perfect world. Of course this isn't a perfect world so.....if you can only keep one, who do you keep?

Comment and tell us.

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj
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