Sunday, August 1, 2021


Source: Newsday

I loved this line in our noble leader Robert Casey's latest post (here) about acquiring Andrew Heaney seconds before the tradeline deadline hit, "It's pieces like this that make it better for the Yanks." The "pieces" he is referring to are Joey Gallo, followed by Anthony Rizzo, and now Heaney. But the real question is "Do the Yankees have all the RIGHT pieces to make the playoffs?"

Source: New York Post

The New York Post's Ken Davidoff did not give the Yankees high marks for their pickups because he felt they gave up too much in Luis Cessa and Justin Wilson "in order to stay under the $210 million luxury-tax threshold and couldn’t find a taker for Luke Voit." I will be honest, I felt that giving up Cessa was a real loss, given our lack of consistency and depth in the bullpen. Wilson on the other hand has been ineffective. But it is not just pitching that is on the hook for the pickle the Yankees are in right now. 

The Yankees simply cannot leave runners in scoring position like they did so blatantly in the game against the Marlins on Saturday evening. Gary Sanchez, although more effective in more recent weeks since dropping that leg kick, still can't seem to consistently knock in runs with the bases loaded. This is just a mere example of the kind of disadvantage this team puts themselves in when they leave runners on the pond, and unless these new pieces can do something about that, the Yankees will not move any closer to the post-season in 2021.

The other point I'd like to make here is that this has to be a team effort. No one can do this alone. It is not Gerrit Cole's role to lead this team, nor is it Aaron Judge's or Rizzo's. It is a collective effort- no one on this team stands out ahead of the rest, even if some have loftier contracts than others. They are all responsible to produce. And when they don't, it is the team's fault. 

So, my question is have the Yankees done enough? Do they have the depth to get things done? With the dog days of summer now, here as we step into August, have the Yankees put themselves in the winners' column? Can they turn this disaster of a season around? It is up to them. The ball is in their court. And collectively, they either go for it and give it everything they have or it is back to the drawing board for Brian Cashman or maybe even the unemployment line. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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Trevor Story was supposed to be a New York Yankee... but I guess the Colorado Rockies just didn't want to give him up. Because of that, he's still a Rockie and now he's sounding off about it.

The Denver Post writes:

"* Make no mistake about it, Trevor Story is angry that he didn’t get traded. Story is the ultimate good soldier and team player, so when he said, “I’m confused and I don’t have really anything good to say about the situation and how it unfolded,” that was a red flag about the state of the organization.

* Interim general manager Bill Schmidt insisted that he kept Story in the loop, telling the shortstop all along there was a chance that he would still be with the Rockies the rest of the season.

“The disappointment? I understand that, but I think Trevor’s a very good professional,” Schmidt said. “He’ll move on. He’ll play through it. We’ll go on and address it in the offseason.”

But is that realistic with a guy like Story? I know he's in a contract with the Rockies, but booting a few balls because you're pissed at a Rockies front office has to be in the cards here. I'm not saying Story is spiteful, I'm saying Story needs to send a message.

More from the Post:

"* Schmidt is taking a lot of heat for Colorado’s decision to hang onto Story and not work a deal to gain prospects. Schmidt, however, was in a tough situation. His predecessor, Jeff Bridich, should have traded Story before the season started. Maybe he wanted to, maybe owner Dick Monfort said no. I’m sure the Arenado mess muddied the waters.

* Schmidt didn’t say it, but Story’s relatively poor performance this season certainly brought down his trade value..."

But did the Yankees want him? Did Schmidt make an effort to try to unload him, despite his "poor performance"?  A lot of questions, and with that Rockies front office, there's alot of miss management, just look at how long they held onto Arenado. A very public spat.

I thought for sure the Yankees would figure out a way to get Voit to the Rockies with some lower level prospects, but I guess the luxury tax was the biggest issue there.  For now, the Yankees are fine. For now... Story is not, and for now, the Rockies front office continues to bungle everything they do. 


Saturday, July 31, 2021


We needed another stud and we got one! I love Andrew Heaney... this is very exciting. writes:

"Unless (Nestor) Cortes pinch-runs again like he did Friday night in the Yankees’ 3-1 win over the Marlins, his next adventure will be back in a middle relief role. That was set in motion when the Yankees’ beat the 4 p.m., trade deadline by a few minutes acquiring Los Angeles Angels lefty starter Andrew Heaney for a pair of Class AA righties, Janson Junk and Elvis Peguero.

Heaney has logged some impressive numbers this season making 18 starts for the Angels, especially his 113 strikeouts and 31 walks in 94 innings. Allowing only 92 hits is solid, too."

Heaney is a solid dude, a gamer. Personally he's one of the nicest guys to know. Yes... I know him and so I'm biased. But, I personally believe he is exactly what the Yankees need to help get them over the hump, especially after we also acquired Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo. It's pieces like this that make it better for the Yanks. 

That's why I was going nuts the other night when Gallo was the ONLY guy. You can't do anything with ONLY Gallo. You can when you start to see the pieces that the Yankees will be sprinkling in to their already stacked team and they gear up to embark on the second half of the season.

Congrats to Andrew for making it to the east coast in pinstripes. Pretty cool. I wish you the best!


You don't hit or sexually assault a woman. I mean, you don't do it to anyone, but you definitely don't to a woman.  Starlin Castro is in trouble. Not sure what's going on right now but he's away on what the Nationals describes as "family matters".

The New York Post writes:

"Castro has been suspended for 30 games without pay for violating the MLB’s policy on domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. He has been fined an undisclosed amount, and the team announced it will release Castro at the end of his suspension.

“Having reviewed all the available evidence, I have concluded that Mr. Castro violated our policy and that discipline is appropriate,” MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement...

In 2011, Castro was accused of sexual assault as a member of the Chicago Cubs, but he was not charged.

“We take all allegations of abuse and harassment very seriously,” the Nationals said in a statement. “We fully support the Commissioner’s decision and will be releasing Starlin Castro upon the completion of his suspension. Per the terms of the policy, we will have no further comment on this matter.

We will keep an eye on this one. I feel bad for everyone involved. I hate these stories, but we gotta report them.


I find Bob Nightengale to be the guy that is just outside to circle. The guy that wants to be part of it, but he just doesn't have the stuff to get in.  Not a cool kid, more like an outcast.  Passan, Rosenthal, Caldera, Boland, Curry... they're all exchanging good info. Nightengale and Olney are scrambling trying to find the cool rumor just to be excepted. 

I know, that's mean, because I'm sure he's a nice man, but for the love of everything holy, he is never right when it comes to trades or potential moves teams make in the MLB.  You may remember one of his most famous debacles that brought Bauer to the Mets, according to him... Read BAUER TO THE DODGERS & BOB NIGHTENGALE BLOWS IT for more on that.

Now comes the latest mess up... he's so ridiculous:

I don't know what to say other than the world knew Bryant was going to the Giants before he did. And it was all because he didn't realize it was a non-registered Jeff Passan account. I mean, attention to detail is find of important right? Look at this:

Now look. People will say I'm hammering Nightengale. Well, I am, but you need to understand why. THIS IS HIS JOB. You can't get this stuff wrong, but that's all he does.

I'm so tired of the mis-cues, false info and guys being called "baseball insiders" but they ain't inside anything baseball until players actually trade hands. Being a baseball insider is a guess job. Face it.  Guys like Jeff Passan, I mean the real ones are legit.  Bob Nightengale should stick to recaps... you can't get that wrong.

Finally, let me state for the record that guys like Eric Boland and Pete Caldera are NOT characterized as Baseball insiders... same with Jack Curry. But what they do have is integrity. They will double check sources and facts before putting anything on the air.  So kudos to them.

Friday, July 30, 2021


Quick note... Tyler Austin has still got it and I just wanted to share this piece of video because it's awesome!

Now we love this guy, we always have. We interviewed Tyler and his mom Kim a while back here at BYB. Read  EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: TYLER AUSTIN... WONDERBOY.

I always called Tyler Wonderboy because I was always just so impressed by the way he handled the pressure and game, despite the travels he's made in baseball. He always lands on his feet.

I love this bomb... I just needed to share it.


The trade never happened. It comes down to one thing. The Marlins didn't like what the Yankees were offering, and that's the business at the trade deadline, isn't it?

Everyone was talking about the Yankees acquiring Starling Marte from Miami for weeks. But in the end, nothing happened. In the end, Marte went to Oakland.

The Miami Herald writes:

"The Miami Marlins on Wednesday traded outfielder Starling Marte and cash considerations to the Oakland Athletics in return for left-handed pitcher Jesus Luzardo, a Parkland Stoneman Douglas High graduate. Miami is paying the bulk of what remains on Marte's contract, about $4.5 million, to complete the trade."

But why you ask? Well... it came down to this...

Miami wanted Anthony Volpe straight up, but the Yankees were not budging. See this tweet from Eric Boland:
And that's really it. And it's true, while the Yankees have a solid farm system, they don't have an outstanding one by any means. 

Plus, in the end, the Yankees landed Rizzo and Gallo, a signficant move compared to if it was ONLY Gallo or only Marte. Now we have some muscle on the left side for sure.

Whatever the case... it's a win for everybody here and especially the Yanks.


I knew something was coming and there it is. The Red Sox hace acquired Kyle Schwarber from the Nationals.

The New York Post writes:

"The Red Sox acquired Kyle Schwarber from the Nationals late Thursday night, The Post’s Joel Sherman confirmed.

Schwarber, 28, is on the IL with a hamstring strain and likely will be sidelined for a couple of more weeks. Schwarber is hitting .253 with 25 home runs and 53 RBIs this season, with most of the damage being done in his absolutely scorching month of June."

Let's see what happens next... it's been a nutty trade deadline period... almost nuttier than usual.


Covid destroyed small businesses. We all know this. My buddy sent me this a short time ago. I actually know this place and I wanted to pass on. If you can find it in your heart, make a donation. It can be 5 bucks of $5,000. The point is it's about helping others in this time of need. Here's the GoFund me link:

If you need background, this place has been standing for 65 years. writes:

"Former FBI agent Frank Reilly, a Navy veteran from Albany who served in World War II, opened The Fireplace in 1956. Burgers went for 35 cents (40 cents with cheese), and a milkshake would set you back a nickel and a dime. Reilly died in the late '90s. His son Patrick Reilly currently owns the business..."


"When the virus hit in 2020, the Bergen County restaurant was temporarily shuttered. But the local fixture introduced drive-thru takeout and curbside pickup service and made a comeback with indoor dining in the fall, rallying to stay open. Now The Fireplace is calling it quits.

Generations of North Jersey residents bear solemn witness as its flame is extinguished by the pressures of the pandemic...

Customers devastated by the sudden announcement commiserated on the restaurant’s Facebook page, remembering their favorite orders and wishing for another day, week, or month to get in one last visit.

One customer, David Brown, even started a Fireplace “relief fund” GoFundMe to raise money in an effort to keep the business open, with a goal of generating $500,000.

“We cannot let our neighbors down, and this is precisely what The Fireplace is - a spot for friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy,” Brown said on the page. “This restaurant is cherished by so many, and we owe it to future generations to keep their doors open and not let the economic pressures from COVID-19 take it away from us.”

Do a good deed today. Make a donation. Nice work David Brown. I read that if the Fireplace does NOT accept the donation in this final push, all money that goes through GoFundMe will be returned to the people that donated. It's a win win.


Thursday, July 29, 2021


Anthony Rizzo spoke about how it came down today when he was told about the trade and what he will be looking forward to and what he will miss about the Cubs. A stand up guy. Be sure to watch this:

Class act. Looking forward to seeing this dude do damage in the Bronx!

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