Monday, May 29, 2023


I have a friend who swears that 13 is a lucky number, and he chooses it every time. I have to disagree not more than ever. I really dislike the number 13. Anthony Rizzo had a nasty collision at first base with Fernando Tatis Jr on an inning ending pickoff. It was also a game ending move after the collision.

If you did not get to see the game today, or the collision at first, you can check it our below.

At first, I didn't see what happened. After a replay at a different angle, I understood why Rizzo left the bag and kneeled after it happened. That was one hell of a hit to the head. Every time I saw the replay I was sure I was looking at unlucky number 13....which would be the number of Yankee players on the injured list.

 Thankfully, so far Aaron Boone says Rizzo is "good" (read more HERE) and they will keep an eye on him. They also expect him play against Seattle today. So fingers crossed, because that collision looked bad and looked like a concussion or worse. This is one of the times that I really hope that I'm wrong and everything is fine. Stay away unlucky 13!

June is around the corner and even though it is still early in the season the Yankees lead the majors in days lost to injury this season, with 686. That alone is hard to swallow but then you break it down into dollars and that's over $35million according to Spotrac HERE. We are all tired of talking about the Yankees injury history and their poor spending habits. This is just a fact you can't ignore when you look at that website. The Cleveland Guardians and Baltimore Orioles have had much better luck so far this season and it sucks.

So, here's to hoping that unlucky 13 stays very far away. I'd say I hope our medical staff and trainers are taking good care of Rizzo right now but I don't trust any of them at all. So I am just hoping for some good luck. I hope Rizzo is okay.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj


Sunday, May 28, 2023


Source: The Athletic

DJ LeMahieu has been the glue holding this team together over the last few seasons. Sure Aaron Judge has been a clubhouse leader and now captain, but LeMahieu has been much more than a first mate. So when he appeared to be slumping, fans and the media became worried that the Yankee all star and gold glover was masking an injury. 

"The Yankees and LeMahieu say his current slump is just that — a simple dip in performance, nothing to see here. But it’s gone on long enough to become a problem for New York, which once again saw its bats struggle, this time in a 5-1 loss to the Padres at Yankee Stadium on Friday night," reported The Athletic. And if you caught Saturday afternoon's game, you saw LeMahieu tie the game with a home run, setting his team up for a 3-2 walk-off win against the Padres in the bottom of the 10th.

"LeMahieu said his toe isn’t a problem. He decided to not have surgery after three different doctors suggested three different surgeries for him this offseason. Instead, LeMahieu rehabbed it, spending lots of time at the team’s player development complex in Tampa from November until spring training began. The Yankees may, however, think they have been leaning too hard on LeMaheiu," reported The Athletic.

Yet, the Yankee utility infielder started Saturday's game with zero extra-base hits over his last 32 plate appearances. In fact as the Daily News points out "The liner was LeMahieu’s first longball since May 10 and his first extra-base hit since May 16, but he said he didn’t change anything going into the day."

This Yankee team, similar to years past, has been bitten by the injury bug. And LeMahieu needs to be ready and able to contribute to this team. As The Athletic mentions, "His recent slide has been worrisome for the Yankees, who can’t just rely every night on Judge, Anthony Rizzo and Gleyber Torres, especially with Giancarlo Stanton (hamstring) not expected to come off the injured list for at least another week and multiple other bats struggling." DJ needs to be okay and keep ensuring he is at his best, physically and mentally. However, he is allowed to slump here and there. I mean everyone will go through bouts where they are not seeing the ball well or missing pitches. I am not giving him a pass, I am only pointing out reality. 

Perhaps Saturday's home run is a page turner for LeMahieu, snapping his slump just in time for a rubber game with the Padres, a West Coast trip and the start of June. So, look for another story because there is nothing wrong with DJ LeMahieu. He's the glue of this team and he will continue to provide the Yankees much needed support all season long. Which remember, is over six months long. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Friday, May 26, 2023


Right now, the Yankee fan base is waiting for Carlos Rodon to declare that he is not a big waste of money.  Now I don't think he is at all, but that's the chatter among the fans. We are very excited to see Rodon on the bump in New York... but it's been a slow way to get there.  Now we have some news.

Pinstripe Alley writes that the New York Daily News writes: "...he continues to recover from a balky back. The latest news on that front is good news, as the lefty played catch and made throws up to 120 feet at Yankee Stadium yesterday. His back is feeling better as well. While Rodón’s still at least a month away from a true return, as he must face throw bullpens and face live hitters before even beginning a rehab assignment, it’s heartening to see him back with the team and performing baseball activities."

If you're asking why I didn't quote the Daily News directly it's simple. I refuse to pay a subscription for online publications.  Get over yourself. 

Look, Rodon is a stud, we all know it. It's just that starting out like this in the Bronx is never a good way to fall in the good graces of Yankee fans. We just expect too much is all.

Get well soon Carlos, we cannot wait to see you make your debut.


Disturbing news in the Gary Sanchez baseball world.  Even the Mets don't think he's very good.

Quick note because this guy was once considered an absolute unit to well... not at all. The New York Post writes:

"...the Mets elected to designate the former Yankees catcher for assignment...Sanchez played in three games with the Mets, recording just one hit in seven at-bats.

He caught Max Scherzer in a doubleheader against the Guardians, and he went 1-for-3 with two strikeouts and an RBI at the plate that game."

Now look, this is a pretty small sample size, but let's keep it real, the guy isn't helping himself by striking out as much as he does, and this doesn't help things at all.

Who knows what the future will bring for this guy. I just never saw it in him. I never understood what the scouts saw all those years ago.

Thursday, May 25, 2023


Oh a name that baseball fans league wide will never forget.... Angel Hernandez. Yeah, you know who I am talking about THAT umpire. The umpire that is one of the most high-profile names but for all the wrong reasons. The umpire that every baseball fan loves to complain about.

Fans and MLB both agree that he is one of the worst umpires both behind the plate and around the bases. MLB knows they have a problem they even admitted it HERE, so they haven't tried to deny it. Facts are hard to ignore.

Another fact that is hard to ignore is the disappearance of Hernandez this season. I don't consider it bad news at all but he hasn't umpired a game since April 3rd. No one misses him, but there does seem to be some disagreement on WHY we haven't seen him.

According to multiple sources, Hernandez is out due to a medical reason. You can read what the New York Post has to say about it HERE but social media has been buzzing about what the medical reason really is. According to the New York Post, sources say Hernandez has a back issue but other sources do not specify a back issue. Who knows if there is more to the story, but I don't think people care about the WHY as long as they don't have to watch him call a game.

Before the medical issue was shared, there was a lot of speculation that Hernandez was so bad that MLB finally cut ties with him. I don't think many baseball fans would be disappointed if that were the case....but they will be disappointed to hear that isn't true. As much as I would like that to be a fact, Hernandez is part of the umpires union and they aren't going to let him be cut without a fight. We'd hear all about it and probably for a very long time.

So as awful as Hernandez is I don't care about the details as to why he is out. I am not interested in a reunion with the guy, especially not umpiring a Yankee game this season either. Maybe we won't have to. A girl can dream I suppose.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Wednesday, May 24, 2023


On Tuesday night, the Yankees embarked on an important three game series against their division rival Baltimore Orioles. Those Orioles are always muckrakers against the Yankees. And they certainly had Gerrit Cole's number last night in the early innings. But Cole did something great despite giving up two home runs and a two run double, quickly giving the O's a 4-0 lead. But it wasn't enough to beat the Yankees as they walked off with a 6-5 win in extras. Making the night even more special. 

"Gerrit Cole fanned former Yankees prospect Jorge Mateo in the second inning and became the 87th pitcher with 2,000 career strikeouts. He got there in 1,714 2/3 innings, third fastest all-time. Only Chris Sale (1,626 innings) and Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez (1,711 1/3 innings) beat Cole to the milestone," reported CBS Sports. Good for him. He has been a different person, a different pitcher this season. Though he earned a no-decision in Tuesday night's game, he made history.

"In terms of games pitched, Cole is also the third fastest to 2,000 strikeouts. He got there in 278 games, behind only Hall of Famer Randy Johnson (262 games) and the great Clayton Kershaw (277 games)," reported CBS Sports. Anytime I get to mention Kershaw in a piece, it is a good piece!

Recall that last season Cole set the Yankees franchise single-season strikeout record, moving passed Ron Guidry's 248 strikeouts which he threw during his historic Cy Young season in 1978. Anytime I mention Guidry in a piece, it is a good piece! Cole has the opportunity to do much more as long as he stays healthy. He will be with the Yankees through 2028 given his current contract.

"He’s one of eight pitchers to achieve the milestone while wearing a Yankees uniform, joining the likes of Andy Pettitte, C.C. Sabathia, Catfish Hunter, David Cone, Mike Mussina, Bobo Newman, and Dwight Gooden," reported Sports Illustrated. Okay, I am a Pettitte and Catfish fan, so anytime I mention get the point. 

Cole has shown tremendous growth and leadership as well this season. Often he is seen talking with young pitchers, reviewing their performance on the dugout iPad and even providing some much-needed humor when the team was down. His presence is invaluable to this team. Congratulations, Gerrit Cole on this well-earned accomplishment. And let's go Yankees, beat them O's!

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Monday, May 22, 2023


You may have forgotten that Ben Rortvedt exists, and if you did I can't say I blame you. We've talked about him for so long, but never got to see him in action. Now we have physical proof he exists!

It's been the longest wait ever but after being traded to the Yankees during the 2021-2022 offseason, Rortvedt made his incredibly long overdue Yankees debut and he did not disappoint. I will gladly take two for four with a run scored in his first appearance. It may not sound exciting, but hey for the longest time nobody truly knew if he existed! It's a step in the right direction.

Now that Jose Trevino is on the Injured List, Rortvedt will get some time behind the plate when Kyle Higashioka needs a day off. Baby steps for a guy that did not get to play at all in 2022 and has the potential for the everyday catcher the Yankees have been missing for a long time.

I salivate when I think about a left handed hitter, because we always need those. But add in a guy that has great defensive capabilities and I'm ready to do some backflips. Rortvedt may not have the Jorge Posada pop that I always loved and miss to this day, but he has the arm that I would love to see throw out runners and make exciting jaw dropping plays. Oh and the fact that he can frame and block pitches doesn't hurt either. He's the opposite of Gary Sanchez and after that nightmare, I love the change.

I'm looking forward to the future. This is just the first step, but I like that his first game back in the big leagues and all of the potential that is there. For now, Trevino and Higashioka still stand behind the dish, and Rortvedt will still need seasoning in Triple-A, but I can't remember the last time I was this excited about the third catching option.

I can't wait to see more. Good to see ya back in action, Rortvedt!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, May 21, 2023


The Yankees are on a hot streak. After taking two out of four games against the Division leading Rays, three out of four against the Toronto Blue Jays and now they are up two against Cincinnati, the Yankees are showing signs of playing like a cohesive unit and pulling from across their talent to win ball games. So what does Jack Curry, an analyst and reporter from the YES Network have to do with the Yankees' success? 

Well coincidentally, his book The 1998 Yankees: The Inside Story of the Greatest Baseball Team Ever just dropped this month and just as the Yankees started climbing back into contention, his book has been climbing the charts of the NY Times Best Sellers List. And it was a great Mother's Day gift, I might add. So much so that Jack Curry sent me his autograph to affix to the inside cover. So, yeah, Jack Curry is a gem and he might be a good luck charm too.

When me son presented me with the book on Mother's Day, I was overwhelmed. I tweeted at Jack Curry telling him it was the best Mother's Day gift ever and he DM'd me saying he would sign it. I can't tell you how touched I am by both my son and Jack Curry. Truly made my day even more special. But now, here's the interesting thing. 

On May 3rd, I had wrote a piece entitled YANKEES IN THE DUMPSTER WITH NO WAY OUT. In this post, I mention the book in this context, "It is bad when the YES Network took to promoting Jack Curry's newest book, The 1998 Yankees: The Inside Story of the Greatest Baseball Team Ever instead of calling what quickly became another boring Yankee, lifeless game. Part of the problem with this team is that they are living in the past, assuming because they are the Yankees they can be what they were. 1998 was an incredible team with tremendous run support and consistent pitching. This team is just the opposite." Fast forward two weeks later and the Yankees turned the corner. They fought back against some of the best teams of the 2023 season. 

Twenty five years after the 1998 team took the field for what became a historic season, Curry revisits that season to unpack how the team was built and why the Yankees were such a "talented, refreshing and successful club," according to the review on Sandman Books. Now, here we are in 2023, and the Yankees are purpose-built again with the opportunity to do something great, once again. Are they the 1998 Yankees? Way too early to tell. Could they be? Maybe. They have the fixtures. They have the talent. All they need is to play like a team. That's the way I see it now. They are doing just that. Playing like a cohesive unit. 

Could Curry's book be the catalyst for this Yankee team? Eh, I mean I am not about lucky charms and coincidences, but it is sort of interesting timing- Curry's book and the Yankees' rebound. I have always believed that when you surround yourself with positivity, you change the perspective. Visits by the Yankees of the past have always yielded good vibes in the clubhouse. Curry's book is just that kind of vibe for both players and fans alike. So the good luck could actually be that the Yankees have found what makes them a team- and it was there all along. Play hard. Respect your teammates. And lead from your position. Be like the 1998 Yankees. And win. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof


I've always said Aaron Hicks was a good guy and no doubt a great teammate.  But he can't play ball anymore and that's fine. When that happens, you gotta cut bait no matter how much a team owes him. The Yankees did the right thing, they DFA'd him after Greg Allen came back to the team. Read GREG ALLEN'S BACK & IT WILL JUST HELP THE WHITE HOT YANKEES for more on that.

Hicks spoke to the New York Post about it:

“It is what it is,” Hicks said on Saturday, via the New York Post. “It’s part of the business side of it. Just got to move on to the next chapter. This is a very good baseball team. It kind of seemed like it wasn’t working out for me. Obviously with the decision they decided to make, maybe somewhere else might be a little bit better.”

Now, will he get another opportunity with another team? I bet someone will take a chance on him, especially if the Yankees have to pay for him.  

Look, the bottom line is this is Brian Cashman's fault. You don't sign a guy with a contract that ridiculous. 7 years, $70 million.  He is still owed $30 million and 3 more years. It just didn't make sense anymore. In fact it didn't make sense then. The eye test alone could tell you this guy would never live up to that contract.

This is a guy that stated to the press that he was gonna be a 30-30 guy for the Yankees. That he felt like he was right there. Well, don't tell the New York fans something like that ever 'cause they will hold you to that.  And that's what happened... he made that statement and the Yankee fans waited... and waited... and waited.  Nothing.

But you gotta give Hicks some credit today. He is walking away classy.  He could be blasting us fans for crucifying him every night. He could be bitching about management, about the team. He's done none of that. He understands this is a business, and at the end of the day... he just was not delivering.

Good luck Aaron. I hope you find your stride and your team.  You were just not a fit here in New York. We like winners here. We like players who perform. You just ran out of time.  as you say...

"It is what it is."

Saturday, May 20, 2023


We love Homer Bush over here at Bleeding Yankee Blue. We interviewed him back in 2011, and it was a really good chat and since then he's been part of the fam over here... like Steve Karsay, like David Robertson, like Laura and Jorge Posada... even like our guy Pete Caldera.  

These are the names that helped build this brand into the cult classic Yankees blog it is today. Read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: HOMER BUSH for more on Homer.

But more to that... let's talk about Homer and his kid.  I saw Homer post this on Twitter and I have to say, as a kid that still plays baseball as well, when your kid does great stuff on the baseball field, you gotta share it.  Seeing Homer's post made me proud:

Now look, there are a ton of great college players out there. As you know I just recently wrote about Jac Caglianone in THE AMERICAN OHTANI

We love college guys with real ability. This is the MLB's future. It's awesome.

Homer Bush Jr plays for Grand Canyon Baseball as you can see. He's a junior.  .321 average as we speak right now, and from last year, 2022 with only 7 stolen bases... he's jump to 23 in 2023.  Quite impressive.  

I just want to say congrats to the Bush family. Gotta love the moments! 

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