Saturday, April 17, 2021


Fans don't like last place.  That's it. You invest money and time into a team. These are major leaguers. They are at the top of their game. And then, they suck. And so, fans hate that. 

And so last night, fans went off.  And good for them.

Yahoo Sports writes:

"The New York Yankees had their game against the Tampa Bay Rays paused in the eighth inning on Friday. The reason: a mob of irate fans hurling baseballs onto the field...

The Yankees would eventually lose 8-2, knocking them into sole possession of last place at 5-8."

And Ken Davidoff of the New York Post writes:

"What an embarrassing display of baseball Friday night at Yankee Stadium. What a shocking, distressing start to the Yankees’ season. This early in the schedule, they are threatening impressively to post the sort of nightmarish campaign, with the attendant consequences, they haven’t registered in a generation.

Their return home marked a new low point, an 8-2 debacle of a defeat to the rival Rays that featured three errors, three hits and enough boos — all of them deserved — from the announced Yankee Stadium crowd of 10,202 to fill a non-pandemic sellout crowd. Naturally, a few fans ultimately debased themselves, too, by throwing baseballs onto the field in the bottom of the eighth inning, prompting a delay in play and a polite urging from public-address announcer Paul Olden to quit the nonsense.

“We’ve got to pick it up,” Giancarlo Stanton said."

And that's what the fans were saying last night.  PICK IT UP.  We can sit here and try and scream at the fans for safety and "how dare they" all we want. But frustration is a real thing.  Now think about frustration after a year long pandemic. I don't blame them.  More over, the Yankees need to probably take note and come out today ready to play good baseball.  

No one likes a loser... and the Yankees are that.  So here's the thing... no more excuses. Come to play and win. You want the fans to stop throwing baseballs? Win. It's pretty simple.

Friday, April 16, 2021


We all miss Luke Voit in the Yankee line up.  But he's hurt and that sucks.  Now we get an update and thank goodness.

Inside the Pinstripes writes: 

"First baseman Luke Voit resumed baseball activity on Tuesday..."He's able to start throwing and do some real light fielding this week with the hopes that he'll start introducing hitting and hitting off the tee starting next week," Yankees manager Aaron Boone said on Tuesday afternoon. "He's progressed really well to this point."

If everything goes according to plan, Voit could rejoin the team and make his regular season debut as early as next month."

That's pretty incredible if you think about it. Looking forward to seeing this guy in the lineup. The Yankees need to wake up!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Earlier this spring I mentioned that seeing Gio Urshela at shortstop was something we should expect. Tuesday night the Yankees chose to start Urshela at short for the first time since 2017, when Urshela was playing for Cleveland. Honestly, I am thrilled. He is our best defensive infielder. And he certainly brings more to the table than Gleyber Torres, who has been struggling in the middle infield position. Will the Yankees switch things up til they get it right? I certainly hope so.

"I have a lot of confidence in Gio when he has a glove in his hand and stands on the infield," Boone said. "So I expect him to go out there and play the way he’s capable of and handle the routine play and hopefully go out and contribute to a victory for us," reported Yahoo Sports. Now to be clear, Torres is experiencing soreness after diving back to a base on Monday night's win against the Blue Jays. But it is also no secret that Torres has not been comfortable at shortstop since replacing Didi Gregorius who is lighting it up in Philadelphia.

Moving Gio to shortstop also relocates DJ LeMahieu to third and places Rougned Odor at second base. Jay Bruce is back at first base as Luke Voit remains out of the lineup until later this spring or early summer. Voit is already doing baseball activities according to reports from the Yankee skipper. This is great news for Voit and the Bombers. 

Will this be a lineup we will see going forward? Will the Yankees continue to tweak things until they get it right? Yes. For Torres, he appears much more comfortable at second base, so maybe we will see him there? Bottom line, the Yankees need to protect and preserve their pitchers. Having a strong defensive infield and outfield is the only way to do this. They also need to ensure that the big bat isn't the savior—that is just not sustainable. Hoping the Yankees stay focused on putting the best team on the field, so they can have the best opportunity to win. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof



I'm not here to tell anyone what to do. This is just another side I felt like I needed to share. 

Mental health days are good. Emotion is different in everyone and when Daunte Wright was killed by police the other night, I was furious just like the millions of others around the country. As a white man, the only thing I can offer is sadness and sorrow. I'm not a person of color. I don't know the feelings that Aaron Hicks felt when he pulled himself out of the lineup the other night. But what I can offer is a question. Not a question to start trouble... not a question to cause anger. My question is simply this... wouldn't a night of playing as hard as hell been the ultimate tribute to Daunte Wright and his name?

The New Yorker writes of the incident:

"On Sunday, a twenty-year-old named Daunte Wright was stopped near the intersection of Sixty-third and Lee Avenues in Brooklyn Center, an inner-ring suburb of Minneapolis. The reasons for the stop are in dispute: Wright’s mother, Katie, told a rally on Sunday evening that Daunte had called her when he was pulled over and said that it was because he had an air-freshener hanging from his rearview mirror (which is prohibited in Minnesota). On Monday, the police department suggested that there had been an issue with his registration tags. (On Tuesday, Benjamin Crump, a lawyer now representing the Wright family, noted a pandemic-related backlog in processing paperwork for license plates.) A young woman sat in the front passenger seat. During the stop, the police reportedly found that there was a warrant against Wright for two misdemeanors—involving a weapons-possession charge—which were issued after he had missed a court date. What is not in dispute is that Kim Potter, a twenty-six-year veteran of the police force, shouted “Taser!” as Wright struggled with an officer who was trying to remove him from his car, but she was actually holding a gun instead of a Taser, and fired a single bullet. (The police department later said that she had drawn the gun in error.) Wright drove off before losing consciousness and crashing several blocks away. He died at the scene. The young woman in the car was treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a hospital. Officer Potter resigned on Tuesday, as did Tim Gannon, the city’s chief of police."

Police have a tough job every single day. You know who else struggles through life because of the color of their skin? African Americans. Latino Americans. Asian Americans. It's a major problem in this world, and very much in America.  Nothing in the play-by-play of what I'm reading of Wright's incident should have ever included a loaded gun killing a black man. None of it.  But why did it happen, and why, if it wasn't wrong, did Officer Potter resign?  

But I'm not digging into all of that. Let's take it further from the celebrity standpoint. Celebrities make awareness.  They will tweet when an incident like this happens and they will try to make people understand their thoughts as they can be influential.  And so, I was baffled when Aaron Hicks didn't want to play.  Yahoo Sports writes:

"On Monday, New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks became the face of what so many other Black Americans were feeling.

Distraught at the news that yet another Black man, this time Daunte Wright, had been killed by police in a Minneapolis suburb, Hicks approached manager Aaron Boone and begged out of the night's lineup, when the Yankees were set to face the Toronto Blue Jays.

Thankfully, Boone supported Hicks, and defended him against those who inevitably would and did question Hicks' decision, telling reporters that "my consideration is with Aaron and his well-being, and making sure that as best we can we support him and try to be there for him as best we can right now."...

The happenings in Minneapolis are likely particularly personal for Hicks because he began his career with the Minnesota Twins; he was the team's first-round draft pick in 2008 and spent seven years in the organization, including three with the big club, before being traded to New York after the 2015 season."

Hicks, who is black, had had enough. And sure, he started his career in Minnesota, but the only thing in common with Wright was that he too was a black man and they both knew Minneapolis.  Now look... you need to have ANY connection to express emotion for the unnecessary death of a black man to make a movement. But I ask you... shouldn't the movement have been the honor Daunte Wright?  I don't understand sitting out.  I don't know what that does to the memory of this poor kid?  Hicks says the decision was "deeply personal", and I respect that.

This is me asking questions more than anything. Educate me. This has happened too much in our society and we need to change it. We need people like Aaron Hicks to STAND UP, not SIT DOWN in my opinion. And yes, it appears I'm going after Hicks, I'm not. I'm a fan, but I felt as though he could have used his celebrity differently in that situation and provided a stronger message to society, to the police, to little kids... black and yes, white.  

I don't fault Aaron Hicks. I just feel like strength is valuable in a moment like this, and him playing as an athlete, maybe with a black band on his uniform to honor this kid would have showed me and millions strength rules the day. For me, watching him sit out just showed me nothing. My opinion.

Justice for Daunte Wright.

Monday, April 12, 2021


And just like that, Thairo Estrada's time in pinstripes is finally over.  He was a hanger on forever, solid athlete, but it was just time.  You can blame Rougned Odor I guess.

CBS Sports

"On Sunday, the New York Yankees and the San Francisco Giants agreed to a trade that will ship infielder Thairo Estrada to the west coast in exchange for cash considerations. The Giants subsequently optioned Estrada to their alternate site.

Estrada, 25, was recently designated for assignment by the Yankees to clear a spot for Rougned Odor on the 40-man roster. The Yankees signed Estrada as an international free agent in August 2012. In parts of two big-league seasons (61 games), Estrada hit .214/.267/.348 with four home runs, three doubles, 15 RBI and five stolen bases. He spent time at second base, shortstop and third."

And that's all I got. Estrada was a good soldier, and the Yankees probably took advantage of him because he was a young up and comer. That being said, it was just time. It's business.

Farewell Estrada, keep grinding!


I used to admire this guy, but he's now just basically peddling BS just to draw a Twitter following or something and I gotta tell you, it's dangerous.  This isn't about the Yankees guys, this is just about me rambling about false bullshit so if you wanna tune out here. you may. Forgive me, I gotta get this off my chest. 

I hate when people push a narrative that's not true, but act like they are part of a movement. Yet, this loser just sits in his house doing nothing but getting us all riled up. Dare I say, in today's society where no one actually reads facts or values truth... you're just gathering sheep.  The irony is Aubrey Huff is the biggest sheep of them all.  His latest piece of theater was that he walked through a supermarket in California... allegedly... and spewed how he was not wearing a mask and got some dirty looks and thinks everyone needs to do it.  

Here's the problem, there wasn't a soul around him. If he was truly a rule breaker, you'd see a crowd... you'd see the faces, the disgust, the applause whatever.  You'd see something... you see nothing but this toolbox claiming he's some crusader.  He's not. Why? Because this guy is too worried about what people think about him on both sides... so if he can fool you, he will try.


Remember he's anti-mask, but wore one on his recent trip to Kentucky. So, for all y'all that think this guy is noble? You've been played, just saying.

I don't care if you want the vaccine or not. I don't care if you want to wear a mask or you don't. I don't care if you believe in COVID-19. I do, that's good enough for me. What I do care about is facts and information. 

Where is the tweet about Aubrey having to wear a mask on his flight? He left that conveniently out. That's because he wears a mask and that's disingenuous to his false brand. I know for a fact that he wears one where places require one, especially when he's with his boys. My point is, this guy's a fraud, all for your entertainment.  

So, do what he does, go for it. And if you get ill, or die, or get busted on social media for not following the rules, be sure to let this guy know he's being destructive. 

I leave you with this...When he preaches America needs to be taken back and applauds a capitol riot, just remember he wasn't there. He was in the comfort of his home. 

Facts are pretty important. This guy doesn't use them. Be weary.

Sunday, April 11, 2021


The Yankees didn't show much action in Saturday afternoon's game against their nemesis Tampa Bay Rays but they did expose their clear weaknesses that need to be plugged up if the Yankees are going to be competitive not only against the Rays but the AL East and MLB at large.

What are the Yankees weaknesses? There are number of clear winners and since it is early in the season, there are a lot opportunities to tweak and improve in order for the 2021 Yankees to meet their mark of winning the AL East and moving onto the post season matchups and into the World Series.

Source: AP Photo/Chris O'Meara

1. Hitting with runners in scoring position. RISP is key to success and the Yankees simply cannot convert hits into the runs. "The Yankees collected just five hits, despite watching starting pitcher Chris Archer (2 1/3 innings, 0 runs) leave early with forearm tightness. A day after missing a game due to COVID-19 vaccine side effects, Gio Urshela didn’t get a hit in three at-bats. They went 0-for-4 with runners in scoring position and stranded six runners," reported following the Bombers 4-0 shut out loss against the Rays. 

2. Gleyber Torres. Sigh. Gleyber Torres's defense has been in the spotlight since 2020 when he began to show mechanical and timing issues fielding balls at short. And already this season, Gleyber has a number of missteps and poor throws leading to errors and runs. The Yankees need to be a win-now team and they have to start to ask this question, "Can we win the Series with Torres at shortstop?" I would not go so far as making a trade for Torres, but I wonder myself if the Yankees latest acquisition Rougned Odor, who will likely get the start at second today, will step in for Torres and make a difference or do they need to go out and get another specialist such as Trevor Story or Corey Seager. And is that even possible in 2021? I think The New York Post columnist Joel Sherman's article on Saturday gives a lot to think about on this topic. As a note of reference, the Yankees have already demoted Tyler Wade, who although defensively and in speed he outshines Torres, Wade can't swing the bat so there's that. 

Source: Newsday

3. Injuries. Aaron Judge sat out two games due to soreness. How is that even possible? Can he take Advil? I feel like there is more going on there. And we wrote about it earlier this week in THIS AARON JUDGE INJURY SEEMS KIND OF SERIOUS. Then there are the early injuries to Luke Voit and Zack Britton, causing stress on the Yankees. Jay Bruce simply is not producing the way the Yankees expected but the bullpen continues to outdo itself. The addition of Justin Wilson is proving to be impactful.

Source: MLB Film Room

On the flip side of injuries, Brett Gardner continues to be, well, Brett Gardner. He made fantastic catch in left center field. It was so incredible that fellow outfielder Brett Phillips saluted him. Gardner also produced offensively for the Yankees. 

It is still early. And teams don't make drastic changes until later in the spring or even early summer. But changes need to be made and the Yankees have to be thinking about this. As Aaron Hicks said on Saturday, the Yankees are tired of losing and so are we as fans. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Saturday, April 10, 2021


I'm not pleased with babying when it comes to my team. And for the amount of money these guys make, it really bothers me that guys like Aaron Judge can have "side soreness" and everyone just says "OK, lets put him on the IL."  I don't even know what general side soreness means, other than it's on the side, and you're a little sore. I guess. Point is, you ever work out and the next day you have some soreness around the muscles you worked out on? Is that the kind of soreness we're talking about or is it something else.  Bottom line, I'm tired of it.

Of all places, Golf Digest teed off on the Yankees in a great, witty piece by Coleman Bentley and goes further:

"Gio Urshela, who was originally scheduled to start at third base before being pulled from the lineup due to the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. Can’t play with COVID and, apparently, you can’t play without it either. Add this latest rash of “injuries” to Giancarlo Stanton and his achilles [gestures widely] everything, which has limited him to a whopping 46 games of baseball since 2018, and you have the makings of a very real problem brewing in the Bronx.

Even manager Aaron Boone seems perplexed, and when asked by ESPN’s Marly Rivera whether or not he would characterize Aaron Judge as “injured” on Friday afternoon (a realllllllly good question), he admitted that he didn’t have an answer..."

And so I will ask again... are the Yankees soft?  I grew up in the 70's. We piled a bunch of kids in the back of a station wagon, rubbed dirt on a bruise on the baseball field and watched guys like Nolan Ryan  throw until his arm fell off... and guess what, it never did.  What has happened to this Yankee team that every little thing needs to be pinpointed and have these guys sidelined for "side soreness"?  I know... I'm riding Judge, but I gotta tell you, it's total bologna.

Friday, April 9, 2021


Aaron Judge gets hurt a lot. Let's not get it twisted. I know we all like to hold him as a valued Yankee and silent Yankee captain, but here's the thing, it is what it is... he's either accident prone or something isn't right with the dude's health.  I don't know which. I'd love to see this guy health for 1 full season but I am just not seeing it.  Its crazy.

Anyway, here's the latest on his injury... has it:

"The right fielder sat out Wednesday’s 4-3, 11-inning loss to the Orioles at Yankee Stadium with what manager Aaron Boone before the game called “general soreness” on his left side....

the side soreness could be extra alarming. He’s strained both obliques in recent seasons. In 2019, he missed two months with a left oblique strain.

The oft-injured star is making $10.2 million this season and will be a free agent after next year."

The word "alarming", alarms me. So what do we think? Should we be worried? I'd say yea.  What if this keeps happening? I mean, it's frustrating for us fans, but when will the Yankees get frustrated? 

Interesting thing to think about. I hope this dude gets back to 100%.


We here at BYB have been Ty Hensley cheerleaders since the day he signed with the Yankees in 2012.  We have rooted for him, updated you when he had a setback, rooted again and no matter what happens to this kid, he just keeps coming back.  The reason is dreams. Ty has big dreams. And so, no matter the setback, the obstacle, the wall, the injury, he takes a second to breathe, and then he tries again. It's quite noble and we are lucky to have gotten to know the family over the years. They're good people.

FOX Nation, a streaming service did a documentary of this kid. It's called "Pitch of Faith". It was pretty cool, especially because we've watched a lot of these setbacks unfold at BYB over the years, but some of those setbacks I didn't even know about. It just goes to show his focus was more important. Getting back on the horse and trying to fulfill his dream was the big thing.

Suzie Pinstripe has a cameo in Pitch of Faith. When she told me she was gonna be interviewed about Ty I was thrilled to hear the news. Anyway, here's a clip.

It's a great doc. If you haven't checked it out, be sure to do it. Bottom line, Ty now goes to play with the Milwaukee Milkmen, but I have no doubt major league teams are checking this guy out again! How exciting.