Wednesday, July 31, 2019



(Italian slang) for the word 'nothing'.

Brian Cashman didn't make a big move today for a starting pitcher. A starting pitcher we probably needed. A starting pitcher that could have helped the New York Yankees move closer to clinching the American League East division sooner than we are now.  And you know what? He was smart.

Now everyone is gonna get on my ass for backing this guy, but it's backing this guy that I must do. Because if we were all "knee jerk" reaction and flipping prospects and in return getting more mediocre Mets pitchers, we wouldn't be any better. You would have just been satisfied we made a trade... just to make a damn trade and I have to tell you something... that's stupid.

There was nothing stellar out there.  I watched the fan reaction all day on Twitter. Many get this. Others are just as pathetic as the tweets they write. Partially because fans don't get it.  Let me rephrase... smart fans get it. The others don't.  You don't just make a trade to make it at the deadline. You think it through.

Are we really gonna bitch and moan that we didn't get Zack Wheeler? REALLY? The dude's career is practically over.

Noah Syndergaard? No one cares.  I don't want the guy. I don't feel like he'd even give us what we need. The ONLY plus is that Noah pitches in New York and gets it, but Cashman was smart to not flip good young players to the Mets.  But again, Noah is not some golden God.  We've been through this before. Taking chances on pitchers is all fine and good, but in the end, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and we have a good team overall despite the stumble recently.

Think about it... JA Happ was our saving grace last year. This year you all want the guy crucified.

Look at James Paxton.  Anyone else want to make him wear a Sonny Gray mask on his starts from now on? Big Maple? How about Big miss. The dude cannot handle Bronx pressure. Getting a no-hitter once doesn't make you a superstar... it just means you had a good game. And look, that was an offseason deal. I'm not even talking about the trade deadline. So... let me get back to that;

The point is, if Cashman had a deal that he could make, he would have made it.  Everyone needs to shut up!  Love some of these tweets. It just goes to show how divided we truly are as fans:

And that's just some, there are literally thousands. Everyone's fighting. Why?

By the way… I have to go back to the old 'Madison Bumgarner to the Yankees' rumor.  It's literally been floating around for months.  THAT WAS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.

Trevor Bauer? Reds.
Zack Greinke? Astros

You know what we got? We got this:

And I'm OK with this and I'll tell you why. Confidence.

We have a manager walking out there and telling us fans "We got this". It probably puts a bunch of young players at ease. It probably resets veterans that it's time to get to work and do their jobs.

The Yankees aren't bad. The Yankees hit a bump in the road.  But to all the geniuses that have it all figured out... calm down.

Look, the trade deadline is done, but you know Cashman. Sometimes there are some behind the scenes discussions and moves come after. But if not? I still trust the guy. He and Yankee brass have put together a hell of a team for 2019, and I love it.

Don't agree? Comment.


BauerBumgarner, Boyd and Syndergaard, oh my...and now Bauer, traded to the Reds, is off the list as the clock keeps on ticking. What if the Yankees do nothing at the trade deadline? What if they go with what they have for pitching?  Could they still win?


The NY Post's Joel Sherman published an article last night that laid it all out. "I understand Cashman’s hesitance. It took him a long time to convince his bosses to stop building rosters by star hunting, being overly emotional and throwing their wallet at problems. He has constructed a system with scouts and analytics and sports science and psychological and financial breakdowns to avoid the overheated overpay. But this starting market is not going to honor discipline. And the Yankees need a starter."

So, between a mixture of openers coupled with the return of guys like Jonathan Loaisiga, the Yankees could piece it together.  But do they want to take that risk?

"Boone said Severino could throw off a mound within the next week or so. Severino hasn’t pitched all season but the Yankees are hoping he can boost their rotation by at least September," reported the

Source: Yahoo Sports

The bottom line is, with the way our pitchers have performed over the last week and half, do the Yankees beef up their rotations internally or go for another guy who may need a change as much as the Yankees do?   Without giving up the farm, but wanting to add a guy from the outside, what will they decide to do as the clock ticks toward midnight on the last trading day of the year?

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


You know Cashman, if he can't have a top pitcher, he'll find a way to make one... or in Matt Harvey's case, reinvent one. And I am terrified of that realization. But sadly, it's a realization we've seen way too many times at the trade deadline.

Great piece in Newsday today about how every team wants a ton in return. Many of them wanting Gleyber Torres. The Tigers for example:

Don't forget, the Blue Jays just tried this garbage with Marcus Stroman. He ended up on the Mets.  Terrible move for all parties... although the Mets can twist it any way they want. It's stupid.

Now look... we have a good farm system. Everyone knows thats a problem. What will Cashman do about it?  Well, this is what I fear. I fear he'll sign Matt Harvey.

Don't forget, Harvey was just Designated for Assignment by the Angels.  The Washington Post writes:

"The Los Angeles Angels designated 30-year-old Matt Harvey for assignment Friday after another dismal performance. Harvey, the former all-star who signed a one-year, $11 million deal with the Angels in December, allowed six runs over six innings against the Houston Astros on Thursday. In 12 starts this season, Harvey is 3-5 with a 7.09 ERA, 39 strikeouts and 29 walks. His ERA hasn’t been lower than 6.35 since his first game on March 29.

'The decision was made because we felt like it would increase our chance of winning games...'”

Now Cash doesn't see failure, he sees opportunity. Opportunity for a player to reinvent himself and opportunity for the Yankees to get a few wins going down the stretch.  It's silly, and many will think I'm nuts, but let's not forget the days of this happening, nearly every year.  The Cory Lidles, the JA Happs and yes a guy named Brian Gordon. It was during the 2010 or 2011 season... but the move didn't go the Yankees way. And Cashman pivoted and it was not for the better:

"Asked whether he was worried the Phils would be upset at his maneuvering, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman answered: 'Hey, they got Cliff Lee, I got Brian Gordon.'"

The point is, if you wake up on August 1st and we have Matt Harvey... do not be surprised.

Look, no one knows how this will play out, my guts telling me this trade deadline could be a disappointment. Damn I hope I'm wrong.

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Monday, July 29, 2019


We all love Le Machine, DJ LeMahieu, and after his injury, we were all cringing. But it turns out it may not be that bad, and that's great for the Yankees, because we need him desperately.

Giving Empire Sports Media a plug on this one:

"...the offense struggled to get much going, scoring just 13 runs compared to the Red Sox’s 38. However, the injury news regarding the team’s top hitter is better than expected. 

After receiving MRIs for a strained groin, DJ’s results were positive — only a minor strain that will keep him out a few days. He will not go on the injured list and will likely try to push through the pain in the coming games."

Happy Days will soon be here again.

We still need pitching however...

Come on Cash.

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What a ridiculous trade made by the Blue Jays.  Poor Marcus Stroman, leaves a loser for a loser.  I'm sure he's pissed off beyond belief right now. And the Mets. Who the hell are they trying to fool? The fans? This is hilarious. Oh well.

The New York Post's Joel Sherman has this:

"They were in fourth place, 7 ¹/₂ games out of a wild card, yet desperate to believe they were in it and to convince their fan base to keep coming to games. So the Mets made a win-now move and sacrificed their best lefty pitching prospect...They agreed to send their top lefty pitching prospect, Anthony Kay, and righty Simeon Woods Richardson, to the Blue Jays for Marcus Stroman. The deal needed physical review to be official, but all the players had been notified."

Giving away their best lefty pitching prospect was a huge mistake. The Jays are smiling all the way to the bank. Sadly, they are in the same pathetic boat as the Mets.  No movement despite all their efforts. And if you are a Mets fan, I hope you realize just how terrible a GM this Brodie Van Wagenen is.  More of the same for you guys. I feel for you.

If Marcus Stroman was a savior, the Yankees would have delivered Deivi Garcia to the Jays on a silver platter. And we're in first.  Not happening... something's a miss. Which is why Cashman stayed pat.

We will see what happens to the Mets here. Hell... maybe they make the wild card. Stranger things have happened. But this trade is RIDICULOUS on all fronts.

My goodness.

Sunday, July 28, 2019


Source: Channel 7 News

Dropping three games to the Red Sox on the eve of August is one thing, but getting slaughtered by them is quite another.  162 games makes for a long season; only those who are performing at their highest level and hold the most cards at the end will prevail.  And in a bold move on Saturday after the third Boston massacre, Yankee pitching coach Larry Rothschild took responsibility for the poor pitching performances over the last several days during a post game interview.

Source: Elite Sports NY

“It’s been really tough,” Rothschild said. “It’s been tough on them, tough on the team. But it’s my responsibility to get it right," reported

Truthfully speaking, although noble, it is not Rothschild's fault.  The Yankee starters just have not performed at the level expected; especially for a team with a big lead over its division rivals.  But instead of focusing forward, the Yankees have to peer back, as Jack Curry alluded when he compared the Yankees to a marathon runner who went out ahead of the pack but now finds himself checking behind him as other runners gain momentum.

Source: ABC News

"Over their last seven outings, Yankees starting pitchers have posted a 16.62 ERA. For the first time in Yankees history, they had given up at least seven runs in seven straight games. The 73 runs they have allowed in the last seven games are the most they’ve allowed over such a span in club history, according to researcher Katie Sharp," as reported by

The diverse group of starters each have a different set of issues going wrong: mechanics, grip, control, etc.  But having these all converge at the same time is truthfully killing this team.  Maybe we needed Rothschild and even Skipper Aaron Boone to stand up, take responsibility, plan and lift this pitching staff.

Source: Elite Sports NY

“It’s a matter of just continuing to dive in with each guy, where we can make small little adjustments, attacking the game plan in the best way possible,” manager Aaron Boone said. “Making sure we’re leaving no stone unturned as far as helping the guys make whatever little adjustments or subtle things that they need to change and also not overreacting to a bad week of baseball," reported

The Yankees finish up the final game of this four-game stint on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball tonight where Chris Sale and Domingo German go head to head.  Maybe the Yankees will get their mojo back and can avoid a sweep before heading home.  They will get a reset day on Monday and then it will be back at it.  Hopefully they will right the ship before it's too far off course.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Stanton: Ells, you up?

Ellsbury: I am. Im actually rolling around in Yankee money right now. LOL

Stanton: I don't know how much longer I can fake this injury thing. I FEEL MAD GUILTY!!!!

Ellsbury: you'll get used to it. it's easy...LOOK AT ME :)

Stanton: it's just that the boys are in a bind right now. The sox SUCK and we are getting killed. I feel like I need to contribute

Ellsbury: they will be fine.  --

Stanton: whats --

Ellsbury: Just thinking that maybe your right.. but look the money thing is like taking money from a baby.

Stanton: Candy

Ellsbury: What?

Stanton: candy from a baby. not money.

Ellsbury: moneys better. I like money. especially when I don't do anything.

Stanton: jeez. ok


Stanton: I came here to play tho bro. I actually feel good

Ellsbury: then get off the DL or IL or whatever they changed it to while I've been hurt. I think ive been hurt so long they changed the term in my absence.. WOW THATS amazing!!!! :)

Stanton: LOL . you're kind of a douche.

Ellsbury: How dare you.

Stanton: Dude! LOVE YOU BRO Totally kidding. I just would rather be honest.

Ellsbury: look the boys are awesome, all of them, but after my first injury I realized how easy this was.

Stanton: Well. I feel like I need to get back, collect my money legit. Love these guys. I mean I don't know if you have ever played with Judge, but the dude is awesome.

Ellsbury: Last time I played a full season Jeter was playing.

Stanton: STOP IT

Ellsbury: I'm playing you fool.

Stanton: Well look. a few more weeks and I am going back in for battle.

Ellsbury: Your life... more for me

Stanton: LOL. Hate you.

Ellsbury: talk soon :)


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We have some exciting news and wanted to just share it in a quick note to all of you! Bleeding Yankee Blue is now on Instagram.  With so many on Instagram these days and less and less really going to Facebook other than to show family pictures and promote political BS, we decided to shift.  No, we're not leaving Facebook... not yet at least.  We are however diving into a more simpler way of distributing our news and information... and that's Instagram, where we can share photos and our articles. We hope you join us.  

Search @BLEEDNYANKEEBLU on Instagram

And a shoutout to Suzie Pinstripe for convincing me on this new adventure! I appreciate you and all of our writers in my life. We are a big family and I love you all very much!

Next up... the BYB Podcast!

Happy Sunday!

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Saturday, July 27, 2019


I spit out my coffee... then I laughed.

A quick note and then we will move on with our day.  Bryan Hoch from says that the Jays are willing to move Marcus Stroman, but they want Gleyber Torres in return.

"The Yankees have been connected to almost every available starter in some form or fashion. The Blue Jays' Marcus Stroman has made little secret of his desire to pitch for a large-market contender, with the Medford, N.Y., product even "liking" and retweeting Twitter posts that linked him to the Yankees. 

New York recently dispatched special assistant Jim Hendry to scout the right-hander. Toronto's asking price has been too high for Cashman's taste -- infielder Gleyber Torres has been requested, as has touted pitching prospect Deivi Garcia..."

Now you know and I know that this is ridiculous. We got this far without Stroman. What the hell do the Jays think they are doing? They aren't very good anyway and have no shot. It's not worth it. Besides, I don't see Stroman as a long term thing with the Yanks anyway... so there's that.

Anyway. Just something to make you angry, then laugh in hysterics.

I hope you enjoy your day.  Happy Saturday.

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Amazing piece from Deadspin and something that we've been talking about here on Bleeding Yankee Blue and sadly, we were right then... and Deadspin is expanding on it now.  Jeter has enemies and it all stems from how he handled the Marlins when he came to Miami, ditching Marlin icons and Hall of Famers Tony Perez and Andre Dawson. People are up in arms, and it's very interesting the way things may play out...

"And according to Dawson, their anger toward Jeter is shared among other members of the “close-knit fraternity” of Hall of Famers. There’s unlikely to be any sort of mass boycott, but there could be plenty of frosty shoulders. 

Pete Rose, who is not in the Hall of Fame, also chimed in: “You’ve got two Hall of Famers who are class guys, and [the Marlins] are not tearing the f***ng door down in terms of paying them, and then Jeter’s going to take $5 million a year and have the guy he bought the team from fire them.” 

What background does he have in running a baseball team? He’s a great shortstop, OK?” 

Perez and Dawson are clear that what they resent is less the fact that they were sacked and more that it was all handled in such a cold and disrespectful manner. Jeter never called or corresponded with either in any way, and indeed to this very day neither have heard from Jeter directly—Miller reports that Jeter even avoided talking to them when he made the rounds at Cooperstown last weekend, where he was celebrating former teammate Mariano Rivera’s HOF induction. With the fans he’s scattered, the executives he’s scapegoated, the players he’s alienated, and the Hall of Famers he’s turned into enemies, Jeter sure hasn’t made very many lasting friends down in Miami."

Look, I saw a glimpse of this hardnosed entitlement when my kid when to get Jeter's autograph and picture a few years back. (Read SOMETIMES YOU GOTTA SMILE AND DEAL WITH IT, DEREK.) It kind of changed my view of the man.  As an athlete, there is no one better when it comes to the Yankees and shortstop. But when it comes to social graces and dealing with people... he appears to fail miserably.  And maybe that's why he acted like a robot all those years in the Yankee clubhouse, talking to reporters. Sure, he gave them access... but did he really ever say anything?

I'm very curious as to what happens next. Hey Deadspin, great work!

Be Read. Get Known.

Friday, July 26, 2019


I know it hurts but at the end of the day, it was just one game.

To make things better let's think about the good times. Remember that time we swept them in London. Yeah, that was sweet. Okay, now back to reality.

Last night was rough, however, it was just one battle in the war of the rivalry.

Masahiro Tanaka had arguably his worst start yet, letting up seven runs in the first inning. In total, he let up 12 runs. He let this start inflate his ERA from a 4.00 to a 4.79. Before his awful start in London, Tanaka was seen as the starter in I am not so sure about that.

Over the last five games, Yankees starters have had an 18.34 ERA. I think it is time to find some better pitching and before the trade deadline. Pitching wins ballgames. Last night was a perfect example. Ken Davidoff of the New York Post helps break it down:

"In this year of the juiced baseball, it’ll take a village of pitchers to advance all the way to a parade. That means the Yankees really, really would benefit from acquiring a starting pitcher (Marcus Stroman? Robbie Ray? Noah Syndergaard or Zack Wheeler?) and a reliever (Sam Dyson? Ken Giles? 

Shane Greene? Will Smith?), plus see the returns of Luis Severino and Dellin Betances from the injured list — both men, sidelined all year, continued their slow climbs by throwing off flat ground on Thursday — and maybe even some assistance from youngster Deivi Garcia. "

The time is now. Alarms are blasting!  We have now fallen to 9.5 games ahead of the Rays in AL East, allowing Boston to be within 10 games of the Yanks.

We've beat the Red Sox before and we can beat them again. Let's keep our heads up and win the upcoming games!

--Missy O'Rourke
BYB Contributor
Twitter: @missy_orourke


Oh, Thank the good Lord.

Troy Tulowitzki came to the New York Yankees at the wrong time in his career. And now... it's over. Yahoo Sports writes:

"Tulowitzki is hanging up his cleats. The 34-year-old Tulowitzki announced his retirement from baseball Thursday saying, “It has been an absolute honor.” Tulowitzki played in just five games with the Yankees this season. He injured his calf in early April and was unable to return. In his retirement statement, Tulowitzki expressed a desire to stay in the game."

Here's that statement:

Now, I love Tulo, but like any baseball player, things come to an end. As a fan, you don't want them to hang it up, but you see the decline and you think about it.

When I heard the news that he was retiring, I was happy for him, plus I was relieved. It's hard to watch a solid ballplayer decline in front of your eyes.

I'll tell you what. I'd love to see him on that Aubrey Huff podcast OFF THE CUFF with AUBREY HUFF. Talk about honest interviewing. I'd love to hear about any nuggets Tulo has about the Yankees clubhouse or baseball in general.  Hey Huff... get him on!

Anyway... happy retirement to Troy, a class act all the way through. Good luck my friend.

Thursday, July 25, 2019


Remember Shane Greene? The same Shane Greene that got mad opportunity in New York, but then bashed the Yankees anyway when they needed to trade him, because well... he was disgruntled? (Read HERE)

Well... he could be back in New York real soon to help give the Yankees some bullpen help.

George King III of the New York Post has this amazing nugget and I wanted to share it:

"While the asking price for Tigers starter Matthew Boyd might be too high for the Yankees, right-handed reliever Shane Greene, a former Yankee, is expected to be dealt and the Yankees have been shopping for bullpen help, too. The Tigers had a scout following Double-A Trenton for the past week and will go with the Thunder to Erie. 

Right-hander Deivi Garcia is considered by some organizations to be the Yankees’ top-overall prospect so it’s not likely the Yankees would deal him straight up for Greene, a 30-year-old who will be a free agent after the 2020 season."

Now don't get crazy. While King is reporting about Garcia, there is no way in hell Cashman and the Yankees deal this kid. It would have to be a crafty deal with either get Greene straight up by trading someone else or get both Boyd and Greene in a mini-blockbuster.

Whatever the case I am surprised the Yankees would even consider Greene who had a field day blasting the Yankees after he was traded back in the day.

Hey... that's old news. Wanna be part of a winning club? Come to New York... that's new news!

Stay tuned on this one.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Source: NY Daily News

James Paxton, CC Sabathia and Domingo German, oh my.  A few difficult starts and the Yankees reveal just one week short of the start of August that pitching is most definitely their strength and their Achilles Heel.  It goes without saying that Brian Cashman has a lot of work to do to ensure that the Yankees are well equipped for a post season run with a positive outcome.

"A popular question throughout the industry regarding the Yankees’ rotation is “Who starts Game 1?” of a playoff series. The answer currently isn’t unanimous, and if the Indians don’t deal Trevor Bauer and the Giants hold onto Madison Bumgarner, a unanimous answer won’t be walking into the Yankees’ clubhouse. And don’t count out the Yankees using a reliever to start a postseason game," reported The New York Post.

Source: AP

The Yankee bats are certainly the high point this season, keeping the games close even when the pitching fails.  Cashman is not one to react quickly to concerns with his team, so he certainly will be choosy when it comes to who will be the next Yankee starter.

"Panic has never been a trait of Cashman’s. He listens to his scouts, advisers and the analytical arm of the front office and decides what’s best and at what cost. The industry consensus is that the Yankees will acquire a starter before the deadline, because unlike in past years July 31 is the absolute final day for clubs to make deals," reported the Post.

The Detroit Tigers and Toronto Blue Jays seem to have the starters who will likely be traded before the deadline with Matt Boyd and Marcus Stroman respectively and the Giants and Indians, with their recent surge in wins, will likely hold onto Bauer and Bumgarner.

Cashman has a lot of work to do, both working the phone and consulting with talent experts.  But he will get it done; he has to because pitching is the final piece of the post season puzzle that needs to be filled to make the team complete.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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