Monday, January 31, 2022


I can't move on and accept that Carlos Beltran now works for YES Network. The Yankees look incredibly stupid right now and please tell me I am not the only one who sees the HYPOCRISY behind all of this....

If you are a baseball fan, you have an opinion on Pete Rose. Maybe you think his actions means he shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame. Maybe, you do think he should be in the Hall of Fame because he made his choices as a manager and not a player. I get both sides. Personally, I believe Pete Rose the player deserves to be in the Hall.

And now I believe it even more. I can't stand that Beltran was the ringleader behind the ASSTROS 2017 cheating scandal and that his actions helped cheat his former team the Yankees out of a World Series. Hell, he did it to every team and he should be blackballed from this sport.

But NO, now he has a second chance to talk on tv about a game he supposedly loves but cheated in. And I can guarantee you that eventually his part-time analyst gig may get him another job as a manager or in some teams front office. This is just the start of him getting back to where he wants to be.

And it shouldn't be this way. Look what happened to Pete Rose! He was banned for life for betting on games and because he "potentially" impacted the outcomes on games but then there is Beltran who is back even though HE DID impact games. Such great logic by the idiotic MLB. Now I know what you are gonna say "you can't compare the two, times are different now" and yadda yadda yadda. Have our principles changed over time? Do we not still want a fair game? That hasn't changed at all. We still WANT fair games we just don't always GET fair games and the 2017 ASSTROS are proof.

So we BAN one guy for life and the other walks away and disappears for awhile only to reappear for a second chance from the team that once employed him, was good to him and then HE screwed US. He compromised the GAME that he supposedly loves. But baseball is ready to welcome him back with open arms starting with the Yankees.

It's infuriating! The hypocrisy runs deep here and I can't sit an watch it on YES and be okay with it. Baseball villainized Pete Rose....but Beltran is a rehabilitated analyst? It's a disgrace, and one I don't have to accept. I still love the Yankees, but that doesn't mean I have to watch my YES Network feed when Beltran the cheater is on the tv.

If Beltran deserves to be back in the baseball world so does Pete Rose. There's nothing anyone can say that would change my mind.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, January 30, 2022


Source: Associated Press

I have been a fan of Luke Voit since his infectious personality served as a catalyst in what appeared to be a lifeless team in 2018.  He pours his heart and soul into the game, but sometimes he does get a little too carried away and even takes too much of risk when he really didn't need to, which has not served him well in recent seasons. Voit took one too many trips to the IL triggering the Yankees to look elsewhere for a big bat and first baseman. Now as 2022 stares Voit and his teammates in the face, will Voit be a Yankee this season?

Source: Barstool Sports

According to his trainer, Llewellyn “Yo” Murphy, Voit has been putting in some extra work this winter to hopefully keep himself healthy and ready for the season ahead. "Before the lockout, Murphy consulted with the Yankees’ training staff on a plan to strengthen Voit’s foundation and focus on adding lean muscle mass. Voit has also worked with mobility guru Dana Santas, who has ties Eric Cressey, the Yankees’ director of player health and performance," reported

Although Voit led MLB in home runs in the shortened 60-game season in 2020, 2021 had not been kind to the infielder, playing in only 68 games. In 2019, a year after he sparked the Yankees with electricity, he played 118. Voit known for his muscle, has been doing more mobility, agility training along with running to ensure he is lean and in position for a full season of baseball in 2022. 

“His conversations are very focused on him really being in a position to stay healthy the whole season, stay strong,” Murphy said. “We all know he has that pop. We know what he can do. But when your body breaks down from the ground up, there’s issues with that. I know he’s really focused on just getting a strong foundation that can just make sure that he’s in a good position for 162 games," reported

The Yankees have been focused on improving their roster, including first base with talks buzzing around Matt Olson and Freddie Freeman. Taking another chance on Voit might not be in their best interest given his track record, but at least he has identified his deficiencies and is addressing them head on. The 31-year-old could also find himself in a trade before the offseason ends, so however you slice it, he needs to get healthy regardless of his future with the Yankees. 

Will Voit be a part of the 2022 Yankees? The answer is it depends. It will be interesting to see how the Yankees proceed with their acquisitions once the lockout lifts. There is so much to do and many deficiencies to address. First base is one of them, but perhaps the bigger concern for the team overall is the training. Maybe Voit's performance program is in place for other IL offenders too and we can expect a stronger, fitter and more sustainable Yankee roster in 2022. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Saturday, January 29, 2022


Nick Ahmed? A Yankee shortstop? Where did this come from? Before you get crazy... consider it. It's a great idea! 

Nice Nugget Yanks go Yard:

"According to sources, trade interest surrounding Ahmed (or, at least, internal trade discussions during the lockout) has picked up, and the Yanks are among four teams specifically mentioned in the recent speculation..."

"...there is a new option potentially available on the trade market: Arizona DiamondbacksNick Ahmed.

Ahmed struggled mightily at the plate in 2021, slashing just .221/.280/.339 over 473 plate appearances, but that’s never been his calling card. If nothing else, he’s affordable. He’s entering his age-32 season with two years and $18.25MM left on his deal. ... What makes Ahmed appealing, however, is that he does have an elite skill: defense. ... Bottom line: Ahmed is a veteran who should probably transition to a part-time role, but that might be something he’s willing to do if he’s on a contender."

And that came from MLB Trade Rumors who is all over the story.

Now mind you, like any offseason, other teams are also sniffing around so the Yankees may not be the favorite here, but definitely in the mix. 

The Yankees need to do something with their defense. It is a problem. I'd even consider bringing back Didi Gregorius for a season if they'd allow it. I loved Didi, he proved himself in the Bronx. But whatever the case I do believe this... Gio Urshela is not a Yankee shortstop and Matt Volpe has been overhyped. 

We need something now. Ahmed could definitely be the answer.


I don't like it. There are things that I love and things that I hate. I don't hate this... but I honestly don't love it either. That being said, I know change is a thing and I guess as a diehard Yankee fan, I will need to embrace it.

The New York Post writes:

"The 20-year veteran has been hired by YES Network as a game analyst and is expected to call 36 games, YES’s Jack Curry announced Friday....

looking to fill a void left when David Cone joined ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” team and Ken Singleton retired.

That opened the door for Beltran, who has been away from the game since he was dismissed as Mets manager in January 2020, less than three months after he was hired, in the wake of the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal. He did not manage a single game."

And I guess that's what bothers me the most. You have a team willing to hire you and then fire you on the spot when the revelations of Astros sign stealing scandal emerged, but YES just hires the guy like we forgot it or something.

Beltran's a good dude. But the Yankees and YES don't owe him anything.  Will he be successful for the 30 plus games he calls? I'm sure he'll do fine. But I have NEVER seen Beltran as a personality, and I certainly would have taken a Cameron Maybin (Read) over Beltran in the booth.

Thursday, January 27, 2022


As owners and the MLBPA continue to play a long game of chicken, we all sit restless. When will we be able to watch baseball? There is a when out there.... somewhere. As winter rolls on, we all grow more restless.

But not the owners, at least not as restless as we probably want them to be. We all remember the shortened 60 game 2020 season and I personally hated it. It was over in a blink of an eye and players couldn't afford to have a "slow start" and we all know that happens. It didn't feel like a REAL season.

But are we going to see that again? I really hope not, instead I hope for a miracle that both sides can come to an agreement and end this lockout. However, I think it is inevitable. Owners aren't opposed to the idea and now that information is all over social media.

Honestly, as much as I want to watch some baseball action starting next month it may not be the end of the world. Let me explain before you think I have completely lost my mind.

I'd love to see the regular season on March 31st with a 162-game season.... but only with the right CBA in place. As much as a short season would suck again, losing some games will probably hurt less than a bad CBA will. Home Opening games in April are nice, but they don't affect the owner's finances in a significant way, especially not when sports fans who love watching the NHL or NBA have playoffs happening. This is all about the money and not the wins, box scores, traditions and concession stand sales. Losing a smaller block of games probably isn't as hard to swallow as a bad CBA with consequences that would last a lot longer.

I miss baseball. I miss writing about rumors and Yankees Hot Stove....but that isn't around when in the middle of a lockout. I hope this ends sooner rather than later.... without looking like the 2020 season. 
I miss hearing the crack of the bat no more than ever and I hope we all get to hear it soon.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Wednesday, January 26, 2022



Source: NY Post

What else can I say? Alex Rodriguez was not a popular vote among baseball writers, only gleaning 34.3 percent of the votes. Interesting and ironic, because the guy that was popular wore #34 for many years. And that guy is a Hall of Fame inductee for 2022—David Ortiz. What does this mean for Arod's chances for the future? Let's unpack it.

Source: Associated Press

The New York Post writes, "Rodriguez was always going to suffer on the first ballot, which many writers view differently than others. However, starting off this low, combined with the fact that the writers declined to elect fellow PED suspects Bonds and Clemens, makes it a longshot they will ever vote Rodriguez in." Yet, his numbers speak volumes, and honestly, performance-enhancing methodologies (let's not just call them drugs) were utilized by many athletes in MLB and beyond. It was all part of the time. But unfortunately for Arod, it is also a part of his legacy.

Source: Sports Illustrated

"Rodriguez finished his career with 696 home runs, a 117.5 WAR, and a .930 OPS — all gargantuan numbers. He was also an excellent fielder and the catalyst in the Yankees’ 2009 World Series run," reported the Post. And when he was healthy, he was lethal. The PEDs were part of the package, but is Ortiz absolved of dabbling in performance-enhancing tactics?

Source: WGN-TV

According to CNN, "Ortiz also was the subject of steroid speculation after he reportedly tested positive in anonymous survey testing in 2003. MLB's official testing program went in effect the next year and Ortiz never failed." Everyone knows that PEDs were utilized by all of the top performers during this time period. So, absolving Ortiz and not Arod is just ridiculous. Perhaps Ortiz was able to sell it better?

Others overlooked by the HOF committee included Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds who were linked to steroids in the Mitchell Report. Interestingly enough, "if the vote were on statistics only, Bonds, Clemens, and Rodriguez would have been shoo-ins," reported CNN. Bonds and Clemens claimed only about 65% of the vote, so many years later. 

Source: The Boston Globe

So does it come down to Public Relations? Yes. Exactly. And the fact that Arod played for the New York Yankees who are under a different kind of scrutiny that only New Yorkers and their fans understand. Will Arod ever make it to the HOF? I don't know. Unfortunately for him, it comes down to timing. PEDs legislation across the league was not clearly enforced and not clearly communicated. It was confusing. Much like the CDC and its Covid recommendations. You get it. 

Am I a proponent of PEDs? No. Do I think Ortiz was innocent of using PEDs. No. Do I think Arod deserves a fair vote and opportunity to make the Hall? Yes. Will he get his day? I think so, I hope so. But not now. Ortiz got in and Arod did not. That's all I have. Arod was just so much more of a player than Ortiz. Not because I am a Yankee fan, but because all around, he was a better player. And for that, I hope he gets his day. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


 A nice nugget here from Yanks go Yard and worth reporting here on BYB.  Paul DeJong, a solid St. Louis Cardinal... and the idea of him being traded to the Yankees. Is this possible? Yup? Will it happen? Unsure... but check this out:

"Should the Yankees give the St. Louis Cardinals a call about Paul DeJong?

He certainly struggled in 2021, but his worst-case scenario is a solid utility guy — and, oh, well, one problem: he’s under control for a very long time. Could be a good thing! But, at first blush, seems bad.

DeJong is currently signed through 2023, in the midst of a below-market six-year, $26 million deal signed prior to the 2018 season. Still just 28 years old, he also comes with a pair of team options for 2024 ad 2025, options the Cardinals presumably assumed they’d use instead of transferring the shortstop position to Edmundo Sosa for a good portion of 2021 (DeJong played 107 games at short)...

...In that case, what’s the match here? If it’s Deivi Garcia, who also struggled mightily last year, sure (though how the mighty have fallen). If the Cardinals require power and pedigree and insist on Austin Wells, maybe not so much.

A stopgap in wolf’s clothing is still a stopgap, and we have no overtures that DeJong will suddenly turn back into 2019 DJ LeMahieu the second he gets out of comfortable St. Louis."

The bottom line for me is DeJong is a solid alternative and could cost a hell of a lot less than Carlos Correa.  And if that's the case, maybe we could seriously consider Freddie Freeman at first base for the Yankees long term.  It's clear the Yankees are not interested in Anthony Rizzo. If they were, it would have happened before the lockout.

Nice piece by Yanks go Yard and something to seriously consider.

Monday, January 24, 2022


I'm not going to lie, this is far from my favorite headline this winter's a possibility.

In case you missed the news, the Yankees are considering bringing back Carlos Beltran as a YES Network game analyst, read more about it HERE. Now that David Cone is taking on national work with ESPN and my personal favorite Ken Singleton has retired from his broadcasting career YES Network is looking for more on-air talent and Beltran is on a short list of names.

As we all remember, Beltran was the ringleader in the Astros 2017 cheating scandal and the Astros went on to defeat the Yankees in the ALCS and then "win" the World Series that year. In November of 2019 the Mets names Beltran their new manager but then in January both sides amicably decided to terminate his contract. Now....the Yankees are considering giving Beltran a second chance.

How nauseating, but here we are. I get it, the Yankees need more analysts. I have always liked listening to John Flaherty and he is already an in-house option that the Yankees are considering giving more air time to. Why not him? There are TONS of good names out there to consider. I'd vote for Curtis Granderson instead in a heartbeat! There are plenty of former players who didn't cheat and lose all credibility in their career who speak well and who are knowledgeable enough to fill these requirements. Why Beltran? 

Even if fans and Yankee brass "forgive" Beltran for what he did WHY should they be giving him a job as a Yankees announcer? It's just ludacris to think about and even an insult to the fan base and players. To anyone saying "but Alex Rodriguez cheated too and he is an announcer, so why not give Beltran a shot?" The difference is after Beltran left the Yankees he went to play for the Astros....and he helped the Astros cheat against his former team. Jumping to hire him to work for the team he cheated against is insane and why the Yankees reward him with this opportunity? 

Nothing like coming full circle. The Yankees hired analyst Aaron Boone to be a manager so why not former  cheater turned manager in Beltran (for a literal hot minute) to be an analyst? It fits their operating model anyone out there really surprised?

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj


Sunday, January 23, 2022


Source: Athletics Nation

I work at an ed tech company by day, where goodness of fit is key to driving new business and scalability. The Yankees need to do both and, in this case, they need to audit who they have in their inventory of bats, defense and pitching, and where they can grow in the same three areas. And the team to deal with for the Yankees appears to the be the Oakland Athletics, for more than just inventory that will fit the Yankees needs, but also to showcase a full reboot of their franchise in a different state and city.

Source: The Mercury News

"The Yankees need a lefty-hitting first baseman and the A's have Matt Olson, a 39-homer guy with Gold Glove defense. The Yankees need a mid-rotation starter who fits the sinker/changeup profile they've prioritized under pitching coach Matt Blake the last two years, and the A's have Frankie Montas, a sinker/splitter guy with big velocity. It fits," reported CBS Sports.  

Now you heard me preach about Matt Olson over the last several weeks, including this Wednesday in LOCKOUT LEADS TO LANDING OF MATT OLSON. But you have not heard much from me with regards to Montas, who could be a sleeper and great acquisition for the Yankees.

Source: Athletics Nation

Montas is 29-years-old and had a great second half of the 2021 season. He's "a pitcher that seems to be entering into his prime with a nice strikeout rate (10K/9), a very nice ERA and FIP (3.37). His control was actually decent last year (2.7 BB/9), and he went deep into games, throwing 187 innings in his 32 starts," reported FanSided

The Yankees need to beef up a number of areas, two of which can be fulfilled with Montas and Olson donning pinstripes. As CBS Sports points out, the A's are also looking to have a full out reset, new team in a new venue away from hometown Oakland.

Source: The Mercury News

"With the trade Oakland kick-starts its rebuild -- I'm not sure we can call it a rebuild as much as a scorched earth effort to get a new ballpark, even if it means moving to Las Vegas -- and the Yankees address two pressing needs with players who are under team control through 2023. The dots are very easy to connect. Montas and Olson are ideal fits for New York."

But...all of this is just banter at this point because the two sides of the lockout are nowhere near coming to an agreement to enable the 2022 season to begin. The screeching halt of the trading and free agency frenzy has left teams like the Yankees and the A's with so much to do and very little time. 

Source: Athletics Nation

Bottom line, the Yankees are seeking goodness of fit options. Montas and Olson are ideal for them. Once the lockout lifts, the A's and Yankees are likely the first teams out of the box. Hopefully, a deal involving Montas and Olson can happen and the Yankees can begin to address some of the weaknesses ailing their club; moving the needle in the right direction for future bids to the postseason beyond Wild Card and Division Series.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Thursday, January 20, 2022


I really want to say "YAY at least they are talking" but I'm not going to get ahead of myself. I know this is going to be a looooooonnnnggggg game of chicken. 

On December 1, 2021 the Players Association and MLB had a SEVEN minute stand down that obviously led to the lockout. A week ago today, MLB made their first proposal and both sides talked for about an hour but no progress was made. Now MLBPA is preparing a counter offer that could be made any day now. Jon Heyman tweeted this yesterday.

So players are holding out for their biggest issues, but what are they? It's a good list but the major ones were MLB’s proposal didn’t address luxury tax thresholds or free-agent eligibility AT ALL, and the MLBPA has voiced frustration with the current rules regarding both issues. Free agency and compensation (especially for arbitration eligible and minor leaguers) are a hot topic. MLBPA would like to see free agency time reduce from six years to five and owners have said no. MLBPA is also asking for $100 million less in revenue sharing which owners say they are unwilling to negotiate because it only increases the financial divide between large and small market teams.

And speaking of revenue, we all know how lucrative these tv contracts are for owners. Ticket sales are nice, but tv contracts expand the audience and revenue. I will be the first to admit, I can't go to as many games so I rely on my subscription to get the most action. Knowing that, owners are interested in an expanded playoff bracket to 14 teams. Previously, MLBPA was open to a 12 team format. It's a big bargaining chip.

And what about that rumored universal DH? MLBPA is open to it and it is still widely believed to be a part of this new CBA as long as it isn't something owners will use to try to use as leverage to gain something else they want.

The clock is ticking no matter how we look at this. MLBPA is supposed to counter any time now. Both sides need to start making headway here if we want to see Spring Training start on time. I'm not convinced that this happens, but I hope I am wrong. For Spring Training to start on time, both sides need to agree on something by first week of February.....which honestly feels like a longshot.

Back to that subscription I mentioned...if I cancel the automatic renewal on my that will help matters. But then again MANY others need to do the same thing to send the message. They’d get moving if a bunch of tv revenue disappeared though, right?

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj


Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Now as you all know, we are waiting. And while waiting we can be speculating right? During a lockout like the one we are all experiencing, general managers are prohibited from talking or making trades involving players on the 40-man roster with opposing teams. But as The Athletic suggests, we as fans aren't prohibited from chatting it up and over the last several weeks, we have speculated, we have shared our thoughts and you have shared yours. The talk on the street, from fans, reporters and other insiders believe that once the lockout ends, the Yankees strike. And their first move is for first baseman Matt Olson.

Source: CBS Sports

According to, "On January 18, Jim Bowden of The Athletic floated a possible trade scenario that could see the Yankees land Olson. In this proposal, the Yankees offer their No. 3 prospect in shortstop Oswald Peraza, promising young pitcher Luis Gil (No. 4 ranked prospect), and maybe throw in right-hander Randy Vasquez (No. 20 ranked prospect) and/or righty Beck Way (No. 22 ranked prospect)." Woah. That is some kind of trade. All of those prospects for 27-year-old lefty bat? Will that be worth it?

"Olson’s left-handed power bat is the perfect fit for the short porch in Yankee Stadium. This move would also help provide balance to a right-handed heavy lineup by inserting Olson in the middle of the order," reports

Source: Associated Press

A couple of weeks I floated the idea of Freddie Freeman to swoop in and free the Yankees of their pennant drought. Recall my words in the post, FREEMAN COULD FILL THE BIG SHOES TEIXEIRA LEFT BEHIND! "Seems like the first base facelift has been a trend for the Yankees. Before bringing in Tex in 2009, the Yankees brought in Jason Giambi to replace Tino Martinez who replaced Don Mattingly. Since Teixeira, it has been a revolving door at the corner and if the Yankees act quickly and think beyond shortstop, they could have themselves a franchise player who could bring in a championship in the next couple of seasons or sooner." Swap out Freeman for Olsen? The A's notoriously look to keep their payroll lean, so they may be more apt to trade with the non-division Yankees and find happiness with lower salary rookies.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Olsen brings a heavy bat and two gold gloves along with youth; the kind of impact player that can consistently put the ball in play on this Yankee roster. Olson needs to come in swinging in order to shake up the clubhouse and help this lifeless team gain some momentum in 2022. Will it happen? The Yankees are expected to make a big move as soon as the lockout lifts. This could be the first of a few transactions that the Yankees make in pursuit of a championship. Landing Olson could be a playmaker and game changer for the future of this team. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Monday, January 17, 2022


When the lockout finally ends, I have my eyes on two names the Yankees have had big plans for. The Yankees have been waiting for them to take that big step and make an impact, so have fans who have been especially interested in the Yankees young prospects. But that young part only lasts so long....

The Yankees have prospects that could fill two of the three big needs they have this offseason, but are they ready to rise to the occasion and be productive? That's the big question. The Yankees have interest in upgrading their centerfield and pitching and the Yankees have names we all WANT to be ready. 

1. Estevan Florial

We've seen brief appearances in the majors, but wish they were more permanent, especially since we need someone else to deliver when Aaron Hicks has proven he can't. Florial has the power, the athletic ability, and is considered the best defensive centerfielder in the organization but he hasn't been able to put it all together to stay in the big leagues. Last season he struck out 121 times (30.9%) and only had a .219 BA. That's just not going to get it done in the majors. Those numbers are scary in Triple-A, so considering a full year of that would be setting him up to fail and would only add more problems to the current Yankee roster. You can't promote someone that hasn't proven they are ready.

This could be a make it or break it season for Florial. Hard to imagine the Yankees being stuck in this position with their most talented centerfield defender but.... he only has one more option year left. Fangraphs didn't even include Florial in the Yankees list of top prospects this season. The clock is starting to tick and if progress isn't made, he could find himself as a non-tender candidate next season. Maybe.

2. Deivi Garcia

This one stings a little. Garcia took a BIG step backwards that I don't think anyone saw coming. He was considered to be a favorite for the Yankee rotation last season, but after two big league starts, we could all see he wasn't ready. He's got the pitching arsenal; he was projected to be a number three type starter but then pitching coach Matt Blake had to start tinkering with his mechanics which led to a 6.85 ERA. Another example of the Yankees unqualified coaching staff.

I think Garcia can be saved. Even Blake has suggested that it is a possibility that Garcia spends more time going back to previous methods that made him successful before. Not to mention that he is about to turn 23 so he's still young and the Yankees can turn this all around.... if they would just let the kid do what he was good at and successful with before. He's also healthy with no major injury history. He was just obviously mismanaged by a staff not qualified to experiment with him the way that they have.

I really think Garcia could rebound if Blake and his boneheads would stop trying to tinker with him and stop trying to make him into something he's not. Florial could be saved with work from qualified hitting coaches, which the Yankees have needed for a long time.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj


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