Friday, October 29, 2010


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Since the Yanks have been elimintated, here is so much talk over the past week on what the Yankees are going to do about the catcher’s position. Do we split Posada’s catching time with “The Great Gazoo” or is it time to bring up one of these young catching studs we keep hearing the Yankees have in their farm system? There’s also a lot of chatter flying around about moving Jeter to 3rd, DH’ing A-Rod, going out and getting a young SS, etc. And, of course, there's lots of buzz about what to do with the starting pitching and bullpen. Do we pull out all stops to try and get Mr. & Mrs Lee (Sorry... she comes with the package)? What happens to AJ? Does Pettite come back? Does Kerry Wood come back or will another team sign his as their closer? Lots of questions getting bounced around here on BYB.

But today, I’ve been asked to discuss the Yankee outfield situation. Easy, right? NOT! Man, after taking a few days to break down what we have now and what is potentially available in the free agent market, this is no easy task -- but, it is fun, so here I go…

Lets look a what we had in 2010:
Brett Gardner in Left -- Brett finished with a .277 Avg., .383 OBP, 47 SB’s, and 97 Runs. Who doesn’t love Gardner? I mean, this guy really had a break out year and I think earned the right as the full time leftfielder, am I wrong? He was batting over .300 for a while this year and seems to be on base every time the Yankees had something going. His defense is certainly not gold glove but, he's above average and for the most part, has not hurt us. But, the question remains, do we keep Gardner in leftfield or do we go get Carl Crawford? I think we keep Gardner! I really do! I love the way the guy plays and think he has a Paul Molitor type career ahead of him. His at bats were a bit sluggish and unproductive as we headed toward September and October but, then again, which Yankees’ at bats weren’t? Sure he needs to walk more and lay down more bunts and I think that is definitely something he will work on this off season. My only issue with Gardner, and this is not his fault, is where he bats. I Love Jeter, don't get me wrong, but Gardner needs to be our lead-off hitter. I mean, come on, who doesn’t think he is the perfect lead-off man? A guy with Gardner’s speed and he was only 4th on the Yankees with runs scored? Sorry Jeet, but you have always been a team-guy first and this batting spot should be no exception. Let Gardner lead-off this team in the batting order. He creates havoc on the base pads and really battles pitchers. Finishing up Gardner, Let him stay, but ONLY if we plan on locking him into the lead-off spot!

Curtis Granderson in Center-- He finished 2010 with 27 HR’s, 97 Runs, in just 133 games. This is a no brainer to me. Granted, Granderson seemed to have two seasons with the Yankees in one; The first half, everyone was ready to trade him or even bench him but the second half he showed just how awesome this guy is! There is no one on the MLB’s who should even be considered to replace Granderson in Center. I can see Curtis roaming our CF at Yankee Stadium for years to come. His at bats really came around as the year went on and as he got healthier and more comfortable. He is a class act and reminds me in so many ways of Bernie Williams. It's just easy to root for Curtis. He can hit for power, he runs the bases with intelligence and I hope this stigma that he couldn’t hit lefties will finally be laid to rest. Dear Yankees, please leave Granderson alone! - Love, "Donnie Baseball - - BYB Contributor"

Nick Swisher in Right? -- Nick finished 2010 with .288 Avg., 29 HR’s, 91 Runs,
.359 OBP. Okay, this is the guy that you either love or hate. There really doesn’t seem to be too many fans in the middle when it comes to Swish, but there are a few of us and I am one of them. Love the enthusiasm this guy brings to the clubhouse and I think there isn’t one Yankee player who would disagree with that. Give Cashman credit with Swish. Cash really saw something in this guy a few years ago. Just about every team thought Swish was done, washed up, and would never be productive. Cash saw the opposite and he was right. Okay, that being said… The Swisher experiment is over. It must be. It's time to move on. Thank you Nick and best of luck, but there is someone who is Werth more then you. That’s right, let's get Jayson Werth!

Jayson Werth in Right-- This guy is clutch. The guy can play a decent right field (certainly no worse then Swish) and has averaged 24 home runs the last three years. He is about to peak and we need him to explode in the Bronx when he does! Plus, his post season numbers compared to Swisher are eye opening. Let’s break down the last two years for both players in the post season…

Swisher last 2 years, post season stats:
25 games & 81 AB’s = .152 AVG., 3 HR’s, 4 RBI’s, .259 OBP
Werth last 2 years, post season stats:
24 games & 81 AB’s = .250 AVG., 18 Runs, 9 HR’s, 29 RBI’s, .350 OBP

He will be worth every penny -- Go get ‘em Cash! By the way, The Mighty Casey has his own opinions on Swisher verses Werth, and you'll see that soon, look for it.

--Mikey Blue BYB Senior Writer

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Attention Yankee fans, Leo Mazzone would come to New York to be the pitching coach and guess what... I'm ok with that. Recently I was on Pinstripe Alley’s comments forum when Dave Eiland got let go for "private" reasons and I mentioned the idea of Mazzone coming over to the Yankees. I mentioned that he's a great pitching coach and he was always better with real good pitchers because there were ways of improving them, like in Atlanta. He's the master of tweaking talent. He failed in Baltimore because, let's face it, there was nothing to work with. That's not the case with the Yankees. Anyway, The reply comments I received from Pinstripe Alley readers that day were ripping me. The told me Mazzone was too old, not a good choice. Basically telling me I'm a moron. Well, "Old man" Mazzone is ready to come back to baseball after a 3 year layoff. A guy like Mazzone can't be overlooked. You've got to interview this guy. And let's face it, the choices out there don't look good. Righetti is happy in San Fran, according to Jack Curry from YES, Guidry is not coming back, Aldred is the Yanks Triple-A guy, Um, no thanks. What's left.... Melido Perez? You see what I'm saying? I even heard Jimmy Key mentioned but where the hell has he been for 10 years? Choices are slim. If a well respected pitching coach with plenty of experience under Bobby Cox is interested, why not? He'll be the Buddha of the Clubhouse. The Zimmer to Torre, the Number 2 to Dr. Evil... well, you know what I mean. He may be old, but the baseball knowledge is there. The pitching staff needs some tweaking and he's the guy to do it. Bring it on Leo, we want you in New York.

For more about Mazzone, check out LoHud Yankees Blog. Leo was asked about the Yanks on a Sirius XM radio show and was talking about it. So what do you think? Let me know.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010


There's nothing that kills me more as a Yankee fan than watching the World Series and my team and Jeter aren't in it. Don't get me wrong, as a baseball fan, Game 1 of the World Series was really good. Since the Rangers and Giants have entered the fall classic, I've stated that I think the Giants can take it in 5 games. Do I care as a Yankee fan? No. It still stings, but baseball is such a great game. Any Yankee fan who hasn't sampled the World Series yet needs to. It's pretty good so far. But again, Jeet, Mo, Pettitte and Jorgie not in it with the Yanks is just CRAZY to me.

So... the Girardi announcment will become official Friday. 3 years, $9 Million and now we can move on to Mo, Jeter and Andy and yes, there are Jorge questions. Most important to me, I look forward to Jeter's negoiations. I have been reading that these talks will be tough and could get ugly because it's now about business and not about a love fest between Derek and the Yanks. I disagree. I think it goes smooth. Jeter's always wanted to be a Yankee and the Yankees took a chance on this kid way back in the early 90's and it's really paid off for them. I see them settling on a number, I see Jeter being level headed and understanding about his age being a factor and that he may not play shortstop for the entire length of his new contract, and I see the Yanks happy that he'll be in pinstripes for his 3000th hit and anything else that comes down the pike. I wrote WHY JETER DESERVES A PAY DAY weeks ago and as of now it's been the most read post in BYB's short history. Obviously, this topic is important to Yankee fans. We all want Jeter to be a Yankee for life, like Mantle, Guidry, Mattingly, Yogi and Munson. And guess what, don't believe the negative hype, the Yankees want it too.

Good Luck Jeet, don't get greedy, get needy.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We knew it was coming but who knew it would be this fast. For me, I'm personally bummed about Kerry Wood.

Yes, it's true, the Yanks declined the options for Wood, Berkman, and accident prone Nick Johnson. Wood did well for us in the end of the season. Berkman got into a rhythm alittle late, and Johnson... well, that was a stupid signing to begin with.

Wood had an $11 million option. Berkman's option was $15. If the Yanks want Lee, they need to lose these guys. Good luck to you both. Selfishly, I hope they try and bring Wood back, because they can, but he'll be expensive, not sure what will happen on that front.

Change is definitely in the air.

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Don't panic Yankee Fans.

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So how do I think the rotation should look in 2011. Interesting. You know, it's tough, after a loss in the playoffs that sends my team home, it's difficult to get back into the baseball season, especially for a Yankees fan. We expect to win. I know, it sounds arrogant. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not but it simply is about winning every year for us Yankees fans. Non Yankees fans get in my face about it but to respond...Bite me, you don't understand.

Slot 1- First up, you have to give to CC Monster. Why? Respect, that's why. Look, there's no doubt CC got tired near the end of the season and in the playoffs, but he's still young and he's coming off a 21 win season. Plus, he helped us get a championship in his first year in the Bronx. CC is the man and he's one of the big guns. Now I know everyone is reading about his surgery to fix something in his knee. I'm not even sure what it is, but no ones thinks it's serious, so I don't. If it is, Lee, if he signs, will be number 1, CC would be 2. But until then, CC is still my number 1.

Slot 2- Hopefully this happens... CC's bud, Cliff Lee. No surprise coming from me right? Now, the Rangers are going to do anything they can to keep Lee. There in the World Series and win or lose, Lee is a proven ace. The Yankees, not only want him, they NEED him. Yanks have the dough. If they are able to give him a contract of 5 years (which could be Lee's last big contract) and they throw the right money at him, we have an amazing 1,2 punch. I know about all the "reports" of Lee's wife being humiliated at Yankee Stadium during the playoffs and I'll give my thoughts later in this post on that, but right now, I'm moving onto number 3.

Slot 3- Yell at me if you must, but I'm going with AJ Burnett. Look, straight up, he sucked last year. Who knows what personal problems are going on with this guy to get him off track, But I do know this, AJ is still young and he still knows how to pitch, he proved it in his career and in 2009. Now, AJ lost his way, I see that. AJ needs positive reinforcement and needs a leader to look up to. He also needs a long winter of rest and a clean slate. I believe in this kid but I will tell you what AJ, if you suck in 2011, you're gone. Good Luck to you.

Slot 4- Well, This is a tough one, but if Pettitte decides to NOT to retire and thinks he's got 1 more year in him, you got to go with Old Reliable. He had injury this year but he pitched well in the playoffs and kept the doubters quiet. He can pitch in tough games, clutch games and from what I've been reading, he pitches hurt, when it counts, during "must wins" in the playoffs. How can you not still love this gamer after all these years? You're asking, why is AJ my number 3 and Pettitte my number 4? Quite simply... age. That's it. Plus, if we get a loss with AJ, Pettitte is usually a "pick me up."

Alternate Slot 4- If Pettitte doesn't come back, we have to find someone. A free agent, someone who won't cost a fortune but can win you 13 games, a veteran, but someone not too old. Jeremy Bonderman's out there, I don't love him but he's a number 4. How about someone I've wanted for years, Jon Garland. He'll be more expensive but I know he'd be reliable. Justin Duchscherer? Just a thought. How about a comeback pitcher like 35 year old Freddy Garcia. His time may have passed him by, but a good possible number 4 or 5 starter. What do you think?

Slot 5- Phil Hughes. The Yanks stretched him out this year and he won 18 games... And guess what, he wasn't even that great some games. But this is what I do know, he wants to win, he's learning from the veterans, he's 24. If the Yankees keep this guy right, he's going to be the next Clemens, minus scandal or course.

Now, let's give analysis about the Cliff Lee's wife situation. Looking through the newspapers, the blogs, your reading all about Cliff Lee's wife being harassed by drunk, angry Yankee fans during the playoffs. Some idiot yesterday, and I'm not even sure who it was, asked Lee in a press conference if he knew who it was. STOP IT. Knowing who it was is irrelevent. It's rude, it's classless and the incident is embarrassing to the majority of Yankee fans out there. That reporter isn't doing his job, ask a better question Bro.

Here's my thoughts on the incident. First off, Those few rude Yankee fans need to get educated. If you're mad at Lee for being a great pitcher, then yell at Lee, don't yell at her, she's just rooting for her man. If you're pissed because Lee went to the Rangers in that trade deadline deal with Seattle, then be pissed at the Mariners. They pulled out of the Yankees deal at the 11th hour.

If you're trying to psych out the Rangers and their fans, keep it clean. I know us Yankee fans have a bad reputation but MOST OF US DON'T. Some of us treat human beings with respect. Cliff Lee's wife could very well end up making up Cliff Lee's free agency decision for him based on this incident. Great, thanks a lot. Put yourself in Lee's shoes; If you're wife told you that she hated it in New York because she was embarrassed and humiliated publically, what would you do as a husband?....You'd keep your family out of New York, that's what you'd do. What's my point? My point is, we need this guy and the last thing we need is to sign another Vasquez because the Yankee fans helped blow the Lee signing. That's my take on that. Now, let's hope money talks and bullshit walks and we can put this incident behind us. Hopefully it goes away and on Opening Day we can all give the Lee family a standing Ovation.

In the meantime, this is my rotation, if you agree with it, don't agree, whatever, COMMENT. I want to hear what you would do.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Simply put, Girardi's back for 3 years, $9 million. While there are reports that the deal is nearly complete, my source tells me the deal is done.

Once this story is concluded, the Yankees have other signings to focus on beyond Girardi. Jeter will most likely be next as well as Mo, both of which should resign with the Yanks, unless something terribly goes wrong in negotiations.

Imagine Jeter and Mo not on the Yankees. Now don't... it's too difficult to think about.

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Monday, October 25, 2010


I just read this on Twitter:

"Baseball America identifies Yanks as best fit for Greinke. Who would you give up for him?"

Dare I say... Baseball America may suggest that the Yankees are the best place for Greinke, but Ladies and Gentlemen, he's not going. Trust me. I don't see this ever happening. Yes, he's a young arm and yes, Baseball America's the bible, but Greinke is not a big market pitcher and he feels right at home in Kansas City.

Greinke, from what I know has past battles with an anxiety disorder I just don't believe New York is good for him. I've also read a Jon Heyman piece also that suggests that quote "one competing executive said he is hearing that Greinke will not go to Boston or New York."

Look, could the Yankees trade for him, yes, trades happen and players go places they don't want to go and to be honest, I'm not sure if Greinke has a trade clause, but I'm sure the Yanks won't go after him if Greinke doesn't want to be there... Can you say Randy Johnson or Kevin Brown? Yes, Johnson came in a trade, but it was an obvious struggle. And look, Greinke's no veteran like those guys, but still, we all know the outcome of Randy. His first day in New York he roughed up a cameraman... Remember? Not wanting to be in New York for someone like Randy allowed fans to jump on him when they pitched pourly and eventually, they ran for the hills. He couldn't wait to get out of New York. Now picture a kid with an anxiety disorder.

I'll be writing a post on the rotation soon, just trying to gather my info.

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Change is happening, It's Monday and Dave Eiland, the Yanks pitching coach has been fired. Cashman said this: "I'm not going into any detail about what the reasons were."

In fairness, Cashman said the firing didn't have to do with the lousy pitching the Yankees displayed in the ALCS... ok, sure. Cashman termed the decision a "private" one. But actually, I do remember Eiland was out for like a month or more with a personal reason so, maybe, just maybe he had to leave for a family thing, or something private. Whatever the case, I liked Dave Eiland as a pitching coach. He was a terrible pitcher, but he knew how to work with the rotation and I think he made them better.

By the way, Cashman is planning to start negotiations with Joe Girardi this week. The plan is to sign Girardi to a new contract, and then the Yankees will figure out who will replace Eiland.

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Keep'em or Dump'em

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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm Back. The Yankees lost. I'm over it, I'm not thrilled but I'm over it. One of my close friends who is NOT a Yankees fan suggested I was aggressive and angry in my last post after NY lost to the Rangers. It's true. I apologize. Apparently I scared people. Don't worry. All will be fine in Yankeeland. Why? Because now comes some of the most fun in the baseball off-season... Who stays, who goes and the countdown the pitchers and catchers.

I've already read that the Yankees and Vasquez are ready to part ways. Vasquez and the Nationals? Perfect together. Check out The Bleacher Report .

The biggest story will be the Core Four. Jeter is in a contract year, and again, while he didn't have a great season, Jeter is a Yankee for life, if you disagree, comment and tell me why.

Posada, oh Jorge, what can I say, your looking old. I love what you've done for us all these years, but time is ticking and I think you realize you will have a diminishing role behind the plate in 2011. Embrace it, Yankee fans will always love you.

No one but Andy Pettitte knows if he will be back. I tell you what, I want him back. As he has aged, he's become a better pitcher. He, in my opinion is a terrific foundation to the Yankee pitching just because he knows winning and he's been with the franchise for so long.

Mo. The greatest closer of all time, says my son. Well he's right, how do you part with that? Most saves in the post season ever... Second on the list of most saves ever in baseball. Give him what he wants Yanks, and if you don't, Retire Mo, I can't bare to see you on another team.

This offseason wil be a important for many reasons, Money will be an issue for Yankees. I can't believe I'm saying that, but it's true. Jeter will be getting an expensive contract but not a long term one. The Yanks want him in a Yankee uniform for his 3000th hit. Mo will stay and get paid and if Andy comes back, he's no dope, he'll be reminding them of his 11-3 record all day long. Not back for a 38 year old.

Then you need to factor in Cliff Lee, Jayson Werth, Craig Crawford. Could you imagine? Now I predict this... The Yankees WILL go after Cliff Lee hot and heavy. They need to. CC will be calling him every day after the World Series wraps up. Jayson Werth, I love the guy, but in my mind, he's going to the Red Sox. Carl Crawford? Well, he will be the guy that is the wild card. We could decide to stick with Gardner who's had a great season for New York, OR we could wake up one morning and find out Crawford is a New York Yankee after and overnight contract agreement. You never know, but I'll tell you what I think; Carl Crawford will not be coming to New York. With all the money being thrown around this off season, and if they sign Cliff Lee, they will not sign Carl Crawford too. 2 reasons: Money and Gardner earned his spot.

The Bullpen will be interesting. I say you keep Wood, Robertson, Joba. You need to lose Mitre, Gaudin and probably Boone Logan. And if you don't sign a Crawford, you bolster that bullpen with a few lefties and a few righties.

My next post will be aboot the starting rotation. Look for it, and look for updates all winter long on trades, free agent signings and the like.

This is one of my favorite times of year, other than the beginning of the season. Go Yanks!

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Friday, October 22, 2010


There is something I need to get off my chest... if you say it's DO OR DIE, THEN IT'S A DO OR DIE SITUATION. If you don't mean it, then don't talk about it in a press conference where millions of Yankee fans are hanging on to your last word. Every fan in Yankeeland didn't want to use the guys that we thought would be pitching in the World Series, but you don't get to the World Series unless you use those guys!

Shame on you Girardi! Tonight, you had a CC Monster in the bullpen ready to pounce on 1 day of rest, a rested Moseley who kicks ass and would do it again if you asked, even Burnett, and every other reliever... and God Damnit... you should have used them in that order. WHY? Because the Rangers are used to the way your handling you're bullpen and not how I just suggested you use it. They are not good at change and they are stumped when it's any other way. Stop using your charts!

You got to blame Girardi tonight. No doubt. It was disgraceful. He was lazy. Let's face it. Colby Lewis was hittable and it showed tonight. Now, while the Yanks didn't hit, I'm honestly not mad at that as much as I am at managing the bullpen. It is not Hughes who I am pissed at...It wasn't even Robertson.... although, I'm alittle pissed at him... it's the manager... OMFG.

Also, hitting wise, let's examine...No small ball tonight, not even moving the runner over. We are not in our park, we HAVE to do some small ball. Obviously, home runs alone are not going to do it.

It was a disgraceful display but mostly in choosing pitching tonight. You had everyone available except Pettitte... do it bro...DO IT GIRARDI!

So, What did we learn... The Yankees are not invincible. Hitting doesn't always happen in the Post Season for New Y0rk. The Yankees are just another team. That Bleeding Yankee Blue is a great website for information, humor and fun. All that is true. But the reality is...I really wanted the Yankees to go back to the World Series and win. I'm sad. I'm alone.

There may be a few days of blog silence. Respect it. I hate to lose. But check back, because rebuilding is in the making. God Bless the New York Yankees.

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I keep thinking that someone, other than Cano, has to step up tonight - - they can be the hero for Game Six - - but who will it be?

Maybe A-Rod gets that big 3-run-HR to break a tie, or Jeet knocks in two with a Jeterian single to right, or Gardner grinds out a 2 out walk in the 8th, steals second, then strolls home with go ahead run off a Cano double. Or, maybe it's Hughes! I can see Hughes battling through 6+ innings, giving up 4 runs, but keeping the Yankees close enough to give our offense a real shot in the 7th, the 8th, or the 9th? The answer is, I just don't know, but what I DO know is if we want another shot at Lee tomorrow, someone needs to step up big time!

How about Austin Kearns or Marcus Thames? Can't you just picture it? 8th inning, 2 men on, Kearns comes in to pinch hit and, BAM! He lines a double off the right field wall! Or, how about Marcus Thames? Wouldn't it be the Yankee way if someone like Thames hits a 2-run shot into left tonight to break a tie or give us the lead -- he's done it for us several times this year. Does he have one more magical at-bat left?

Now, on to what I title "Change is NOT good." You know, I keep hearing from many fans and even The Mighy Casey himself from Bleeding Yankee Blue that the Yankees need to play small ball, or the Yankees need to steal more bases, or the Yankees need to switch up the batting order, etc.

I totally disagree with all of those things. I think the Yankees need to just do what they do best, Hit the ball out of the park and pray for Hughes to get us at least into the 7th with the game close where we can hand it off to Woods then Rivera. Which leads me to my last thought... hey Girardi, screw the late inning pitching matchups! FACT: Boone Logan CANNOT get Hamilton out - - end of story! We saw the same thing when the Yankees used to send out "Lefty specialist" Mike Meyers to pitch against Ortiz -- how'd that work out? Go get 'em Yanks! We believe in you!

--Mikey Blue BYB Senior Writer

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Thursday, October 21, 2010


If there's 1 thing to think about when it comes to Phil Hughes pitching a Game 6 in the playoffs against the Rangers it's this; Cashman held on to this guy for a reason. Look, Cash could have dealt him like he did Ian Kennedy. He could have kept him in the bullpen this year after a stellar performance in the pen last year. He could have never even brought the kid up from Triple-A and eventually could have been a "player to be named" in a deal for Javy Vasquez this past winter. Who knows. So what's my point? My point is this..... He didn't do any of those things. Why? Because to put simply, Hughes is a good young pitcher on the way to be great, even legendery.

Back in the good ol' days, you stayed in the farm system and played a chunk of your carrer with the same team. These days, you don't come up through the farm system and stay too long anymore. Teams get impatient fast. They want wins NOW. Back in the day, the Yanks had the Core Four, and of course Bernie Williams, all in the farm system. 5 guys who the Yankees believed in and kept and years later, Bernie has 4 rings and Jeet, Jorgie, Mo and Andy have 5. The Yankees believed in those kids, and they believe in this one too. They even believe in Joba, probably partly because they feel alittle responsible for screwing him up, but they know both Phil and Joba can both succeed.

Now, rewind a second. Do you remember Phil Hughes and his second start back in 2007? It was an away game, in Texas of all places. Hughes was on his way to pitching a no-hitter until he got injured. That pitching performance was no fluke. Phil Hughes is the real thing ladies and gentlemen. Fast forward now to Game 3 of the ALDS. THAT performance was the best we've seen of Phil Hughes since that night in Texas 3 years ago. Guess what, Cashman is a genius. It took a while, but Hughes is almost there. That young arm will have an amazing year next year, but it's starting to blossum now. After all, he won 18 games this year.

This is my opinion about Phil; He asks a lot of questions, he watches his veteran teammates and feeds off of them. They pitch great, he does too. He's constantly learning and growing. CC came off a performance where he battled in Game 5, but the team hit and the team won. My gut tells me Phil Hughes will feed off that Game 5 and also win. He has the determination to put together a pitching performance for the ages. I believe that.

We have a lot of Yankee fans down on the team, down on Hughes and full of worry. There cannot be any doubt. I don't want to see the Yankees go home, and the Yankees don't want to go home, and the good news for Yanks fans right now is the team's confidence is high.

The Ranger's Colby Lewis is an obstacle, of course, I get that, but he is not a wall of doubt. He's just another pitcher. Hitting is going to happen. And guess what? Hughes CAN win Game 6, and my feeling is if the team hits, Hughes will shut down the Rangers. And if for some odd reason he can't, we have arms that will... including possibly CC. Put it this way, Hughes is a member of the reigning World Champs... He doesn't know any other way.

Do it Phil, keep the line moving. The Yanks can't do it without you. After all, they wouldn't put you out there if they didn't believe in you. They do, and so do we.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Dear all my Yankee friends who told me today was the end of the Yankees 2010 run,

Suck it.


The Mighty Casey

I told you so. You gotta believe in these guys, they are a great New York Yankee Team. Granted, the hittings been a mess and the pitching is scotched taped together... no one said it would be perfect, but it's damn near close when you play like you did today.

Props to CC Monster. You are the man. I love when you're on the mound, you weren't vintage Sabathia, but I'll take it and it's nice to see. I am no fan of CJ Wilson, and beating him was damn nice.

Swish is back, hopefully for good. Back to back homeruns with Cano and somethings starting to simmer again, don't you think? A-Rod's hitting, Grandy's on fire and Kerry Wood. Damn you Kerry Wood, you have a pickoff that only a few really good pitchers have. I'm happy that you're in pinstripes. Even old man Posada had 2 hits. Again, I know his bat's there, but I worry about his catching. That conversation for another day.

So the Yankees won. It was do or die and they won. And now... Back to Texas. This is what I would do:

Hughes would pitch Friday night. Moseley is you're fall back. Reward the dude, give him another shot like you did in Game 1 when he shut down the Rangers and we won. Moseley's actually decent. If anything happens to Hughes, you know you have a long man. Use Moseley. You'll already have a day of rest for the other relievers so if worst comes to worst and say Moseley has trouble, then you have the other guys too. Hell, you could even pitch Burnett an inning on 3 days rest. Game 6 is another do or die and it's about pitching to keep the Yankees in the game against a Colby Lewis. If the Yankees hit like they did tonight, We win and move on the the Battle of Battles, Andy Pettitte verses Cliff Lee. If we lose, we go home, but we die fighting. And don't be so down on Hughes, he on a rotation now, there isn't a long time between starts, he could be damn great. We will see.

Man... you know what? I've been thinking alot about this season, We thought for sure we would see Tampa Bay in the playoffs and we worried about Tampa Bay. That never happened, and suddenly, we're in a hole against the Texas Rangers, a team everyone thought we'd probably beat like we did Minnesota. Wow, it's amazing how baseball works. You Gotta love it.


FROM PINSTRIPE ALLEY: 5 Reasons the Yankees Will Make It To Game 7


I couldn't give you statistics of how many teams have climbed back from a 3-1 deficit to win a Playoff series, or how the Yankees play in day games vs. night games, or even what CC's record is following a Yankee loss -- you know why? Because it doesn't matter!

Maybe for every other professional team stats like that matter and actually mean something, but we are the Yankees dang it -- we lead the pack, we don't follow!

FACT: AJ tried, but in the end he doesn't have what it takes. We will not have to worry about him the rest of this series or the World Series.
FACT: Tex is probably gone for the Series.
FACT: Our bullpen right now is less reliable then, well, AJ Burnett (hard to imagine, I know!).
FACT: Am I worried? NO! Let me tell you why:
Derek, Jorge, Andy, and Mariano! There is a side of me that pictures these four guys hanging out last night after the game and the conversation went something like this:
Jorge (looking at Jeter): "WHEN you get on base tomorrow night, and I'll take care of the rest! Tell Swish the same thing."
Derek: "Yep!"
Mo: "I love this!"
Andy: "I'm flying out tonight - meet you guys in Texas!"

I am not one of those fans that guarantee wins and I will not make the exception this time -- But what I will gurantee is this... The Core Four can care less about what the statistics say, and that's good enough for me! In the end, they know what winning means. Let's hope it's spreading in that clubhouse.

--Mikey Blue, BYB Senior Writer

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


You have to give AJ Burnett alot of credit. It shows hope. He pitched well. Not great obviously, but well. I don't even blame him for the Molina home run. I blame Girardi who has a chart for everything, except for a list of historic Yankee killers over the past 10 years. Any true Yankee fan knows that Molina is a Yankee killer and you match that up with a quickly fatigued AJ who hasn't pitched since Ocotber 2nd and you lose every time. Molina's a chunky dude with no speed, he's a great catcher. He's an average hitter, EXCEPT for when he bats against the Yankees. That's just a fact. Know it, live it. It's simple to understand.

Now, let's look at the confidence. Burnett looked good. When a pitcher is good, a team is good and as the game progressed, it was obvious, the Yankees were on their way. But after that home run by Molina, and that hammy pull injury by Mark Teixeira (who by the way was hustling down the line when he got his injury) and suddenly, all the confidence is gone. The hits have stopped, the ball being hit by the New York Yankees suddenly can't find it's was out of the infield. The Ranger's Holland has replaced Hunter and shut the Yanks down. Which brings me back to AJ and Girardi's wonderful over managing chart checking skills. You had a rested Dustin Mosesely sitting in the bullpen. You don't need to do pitching matchups just because Burnett gives up a home run. Moseley can easiely pitch us through to the 8th and give us a shot to get back in it. He rewarded us with that great relief in Game 1 and we need to reward him with another shot out there. One thing we know... Mosesly's capable and proved it. And answer me this... Does Mitre have pictures of Girardi with a dead hooker or something? Why are we even seeing this guy in the Post Season? It's bad enough he sucks in the regular season. Hey Girardi, just because you may have caught this guy back in Chiacgo when he was a rising star, doesn't mean he can still pitch. Bottom line is, he can't. Dump the Bum.

Jeter was on fire tonight, and the Captain needs a shoutout. You know the guy has fight in him, he's had it for years in the post season. Cano's the man, and of course, my man Grandy is still going strong. These guys want this series and they give Yankee fans a reason to believe. What the Yanks need is a non-existent Swisher and A-Rod to step up, before it"s too late.

BTW, Swish, talk to Jeet about getting hit by a baseball while up at the plate. If any team needed a run at that moment to sway momentum,it was the Yanks. It was the bottom of the eighth when you had the bases loaded. I don't know if you felt it or not , but at least grab your shin, you're killing me.

You see, I have a problem, I'm thinking about losing tonight as I am about playing tomorrow. Maybe that's my problem. I'm already thinking about a rematch of CJ Pretty Boy verses CC at 4pm. I know it's going to be a battle, so that's why I wanted this game tonight, so we can battle and win tomorrow instead of a do or die situation. Anticipation. Maybe I need to work on that.

Oh and Let's talk about the MVP race. I said it and I mean it, whomever wins this Series will determine if Cano or Hamilton get the MVP. I have to say though, Hamilton is a Super Freak, incredible power.

Game 5 tomorrow and it's do or die. We need to do this now, and damn it we can. I still believe, but the Yankees have exhausted me the past 2 days. CC needs to pitch big, Yanks need to win big tomorrow. We have one more shot New York... get some confidence, get some hits, get some runs and start smiling, you are the reigning champs. Keep the line moving or we die.

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A very close friend of mine and BYB Contributor "Mikey Blue" wrote this to AJ Burnett on the heels of tonight's game:

Dear AJ,

Here's what I would say to you tonight. I hope you see it before tonight's game.

Dude, you have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! No one expects you to do anything tonight, so just let it go! 6 innings + 2 runs = Yanks are right back in this series and you are back in Yankee fans good is that simple! You need to suck it up and stop sulking...You are a Yankee, act like one! Throw a 1st pitch strike on EVERY batter and I don't care if the first two are hit it out of the park...It's the recipe for success against this team. And do me a favor? Get emotional man -- pump your fists, yell out loud, have fun and feed off the energy of the fans -- we are rooting for you, not against you! Tonight's the night AJ, earn your pinstripes.

Good Luck,
"Mikey Blue"

--Mikey Blue BYB Senior Writer

Well said Mikey, Well said... LET'S GO YANKS!

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Jeter, SS
Granderson, CF
Teixeira, 1B
A-Rod, 3B
Cano, 2B
Swisher, RF
Berkman, DH
Gardner, LF
Cervelli, C


The Baseball Insider makes me feel better again!


Come on AJ... You can turn it around for us.


Talk about being deflated this morning. Can't believe that game kicked the crap out of me as much as it did. But I know why, because we were humiliated in our own house.

How does that happen? How does a team with some of the most talented and skilled hitters in the game not hit. Damn it, Cliff Lee is amazing, but he's not Jesus. Yes, He's nasty, he's resourceful, he's a smart pitcher, but watching live last night he was in the Yankees heads and that's half the battle with Lee. . Could I get out there and hit him? No. But I'm not making millions to do so, you get my point.

There's nothing more to say and I'm just ranting because it was shocking how we were shut down. Btw, side note, another great perspective of last nights massacre is on Pinstripe Alley , check it out.

So, we're down but not out. But times ticking. I'm used to the Yankees winning... every body is, even guy who hate the Yankees. Even guys like my good friend who's a Tigers fan. He respects the Yankees, he respects Jeter's ability and squeaky clean image, but HATES the Yankees. I think he has a tattoo that reads "I hate the Yankees". But look, back to my point, this team is great and they can be scary. Sometimes they can also look heartless. Bottom line is this: It's the ALCS and no one comes into our house and makes us look bad. So things need to change. But what will be different about tonight? This is what I think:

Girardi will put in Berkman to replace Thames. Shake up the DH. I think he may move Granderson to the 2 hole, because ones again in the Playoffs, Swisher's bat has dissapeared. And my biggest concern is the pitching. I do not think AJ gets the call tonight. I think CC Monster makes a short rest appearance. Is this possible? Dicey but yes. Here's why its alittle dicey. My feeling is if CC pitches tonight and wins,the series is tied 2-2. Then what? Maybe Burnett for Game 5? If they win, they win at home. Or maybe it's Hughes in the Bronx, but short rest for a young arm scares me. Then it's a weird situaion becuase them we're going back to Texas. Whomever doesn't pitch in Game 5 has to pitch Game 6. And if they also win, it's over, if they lose, at least you have Game 7 with Pettitte. Am I wrong? Who knows.. Comment.

Whomever it is, Yanks need to show up tonight. The Ranger's Tommy Hunter is someone I'm not familiar with. The Yanks need to strike early if AJ's pitching tonight. AJ needs to trust his stuff. Don't aim AJ, you suck when you do that. Channel your old buddy Halladay. We need you now, more than ever.

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The highlight of tonight's game was Frank Sinatra singing New York, New York. Cliff Lee was as advertised and may I say Andy Pettitte, while he made 1 mistake to Josh Hamilton in the first inning, pitched a gem as well.

I really don't know where to start, the Yanks looked flat. There was no pop and no hero like we love our Yankee teams to supply each night. By that disasterous 9th when the Rangers rallied, there were hostile fans, fights and frustration. I know because I was there, in the worst massacre I can remember as a fan AT Yankee Stadium. It looked like a rainy game in May against the Royals in the stands as the Rangers were kicking the crap out of us. . The fans emptied out fast.

We stuck around, we tried to root, but it was now getting cold and we were irritated. A close friend of mine, a baseball insider said it best about tonight "Frankly, I'm more annoyed when we were down 2-0 and we wasted Pettitte's start and couldn't get Lee out of the game.". That is very true, but being there and watching the Rangers stomp on Freddy's still warm memory was just too much for me.

One other thing I noticed tonight which I've never noticed before because I was at the Stadium seeing it live was this: Posada is old. He couldn't catch the ball, he was sluggish, he looked hurt, and sadly, it looked pathetic. He may still have a bat, but his days are numbered. It's sad to say, I hate saying it, but it's true. Crucify me, but everything must come to an end.

Now, tomorrow night, I don't see AJ Burnett pitching Game 4. Right now, if he were to pitch, we're down 3-1 automatic. Then what? CC on regular rest and we pray for a win? No. I'm making a bold prediction, almost a panic move... Pitch CC tomorrow, make the series 2-2, then pitch Hughes or Burnett. And if there's a Game 7, you have Pettitte. That's all I have, I'm defeated, deflated and want to forget tonight.

The highlight were the foolish Texas Rangers fans in our section. A word to the wise; never make losing yankee fans mad. You can root for your team and enjoy the game, but pissing us off only gets them insane and you will get punched, yelled at and probably kicked at. Hence these great pictures and video.

I'm tired and I'm going to bed. I'll pray for the Yanks to win tomorrow, I'll pray like I did when I was a kid, watching them on a rainy May game against the Kansas City Royals. That's a true fan.

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Monday, October 18, 2010


Jeter SS
Swisher RF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Cano 2B
Thames DH
Posada C
Granderson CF
Gardner LF


I wouldn't want anyone else out there pitching a Game 3 vs. Lee tonight... not a one. Come on Pettitte!

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Bleeding Yankee Blue is strictly a Yankees blog, but in the case of the playoffs, we have a team of hungry baseball fans called the "BYB Playoff Nerds" that help us out by getting out to the other games going on in the NL. There is 1 reason and 1 reason ONLY that we do this. It gives the Yankees fans an idea of who they could be playing in the World Series, when they get there. I don't believe in if, BTW.

This brings me to a few snapshots from Saturday night's Phillies vs. Giants Game 1 in Philadelphia.

Our BYB Playoff Nerd Correspondent, "The Phanatic" took these pictures in what was considered a pitcher's duel between Lincecum and Halladay.

By the way, I absolutely hate the Phillies, don't you? Thanks to the Phanatic for sending these shots. He travelled to Philly around 5pm and got home that night at 3am. That's a true fan. I tip my hat to him.

The Giants and Phillies by the way are tied 1-1 in the NLCS and I predict the Giants will win the series.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010


They say they die in 3's and after Bob Shepperd passed away, and then "The Boss" George Steinbrenner this year, I couldn't imagine who would be next.

Freddy "Sez", a staple at Yankee stadium for a number of years, died at the age of 85. What a sad day.

If you've ever been to Yankee Stadium, new or old, most likely you saw Freddy. He was the old guy with more Yankee gear on than anyone and a big frying pan and spoon. He'd bang it all night, walking around the ballpark, or even outside the stadium before the game and he'd let any Yankee fan hit it as well just to keep spirits high and smiles all around. He was the ultimate Yankee fan. I must have hit that pan a dozen times in my lifetime, sometimes very psyched that the Yankees were winning, sometimes even alittle intoxicated, it didn't matter though, if you wanted to hang with a true Yankee fan, Freddy was always there.

Freddy always had his message of the day and no matter what the weather, he would be there, ready for the Yanks to rally. They usually always did too.

And I read something very interesting today about Freddy, something I never knew. According to the Daily News, "He became such an institution that his lucky frying pan and spoon, were put into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Yogi Berra Museum in 2004." How cool is that?

Freddy, tomorrow's Game 3 of the ALCS at Yankee Stadium. That game will be dedicated to you, the true Yankee Fan.

Yanks, do it for Freddy. Rest in Peace old pal.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Well, no one told you they would win Game 2. Actually, I did and I'm sorry. That Game 1 had me all loopy and I just went for it.

The Rangers changed the tone of the game in the first inning, 3 stolen bases from Andrus in the first inning, taking advantage of a sluggish Posada and it was a big "F you" to the Yankees. And if you think that was a one time thing, your sadly mistaken. Before the end of the season, I mentioned running and making Yankees pitchers and catchers looking stupid would be a key element in winning against the Yankees. It's reared it's ugly head. If running on an old Yankee catcher continues, the Yankees will lose the ALCS. Let's hope the Rangers forget today. My guess is they won't.

Hughes looked bad today, hit hard, and when he looked like he finally was getting into a rythym, he was pulled. The bullpen did ok, but again, it was all about good pitching today in our starter and in 2 days in a row, it wasn't there. You can't dig out and win every time. Last night was a dream, tonight, not so much.

Cano is the man, a post season to tell his grandkids about and that's great, and Colby Lewis is decent tonight, not great, not bad, but the Yankees needed more than Cano to get runs. Believe me they had shots to do it, they didn't, so turn the page. it sucks. I don't even have the energy to talk about how frustrated I am but they have a day off Sunday. Reflect, work out in the Bronx and get ready for Pettitte vs. Lee.

Series is tied 1-1. I feel good about the next matchup. Pettitte is the man and the Yankees can beat Lee. Lee is amazing and I'd love to have him with our club, but for now, he's the enemy and we have to shut him down and let him throw, so be patient and run up the pitch count. Who knows, maybe he'll suck Monday night.

One thing is for sure, the Yankees need to hit and they know how, SO LET'S GO. We need to have our starters reach the 6th or 7th inning solid. One can only hope.

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"It's one game, Dude". That's CJ Wilson's arrogant statement last night after the collapse of the Rangers to the Yankees 6-5 in Game 1 of the ALCS. Hey Pretty Boy, you're right. It's only 1 game but the Yanks have 3 left to win, the Rangers have 4. It's not a season Sunshine, it's a Series. And right now, it's a Series for the Yankees to win.

Last night's game was a huge loss for the Rangers. The bubble burst and hopefully for good this Series. Am I counting the Rangers out? No, they're a great ball club, but a defensive CJ Wilson says 1 thing to me. He knows he pitched awesome last night. He also knows the rest of his bullpen didn't and if I'm the Rangers bullpen, I'm annoyed at Wilson today. They know they blew it, why make it worse bro. It's about team, not 1 guys performance. You can tell he's still young and immature. Hopefully the Yankees sense that and will capitalize further. Am I the only one who noticed how arrogant Wilson sounded? Comment and let me hear from you.

Today, Hughes pitches against Colby Lewis. Lewis is beatable and Hughes is coming off an amazing pitching performance against the Twins. Anything can happen as you know. Hughes, who has had success in his short career in Texas can pitch well again today. Lewis, while a good pitcher, could implode after the Rangers were humiliated in front of their own fans. He could also, as history has shown, pitch brilliantly. But I say confidence and momentum is on the Yankees side and they will take this game today.

The Bombers 8th inning heroics last night could possibly lead them into the Bronx with a 2-0 lead but even if they lose today, they have the Bronx, where the ghost of Steinbrenner lives! Let's hope that magic never goes away. Ride it high and stay focused.

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