Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It was like being excited to see a hyped up movie. The previews were impressive. I knew the cast and had always enjoyed their work. This would be entertaining for sure…and then, well... not so much. It was a letdown that made you wish you’d saved your time and money and caught the show on cable or as an in-flight movie.

That pretty much sums up how I felt after heading to the cold, rainy Bronx to see the return of Robinson Cano. It was a flop all the way around. The stories about the game won’t revolve around the wheels coming off CC Sabathia’s start. You won’t get much on the lifeless Yankee offense or the bitter cold and rainy, windy conditions. No, what you read about is how the “classless”, “spoiled” Yankee fans unfairly and unapologetically booed their former second baseman.

It’s true the fairly empty Stadium’s volume level went to “11” when Cano was introduced. The Bleacher Creatures gave Robbie a Roll Call-like shout out, only to shower him with a barrage of “YOU SOLD OUT! YOU SOLD OUT!” when the multi-multi millionaire turned to acknowledge them. Was it nice? No. Was it fair? I can’t say. Everyone has their own take on the messy divorce between the Yankees and Cano.

I myself threw Robbie slightly more than a “Golf clap” when he stepped up to the plate in the first inning. Cano wasn’t a good Yankee; he was a great Yankee in nine seasons in the Bronx. Yes, he didn’t hustle out grounders, but he did a lot of things to help the team win. I guess nobody’s perfect (aside from Derek Jeter). I felt, as I said in Part 1, that Robbie deserved a welcome back and thank you in his first at bat…and then nothing more. The constant and vicious booing was over the top to be sure, but is Robbie a victim? NO WAY, NO HOW, ladies and gentlemen. And unfortunately that’s how the baseball writers are spinning it.

Here is the bottom line in the saga of the Yankees vs. Robinson Cano. Neither side is absolutely innocent or guilty, but Robbie and Jay Z’s Company are doing their best portray themselves as disrespected and unloved. That is where I feel the boos were warranted. If baseball is a business then it is a business. That’s it. You can’t have it both ways, Robinson. You can’t say you simply took the better offer (the 10 year deal you wouldn’t negotiate on) and then say, “The Yankees hurt my feelings and I had to leave.” That’s nonsense. The truth is Cano wanted the ARod and Big Al type money and years. He wanted to be a Jay Z client and he was okay going wherever he was offered said deal. The fact is the Yankees have been burned on 10-year deals and they weren’t going to give anyone over 30 that type of contract. That’s fair. I also feel that the Yankees were never fans of dealing with Jay Z and his OUT OF HIS MIND initial 10 years/ 300 million asking price. That was the wrong way to start negotiations and the Yankees closed the book on being “warm and fuzzy’ with their homegrown star early on.

The Bronx Bombers and their fans will be the bad guys…because we are ALWAYS the bad guys. Vilifying the Yanks and New Yorkers sells papers and gets views. It’s easy and baseball writers dine out on it. So don’t get upset when you read the likes of Jon Heyman up on his soapbox telling you that the Yankee fans are wrong and unfair. Don’t lose sleep when a guy like Jimmy Traina takes a break from fantasizing that he and Erin Andrews are destine to be together to bash his fellow Yankee fans. He’s just better than all of us I guess. (Look him up and have a chuckle at that line.)

The game was lousy because the Yankees didn’t play well. They didn’t beat a team that they should have rolled over. The M’s are not a good team even with Robinson Cano and the Yanks played down to the competition. That’s it. If this team wants to be there in October they need to take care of business with teams they should beat. It’s not about Cano anymore. It’s 2014 and Robinson Cano is no longer our player or our problem. He was and is a great baseball player. He got what he wanted and is in no way a victim. The Yankee made their choice and Cano made his. That’s all there is to this story now.

I froze my butt off to see the Yankees beat the Mariners in the Seattle-like weather that had a choke hold on the New York area that night. I left disappointed, not in the fans but in the way the club played. The Mariners were better on this night…and Robinson Cano had little to do with it.

Will Robbie always be public enemy number 1 with the Yankee fan base? No. Playing out in the Pacific Northwest will make him a blimp on the radar twice a year. The story will fade as Spring turns to Summer and we’ll all move on. It was just business right? So file in the WINTER 2013 pile and forget about it. With Pineda and Nova injured and a ever tightening AL East, the Yankees got 99 problems and Cano ain’t one.

Goodbye Robbie.

** Here’s one for Cano. I don’t want him to feel disrespected or unloved. Gosh, you’d think he was orphaned by the Yankees and given a hard knock life…and NO I won’t stoop to taking Shawn’s sampled version. **


--Mike O'Hara, MLB Fan Cave Host, Season 1
   Twitter: @mikeyoh21

"Paulie was always my favorite player."

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I've learned a lot while interacting with other fans. Not just fans of the Yankees, but fans of any professional sports team. People become passionate and emotional over players, plays, moments... it really is a beautiful thing. Think for a minute, where were you when Mariano Rivera broke the all-times saves record? Or when the Yankees played their Grand Slam trifecta game? Or when Pedro Martinez flipped Don Zimmer because he felt threatened? Depending on which team you root for, your reaction to those moments may have been very different. But, more than that, depending on what kind of fan you are, your reaction may have been very different.

With Robinson Cano returning to the Bronx with his new team, the media has created this sort of circus of speculation. Would he be booed or cheered? Craig Calcaterra, who we really like around here at BYB, wrote a piece about booing Cano too. You can read it HERE, but in a nutshell, he was kind of reprimanding Yankees fans for booing Cano, or at least that's what we thought. His point is that it doesn't matter one way or another, so why bother? Calcaterra, I really enjoy reading your stuff, and I think you are awesome, but I respectfully disagree.

I have a great amount of respect for the contributions that Cano made to the team. In 9 seasons in pinstripes he hit .302, hit 204 home runs, and had 822 RBI's. He was part of the 2009 World Championship team. He is a golden glover, and arguably the best second baseman in the game. Look, I am the first to tell you that I am bitter over Cano having left the team. I think his representation handled the negotiations with the Yankees poorly. And I think Seattle was silly to buy into a 10 year contract. Cano is phenomenal at second base, arguably the best in the league. But no one, no not even Cano, is worth a 10 year contract. Sorry, Cano. Really, I adore you as a player, but I'm just speaking my mind on this. 

As I said before, every fan is different. Personally, I don't need to boo Cano. I'm bitter, and I wish he had stayed with the Yankees, but I don't wish him ill. I recognize his talent, and appreciate watching him play, even in Seattle. But, there are others who did boo him. Those who are angry over the way he left. And you know what? They can!

As fans, we invest not just time, but money, into our teams. You love your team. You are passionate about it. You boo and cheer whomever you so choose. I get Calcaterra's point. Either way it won't change what has already happened. But if you saw him out there, and you let a "BOO" escape your lips, then so be it! Trying to make someone feel bad about their natural reaction to something seems like bullying. You aren't a bully now, are you Calcaterra? I kid! Calcaterra really is a decent guy, I just happen to disagree with him on this one subject. To some people, booing him will make the difference. It will help them let go of the left over anger, and move on. Maybe it's what they need.

Bottom line, whether you booed Cano last night, or applauded him, or even ignore his existence all together, it really is your choice!  Not all fans react the same.  Some may even spit obscenities, and make harsh, cruel, if not a bit funny, comments about the whole thing. Don't let others, even a nice guy like Calcaterra, define your fandom.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I am growing sick and tired of the "hurry up and wait" of Michael Pineda.

First, he comes over from the Mariners in a trade for Jesus Montero.  Then he gets hurt. Then he comes back and then he gets hurt again and surgery is required. Then he makes it back and the story is glorious. "Pitcher fights his way all the way back." I was excited for him. 

Then the world sees pine tar on his pitching hand against the Red Sox. OK. Fine, maybe we were seeing things...

Then he's got a giant hickey on his neck the next time we play the Red Sox. "No wait," says Red Sox Manager John Farrell, "That's pine tar." Then Pineda gets suspended for 10 days. Then he pitches in Tampa this week just to stay loose while he's serving out his suspension and suddenly, he's hurt.

I'm not kidding.

News is that Pineda has a Grade 1 strain of his back muscle. I mean, Unbelievable. That comes from Meredith Marakovits:

Wow, Meredith is good, ain't she?

God. I feel like Robert DeNiro on Copland. We keep offering Pineda a chance... and he keeps blewing it!

I hope we finally see Michael Pineda pitch consistantly after all this crap... how about you? He better not turn into a dud.

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The media speculation over how Robinson Cano would be received on his return to the Bronx was put to rest Tuesday night. He received a number of cheers, but really was met with mostly boos. Are we at all surprised by this? Usually, when a player returns to face the Yankees, they get a respectful cheer. But the circumstances under which Cano left made it clear he would not be welcomed. CC Sabathia struck him out in the first, and the crowd was ecstatic. The Bleacher Creatures added him to roll call, but then started a "You sold out," chant. The boos would continue with the rest of his at bats, and even some of his fielding plays. The surprise for me came when he hustled hard to first base. Granted, he was beat there by CC, and still called out, but he hustled. Where was that the previous 9  years? C'mon, Robbie! CC made it a point to pitch in to him, where the rest of the league has been pitching away. Welcome back to the Bronx, I guess?

Anyway, on this rainy day in the Bronx, the Yankees started off pretty well. CC's mechanics seemed to be on point. Mark Teixeira hit a single homer, his third of the season, in the second. Brian Roberts scores after an E2 by catcher Mike Zunino. The Yankees were up 2-0, until the 5th inning.

Don't know what happened to CC at that point. I feel like I blinked, and he was suddenly in a bases loaded situation. Started with the Mariners challenging a play, and it being over turned, and it all went down hill from there. Seattle would walk away from the inning having scored 4 runs. Top of the 7th would see Seattle scoring two more runs, one by our old friend, Robbie.

In the 8th, Cano's check swing was called a strike by the 3rd base ump, Andy Hamari. It was clearly a check swing, but you know what? It's cold, it's raining. Everyone involved wants to go home. But then in the bottom of the inning Teixeira's check swing was not called a strike. Mariners first base coach, Andy Van Slyke, was not pleased. Decided to exchange a few words with the Hamari, and earned himself an ejection.

Frankly, the shift was just not working in our favor tonight. Seattle seemed to have no problem scoring on us. Bottom line? They out played us tonight. You can't win games, if you don't score runs. Seems a bit obvious, but true nonetheless.

Final: Mariners 6 - Yankees 3

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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Is the rain we are getting over the next few days symbolic of the tears we shed when our very own Robinson Cano defected to Seattle only a few short months ago?  Would you boo him if you had the chance tonight?  How about if you saw his life sized billboard in a New York City park?  Would you gesture at it? Scream at it? Boo Robbie Cano?

Many fans did boo Cano but then their true love for him came out when it was revealed that Robbie Cano himself was positioned right behind his pictured fa├žade.  “On Monday, Cano made an appearance on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,' where he hid behind a cardboard cutout of his face in a New York City park as fans booed the picture of him. Cano would then pop out from behind the photo and surprise the bitter fans, who suddenly became very friendly with the Mariners second baseman,” stated the New York Daily News.

One fan got really into it, adding a "you suck" to his booing, but did a complete 180 when he saw Cano by shaking his hand and telling him, "welcome back to New York." Another fan got up close to the cardboard photo as he gave a long, loud Bronx cheer before Cano appeared. The fan proceeded to laugh, shake Cano's hand and said, "Listen, about that…” 

I was up watching Jimmy Fallon last night and appreciated him having the pulse on an Achilles heel for Yankees fans like me.  I want to hate him, but I can’t.  He was our very own.  He is the prodigal son who has come back home.  He grew up and now he has a new team and a new life.  But something tells me he misses home and his fans and despite the jeers and boos he may get from fans tonight, I know what’s in their hearts.  They are hurt but bottom line, they wish him well, much like I do.

"Hopefully, I'll be treated nice by the fans," Cano said. "And I'm just looking forward to going back and playing on the field where I first came up as a young kid, where I learned and grew up. And getting to see old teammates, especially Derek Jeter in his last year,” stated Cano in an interview with ESPN.

Cano is hitting .301 with one home run so far for the first month of baseball.  He has the potential of being on the top of the batting charts for not only the American League but major league baseball.  Good luck, Robbie.  Don’t let the fans get the best of you, and if the game isn’t canceled tomorrow night, look for me in the stands.  Not sure if I will be booing or cheering, but I will admit to missing you and wishing you the best.  Just not tonight!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Opinion Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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I was coaching this past weekend and of course, some of the kids are talented, but they’re talented for them, meaning, they have the tools to be successful on the field if they were just being themselves, but like you and I did many years before… they pretend to be their idols. Don't know what I mean? Keep reading...

One of the kids skipped out to field a grounder, backhanded it, hopped up and tried to make the throw to first… it was circa 1996 Derek Jeter.  I knew exactly what he was doing.   Then, it poured out of his mouth...

“I’m trying to be Jeter!” I looked at him and rained on his parade immediately, 

Don’t be Jeter… be you!”

He nodded, walked to the back of the line and waited for his next one.  I wasn’t mad, I was proud. Proud of Jeter for all he accomplished in his life, and proud of the fact that ever kid wants to be him.  But my words were important, because in the end, you want these kids to do it their way.  The way that works for them.  Sure, over time, you can become that “Jeter type” player, but for now, the fundamentals need to happen.  You’ll get there, through practice… trust me.

When I was a kid and wanted to be Rickey Henderson, but I knew that I had to learn it first. I mastered the stolen base, but in the end, I remember I took my own credit. I accomplished it. Henderson was my role model, but Rickey wasn’t training me... I was.

Derek Jeter is the greatest role model ever, but that’s what he is, a role model. You learn by example, but in the end, it’s what the individual does for himself.  I tell me son the same thing.  I have hammered home, “Well, you have to practice.” He looks at me like I've been 42 all my life. It's funny actually, because, and  I tell him that distractions make it easy to NOT practice, but you should do it anyway and trust me, you will improve!

When you’re a kid, you're surrounded by a ton of other activities that are better than practice or “work”.  My son's included in that. But you know what? Once my kid is out there, there’s no one better on the field. It's getting him there that's sometimes tough.  My guy's instinctive and quick and knows what’s expected of him. But in the end, he also doesn’t want to be Derek Jeter… my son wants to be himself.  He’s got that Leo thing that I have. Sure, we like our heroes, but we want the recognition… we’re the lion! We want to be king!  We want to do it our way and prove that we’re the king of the mountain!  I get it totally, but at the same time, work needs to happen to be king, doesn't it?

So what’s this about? Working at being you. Climb the mountain because YOU want it.  Do it YOUR way. Train. Work. Practice and believe.  There is no one more inspirational, than a Derek Jeter, or a Mike Trout or even a Laura Posada (Read THE DETERMINATION & WILL OF LAURA POSADA) or her husband Jorge.  Fight hard, work hard, climb the mountain!  There is no better example of that than someone that my son has admired, Ty Hensley. Sure, Ty’s in the minors, but he was signed by the New York Yankees when he was drafted a few years ago.  It didn’t stop for him there. In fact, it was just the beginning.  Now he’ll work his way to the next level, and the next.  And if he goes to Trenton, guess who will be there? I will, with my son by my side, rooting him on.  Why? Because role models need to know just how important they are. 

Once a kid sees a hero, they strive to be that, but again, always remember to remind that child to not try to be someone else…try to be themselves! If they do that, they will always be successful.

I know, I know, it sounds like I’m preaching. I’m not.  It’s just this thing I have in the back of my mind lately.  Over time, I’ve learned it to, but it goes back to Henderson for me.  As I sat in my lawn chair watching my son play ball this weekend, I realized that while he loves the game, and the role models are there, he sees them, he knows what they’re about, but he wants it for him. Sure, there will be struggle, just like you and I struggled as kids, but I know he’ll get there. He'll get there through encouragement, through believing, and through being himself.  And you know what?  He’s got some balls too… and that makes me damn proud.

Go for it kid. Your breakthrough’s coming. You're doing it your way!

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Reggie Jackson once said, “Fans don’t boo nobodies.” No truer words were ever uttered in the sports world. “Mr. October” hit it right on the screws. As fans we rain down our venom filled best on the players we KNOW are truly the greats. It’s why David Ortiz is serenaded with a glorious chorus of “Bronx Hospitality” when he strolls to the plate. He is a Yankee killer. Papi and those like him are SOMEBODIES. They have the ability to ruin our day with one swing of the bat or a slider that paints the corner. They are the players we love to hate.

This week we welcome back Robbie Cano to The Big Apple. He is now a lot wealthier. He is now sporting a Papi-esq, manicured beard. He is now a Seattle Mariner.

There have been a string of articles floating around in advance of Cano’s return on why Yankee fans are wrong to boo the second baseman that helped them secure the 2009 World Championship. The overwhelming sentiment is that we would be petty to vilify Robbie for leaving. Sports writers, especially baseball writers, are so full of...blarney to say it politely. They act as if they are above feeling any type of emotion toward players and the game. And maybe that’s the price they pay for getting paid to cover the sport. Maybe having no feelings and seeing the game in black and white is how they function. I find many of them to be self-important hacks that should find another line of work. But hey, it’s just one man’s opinion.

When it comes to Cano I agree that we shouldn’t boo him when he is announced at Yankee Stadium Tuesday. However the reasoning behind my decision as to why is different from that of the self-righteous baseball writers looking down their noses at the fans. No, I think when Robbie is introduced we should leap to our feet and applaud him as a returning hero. We should show him respect and thank him for his time. And then never applaud or boo him again. Yankee fans have the opportunity to show the world we are a class act. That we remember the guys that played well in Pinstripes…and then we can show Cano that he doesn’t matter anymore. In fact the fans should give Beltran, Jacoby and McCann louder and longer standing ovations in each and every one of their at bats during the Seattle series. After giving Jay Z’s puppet his due we should show him that to us, at this point anyway, he is nobody.

I am heading to the game Tuesday night. I plan on thanking Robinson Cano for the days he patrolled second base in the Bronx. He was a great player during his time in New York. I was a fan for sure…but after that I won’t waste any vocals on him. He got his deal in the Pacific Northwest. He can say the Yankees never wanted him…what else would he say. It’s spin and we know it. Yes, the Yankees didn’t want to give one man 300 million. I can see it. Does the line up miss his bat? Sure. Will the Yankees be fine going forward? You bet. We got a brand new show DON’TCHA KNOW? And Robbie’s name is now longer on the marquee.

I understand that baseball is a business. I understand that Cano took a better deal and I don’t blame him for that. Where I do see Robbie at fault is when he blames the Yankees for not showing him respect. I think he wanted exactly what he got and now is looking to save face by blaming the Bronx Bombers. It’s a pretty weak song and dance, Robinson.

I will have more for you on what happens at the game (weather permitting). It’ll be hard not to, but I vote we cheer for Robbie one more time…because after that he’ll know Yankee fans have moved on. He'll have to think about it during that long flight back to the Emerald City from the City That Never Sleeps…and never forgets.

** Here’s one for Cano **

--Mike O'Hara, MLB Fan Cave Host, Season 1
   Twitter: @mikeyoh21

"Paulie was always my favorite player."

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Monday, April 28, 2014


It's been quite a few days and the dust has settled.  We wanted to bring you something unique since the Pineda pine tar incident from our pal, BYB writer Steve Skinner.  Enjoy this... I certainly did. -Casey

 Michael, Michael,

I’m not going to scold you; God knows you’ve already been more publicly blasted than anyone since Sammy Sosa broke his bat and super balls spilled out.

No, I’m just going to ask you to be a little smarter and trust the gifts you possess.  You made the starting rotation without (I presume) needing to rub your body down with pine tar.  The coaches and team believe in you; so believe in yourself!

You are a competitive ball player, we get it.  As such, you are going to look for any edge you can get over your opponent – just as any hitter would do (stealing signs, using corked bats, etc.).  But, come on Michael, you have to be smart about it.

Did you really think that putting it out in the open for the world (and its cameras) to see was the thing to do?

In any case, you admitted you were in the wrong and we’ll move forward from it.  For what it’s worth, the first time cameras caught you using the substance (when you beat the Red Sox), the Sox players were really unaffected by the information.  As Rob Bradford of WEEI.COM wrote:

"Some other Red Sox players echoed Ortiz’s sentiments, suggesting getting a better grip might not be such a bad thing.

'I’m kind of on the fence with that where I would rather the guy know where the ball is going and have a good grip, for me, personally,' said backup catcher David Ross. 'As long as I’ve played there’s guys always trying to make sure they’ve got a grip when there is cold weather, early on. Maybe it’s cheating, but I don’t really look at it that way. Some guys might, but not me, personally.'

It was an opinion shared by Red Sox starting pitcher Clay Buchholz, who came under fire last season for allegedly using a foreign substance for better grips on the baseball.

'Especially cold, windy nights, it’s tough to get a grip on a baseball,' Buchholz said. 'I had that instance last year in Toronto about having stuff all over my body. You can use resin, water, the whole sunscreen stuff, whatever. It’s either have a grip on a baseball and semi-know where it’s going or don’t have a grip at all and get somebody hurt. How hard he was throwing early in the game, nobody wants to get hit by that, especially up around the head, so I don’t think there’d be any organization that would want to do anything about it.'

He added, 'If you’re scuffing the ball, that’s one thing, but if you’re actually creating more control by throwing it where you want to, that’s the game of baseball. A pitcher is supposed to throw it where they want to, and hitters react and hit it. If it’s giving you any kind of edge, as long as I’ve been around, I’ve never seen any kind of sticky substance give anybody an edge. If it gives him an edge, that’s one thing, but if not…'"

So, because of your “openness” with the foreign substance, you’ll forever be part of the weird Yankees’ lore tied to pine tar.

In the meantime, you’ll need a thick skin (not covered in pine tar) for those in the media who will ride in on their high horses and look down upon you.  They’ll describe you as a stain on the game and a liar and cheat.  Those who so quickly have forgiven Ryan Braun and Barry Bonds will be less anxious to do so with you because you are a New York Yankee.

Just grin and bear it.  Know that if you can go through the rest of the season successfully, and without further incident, this will soon be forgotten, and in all likelihood, another villain will appear for those whose “shit doesn’t stink”.

In the future, we’ll put together a little fund to purchase hand warmers that will fit in your pockets and help you get through the tough Aprils to come.

If they don’t work, for the love of God during your 10 game suspension find a better hiding place, because in spite of what you might think, people do notice when it’s flashed in front of their eyes.


--Steve Skinner, BYB Writer
Twitter: @oswegos1

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If Robinson Cano is being truly honest, he should add in the fact that New York still has the greatest fans in the world, but I guess it's only about him, now that he's a multi-millionaire in Seattle.  Don't know what I mean? Keep reading.

In life, you want challenges.  Sure, it's good to have everything be "easy" and "smooth" and "nice", but sooner or later you get "anxious" and "eager" and seek more.  Robinson Cano is content in Seattle, for now.  There's no pressure. There's no aggravation.  Hell, there's no nothing.

According to Newsday, Robinson Cano says of his new team and city: "They've been pretty nice...We're not playing really good lately until Wednesday, but you've still got fans coming over, being so nice and kind to us...I like it here. It's nice. The team's really nice. I like the team, the city. Playing baseball, the fans, it's really nice. Here it's more relaxed. It's not as intense as New York. In New York, when the game is over, everyone is looking at what's wrong. Here we don't have that."

5 times he said NICE. 5. Now either he's at a true loss for words, or he is not able to truly grasp the english language. That's not a slap at Robbie. I remember him in New York, he sounded nothing like this. He sounds like an 11 year old. I know... I have one.

Here's a piece of advice for Robbie. When you come to the Bronx on April 29th, we probably won't be nice.  Why? Because despite the fact that baseball is a business, you handled your dart to Seattle more poorly than rats leaving a flooded sewer. It was JV and pathetic. Now, I love our fans, and I believe that overtime, we will forgive you.  Hell, you are a great player, but there's a difference between being content and being challenged.  Now that you're in Seattle and have already seen New York... you'll soon find out what I mean.

Now, trust me, I'm over it ladies and gentlemen. In fact, many New Yorkers are.  We don't even hear about Robbie much anymore, do we? It's funny how that happens.  But I will say this, when you're fighting for a championship in a 162 game season, "nice" sometimes goes out the window. In the first Yankees / Mariners series will be interesting for Cano because of us fans. Hey, maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not so sure I am.

Nice... right?

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When a team is rolling... everything goes their way.  Winning through hard work is always a must, but sometimes you don't have it in you.  Sometimes there are players and teams that need to grind through it because the opponent knows every move they're making.  And sometimes, teams get alittle help. The key there is for the team, in this case, the Yankees, to expose those mistakes and come out on top. Last night, on a wild pitch, the Yankees won 3-2, after an entire game of what many in the media today are calling a "duel."  Good for them!

Masahiro Tanaka went 6.1 innings last night.  He had some nice moments, but for the most part, he wasn't "Tanaka" in a sense, although, he did strikeout 11.  He also only gave up 2 runs.  Little did we know the Yankees would struggle with Garrett Richards... but that's baseball.  What followed was Adam Warren and David Robertson and they cleaned it up real nicely, holding the Halos to only 2.

The Yankees had only 3 hits last night. In the bottom of the 5th, Ichiro Suzuki grounded out, and in the process, Mark Teixeira scored.  Then, in the bottom of the 7th, Mark Teixeira homered. It stayed that way until the 8th. With Brian McCann up, there was a wild pitch by Nick Maronde.

That scored Jacoby Ellsbury.  Again, the Yankee pitching held the Angels after that and in the end, we scratched out a win... with alittle help.  It doesn't matter... a win is a win and today is an off day... that's the way to do it.

Final: Yankees 3 - Angels 2.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Were the chants deafening? No, no they weren’t, but they were certainly loud. Did the volume rival that heard for Paul O’Neill as he jogged to the dugout in game 5 of the 2001 World Series? No. Did you get the same feeling you might have experienced on Mariano Rivera’s final appearance in the Bronx? Not even close, but you know what? That’s Okay by me…and you KNOW it’s more than Okay with The Captain. It’s very early to be saying goodbye, don’t you think?

It’s true, Yankee fans have not gone over the top with emotional standing ovations for the iconic face of the franchise this season. And nobody has noticed it more than the face of YES, Michael Kay. The season has yet to crawl and Mr. Kay is already down on Bomber’s fans for not giving Derek Jeter more of a send off. It’s as if Michael believes he is the gold standard when it comes to respecting every Yankee legacy and tradition. I, for one, am growing tired of his act.

The truth is you CAN overload the player, team, organization and fan base with too many “This is the last time” moments and ceremonies. And the guy that wants them least of all is Jeter himself. One of the many reasons we all love the guy is because winning comes first. It’s about the game and the team for #2. It always has been.

I think after 20 years in the Bronx the fans have learned a thing or two about the kid from Kalamazoo. We will give him the send off of all send offs when all is said and done. If anyone, especially Michael Kay, believes otherwise then they don’t know New York.

The Mariano farewell tour was not at all what Jeet is looking for. He has said as much. And I certainly would rather watch the team excel and return to the post season with our Captain leading the way in a blaze of glory. I guess as long as we leap to our feet and scream for him every at bat Kay will be happy to watch the club slowly fade from the hunt… with Jeter wearing personalized cowboy boots and holding a fishing pole with Magic Johnson. Please.

I have gone back and forth on Michael as a Yankee broadcaster. THIS JUST IN…Michael Kay doesn’t know or care about the Yankees more than the fans.  I think he is a good guy and I KNOW he won’t be happy to see another 2013 type finish, but he needs to slow down with the criticism of the fans and how they appreciate Derek.

The truth is the fans that have been at the Stadium have been giving Jeter his due…there just aren’t as many fans in the stands. I could give the rundown of the Mohegan Sun mistake; ticket prices etc… but we all know that song and dance. It is what it is.  The new ballpark ain’t the old ballpark. It’s more of a really spiffy mall right now. It has it’s perks for sure and is beautiful to look at, but something didn’t make it across the street yet.

Derek Jeter is this generation’s Mickey Mantle. He is the New York Yankees and he WILL hear the chants at a volume that would drown out that given to Paulie, Mo and Andy.  I think Mr. Kay should understand that. We also know who our Captain is and how he wants to go out. Right now it’s the league’s chance to say goodbye. Here in New York we are saving our best for last…and with Jeter we know that will come in late October.

** Remembering how we sent off Paulie and anticipating how we WILL send off Jeter, here O’Neill’s walk up song. Yankee fans never forget. Thank you, Derek.**

--Mike O'Hara, MLB Fan Cave Host, Season 1
   Twitter: @mikeyoh21

"Paulie was always my favorite player."



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Amber Sabathia is a Superwoman!

Amber Sabathia is a strong, confident and determined woman. I know that because when my wife and I met her back in December, you could see it on her eyes. She was proud of her CCANDY clothing line and the support was outstanding that day. She's crazy about her family. I mean, CRAZY ABOUT THEM! I know that because we talked about her adorable children at length. She also knows that it takes hard work to succeed. That's why she's constantly offering ideas and advice, focusing on the important things in life and providing inspiration for us all.

Since that December meeting and event, a lot has happened. Besides the CCandy clothing line, CC and Amber have worked extensively to give back to the community with their PitCCh In  Foundation that focusing on enriching the lives of inner city youth and helps raise self-esteem...and just recently, she was part of an MLB Business Diversity Panel. It was very powerful.

Amber never stops, and coming up, Amber will take part in a panel called Mom Moguls brought to us by The event will take place on May 7th at the Water Club in New York and will have mothers and entrepreneurs present... and our gal, Amber Sabathia will of course be part of the panel. Why wouldn't she be? The woman has literally done everything. Not only is she a dedicated mother and wife, she strives to be the best. She's a role model for young women everywhere. Much like Laura Posada, there is nothing Amber can't do.

She is an in demand speaker and has been featured in to many to count top media outlets... People Magazine, Good Day New York, YES among them and writes a column for Athletes Quarterly and 201 Magazine and a soon to be national publication.

Amber also hosts major fundraising events including the recent "Ladies Night In". It was an exciting benefit where the ladies arrived in their pajamas. They shopped various vendors & helped raise money for "Not For Sale". Amber co-hosted it with Alexis Stoudimire & Elaine Whatley. She never stops! How do I know? Because she also created two major fundraisers that raised more than a half million dollars to help establish a scholarship fund for the JCC Therapeutic Nursery on the Palisades too.

But with all she does, she says her greatest accomplishment is being a mother of four amazing children. As she said in BYB's interview with her on Christmas day, being with family and teaching them the importance of giving back is at the core of her heart. Amber said:  "We’re very thankful for what we have, and we want to help others in any way we can. Giving back and caring for others is at the heart of our family." (Read CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR: INTERVIEW WITH THE SABATHIAS for more.)

OK yes, we're biased here. We have a special bond with the Sabathias. We share similar values and we know that hard work brings success. It doesn't get much better than CC and Amber.

Be sure to check out that event. Oh yeah, and a special thanks to Kathy Jacobson for the hard work to help me present this to you, our BYB family today! Kathy, you're the best.

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