Tuesday, April 30, 2013


What makes a team great? Consistency.  Consistency to win.  Sure, once in a while a team can lose a game, but in the end, if they win a series and every series in a season for instance, they make the playoffs.  If they feed off of each other, if they push each other to do better, or win after a loss like they did tonight, things happen.  Winning happens and consistency happens.  That's baseball... that's my New York Yankees.

Yesterday was forgotten and the Yankees won tonight and I'm not going to nail every highlight but I'll tell you this, they looked good.  Hiroki Kuroda is 4-1 this season and that's not by mistake.  He's actually good although, I need to tell you that he struggled early but figured out ways to escape danger. That's the sign of a good pitcher. Tonight he went 7 innings, allowed only 4 hits and stuck out 8.  It's also important to note that he walked 4.  David Robertson and Shawn Kelley each gave up 2 earned runs each, but they Astros only scored 4 to the Yankees mighty 7.

Lyle Overbay homered tonight again, this time it was his 4th of the season. Travis Hafner was 3 for 4 tonight with 3 RBIs and a walk.  Even Brennan Boesch beat out a fielders choice! It's the little things that add up to wins. These are the guys that are putting together a run in pinstripes worth remembering. 

The final tonight: Yankees 7 - Astros 4.

I'm tired, but I'm happy.  The Yankees won and now I head home after a long day.  Sleep tight... don't let the bed bugs bite.

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Sure, earlier today I wrote that my gut thought David Adams would be the guy to get the call up if Kevin Youkilis went on the DL. Then Youk went on the 15 day DL, read HERE and Corban Joseph was called up. Read HERE. Good for him! Hey, I'm no baseball insider, I'm a fan like you! I don't take myself too seriously, I'm trying to have alittle fun here.

According to CBS Sports, "...The Yankees said Tuesday that Youkilis has a lumbar spine sprain.

Infielder Corban Joseph, who has never played in the major leagues, was recalled from Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

Hey, we wish Corban Joseph a good game and hopefully a good 15 days. Do your thing kid, many of us want to see the kids up... So time for you to rise and shine!

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This is what we can expect... expect Kevin Youkilis to officially hit the DL today.  Why? Because it's simple, Youk is taking too long getting better and the Yankees just can't wait any longer.  They need to make some sort of move. 

CBSSports.com reports (HERE):  "Yankees are likely to place Kevin Youkilis on the 15-day DL with a back injury... The third baseman has been battling a stiff lower back.

Youkilis, 34, underwent an MRI on Monday that showed no structural damage. He will receive an epidural, however."

So what happens now? Ronnier Mustelier? Nope, he's still battling a knee injury. That's been confirmed by someone "with knowledge of the Yankees farm hands" because everyone was emailing me wondering why Ronnier fell off the face of the earth.  It turns out, he's hurt too. What else is knew?

(In Photo: David Adams)
No, what will happen will be that the Yankees will place Youk on the DL most likely, and they will call up David Adams.  Adams will fill in as the 3rd third baseman of the season for the Yanks.  That's my opinion of course.

Again, CBSSports.com says this: "...the Yankees have been using utility man Jayson Nix at third base. Triple-A infield prospects Corban Joseph (.273/.347/.477 this year) and David Adams (.327/.417/.462) could get the call to fill the vacated roster spot. Neither has ever played in the big leagues."

My money is on Adams, I just have a gut feeling. My goodness, what has happened to this club and their injuries?

Stay tuned.

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What can I tell you- I am a sucker for good stories involving young players.  And I believe this story, as it continues to unfold its contents to us, is truly a gem.  The subject- David Edward Phelps, the 26-year-old, Missouri native.  Phelps is heating it up, which is critical for the Yankees.  The kid has the profile of the ideal baseball player- he's articulate, he's respectful, he's consistent, and he is a rising star.

The other evening when Ivan Nova suffered an injury, I was not mumbling "here we go again."  Instead, I anxiously awaited number 41 to trot in from the bull pen.  Now, let me speak for a moment about another 41, who I think is the greatest player to done that number- Tom Seaver!

There are a lot of similarities between the two pitchers and perhaps I am just a little bit too eager to compare; but why not!  Right-handed pitcher Tom Terrific, in his heyday was 6'1" weighing 195.  He came up in his early 20s, like Phelps, and he played for that other New York team in the early 1960s.  Tom was not only terrific, but he was also very articulate, respectful and consistent.  Lovable Tom was in fact the franchise of the New York Mets back in the late sixties, early seventies.  David Phelps is also a right-handed pitcher, 6'2" 200 pounds, lean and agile like Seaver.   He signed with the Yankees in his early twenties and carries many of the same ideal traits as Seaver.  By the way, Seaver was inducted into the Hall of Fame back in 1992.
Okay, I am off that soap box and onto why I think Phelps is the ideal baseball player.  He is most definitely articulate.  Hailing from 'Ol Notre Dame, the Fighting Irish alum is very lucid giving a keen perspective to listeners in interviews, savvy handling questions from the media and extremely cerebral.  In a post-game interview following Phelps's last appearance, suddenly filling in for the ailing Ivan Nova, he just summed up his courage and the "call to the bullpen" in a few very simple phrases, "You look at what our starters can do and what they've been able to do if they get the ball to the seventh inning. Our bullpen has really been taking over from there, and in the back of my mind that's what I was thinking. We got the lead and I was like alright just get the ball to Joba and let those guys take it from there."  He later stated that he felt he could have pitched longer and is up for the challenge, "I think I was up to 70-something pitches today and so it's not my decision, but if that's what they want me to do, yeah, I think I'll be ready." (Read HERE) He is not trying to be a stand-out, he is trying to do his job- making the task seem very 'underwhelming' to coin a word from Steven Covey, renown author of the popular book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Besides being articulate in his comments to the press, Phelps is most definitely respectful and even humble.  I can't always say that about other rookies.  I think Nationals' phenom Bryce Harper can benefit from a course in "humbition"- humble ambition.  Following an outing earlier in the month relieving Phil Hughes, Phelps stated, "I'm happy with where I'm at, just help this team in whatever role it may be. I'm not out here hoping our starters don't do well. I want to win games regardless of what my role is. I pull for those guys as hard as they pull for me."  (Read HERE) Respectful, dignified, and smooth- the young pitcher is wise despite his newness to the game and his years.

Where is Phelps headed?  Given the chance, the sky is the limit.  He is most certainly a rising star, someone we need to keep on the success radar.  He needs grooming, guidance and opportunities to succeed and even fail.  "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity," stated Albert Einstein.  He may have had some growing pains earlier in the month, but as we can see, he is overcoming them.  That's endurance, which frankly, is the cornerstone of consistency.

Phelps is one of the strongest, most critical members of this team.  He helps us win.  He is not afraid to come in when the bases are loaded, when we are at a deficit or even when the odds are against us.  Like Fran Cervelli, he is willing to do what it takes to win and give the team the much needed value of his talent.  I will take a whole pitching staff filled with the heart and consistency of Phelps.  He is a winner, from all angles and that's what we need to win ball games, consistently.

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Opinion Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Someday Yankee fans everywhere will sit in front of their television and listen to another Yankee great hang up his spikes and call it a career. Thankfully, that day wasn't on Thursday and according to the captain himself it won't be this year either. That gives us all some level of comfort. Derek Jeter will play again sometime this year. When? No one knows. So until he is one hundred percent the Yankees have some decisions to make. Do the Yankees continue with the infielders we have, or will they go shopping for a temporary replacement? If they do, who is available?

The Yankees have trusted the shortstop duties to Eduardo Nunez and Jayson Nix since Spring training started. They have done well for the Yankees during this time, but we never expected them to fill in for this long. Now that we know that Jeter wont be back anytime soon....does this change their approach? Nunez has shown some major improvements this year defensively. He even surprised me so far. The question is, will the Yankees continue to put their faith in this kind of consistent performance going forward? While he has done well defensively, he has really struggled at the plate. He just doesn't look comfortable up there at all and he looks lost. It's weird how his strengths have switched this year. I never saw it coming.

On the other hand, Jayson Nix can also fill in when needed. He has always been known for having a better glove than a bat but even he is surprising people. Nix does have a great arm and he can make a play when needed. This year his bat has shown some signs of life. Sure, his .245BA isn't stellar but he has helped bring runs in, he has 4 RBIs and a home run. Like Nunez, you have to wonder if he can continue to produce like this all season. As the injuries pile up, increased playtime time could drain these guys.

It never hurts to explore what is out there, but the problem is that finding a shortstop right now is like searching for a needle in a haystack. There are three that the Yankees could target if they want some extra infield security.

Cesar Izturis would be an interesting option. He won a backup role for the Cincinnati Reds this spring as a non-roster invitee. If the Yankees are content with the infield as is, it couldn't hurt to pick up a bench piece for the time being. He would be able to fill in at shortstop when someone needs a day off, but he can also play second or third base as well. He would give the Yankees a lot of options because he is so versatile. He is also a switch hitter so he would give the Yankees a much needed right handed bat right now. He is off to a slow start so far with a .238BA, but he is willing to take a walk and won't chase balls as often. He is also playing a back up role for the Reds everyday shortstop Zack Cozart, so the Reds may be more willing to part with him then some of the other options out there.

(In photo: Elvis Andrus)
If it were still Spring Training then Elvis Andrus might be an option. During the off season it was rumored that the Texas Rangers might be willing to part ways with him. His contract was going to expire at the end of the 2014 season and the St Louis Cardinals were looking to replace their own shortstop. Andrus was tied with the Cardinals for awhile read that here. Fast forward a month later and now he has a new contract extension with the Rangers read that here and he wont be a free agent until 2023. The idea of Andrus is nice, but if we have learned anything this off season it is that the Yankees just are not going to make any sort of long term commitments right now. It's a nice theory, and it would mean that the Yankees wouldn't have to worry about replacing Jeter when his dreaded retirement announcement comes along but it is probably too little too late.

If the Cleveland Indians don't make a playoff run this year they could decide to deal Asdrubal Cabrera. The Indians made some big moves in the last year or so and they believe they are a team that could contend, at least that is the plan. If they are too far behind by the All-Star break they could become sellers, and if they are then I bet they would throw Cabrera into trade talks. His name has already been involved in trade rumors, including during the off season, read Cleveland beat writer Jordan Bastian's tweet here. Cabrera is signed through 2014, so he wouldn't be a long term investment. He can also play second base and he is a switch hitter as well. His .229BA isn't impressing many right now but he does have 2HR, 5RBI and a stolen base so far this year. He is also a patient hitter so he wont chase pitches. If the Yankees could get him for the right price he might have a lot to offer the team.

Shopping for a shortstop is never easy, it's probably one of the most difficult positions to fill. Luckily for us, our backups have performed so far. Unless Jeter suffers another setback I don't see them making any moves for a new shortstop. Of course, if the Yankees do make any moves we will have all of that information here for you. Even if the Yankees did make a move, filling Derek Jeter's shoes is no easy task! The Captain will be back in time, I bet money on it.

--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Writer and Editor 
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ

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I love food.  That’s a fact.  Couple that with loving the food at Yankee Stadium and we have a serious problem.  When I go with my buddies, which is very rare, we’ll watch the game, but we fuel up on steak sandwiches, hot dogs, the pull pork sandwich with the Carolina sauce, maybe a few hush puppies if there’s time and we even have searched for turkey legs.  Read QUEST FOR TURKEY LEGS! for context on that.

The other night history happened.  I am not even sure I remember the score of the game that night.  My friend walked up to me with paradise in his hand.  As he entered his seat, I was fascinated.  “What the hell is that?” I asked.  I was drooling by the way. Meanwhile, I had a pull pork sandwich in my hands, yet, I was a slobbering mess, I needed more.  “It’s a Lobel’s steak sandwich on top of French fries.” Sure… it was a heart attack ready to happen, the steak juices dripping down into the fries gave the whole damn thing flavor, but I wanted it.  Meanwhile I was a quarter done with my own sandwich.  The new Yankee Stadium will do that to you.  As you enter the food court, bring a big wallet and each station may be better than the last.  It’s paradise.

What’s the point of this? Try it.  Try everything over at the "House That Jeter Built", because while some may criticize the New Yankee stadium for not being  like the old one, I disagree… it’s better.

Sure the old Yankee stadium had the history, but let’s face it, it was too small to house that many people… the New Yankee Stadium is progress.  Bigger corridors, more bathrooms and the best damn food ever.  What would you rather have, steak sauce dripping onto your fries or dirty water dripping from the exposed piping in the ceiling throughout the old Yankee Stadium…. It’s progress, and the food is great too!

My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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Monday, April 29, 2013


OK, so the Yankees shit the bed tonight.  It's 1 game.  We come back tomorrow and we win, the end!  If you, and they, sit and get aggravated because they just didn't have it tonight, you'll make yourself angry, maybe sick, and probably annoyed... so move on.

Andy Pettitte had a bad outing. 4.1 innings pitched, 10 hits and 7 runs allowed and he only struck out 3.  So?  Good for the Astros, tip your cap, they hit well tonight. 

Brett Gardner, Robinson Cano and Vernon Wells each had 2 hits tonight.  They were the 1,2,3 hitters in the line up, yet, nothing.  We left 8 men on base tonight... we just couldn't get anything going... Again, what can you do?

Vidal Nuno came in tonight to relieve Adam Warren and went 3 innings, allowed only 4 hits and no runs.  That's what I want to see out of that guy.  That was a nice highlight for me.

Final Score: Astros 9 - Yankees 1.

We come back tomorrow and we win. Good night.

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I found it crazy to suggest that Hideki Matsui should be re-signed by the Yankees the other day when I wrote WE NEED TO BRING HIDEKI MATSUI BACK. My piece was simple... I just wanted to see the guy again and bring him back for alittle reunion... throwing out the first pitch! I love Matsui and the impact he had while with the Yankees!

Then, big news out of Yankeeland today. George King III of the New York Post (HERE) reported the following this morning: "Plans are in the works for Hideki Matsui to sign a one-day contract with the Yankees and ceremoniously retire as a member of the team he spent seven seasons with and became a fan favorite.

The Yankees have a Bobblehead Day planned for on July 28 at Yankee Stadium planned for Matsui, who retired from baseball in December."

This was then finally confirmed by the YES Network and RAB HERE.  You have to love the idea of Matsui retiring a New York Yankee.  The Yanks do this from time to time and I believe they last did it with Jeff Nelson back in 2007.  Read about that HERE.

Truth be told, I'm thrilled by this and I can't wait to see the dude hanging around the clubhouse from time to time, hopefully he does.  As far as him throwing out the first pitch one day? It looks like I'm psychic... it will definitely happen now!

Welcome home Hideki!

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You probably have already read the world famous REINVENTING THE YANKEES WALK UP SONGS, PART 1 & PART 2. Now it's my turn to give my input on some songs for our boys as they approach the plate. I'm going right down the line up in a game day order, and yes, I'm also including the Captain as well as Francisco Cervelli, even though he's out for the next 6 weeks with a broken hand.

First up is Ichiro. Metropolis by David Guetta and Nicky Romero.

This song may not contain lyrics, but instrumentally it's a loosen up song. But so is Ichiro, not a man of many words, just action, nevertheless a loose guy in the clubhouse.

Up next is Derek Jeter who normally is the # 2 guy. I Get Money by 50 Cent is the tune and without a doubt, Jeter is an iconic figure not just in New York sports, but in New York everything! In this song, you hear "I run New York!"  I don't think many will have a problem with Derek making such a proclamation even though he's not the type to say it.

In the 3rd spot we have Robinson Cano. Juego Mental by Lobo. Robbie is a person who is very proud of his Dominican heritage, so to me it's fitting that a song like this would play on the loud speakers at The House. It has a real good beat, and will get people to dance a little as he makes his way to the plate. A good song to wake up the crowd.

In the clean up spot we have Kevin Youkilis. How Ya Like Me Now by Kool Moe Dee. The title says it all. Why? Because, Youkilis has been on fire at the plate. So this title is a direct question at Yankee fans who were aching over the signing. How do you like him now, that he is hitting and helping us win games? Me, I've loved it all along. I am not afraid to admit it, I always liked Kevin and sure, he's battling a back issue, but the guy will be back hitting consistently, I know it.

Batting 5th, Vernon Wells. It Ain't Over Til it's Over by DJ Khaled feat. Mary J. Blige. How ironic, a song title that's a famous Yogi Berra quote. Well, for Vernon, he's been doing his part on the team too. I say not too shabby for a guy who experts say is pretty much done. Wells still has something left in the tank, and he will continue to display it for as long as he can. Keep it up Wells, half the lies they say about you, aren't true!

Onto the 6th man, we have Travis Hafner. Unforgiven by Metallica. I always thought of Pronk as a guy who hits the ball like he's angry at it. Like he has some personal vendetta, so with a swing of the bat he sends it off with a "TAKE THAT" manner. I picked Unforgiven as to say Pronk is going up to bat to show no mercy. I like that demeanor, it makes for runs, runs, and more runs.

The 7th guy, Eduardo Nunez. My Time by Fabolous. I said it in my most recent BYB piece, IT'S NUNEZ TIME!... Eduardo is our shortstop until Jeter comes back. That's it. He needs to make the best of every start at short. This song is that motivator everyone could use when facing a challenging task, and trying to fill big shoes like Nunez is doing right now.

Batting 8th, Francisco Cervelli. Let's Go by Calvin Harris feat. Neyo. Cisco is always one guy to rally everyone in the dugout to get things going. He motivates and encourages. I remember during a game in 2009 where he hit a HR, as he ran the bases he pointed to the dugout as if to say "Let's pick it up... I hit, we all hit." This goes well with Cervelli's ethic as a team player. Get well soon Cisco, we need you pal!

And last but certainly not least, batting 9th is Brett Gardner. Life in the Fast Lane by The Eagles. Well, Gardner is known to fly around the bases. Having all that speed in the sport of baseball is a gift. Especially as one of the speediest guys in the line up, you know it's all about life in the fast lane when you're required to steal those bases to get into scoring position.

So there you have it. My playlist for some of our Yankees on the line up card. I hope you enjoyed this installment as much as I did putting it together for you. What songs would you select for some of the guys?

Let us know, comment.  We look forward to reading your input.

-- Rudy Laurens, BYB Writer
Facebook: House of Champions

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My oldest kid wears number 10. He’s worn it ever since I could remember.  The reason? #2 was always taken and they just gave #10 to him.  First thing I said to him was, “PhilRizzuto.” He looked puzzled and so I gave him a brief history of one of my favorite shortstops of all time. Me being Italian American, I latched on to the other Italians in baseball.  It’s just what you do.  But after a few years of wearing 10, it slowly became my son’s number.  To the point where there is something new happening in my house.  My wife took him to get it shaved into his head. 

Truth be told, my guy is one of the most talented ones on the field, and sure, I’m biased, but if it means he looks at that number and makes it his, I say go for it.  As the little league kids reach 10 and 11, and 12 years old and play together, they all start to even out.  They all start to play at the same level and become decent teammates to each other. The ones who don’t usually leave the game to take up another sport.  But not my son, not yet at least. 

You can tell it’s getting harder out there for him. He gets discouraged easily, sometimes disappointed when a play or call doesn’t go his way.  You can see these kids giving it their all, sometimes there are tears and disappointment, and sometimes there are the winning hits and stolen bases that make them feel invincible.  I’ve seen both sides of the coin with my son, and while I know how talented his is…sometimes I don’t think he does. When there is disappointment at that age… it’s hard to stay confident and positive.  Think about it, at that age, a missed ground ball is literally the end of the world. As an adult who’s been there, you know it’s gonna be OK.   My son, and probably your son or daughter, doesn’t always understand that. 

I’ve stated many times that confidence is key in sports, you lose it, you lose the want and need to play.  I see it in his eyes sometimes as the kids start to play more competitively, and all I want to do is go out there and give him a hug on that field and tell him to ignore the pressures, and just go for it.   

He used to have this Jorge Posada stare watching every play and going through the last at bat in his head… something much bigger for that little brain.  It used to scare the hell out of me. I mean, who needs that at 10 years old?   Now, he becomes annoyed, too hard on himself and it’s a place I don’t want him to be.

My wife and I have never pressured our kids in sports, it’s the peers who do that to each other.  Sure, there is encouragement among the kids, but there is this pressure to be the best and they feed off each other. You see it happening and no matter how many times you have a coach telling them to “just have fun”, they see past that…they want the win.

For me personally, I don’t care that he comes in last, not at age 10, I just want him to try to be first.  The harder thing is if they DO fail, will they try again? It’s a struggle and I see the pressure being so enormous, I almost feel like it just ain’t fair.

So, what’s my point? If the little things help, like an “atta boy”, like a new baseball glove or even like his number shaved in his head, it’s important, because their world has these little failures that are so insignificant in our life, but are enormous and earth shattering to theirs.  If it helps guide him and keeps him on a positive track, I’m in.  It’s important to the makeup of my little ball player who wants to be on top so badly, but just doesn’t know if he can anymore. 

In the end win or lose, he’s still the best God damn player I’ve ever seen and he’s the best he’s ever been at age 10. Ironically, that’s his number, and it’s almost like it was meant to be.

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We have a lot of great players on our team, but David Robertson has to be one of my favorites because he represents the Yankees both on the field and off. Last year was an incredible year for him and we saw him work out of some sticky situations like it was no big deal. We are huge Robertson fans here at BYB, and there are so many reasons why.

There have been countless times where Robertson is on the mound and he has pitched his way into some trouble. We are used to it by now. Now when it happens, I can deal with the pacing or the sitting at the very edge of my couch with my eyes glued on the screen. As many times as he has done this, there is one game that stands out to me.

It’s one of the first moments I had when I said “Wow, OK then!” It was the opening game for 2012. We were playing the Rays and I remember Joe Girardi walking out to the mound and giving the ball to Robertson. The Rays were threatening with runners on first and third and there were no outs. It was up to him to keep the Yankees one run lead. Miraculously, he struck out the next three batters. Then again, maybe it wasn’t so miraculous after all…..he is called Houdini for a reason.

Robertson was very good at getting my heart rate up. He definitely pitched his way into trouble sometimes, but his amazing 2.67 ERA and 12.02 K/9 rate showed just how effective he was. Sure, he may have loaded up the bases as times, but when he did he left runners stranded many times also. It’s what Houdini does. I figure after having a season of practice controlling my panic attacks hopefully 2013 will be a walk in the park for me.

A true Yankee continues to represent even when they aren’t on the field and under the bright lights. I became an even bigger fan of his after the tornadoes devastated many lives in Tuscaloosa, AL on April 27, 2011 because David and his wife Erin invested so much time and effort into really helping those affected by this tragedy. The Robertsons started High Socks for Hope and are still helping people rebuild their lives. We were fortunate enough to be able to talk to them about their foundation, check out EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: HIGH SOCKS FOR HOPE and help spread the word about their amazing cause. We wanted to help too, and a lot of our amazing readers bought a Bleeding Yankee Blue shirt. Money from those shirts went the foundation where it hopefully helps people rebuild their lives.

The Robertsons do a lot of charity work and they are great people. They have a big heart and are just the type of people you wish you lived next door to. Can you imagine walking next door and asking your neighbors the Robertsons for a cup of sugar? OK, maybe I am thinking the wrong era here, but they seem terrific. They also probably have the most adorable son I think I have ever seen.

He looks like he could be on commercial. If he was, he would probably sell whatever it was he was advertising for, he is just that cute. He would be the best subliminal advertising strategy ever used. If you haven’t seen this cutie, check out a picture of him here. Suddenly Christmas in April doesn’t sound so bad, right? See, even he can sell that.

I have really become an even bigger fan of the David Robertson and his wife Erin, they seem to have it all figured out. It doesn’t matter if Robertson is throwing the perfect pitch on the mound or doing work in the community, because even there he hits it out of the park. Doing charity work is more than just being a good Yankee, it’s about leading a good life and helping out those in need. If you do that, good things happen to you no matter what. So thank you for everything you and your family do. You inspire us all.

--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Writer and Editor 
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ

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Quick news on Scott Proctor, just because he was a former Yankee and I vowed to give you updates on occasion when some news happens.  Scott Proctor has been released by the Baltimore Orioles. You can read about it HERE.  He was pitching for the Norfolk Tides, a AAA Orioles club... and now he's not.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Another comeback win in the Bronx... this time Lyle Overbay put us ahead. I'm realizing how important it is to have that first baseman replacement there for Mark Teixeira... Overbay was a smarter choice than Juan Rivera, and the timing was right.

The Yankees swept the Blue Jays in 4 games and I'm not the type to brag, and I won't, but where did all those Blue Jays fans go who were telling me on Twitter that the Yankees season was over before it even began? Again, I'm not bragging, but I did say not the rule the Yankees out, just let the season play out, that's all I said and that's what's happening.

Brennan Bosech cranked out a home run today in the 2nd inning. That was all the Yankees did offensively until Lyle Overbay hit a 2 run shot in the 7th. That put them ahead and just like clockwork, Mariano Rivera shut the door.

Final Score: Yankees 3 - Blue Jays 2 and a 4 game sweep.

There are some nice comebacks this season, real nice and it reminds me a lot of 2009... minus the pie of course.

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 “You know, except for that mustache, you look just like my mother.”

“But I don’t have a mustache.”

“Yes, but my mother does!”

It’s time for a mustache ride! Baseball and nose beards have gone hand in hand forever. There are so many great players known for their skills and facial hair. And there are many more players known for just their facial hair. Here are some of the best known mustaches in baseball, and therefore the world…

Don Mattingly.

Our own Donnie Baseball came to be known for his trademark crumb catcher. Donnie B’s look beats out even Mike Schmidt and (of course) Bill Buckner. Tom Selleck based his look for the movie “Mr Baseball” on Don. Okay, no, Selleck based his look on himself but had the same thing goin’ on as Don.

Mattingly was famously chewed out for his whiskers by Mr Burns on The Simpsons, who considered them sideburns. Donnie then commented how he liked Burns better than Steinbrenner.

Travis Snider.
Travis isn’t particularly known for his talent but he once grew a peach-fuzzfest memorable for its sad yet endearing hold on life, when Snider should have really pulled the plug. He made our next candidate look awesome in comparison…

Joba Chamberlain.
As it was memorialized on a Facebook Yankee fan page last week, “Joba Chamberlain is warming in the bullpen. Joba’s mustache is not.” Sadly, Joba has taken such good natured ribbing about his cookie duster seriously, and has dispatched of it. Boo.

Pretty much all of the late eighties Minnesota Twins…

(In Photo: Frank Viola)

Tom Brunansky had a lip shadow.

Alvaro Espinoza had a face lace.

Craig Kusick had a tea strainer.

I know Minnesota can be crisp, temperature-wise, but there must have been a similar clause to the Yankees restrictive facial hair policy. Mustache required, perhaps. Well they got a Championship out of it at least.

Speaking of the Yankees “mustache only” facial hair policy, we will now take the opportunity to call David Price a big chicken for his “no shaves till Brooklyn” philosophy. Grow a pair, Price! A pair of handlebars!

Then there are the Fu Manchus! Manchi?

Rod Beck.

Dennis Eckersley.

And “Mad Hungarian” Al Hrabosky.

We cannot forget Goose Gossage.

This ‘stache was singular to Goose and Goose alone. Nobody else could or would dare to trespass upon this individual accomplishment of awesome upper lipholstery. Only one was more impressive, and that could only have been…

Rollie Fingers.

Please. Like there would be another World Champion. His grass grin could literally take your eye out.

Now as much as I would love to stay and chat, I really mustache.

I thank yeeewwwwwww…

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