Tuesday, April 17, 2012


In the past, I’m happy to mention Facebook pages that are terrific for the New York Yankees and it’s fans. Places where real fans go and support their team and talk baseball and about everything under the sun when it comes to Yankee baseball. A safe haven if you will.

That's why I like Facebook's House of Champions, it has great Yankee fans, terrific banter, good conversation and they support us here at Bleeding Yankee Blue and the work we’re doing to try and raise money for High Socks for Hope, plus it's run and operated by good people. By the way, if you don't know what I'm talking about when I mention BYB and High Socks for Hope, read WHY I BELIEVE IN HIGH SOCKS FOR HOPE. Any way, I am thrilled to be apart of their group and I am so appreciative that they share Bleeding Yankee Blue stories on their page regularly. It’s nice.

Yankee fans are Yankee fans, we’re one big happy family. After all, we’re fans of the greatest franchise on this earth, what the hell should we be upset about? We should all support one another, at least I do. For example, for me in the blog world, I read Bomber Boulevard religiously…Rasheeda Cooper and I have been great friends, I support her, she supports me. It’s a respect thing, after all, that’s a life lesson isn’t it? Look, I’m not here to preach, I’m here to say I appreciate all you Yankee fans, supporting each and every Yankee venture as we’ll all march toward the finish line… another Yankee championship.

I’ve written about the “We” verses “They” when I speak of my New York Yankees, like I'm also on the field, that's how passionate I am as a fan. I know you guys do it too, because that’s what us fans do, so, as the season progresses, you’re going to be looking for new and exciting blogs and fan pages for more and more conversation and fun. All I’m saying is, House of Champions is for you.

Now some of you will say “Well Casey, I add you to Yankee groups and you leave the group…what gives?” I’ll tell you, I run a website, I receive so much email every day, plus, you tack on notifications from fan pages and I just can’t keep up. I don’t have teams and teams of elves running around de-cluttering my email. When I get a handle on what I’m doing, I add a group. I’m doing my best, don’t hate me, it has nothing to do with not wanting to be apart of the greatest Yankee family in the world, it has everything to do with me being overwhelmed. That’s why I finally added House of Champions, it was time, plus I really like them there.

Now, full disclosure… I found House of Champions through one of our star writers, Jeana Bellezza, who’s mother Linda runs the page. That should make no difference to you, I would have found it any way, Yankee fans spread the word fast! It’s a terrific group and you should be apart of it.

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