Friday, May 18, 2018


Photo: New York Times
Nick Swisher is loved in New York. Now, he's back with the Yankees in a very important and cool role.  Big props to Pinstriped Prospects. Here is some from that story:

"That guy is Nick Swisher, the former big league all-star and Yankees fan-favorite is now a special adviser to General Manager Brian Cashman. While he no longer finds his name filled into a lineup card these days, Swisher still brings the same contagious energy that has become somewhat of a signature for the former big-leaguer.

With an unmistakable glow in his face as he addressed the local Trenton media on Thursday night about his new gig, it was clear that Swisher is elated to have the chance to put on the pinstripes again and tutor the next generation of talent before they hit the Bronx.

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'I’m here to watch the guys and report back to the boss,' said Swisher. 'Having the opportunity to be a special assistant to Brian Cashman is something that I take a lot of pride in.' Swisher added, 'It’s an honor for me to be able to do this. I feel like I am part of the band again; back in the band. When you retire, there is a hole, and to have this opportunity given to me by Cash, it means a lot to me, and I want to make the most of this.'”

I appreciate this. I like this.  I always felt as though Swish would be a permanent fixture in the Yankee family.  He's a baseball dude. His dad Steve Swisher played. 

He's always been surrounded by the game.  This is just another great accomplishment in his baseball and Yankee life and I love that Swisher is there!

The best to Nick... one of the good ones.

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