Monday, December 31, 2012


It almost seems like a bad joke or something, I mean Bobby was a good Yankee and I appreciated him while he was in New York. Now it seems as though, according to WEEI, HERE, the Red Sox are "working out" Bobby Abreu in an attempt to see if he's got anything left in the old tank. The report reads as follows:

"According to a major league source, the Red Sox have worked out veteran Bobby Abreu in Venezuela. As part of the workout, the team put the 38-year-old through drills at first base. It is believed the workout is part of both parties doing their due diligence, with it unclear if Abreu would even be open to playing first base, a position he hasn't manned during a 17-season major league career."
Here's the thing, the Red Sox need someone to play first base. They have a deal that they are currently trying to finalize with catcher and first baseman Mike Napoli. That deal is still not complete because they are working out the "verbiage" of the contract because of concern with a hip... read HERE.

They were also looking at Adam LaRoche, but then there was a report that they weren't "serious" about it because they didn't want to give up a draft pick to sign him, read HERE.

Now they are looking to a guy who's never played first place. Hey, take him.  Like I said, I always like Bobby, I loved him in New York. He did his job and contributed.  No, he was never a superstar in the Bronx, but I believe we got him when he was on his downside.  That being said, we got what we got and he was a good soldier. 
Now, I guess if he feels the need to try and continue his career in a position he's never played, it could get ugly.  Ugly is good when we're deal with the Sox. In fairness, the Sox aren't looking to use the guy in all 162 games or anything.  It's most likely a backup situation, as well as DH and maybe outfield once in a while. That being said... I really can't see it. The guys 38 and doesn't exactly turn it on like Derek Jeter or anything, you know what I mean?

We'll let you know what happens next... 

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Good nugget from's Joe Frisaro (HERE) who writes that there is most likely an unwillingness from Giancarlo Stanton to sign a long term deal with the Marlins... considering to sent "all the good players", may words, to the Toronto Blue Jays, leaving Stanton alone.

Frisaro writes: "...Yes, the Marlins would move Stanton, but only for a tremendous haul, which means he would essentially clean out the top prospects of any organization. It would basically take four or perhaps five players to complete a deal for Stanton.

Stanton will not be arbitration eligible until 2014, and he isn't eligible for free agency until after the 2016 season. So the Marlins are in no rush to trade Stanton. Yet, it remains highly unlikely he will agree to a long-term contract.

It is appearing more inevitable that sometime before he reaches free agency that Stanton will be moved, because the Marlins are reloading their roster, and will look to add as many quality pieces in the next few years..."

All of this is true and interesting and when I suggested the Yankees jump on this, I meant it.  You don't have a stud like Stanton come around too many times in a career. He's a special player.  Yes, we also have special players in our farm system, but the good news about special minor league players is, there are always minor leaguers, there is always new talent and there is always turnover.
Do I sound like the devil? I don't mean to. Yes, it want our Yankees farm hands to blossom in pinstripes and there are certain guys like that I would NEVER move, but there was something that happened to me the day Jesus Montero was traded to the Seattle Mariners for Michael Pineda... I was stung pretty bad. Then, I was angry and now... now I think like a GM.  You see a guy like Stanton, you make the deal happen.  Brian Cashman is the best General Manager in the business and if he can't do it, I'm not sure anyone can.

Frisaro said one more thing which I found fascinating... "Giancarlo Stanton is a force in the middle of the Miami Marlins' lineup. But like any player in the organization, the 23-year-old slugger is not considered untouchable."  Hmm, where have you heard that before? How about when I wrote SNAGGING GIANCARLO STANTON WOULD PROVE CASHMAN GENIUS on November 15th...

" Giancarlo Stanton, a guy the Marlins have called untouchable...but no one is untouchable... no one." 

Oh... now that phrase has gone mainstream? Nice.  Look, the Yanks have to jump on this.  There are certain pieces in baseball that teams should go after.

I said it about Ichiro back in June (HERE)... it was a wish of mine, a pipe dream, a player that I knew could contribute to the Yankees already stellar lineup in the short term. And guess what.... he did.

Stanton's another guy, a guy who can contribute now and if the timing is right, the money can be worked out, the prospects can be re-arranged... maybe, just maybe we see the guy in pinstripes. I've said it so many times and I'll say it again... stranger things have happened.

Stay tuned...

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As I sit here watching the Polar Express with my family, I can’t help but think about what was in Santa’s sack for me this year.  As a Yankee fan, with a tree filled with championship ornaments, there was only one gift for me this year, besides the iPhone 5- a World Series Championship!  2013 seems like a great year for this to happen but in order to get there, we need to believe it’s possible.

I think that we all lost that belief somewhere during the 2012 post season.  Our guys tried to do it with just muscle and we all know how well that turned out.  So my first wish for the New Year is that our Yankees believe in themselves and we as fans believe in them too.

It was in 1973 when New York Mets pitcher Tug McGraw coined his famous phrase, “Ya Gotta Believe.”   Almost 40 years later, this phrase still reigns true and it is perfectly relevant for us to adopt for this upcoming season.  Although I hate to steal a perfect phrase from our evil stepbrother, the Mets, it may just be the thread we need to hold us together.

With Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter at the helm next season, I feel like we can believe.  They seem to be the glue we need to hold our seams together and keep us from unraveling.  “For all the talk of Moneyball, the game remains Heartball. As talented and focused as major leaguers are, they still need something or someone to give them motivation and confidence,” coined the ESPN article “With the Finish Line in Sight, Baseball’s Finalists Reach for the Tug of Destiny.” 

My second wish for the New Year is for Andy Pettitte to pitch a full season at his best.  We waited for a miracle last season, and when Andy came back on Mother’s Day (my kids and I were there to see his 2012 debut), we got it!  But it was short lived as he went on the DL with a fractured fibula and it wasn’t until late in the season that we got our Andy back.  I remember watching him throw some rehab pitches on September 9th in Orioles Park at Camden Yards and just wishing it was July and we had him for two more months instead of only a few weeks.  “Pettitte missed a lot of the season with a fractured fibula, but went 5-4 with a 2.87 ERA. At 40, he knows what he is doing on the mound,” according to a November ESPN article “Rapid Reaction: Andy Pettitte Returning.”  I wish for him to be healthy so he can win 12 or more games for us this season.  Now that would be some wish!

My third wish for the New Year is that our prospects in the farm system produce and make their way to the Bronx.  We can’t do it with just the everyday players, we need our new guys to come up and produce.  And honestly, we need to hold onto these guys long enough to see them produce.  Sure, we held onto Robinson Cano as he moved up the ranks through the farm system and we all know how well Jeter turned out, but we let Jesus Montero go across the country and for what?  Michael Pineda?  Really?  According to CBS Sports, Brian Cashman (HERE) stated in November that, “All I can report is his arm was working very well, very healthy, very loose. He had zip on it. He’s in great physical shape in terms of body weight. He’s not going to be a choice in game action until probably sometime in May or June. Whether it’s majors or minors, who’s to say?" Again, I say, really?  I would like to hold onto our minor leaguers a lot longer than we have been instead of trading them away for hopes and dreams. 

I don’t think my wishes are too outrageous, and like the Polar Express Santa says to the loud and enthusiastic boy, “A little patience and humility would do you good,” I feel like we as fans have been patient and humble and now it’s our time.  Now it’s our time for our wishes for the New Year to come true.  

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Opinion Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Sunday, December 30, 2012


To everyone who emailed me back when I wrote SNAGGING GIANCARLO STANTON WOULD PROVE CASHMAN GENIUS and told me that the Marlins would "never be willing" to unload Giancarlo Stanton and further aggravate Marlins fans... well, they are willing and they most likely will "unload him." Why? Because baseball is a business and it was clear to me when they unloaded the full Marlins team to Toronto... if the price is right, everything is negotiable...everything, including Giancarlo Stanton.

Jim Bowden of Sirius XM, read HERE, tweeted that the Marlins Assistant GM Dan Jennings WILL in fact listen to offers for Giancarlo Stanton.  Couple that with Giancarlo Stanton irritated with that blockbuster trade with the Toronto Blue Jays and it seems like a perfect opportunity for Yankee brass to work the phones feverishly as to get this 23 year old right handed right fielding stud, just in time for the Opening of the 2013 season.  The Yankees have alot of guys they could offer, and as I stated in my piece THE HURRY UP & WAIT OF MY NEW YORK YANKEES, a trade may be the best way Yankeeland will get what they want. This opportunity almost seems like an odd scheme, almost like Cashman knew this was happening and didn't jump on guys like Raul Ibanez or Eric Chavez or Nick Swisher or Shane Victorino on purpose.  This my friends, feels right.

Many disagreed with me when I suggested an offer would be, could be and should be made by the Yankees on Stanton. Many suggested this idea was silly because the Marlins would "never be willing to part with Stanton." Well... they are willing.
Cashman is working the phones. This is a fact, whether he tells you he isn't or not, he is.  Because it's quiet Winters like this that Cashman lives for and he plays the shell game better than anyone when it comes to getting guys we need. And even if he didn't have permission to do it on his own. Do you really think the Steinbrenners and Randy Levine would say "NO" to Giancarlo Stanton? No way. 

Trust me...Don't think for a moment that Brian Cashman's finished.  You heard it from Jennings's mouth, courtesy of Jim Bowden... things are happening.  Let's hope the Yankees are in the middle of it, just in time for New Years.

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I, like so many of us feel kind of lackluster, exhausted, in a food coma and disappointed with the Yankee off season all in one. Christmas was magical, but now it's over. The Winter Meetings were here and they ended. I'm tired, I'm sick and as we wait for the New year, we wonder if Matt Diaz was the guy the Yanks have been waiting for this entire off season. Many of us Yankee fans say "that's it?", while others like my Twitter buddy Nick says to "be patient" as Yankee fans. Even some dude named Shawn, who I'm convinced is Brian Cashman, accused me of "boycotting" my Yankees, something I would never do. Will I stop paying to go to games and instead watch them on TV? For a little bit, Yes, but one thing is very clear with me; the non-signing of Raul Ibanez was much, much bigger than a 40 year old guy and all about this new small market mentality the Yankees have entered into...a kind of ball I'm not too fond of. Whatever the case, here we are on December 30th with Matt Diaz.
Brian Cashman is in a tough spot. I think I'm the only one in America not blaming him.  He's the marionette in this mess. I think he truly has no power to sign anyone like it was stated in that Wall Street Journal piece a while back. Read BEFORE YOU BLAME BRIAN CASHMAN, READ THIS. It was a year where Cashman didn't walk into the winter meetings with a boat load of money. Why? Because Brian Cashman suddenly doesn't have say.  Brian Cashman suddenly needs permission and "clearance" to do things these days and it seemed to have really started a few years ago, when the Yankees overruled Cash and went out to grab Rafael Soriano.
Now, in the end, Soriano made a name for himself in Yankeeland, but the Bronx was a temporary stop for his next "official" closer gig...the one he's currently looking for.

Then I got to thinking about all the guys I want in New York to help our team win in 2013 and there are so many looking for big contracts and I know for a fact it's just smart to not shoot from the hip.  Shane Victorino? He went to the Red Sox for what? A 3 year, $38 million deal? Um, the Sox can have him. Cashman was right to not throw that kind of dough at him.
Sure, the world knew that Nick Swisher in right field would have been the right move for the Yankees, but not at 4 years and $56 million.  Plus, Swisher needed to test the free agent waters, he deserved it, you can't fault him...and you can't fault Cash for not offering that.  He was smart in that regard.
For me, it all goes back to Raul Ibanez.  Not the fact that he wasn't signed as much of the fact that he contributed in the clutch last season and that alone should have gotten him an offer. But the Yankees never made an offer and that surprised me.  Raul Ibanez is exactly what the Yankees have wanted, guys who can contribute but are "cheap".  Eric Chavez was another one, there's no denying that, but nothing happened with him either. Look, I get it, we turn the page, but my only point is, if the Yankees want to go in that direction and state that they are... then they don't... isn't that a big fat contradiction?
So if you can't find a free agent, you find a trade, Right? The Yankees have pulled them off before... some aren't always fan favorites, like when Jesus Montero went away, and some we love, like Ichiro Suzuki.  But at this point into the Yankees off season...well, that's what you end up with. We wrote about a simple solution to losing Ibanez, trading for Jason Kubel, read WANNA REPLACE RAUL IBANEZ? TRADE FOR JASON KUBEL  Smart idea and one the Yankees should consider.  How about this? Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe wrote something that I've been writing here for a while about and I was crucified for it for weeks.  
He wrote today that many teams have reached out to the Marlins about Giancarlo Stanton and Ricky Nolasco even though the Marlins have stated that Stanton was off limits. The Yankees are in on that, I know it.  My take has always been no one is "off-limits."  Not superstars, not one in this world of greed and baseball is.  It's all business and at the end of the day, if there is a fit... if there is a team willing to give up new players for a guy, a deal gets done... always.  Nick Cafardo wrote about the Yankees interested in Stanton back in November, read HERE. No one said a thing.  I write SNAGGING GIANCARLO STANTON WOULD PROVE CASHMAN GENIUS, and I'm the idiot. Then, couple all that with a great piece from a blog I check out from time to time, Fish Stripes from right around that time suggesting why Stanton "can't be traded" and you have to think, many in Miami are "uneasy" right now.  I get it, I totally get it, Yankeeland is too. But again... here we are, December 30th, still talking about Giancarlo Stanton.

Finally, I'll throw this out to all of you.  While the Yankees have a great team on paper, you have to know that that was how we looked last year too....great on paper, great bats, great arms.  Yes, we made it to the playoffs in 2012, but we didn't have enough to get over the hump.  Plus, that's when the Blue Jays and Red Sox stunk.  Well, the Blue Jays and Red Sox made big changes this off season to become competitors again.  The Yankees have not.  Anyone with logic knows, you don't just watch your competition improve while you sit silent.  No... things will change in Yankeeland, things have to...for the better of the Yankees, the happiness of the Yankees fans and the pleasure of our boys in pinstripes.

At the end of the day, come Opening day, we root for our guys no matter what, but sitting around wondering and waiting isn't the way I thought it was going to be this off season. That's my take.

Happy Sunday... enjoy it.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Wow! That's amazing.  Huge props to the Yankees crew for getting the field ready for what was the West Virginia vs. Syracuse game today which took place at 3:15pm for the Pinstripe Bowl.  This picture is brought to you courtesy of the New York Yankees.  Nice!

Syracuse won today, 38-14. You can read about it HERE.

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Hideki Matsui was a Japanese superstar before he ever step foot in the Bronx, yet, on his day of retirement from baseball, his press conference, he chose New York, the place where he played for the New York Yankees for 7 years and won a World Championship in 2009.  Think about that...

I didn't, until I read Bergen Record's Pete Caldera's piece in today's paper, titled Former Yankee Hideki Matsui retires from baseball in New York, not Japan. That's why I love Pete Caldera, he makes you think. Caldera writes: "Matsui’s affection for New York swayed him to choose Manhattan over Tokyo for the announcement, which was broadcast live to Japan."
Matsui was truly great in Japan and if he wanted to, he could have had continued stardom there, but clearly he wanted to push himself harder, bigger and where else than with the New York Yankees.  As Caldera writes, "Hideki Matsui’s stardom potential was crystallized in a comment from manager Shigeo Nagashima: 'Go on and become a player like Joe DiMaggio.' Though he didn’t have a precise picture, the Yankees were in Matsui’s mind from that day forward."

And so it was, Godzilla hit New York by storm and it was a huge signing at the time. But the one thing you knew about Hideki from the moment he cranked out his first home run in pinstripes, a grand slam, was that he was about "team" and not about himself.  He wanted to succeed as an individual, this was true and is for every ballplayer, but when your team is in a fight, you group together and win.  Matsui knew that all too well and showed it to us every game.
He played hard, his work ethic was amazing and he did it with 2 faces; a determined one when he was locked in and a smile as if to say "This is my job and I never worked a day in my life."  Everyone who knew him said he was a great teammate.  That's why I love Derek Jeter's quote about him, he said: "I’ve had a lot of teammates over the years with the Yankees, but I will always consider Hideki one of my favorites.  The way he went about his business day in and day out was impressive. " That's coming from the Captain... that means something.

But I keep going back to Matsui choosing New York over Japan.  Sure, his press conference was broadcast live in Tokyo, but it just symbolizes so much.  For 1, he built a life in the Bronx and the fans, me included, fell in love with this guy.  We embraced him here, because he wasn't a selfish player, much like Jeet, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and Bernie Williams and Don Mattingly before him...Matsui got it.  He knew what it meant to be a Yankee and he pushed to be a Yankee and succeed right before our eyes.  That doesn't happen too often. Some players come to New York and don't get it. Matsui got it.

I'm sad thinking that Matsui has retired. It's yet another Yankee great hanging it up, but we will always have the memories of Matsui in New York. He did great things while he was here and we will never forget what he did for us in the 2009 World Series... he carried us to the finish line as if the say "My time's almost up here... let me do what I came here for." 

And he did. I tip my cap to Hideki. A true class act, and a true Yankee for life. Thank you Godzilla.

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Friday, December 28, 2012


According to guy Scott Miller, there are 5 teams that Brian Wilson can choose from, there is plenty of interest in the guy. That list was cut down from 10 teams by Wilson himself... read Miller's Tweet HERE.  Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle (HERE) believes that the Giants could definitely have Brian Wilson back, but one thing is clear and he writes it in to the first part of his piece saying: "You get the feeling the Giants would love to have Brian Wilson back, as long as he understands something: Spring training begins with Sergio Romo as the closer."

You have to assume the Yankees would NOT be involved in any part of this as they already have plenty ideas to bridge to Mariano Rivera as well as a second closer in guys like Joba Chamberlain and David Aardsma. That being said, we here at BYB have always appreciated the talent Wilson has, as well as the antics... and... beard.  Read I'D LOVE TO SEE THE BEARD IN THE BRONX.  One thing wrong with that statement...the beard would come off in the Bronx.  One main reason I am sure in Brian Wilson's eyes why he would never set foot in the Bronx. 

Stay tuned... I'm eager to find out where he's go.

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The Yankees have continued interest in Scott Hairston, yet, we have seen no movement.  Why I wonder? It reminds me alot about the Yankees "pursuing" Eric Chavez and then didn't and then "reaching out" to Raul Ibanez and then didn't.  Anyway, you can read about the Hairston report HERE from the New York Post.

As Kevin Kernan writes simply: "The Yankees still have an interest in signing another outfielder and remain interested in Scott Hairston."  This nugget was in a bigger Kernan piece where he talked about the Matt Diaz signing with the Yankees and how excited he is to play with the Yanks.  He Tweeted it:
Reading Diaz in his own words kind of makes me feel bad for not getting excited about the Yankees signing him in the first place.
Clearly the guy is looking forward to this opportunity and clearly that's what we want in our Yankee players.  It goes back to what I wrote about in WE DON'T NEED SUPERSTARS, WE WANT BELIEVERS"...Trust me, while we have good players already, we don't need additional superstars, we need solid players, we need believers to fill the holes... that's it..."  Diaz fits that mold.

If anything happens with Hairston, or anything else, we will bring it to you, right here at Bleeding Yankee Blue.

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 I just wanted to show you all this if you haven't seen it already.  These are statements taken directly from the Yankees website HERE about Hideki Matsui.  Not only was Godzilla great for the fans, he was great for the organization.  I just love reading these because it brings back great memories of a true Yankee.  Sure, Matsui played in Japan for 10 years before he even came to New York, but he game to New York with 1 goal in mind, to win a championship, and in his last in pinstripes... 2009, he did it. You gotta love it.


“I’ve said it numerous times over the years, but it’s worth repeating now.  I’ve had a lot of teammates over the years with the Yankees, but I will always consider Hideki one of my favorites.  The way he went about his business day in and day out was impressive.  Despite being shadowed by a large group of reporters, having the pressures of performing for his fans both in New York and Japan and becoming acclimated to the bright lights of New York City, he always remained focused and committed to his job and to those of us he shared the clubhouse with.  I have a lot of respect for Hideki.  He was someone we counted on a great deal and he’s a big reason why we became World Champions in 2009.”


“Hideki Matsui, in many ways, embodied what this organization stands for.   He was dedicated to his craft, embraced his responsibilities to his team and fans, and elevated his play when he was needed the most.  He did all these things with a humility that was distinctly his own, which is why he was such a big part of our success and why he will always be a cherished member of the Yankees family.”


“Hideki is proof that baseball is an international attraction that brings people from all over the world together in their passion for the game.  He was the type of player and person you want young fans of this game to emulate.  He played with pride, discipline and of course talent, and flourished when the lights were at their brightest.  People naturally gravitated towards him, and that’s a direct reflection of his character.  He was a true professional in every sense of the word and it feels good knowing he was able to raise the championship trophy as a member of the Yankees.”

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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Mike Napoli hasn't signed on the Red Sox contract dotted line and not there is word from Rob Braford of, HERE, that another team has emerged to most likely try and give Mike Napoli what he wants.  I immediately thought about Brian Cashman in that moment... then I realized it wasn't the winter or 2009 and Mike Napoli wasn't Mark Teixeira.

Bradford says this: " least one team has been in communication with Mike Napoli's representatives regarding the free agent infielder's status since negotiations with the Red Sox hit a snag. According to one source, it is believed no contract offer has been extended by a team other than the Sox since the early December agreement with Boston.

The Red Sox and Napoli have yet to finalize a three-year, $39 million deal -- which was agreed upon on Dec. 3 -- due to concerns surfaced after the 31-year-old underwent the Red Sox' physical examination..."

Sure, the likelihood of the Yankees trying to poach Napoli is possible, but I don't think it's REALLY happening.  I will bet you that they checked in again though.  I have never bought into the "Austin Romine will shine in 2013" stuff they are promoting in Yankeeland.  You've heard me say I'd give Francisco Cervelli a shot, he earned it, even Chris Stewart, but I honestly don't see Romine behind the dish. You guys disagree. Bottom line, if Romine turns out to be the guy, I'll root for sure!

Whatever happens with this story, we'll tell you.  I'm very curious who that other team is, aren't you? Again, let me state for the record, I'm not so sure about Mike Napoli either, but we'll stay's a Yankee tactic they've pulled off before, stay tuned.

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I waited on this story until I was able to confirm it. It can now be revealed that Hideki Matsui is going to retire.  That comes from a Japanese website called, HERE. The translation (HERE) is below:

Hideki Matsui "has decided to retire" and a press conference for Matsui will take place in  "NY on the 28th."

It's both sad and a happy time Yankeeland. Matsui will do his press conference in New York, where he stated his American career as Yankee.  

His best moment was the 2009 World Series where he literally carried the New York Yankees to a World Championship.  He was amazing and it was the perfect way for him to go out in Yankeeland! 
My 2 other favorite moments for Matsui was when he was welcomed back to Yankee stadium the next season to pick up his Championship ring and the Yankees gave him a fake one.  I loved watching Matsui hugging our guys... he could always handle a joke.

The second moment was when he married his wife after a bet with Derek Jeter and at a mini-press conference, read HERE, showed a picture of him... an illustration he drew.  I still laugh when I think about it.

Matsui was a great Yankee.  He will go down in history as a true team player, excellent teammate (from what I've read) and just an all around good player. 

I tip my hat to one of my favorite Yankee players... he's a good egg and I'll continue to wear my #55 during the season.  The difference though is my stitching on that jersey reads "Matsui" across the back, not Russell Martin.

Good luck Hideki, I wish you the best. Thanks for being so good to us.

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You need to be a master to Tweet and follow and DM and all that stuff with you are on Twitter. You sometimes have to be strategic. We write a lot of content here and we hear from you guys a lot. Sometimes were want here from the big guns too and when we do, we write about it here.

Now, It's no secret I want to pick the brain of guys like Bob Lorenz and Meredith Marakovits (read BRONX HOTTIE) and hopefully over time, I will.  And you all know about the fascination I have with Ken Singleton. I get a kick out of him and I love him in the booth. Read my piece THE JOY OF KEN SINGLETON for my piece about Kenny.

Well, the other day, Jesse Schindler, one of our Bleeding Yankee Blue writers wrote a piece about Phil Hughes titled SHOULD THE YANKEES EXTEND PHIL HUGHES' CONTRACT?  We had a few re-tweets and responses on Twitter like we normally do. Then something weird happened. Ken Singleton DM'ed me (or Direct Messaged me if you don't know Twitter) and commented about what he thought of the piece and gave his opinion. That was nice of him and I'm not going to reveal the comment because it was private for a reason, but I laughed because when I wrote him back, it was rejected. That's because Ken Singleton isn't following me.  I mean, he did follow me, for the moment he wanted to Direct Message me, but then un-followed me again so I couldn't Direct Message him back.  The weird world of Twitter.  Let me say this... It takes a strategic effort to do this. Am I mad? No, but I was hoping to have alittle dialog with the guy, you know, maybe I could check in on him, see if he reads BYB, extend an invite, maybe I'd  like to see if he played golf with Paul Blair recently, that kind of thing.

So what's the lesson? I guess don't follow people that don't follow you, or maybe just build a relationship on Twitter so eventually Ken Singleton will follow me long enough that I can have a dialog with him on our DM and hopefully he won't un-follow me so I feel rejected.

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There was a real good piece from the New York Daily News and Bob Raissman from December 14th (read HERE).... and I can't believe I even missed it.  Why? Because it had 2 lightening rods attached to it. Alex Rodriguez and John Kruk.  Now, I have nothing against John Kruk anymore, after he responded to Bleeding Yankee Blue on Twitter when we asked him simply to acknowledge the stupid "dancing" of Jose Valverde as bad sportsmanship if he was going to target Nick Swisher's chest beating in that Red Sox game early last season.  He did.  Read JOHN KRUK RESPONDS TO BLEEDING YANKEE BLUE for guidance on that.  
But back to Raissman's piece.  A good piece in reference to Alex Rodriguez and his second hip surgery.  A good read. One problem, he's using Kruk as an expert and the reality is, there are plenty of people more qualified than John Kruk when it comes to forming an opinion on a second hip surgery and Alex Rodriguez. Kruk "thinks A-Rod will never be the same. 'What are the chances of that hip coming back 100%? Not very good. It’s going to be a huge struggle for him,' Kruk, who was elevated to  ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” booth replacing Terry Francona, said over the telephone. 'I hope not. I don’t wish bad on any player, but it’s a devastating injury to have your front hip (when you’re hitting) maybe immobile for the rest of the season when he comes back.'

For Kruk, any comparisons to how Rodriguez rebounded from right hip surgery in 2009 (30 homers, 100 RBI before leading the Bombers to a World Series title ) are invalid. Kruk kept emphasizing how important the front hip is to a hitter because “it takes all the torque,” the turning, twisting force.

'If it (the left hip) is not turning and rotating with force, he’ll never be that power guy again,' Kruk said. '. . . He can’t stand there with that big leg kick and try hitting home runs, He has to make a complete adjustment to his swing. If he can’t, he’s in big trouble. Alex is such a big guy, he’s going to accidentally hit 20 homers, but he’s not going be a 35- to 40-homer guy anymore.'"

Now John Kruk is a former ball player, he knows how to play the game, he knows injury... but all I'm saying is, isn't it just obvious, to you, to me, to the world that Alex may not ever "be the same?"  Plus, why not just make it a better news item and interview a hip doctor that understands the injury and can give a true analysis on the Alex hip situation. Or maybe do a man on the street type piece and ask a variety of people baseball fans, Yankee fans, etc and get their opinions. I mean, the reality is a few of them would be bound to give you the same opinion Kruk did.

Bob Raissman writes a great piece, he just has the wrong "expert".  My take? Alex won't be the same player, but I've been saying that for a year now. You guys have stated it as well in your comments.  Alex is older, it's a bum hip... it's a double whammy.  Sure he could be a star again, but there are so many obstacles to climb.  Could he do it? Yes... but will he? No.

Please comment, we have DISQUS, it's easier than ever. Let me know what you think and follow me on Twitter @BleednYankeeBlu and join the group Bleeding Yankee Blue on Facebook, just type it in
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