Thursday, November 29, 2012


Can you imagine? First off, he wouldn't even have the beard while wearing pinstripes... he'd be Baby Face Wilson, but the idea of Wilson taking on the Yankees setup role to Mariano Rivera would be an outstanding pickup.  Hey, Rafael Soriano took a back seat to Mo and ended up having a great time in New York, I think he did at least.  He found his niche and then, when Mariano got hurt Soriano stepped up big time to close for New York. The Untuck and we fell in love.
The big question is...could Brian Wilson's ego handle that? Well, truth be told, I'm not so sure.

Why am I thinking about this, because Buster Olney floated an interesting Tweet today about Brian Wilson saying:

Olney is right and while we're at it, let's talk about the beard itself. On appearance alone, Wilson fits in perfectly in Beantown. The facial hair thing doesn't apply.  In the Bronx however, that beard would have to go and in turn, it could strip the balls away from the guy too.  Now, in all honestly, I challenge Wilson.  I'd love to see this guy in New York setting up Mo. Plus, he'd bring that energy that will be lost now that Nick Swisher is looking for a new home. Plus, maybe he takes over the closing role once Mariano retires. Who really knows... Anyway, check this out: This is one of my favorite commercials with Brian Wilson in it. If you're not laughing... there is something wrong with you.

The latest rumor on Twitter was that Brian Wilson is interested in being a Los Angeles Dodger. There was no source. It was quickly knocked down by several Giants fans and good for them. Wilson's likable, a team player and a big part of that Giants morale.  The guy was also part of 2 championship teams. In a nutshell, the Giants are bad ass... and so's the beard, which is exactly why I'd love to see him in New York.

Could Brian Wilson come to the Bronx? Sure. But, let's face it, there are many more factors against the idea.  But let's not forget the genius of Brian Cashman.  At the right time, at the right moment and in the dead of night he strikes and if the timing is right and the beard is non-tendered and the Red Sox are interested... Cashman could play spoiler and try to lure Wilson to the Bronx... I'm not saying it will happen, I'm just saying when it comes to Brian Cashman.... anything is possible... anything.

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