Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Remember when Luis Cessa and Justin Wilson were shipped to the Red for a player to be named later? The Yankees got their player. It was announced last night.

Yahoo Sports writes:

"The Yankees have acquired RHP Jason Parker as the player to be named later in the deal that sent Luis Cessa and Justin Wilson to the Cincinnati Reds back in July.

Parker, 23, went 4-3 with a 4.05 ERA (80.0 IP, 63 hits, 33 walks, 91 strikeouts, 7 homers) in 19 games (18 starts) in his professional debut with Low-A Daytona this season."

And Red Leg Nation writes more about Parker so you can get to know him:

"This season Jason Parker spent all year in Low-A Daytona where he made 18 starts and one relief appearance for the Tortugas. He was not rated among the Cincinnati Reds Top 25 Prospects. He posted a 4.05 ERA in the Low-A Southeast in 80.0 innings pitched. While there he gave up 63 hits, walked 33 batters, hit 10 others, and struck out 91 of the 337 hitters that he faced.

A quick scouting report has Jason Parker throwing a fastball, slider, and a change up. His fastball worked 88-91 MPH and topped out this season at 93.4 MPH. He relied heavily on his slider – throwing it more often than his fastball at times – and it worked in the 78-82 MPH range. He would also mix in a change up in the low 80’s."

I would have been fine with a bucket of balls. Anyway... the deal is done. All good however... we have some time to develop him. I have no problem with this move!

Welcome Jason!

Monday, August 30, 2021


The Mets have a problem... they stink.

You wanna piss off the same fan base that pays your salary? Boo them back! Javier Baez is a tool.  Yesterday he decided that he would thumbs down Mets fans because I guess he, Francisco Lindor and Kevin Pillar believed "enough was enough" with the fans being unhappy with their performance. And so, they went back at the fans, "booing them back" with thumbs down symbols.

Now everyone who's anyone knows that if you wanna tick off fans, this is the way to do it. Here's what the Mets don't get. You are paid to play the game as hard as you can to collect the most wins and best statistics you can for the year or years. THAT IS YOUR JOB NEW YORK METS. You know what the fan's job is? The fans job is to tell you if they approve or not. THAT'S IT.

Fans pay alot of money to buy tickets, eat the crappy food and pay alot of money to park for a few hours. Some fans do it more than others spending literally thousands of dollars per month.  And so, if you suck Baez and Lindor... trust me.... the fans are gonna tell you.  

Now... when it comes to the Yankees fans, we will do the same. You all know that Bleeding Yankee Blue keeps it as honest as we can here when it comes to the Yankees... good OR bad. If the Yankees are doing real good, we of course are on board. If they suck, we are the first to tell you that we can't stand them at that moment in time and also suggest what we would do as fans. You wanna know why? Because much like Mets fans, we too have a voice.  

Here's the difference... the New York Yankees never go back at the fans. They are held at a higher standard and they know this. And so, they sit there, they'll take the heat if they suck, and like any mature ballplayer... they will work through it and try to improve. It's alot of pressure, but that's what a ballplayer does. And as we saw, the Yankees found their stride with 13 straight wins.  

Now they are at 2 straight losses, which, isn't a big deal, but to some fans it may be. Fair enough. That's what is so great about being a fan. We all feel differently about different moments on the field. We root the same, but differently depending on who we like out there and what we want out of our team. But again... the Yankees? They don't hammer us back. They get it.

It starts at the top. 

The Steinbrenners have set the tone for wealth and what some feel is almost royalty. The Yankees are the elite, the top, the most pretegious franschise and that is how it trickles down. The Yankees players won't attack a fan like losers Baez or Pillar. Why? Because the standard is different for Steve Cohen, a Mets owner who is as spineless as they come, NOT talking directly to the clubhouse if the Mets are sucking, but instead trying to publicly humiliate them on Twitter.  

You gotta be a real loser to do that.  And you wonder why the Mets are going back at the fans. This guy's low rent.

Look... I'm a fan of the game, but I'll always be a Yankee fan. And Lord knows losing 2 in a row stinks as the Yankees just did to the A's. But I ain't mad yet.  If they keep losing... do you think I'll be mad? Sure I will. Will the Yankees understand why I'm mad? Yup. Can I complain as a paying customer? Yes. Will the Yankees understand that? 1000%. 

Thank god I'm not a Mets fan.  Sewer city... and it starts at the top.

Sunday, August 29, 2021


Source: The Athletic

We can all agree that this Yankees team has all the makings of a championship team. They have the depth of yesteryear teams in the field, in the bullpen and at the plate. But one thing they don't have is the experience of how to make that final push to AL Division Champs. And that is what it is going to come down to if the things continue down this path for the 2021 Yankees.

"The Yankees, who were in third place (7 1/2 games back) at the trade deadline, have made it quite clear they are taking aim on the Rays and outright winning the division, and not just a place in the postseason. It’s a race that very well could come down to the last three games of the season when the Yankees and Rays square off in the Bronx," reported the New York Daily News

But this is somewhat unfamiliar territory for the Bombers of recent years, who edged into the postseason through the door frame of the Wild Card. And that one and done pressure, although filled with adrenaline, is as much as a mental game as it is a physical one. Most of Wild Card teams don't survive; at least that would be the fate of the Yankees of the present. Some have pulled off wins in the grandest of ways: Florida Marlins, in 1997 and 2003; the Anaheim Angels, in 2002; the Boston Red Sox, in 2004; the St. Louis Cardinals, in 2011; the San Francisco Giants, in 2014; and the Washington Nationals, in 2019. But there is something really special and resilient about a team that hunts down the first place team from the bottom the standings to claim Division Champs. 

The Yankees were 4 back of the Red Sox on August 5, 1977.  In August 6, 1978, they were 8.5 games behind Boston. Both those teams hunted down the Sox and beat them, with 1978 being that one game playoff to break the division tie. These teams also had the depth of the 2021 Yankees and suffered injuries and losses, difficult ones including the death of their captain and catcher Thurman Munson in 1978. 

The 2021 Yankees have proven that they are strong and relentless so to think that despite their winning streak they have made little to no ground on Tampa should not discourage them; instead it should fire up their rage as Tampa is the team who has to watch their backs, literally. 

Source: Mary Altaffer/AP

"Interestingly, because of Aroldis Chapman’s recent struggles, the Yankees had to take a page out of the Rays’ book in closing out games with six different relievers registering saves during their August surge. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the Yankees have managed to keep winning, night after night, with not a whole lot of contribution from their closer, who is in the second of a three-year, $48 million contract," reported the News. And the Rays have suffered losses with their ace Tyler Glasnow who has given more than the lion's share of trouble for the Yankees, out for the season, they have had to do make magic out of their bullpen, which has served them well. 

The Hunt for October is on and this time it could come down to a real divisional race, old school style with the Yankees perhaps having the upper hand given their depth, strength and confidence which are all the necessary ingredients to come from behind and take the American League East right from Tampa. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Saturday, August 28, 2021


What's interesting about the number 13?

There are 13 baked goods in a baker's dozen.

There were 13 original colonies in the United States.

Alex Rodriguez wore number 13 as a Yankee and many were surprised it wasn't held back when Joey Gallo put it on for New York.

The Yankees won 13 straight.

All of these are facts.

The Yankees are playing great baseball. The Yankees are in other team's heads. And yes, dare I say, I have to give Boone alittle credit. Like I always said, he was too busy being friends with his guys and not being a manager. I would suggest he's found his balance and letting these players play rather than meddling. I hope it continues. 

The New York Post writes:

"The Yankees rolled to their 13th straight win and blasted four homers in an 8-2 victory over the A’s at Oakland Coliseum on Friday night.

They’ve hit 10 homers in their past three games and scored at least five runs in their last eight. It adds up to the franchise’s longest winning streak since 1961, when they also won 13 in a row.

“Any time you push records with this organization, you’re probably doing something special,’’ Gerrit Cole said of the streak. “But there’s a lot left out there for us.”

Cole says it best here. We've seen an incredible streak, but we didn't win anything yet. There's more to go and more to play. I often get excited about these moments for teams, but I'm always thinking ahead. There's alot ahead, we need to go game by game. 

And Stanton can't stop, can he?

Wow. I have ripping this guy for one of the worst looking swings ever for the past 2 years. But he's having a season and you need to applaud that. He's really leading this team and I'll say again why. The dude's staying warm. Playing outfield, staying engaged, this is all a good thing for him. 

The Post writes here:

"Giancarlo Stanton’s second-half surge hit new heights, and so did the baseball he crushed in the fourth inning Friday night.

The Yankees slugger hit a mammoth 472-foot home run into the second deck in left-center field at Oakland Coliseum as the Yankees faced the Athletics. It was the longest homer hit by a Yankee this season and gave them a 1-0 lead against Oakland starter Sean Manaea.

Stanton, playing right field Friday night, has exploded at the plate since getting his glove back and no longer being a full-time DH. He now has 24 homers this season."

Pinstripe Alley wrote this earlier in the week:

"Perhaps his increased time in the outfield helps his focus and his hitting, as Stanton suggested after he led the team to Monday’s victory against the Braves with two big hits. He followed it up with another rocket homer while playing the field on Tuesday.

Whether or not that’s true, Stanton’s apparent comfort with manning the outfield more regularly is also a benefit to the team by freeing up the DH spot. Playing defense allows the lineup to expand, particularly by letting a suddenly-hot Luke Voit hit and a cooler Anthony Rizzo still benefit the team by keeping his steady glove at first base.

It’ll also allow for more rest for the team’s other heavy hitters like Judge, S├ínchez, and DJ LeMahieu as they stake a claim to a playoff spot. And if Boone insists on starting Kyle Higashioka at catcher for another Gerrit Cole playoff start, at least Gary could potentially still get into the lineup as the DH."

Look, the Stanton move has done a lot of good for the Yankees and options are now a many.

All I know is that these Yankees are motoring, and you can't help but be excited as a Yankee fan. They're doing it at the right time. But hear me clearly... teams typically make streaks... not managers. When teams are on losing streaks, managers DO need to find the right formula to turn it around. When it comes to winning streaks... that's all team and the Yankees are on this winning streak, not Aaron Boone.  But did Boone help find the formula? He did. But he's not swinging a bat. Remember that.

Friday, August 27, 2021


The Yankees are rolling. It's kind of amazing. 12 in a row is kind of a big deal.

The New York Post writes:

"The 12 consecutive victories give them their longest streak since 1961, though No. 12 wasn’t easy. The Yankees blew an early six-run lead before Aaron Judge delivered the go-ahead single with two outs in the top of the ninth.

Aroldis Chapman, who hadn’t pitched well for the most part since his return from left elbow inflammation, pitched a scoreless ninth for the 300th save of his career, sending the A’s to their fifth consecutive defeat and ninth in 11 games."

But on paper, a win's a win and that's what we needed.  As I wrote in BOONE HAS TO GO WITH HIS GUT WHEN IT COMES TO CLOSING OUT GAMES, it comes down to what Boone sees fit for his guys in the moment when it comes to closing out games. Last night he went with Chapman who almost blew it. But in the end, he didn't and secured his 300th save. That's baseball. Sometimes you need to go with your gut and see what happens. Plus, you need a guy like Chapman who's been struggling to find his confidence. Tough balancing act for Boone, but he did it last night and good for Chapman. It worked.

But now with a 12 game winning streak, something that hasn't been done since 1961, a new challenge. Can the Yankees get 13 straight.  At this point while it's fun, it doesn't need to happen as long as they continue to win 5 game stretches, 3 game stretches, 9 game stretches.  A loss here and there sucks, but that's the game we play. You can't win them all... you can't lose them all either.

But last night was historic and that's a good thing. And more good things are coming. I mean, look at a guy like Giancarlo Stanton. Playing the field has changed his game. I firmly believe that. He's more engaged, his mind is moving, he's staying warm playing field as well as batting. It's working for him. SI writes:

“I think if anything, maybe physically it’s helped him,” Boone said. “Moving around and keeping his body going in the game, I think that’s something that’s been beneficial for him.”

Either way, Boone has been pleased with Stanton’s defense. In other words, continuing to play him in the field is a viable option for a team that could use the flexibility.

“He’s played a really good outfield for us,” Boone said. “It’s been a seamless transition right back out there. Looks like he’s been playing regularly all year the last couple of years.”

I mean, duh.

As well as the competition between Voit and Rizzo... bring it. I know they both respect the hell our of each other, but I know that as a teammate and someone you are competing with in the same role as you... you can't like the guy, because you want that role more.  It's just the way it is.  Does the competition help the club? 1000% it does. 1000%.

But keeping them both in the lineup can be a major boost and push as we head into October. Yahoo Sports Scott Thompson writes:

"So, Aaron Boone, this is what you could do:

- Play Joey Gallo in center field. He has the experience with the Rangers (55 career games)

- Have Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge play in left and right field respectively for obvious reasons

- Leave Rizzo at first base with Voit serving as DH

And from that foundation, Boone can mess around with it how he sees fit. Voit can relieve Rizzo on days when he can just be DH. Brett Gardner, who will have to take a back seat to those power bats who have been producing recently in the lineup, can give anyone in the outfield a day's rest.

Here's ultimately what the best Voit-Rizzo lineup should look like when everyone is healthy:

DJ LeMahieu, 2B
Anthony Rizzo, 1B
Aaron Judge, RF
Joey Gallo, CF
Giancarlo Stanton, LF
Luke Voit, DH
Gary Sanchez, C
Gleyber Torres, SS
Gio Urshela, 3B"

Now obivously personnel will change, like for instance throwing Andrew Velasquez and Odor in the mix... but for the most part, this is an All-Star Yankees lineup.

In the end, this is a great feat... but Yankee fans always need more. I'd like it to keep going!

Go Yanks!

Thursday, August 26, 2021


Aroldis Chapman is still and will always be my closer in the modern era of the New York Yankees. That being said, the dude's got problems... and going on an 11 game winning streak, and Zach Britton now out, Aaron Boone has to earn his money now and really and truly manage.

The New York Post writes:

"With Zack Britton all but announcing he was done for the season with a sprained elbow (more clarity on that is expected early next week), the Yankees are already down one elite reliever late in the season.

After Aroldis Chapman failed to close out a game again, Tuesday in Atlanta, manager Aaron Boone acknowledged the team would have “to figure it out” when it comes to finishing games.

The manager wasn’t ready to make — or at least make public — any decision regarding his closer in the immediate aftermath of yet another tense victory, but Chapman’s status will continue to be a topic for discussion as long as he pitches like he has lately.

His velocity was down again Tuesday and he walked two batters — the same number he retired before getting pulled for Wandy Peralta, who got Freddie Freeman to fly out with the bases loaded to end the Yankees’ 11th straight win.

Even before his recent problems, Chapman would have entered October surrounded by question marks, given that he has allowed crippling homers that helped end both of the Yankees’ past two postseasons — one to Tampa Bay’s Mike Brosseau in last year’s ALDS and the infamous game-winning home run by Houston’s Jose Altuve in the 2019 ALCS."

Chapman is 1 save away from 300.  Not easy to do and we should root for him to get that, but in the meantime, Boone needs to piece it together because, after all... that's his job. The Yanks have a bunch of guys in that pen that probably deserve a place on that stage and like Chapman's most recent scare, Boone's gonna have to go with his gut to figure out the best strategy going into the ninth.

Chapman's gonna want the ball... you gotta love that, but there will be times where he may not complete the job.  I mean, think about this... Mariano Rivera only blew 4 save opportunities in the post season ever. He also had 215 regular game saves when he blew his save against Luis Gonzalez against the Diamondbacks. You wanna talk devastating? That was. Now look... I know Mariano is sacred, he didn't get the job done in the biggest stage ever, Game 7 of the World Series after 9/11. And so my point is simply, closers aren't perfect. Closers make mistakes. You have to almost applaud Chapman for how far he's come in his career. Mariano blew a save and it was "OK, he'll get him tomorrow." Chapman blows a save and people panic. Don't panic... let the manager manage. Let the closer figure it out.

Let Boone do his job and figure out his personnel when Chapman can't do his... which is human nature... you can't be perfect all the time. Chapman will figure it out... and so will Boone. We need to have faith. We have some good kids in that pen that wanna make a splash and deserve a shot. It will get fixed. I really believe it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021


Source: Yahoo Sports

A 21-game on base streak, 1.201 OPS during the winning streak, with four home runs and nine RBIs, and he’s got 22 homers on the year.  I can't believe I am rattling off numbers for Giancarlo Stanton who was basically dead to me and most fans for the better half of this year and last year. But somehow, he's reinvented himself and he's living the best version right now as the Yankees keep the pressure on and the focus straight ahead. 

Source: Newsday

What's the source of this new found strength and consistency? Defense. According to Yahoo Sports, Stanton likes playing out in the field and credits that activity to his increased performance at the plate.  "I think it's helped kinda just not just focusing on hitting," he said. "I mean you always want to be your best in the box and I feel like in the best mind frame, but that also means turning it off for a second and using that focus somewhere else. So yeah, being out there you obviously have to worry about what position you're at, the flight of each ball, the situations out there, so yeah, it helps me in some way," said Stanton about playing more consistently in the field instead of just staying loose and focused as the designated hitter every night. 

Source: Yahoo Sports

“He’s a unicorn,” said manager Aaron Boone. “He does things every night that are a little bit different than anyone else. … Every time he hits a ball, like a ground ball that you see an infielder maybe think he’s got a beat on -- they tend to get through, because they’re hit a little bit harder than you think," reported MLB.com. And this unicorn is helping this team power through the middle of August like we have not seen the likes of since 1985. That was the last time this franchise won 11 straight. 

And to think just a month ago, Stanton was a player Brian Cashman would have loved to have unloaded. His performance was just not demonstrating a return on investment. I think we could all agree with that statement, but as of late, he has turned the page or perhaps abandoned his old playbook for a renewed version of himself.

Source: NY Post

Still a lot of baseball to go and certainly the unicorn can't carry the entire team on his back. Yet, he does not appear to have to, because the rest of the team is stepping up with the same force and power that Stanton is showing. Pitching has been 2.40 ERA in the last 10-games. And the bullpen has done a 360 as well, anchored by Jonathan Loaisiga who has just been simply spectacular. Newbies Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo are lethal both defensively and offensively and the Yankees are not acting like little leaguers on the basepaths. It is truly a team effort.

“What’s been nice about it is, it’s been the entire roster,” Boone said. “All 26 guys in there are playing important roles in this and having big hands in us winning ball games. And that’s a fun thing to be a part of," reported MLB.com. 

Yep, Stanton's a unicorn but the rest of the Yankee herd is certainly complimenting him. 11 in the row as the Bombers head to the west coast. Let's hope they can keep the streak alive and cruise into September with the upper hand ready to take on the AL East in grand style!

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Tuesday, August 24, 2021


Baseball is a game.  You get a coach that likes to micromanage and be friends with the players... that's a death sentence. I mean, say what you will about Joe Girardi... but at the end of the day, he was a tough skip. He didn't take shit. He wasn't there to be friends... he was doing his job.

He also didn't try to befriend his players.  And when the game happened... the player's played.  Now it just so happens that when there were tough games Girardi couldn't help himself and micromanaged and probably lost a few because of it.  But in the end... the players played... they got familiar with each other... they used their talents and didn't stress it. IT'S A GAME. 

We're seeing this now with the Yankees.  They like winning, who doesn't? But in the end, Aaron Boone has almost taken a back seat recently.  You can see it. 

He's not up their asses, micromanaging, hugging everyone, trying to have photo ops with his Yankee idols. No... he's letting this team play... and that's the most important part. 

10 in a row is a big deal... but you can't think about numbers... you just gotta think about playing good baseball.  That doesn't include the manager... that all about the players.  I have said it alot, this team looked great on paper in the beginning. I mean sure, we changed some things around and clearly we got better, but the talent was ALWAYS there. We just needed a manager to back up and let them play. They're playing, they're winning, they're enjoying the game they signed up for. That's incredible.

The past few weeks is always about different people contributing. Velasquez, Rizzo, Voit, Judge. Last night it was about Stanton.

The New York Post writes:

"The Yankees continued their stunning turnaround by beating the Braves, a team that was as hot as they were heading into Monday’s game at Truist Park.

Sparked by another strong game from Giancarlo Stanton, who had a solo homer and a two-run double, the Yankees won their season-high 10th straight, with a 5-1 victory.

It’s their longest winning streak since last September and came in the first game between two teams entering with winning streaks of at least nine games since 1901.

With the win, the Yankees pulled to within four games of the first-place Rays in the AL East and began a nine-game road trip with another solid performance from their pitching staff, which has a 2.28 ERA during the streak."

"Giancarlo Stanton ripped a 119.2 mph go-ahead two-run double to left field -- the hardest-hit ball in Truist Park history -- in the sixth to deliver a 5-1 win in the opener of the two-game series in Atlanta.

“He’s a unicorn,” said manager Aaron Boone. “He does things every night that are a little bit different than anyone else. … Every time he hits a ball, like a ground ball that you see an infielder maybe think he’s got a beat on -- they tend to get through, because they’re hit a little bit harder than you think.

“Everyone gets a kick out of going to the board -- ‘How hard did he hit it?’ A lot of times you miss it -- ‘What was that one?’”

“It’s usually, ‘Is that all I got?’ or cracking about it or something,” added Stanton. “So yeah, we have fun with it.”

And there's that word. Fun. When players aren't feeling the stress of micromanaging, they have fun. Boone's loosened the reigns a bit and that is why we are seeing this happening.  The team was always sound... he just didn't know how to navigate as a manager and was messing things up. 

Let's hope it continues.

Monday, August 23, 2021


No one knows. All we know is that Luis Severino was almost back... and then he wasn't. And no one is truly revealing what is going on with this guy.

The latest comes from the New York Daily News...

"Luis Severino will be traveling across the country with the Yankees to see Dr. Neal ElAttrache next week for an exam on his right shoulder. The renowned orthopedic surgeon has already reviewed the right-hander’s MRI and agreed with the Yankees’ team doctors that there is no structural damage in there — but the team has not said what caused the tightness which shut Severino down before a scheduled rehab start over a week ago.

“I think he’s gonna go out to California in the middle of next week for an in-person visit,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said.

The window for Severino to pitch in the Yankees rotation this season is closing. Severino would need time to ramp up again to get back. That would likely include throwing on flat ground to work up to pitching off a mound. Then he would face live hitters and then possibly pitch in a rehab game. For injured pitchers the rehab has built in off days to see how they bounce back."

So what happens if he's examined and they reveal that there is NOTHING wrong? Can he get a few rehab starts and then we try him out? Or do we end up just waiting until 2022.

I hate every minute of this waiting game with Severino, but I am always suspicious of how the Yankees medical team handles our players.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 22, 2021


Source: Robert Sabo, NY Post

The only thing stopping the 2021 Yankees right now is Hurricane Henri. After winning nine in a row, including a sweep to the Boston Red Sox, the streak stops with the impending storm headed to the New York Tri-State expected overnight.

Source: NY Yankees Twitter

"Sunday’s Yankees-Twins game has been postponed due to the forecast of inclement weather and will be made up on Monday, September 13, at 2:05pm at Yankee Stadium," reported the New York Yankees. So the Yankees get a little break, and rightfully earned given their streak of just incredible baseball.

Source: NY Post

"Entering Friday's game against the Twins, there were only 40 games left. The Yankees are on their way to a number of wins in the 90s, just as we expected. As grim as it may have seemed in June, when they were swept by the Red Sox twice, or in early July, when the catastrophe against the Mets happened, there's a reason we prefer six-month seasons," reported MLB.com. The Yankees pitching, winning in tight games, speed on the basepaths and new acquisitions are the key reasons for the Yankees incredible 360. 

Has this season been the most topsy turvy you've ever season? Perhaps. I don't think I have ever seen so much turmoil amidst pandemic IL, regular IL and just players needing to reinvent themselves in my nearly 50 years watching this franchise. I have seen the Bombers come back and win the World Series in grand style in 1977 and 1978, despite so much loss to the team during those years and being behind the eight ball in July, climbing themselves back into contention in August. 

1977 record: 100-62; 1978 record: 100-63 (yes that 63rd win was the infamous Bucky Dent Green Monster Home Run in the one-day playoff game to decide the division against Boston). This year, the Yankees could fall around 93 wins for the season, and given the tumultuous season just described, it is incredible the 2021 Yankees could get that far. 

Source: NY Post

Guys like energetic Luke Voit, veteran Brett Gardner,  newbie Andrew Velazquez, relief man Jonathan Loaisiga and stud pitcher Gerrit Cole have stepped up and have contributed to the unstoppable Yankees. The newest acquisitions including Andrew Heaney, Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo have found a home in the Bronx, very quickly assimilating to big market baseball and adding tremendous depth to this Yankee clubhouse. 

So, yeah, there's a weather delay to the Yankee win streak, but that may only fuel this team's fire and guption for a pennant that was virtually unthinkable a few weeks ago. Only one AL team can enter the fall classic in mid-October and if the Yankees can beat up on Tampa, who is the likeliest contender, they may well be the one team standing to face whoever the NL puts in the ring against them. Perhaps I am the forever optimist, but the Yankees have earned it over the last couple of weeks. Stay safe in the storm Northeasterners. And rest up Yankees- there is more grind ahead!

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Friday, August 20, 2021


"I'm not going down."
--Luke Voit

Um... no... you do what we tell you to do.

That's what the Yankee organization wanted to tell Luke Voit, but they're alittle classier than that.  Listen, we all know what Luke Voit is pissed. It makes sense. The dude works hard and delivers on occasion. But this year he just kept getting hurt. And on that third time on the IL, the Yankees had a situation where they needed to make a move for a healthy first baseman. It just so happened that that first baseman they got was a healthy stud. Anthony Rizzo literally fell in their lap. And so, they went for it and did a "We'll figure it out when he gets here."

It was right about that time that Voit was ready to return. And so, he did... pissed... annoyed... frustrated. Whatever you want to call it. And the chip on his shoulder was obvious. Again... can't blame him. But when it comes to a contract and a MLB organziation... you work for them. And Voit can bitch and moan about not wanting to go down to the minors to make room for Anthoy Rizzo all he wants, and maybe he won't. But if the Yankees want to send him down... they will and he'll go.

"But since then, Rizzo landed on the COVID-19 injured list and Voit came back raking, which he feels has earned himself a starting spot.

“I finally feel like I’m hitting my stride after getting a week’s worth of games under me,’’ said Voit following his big role in the Yankees’ doubleheader sweep of the Red Sox on Tuesday. “I’ve been a great player for this organization for the last three years. I’m not going down. I want to play, and I deserve to play just as much as [Rizzo] does. … I hope [Boone] can find me some consistent at-bats.”

Message to Luke... you don't tell that to the press... you tell that to your employer.  If I'm Cashman, I'm asking the Railriders to fit Voit for a uniform right now.

But here's the thing, these guys can all get together and play together well. We've seen it. They have turned it around and geniunely all like each other. But, let's face it... it wasn't awkard until Luke made it awkward. Rizzo didn't do anything wrong. And Boone tried to be good to Voit. He led off last night... LED OFF THE GAME. 

He's not a lead off hitter! He's a meathead who keeps running around suggesting he's a stud because he was the home run leader in a 60 game season in 2020... no one cares. We appreicate you dude... but that season barely counted.

Look Luke, we know you are solid, but baseball is a business.  It sucks but the best thing you can do is sit back and come rake when asked. You don't need to be in the lineup every time. We have a solid group of guys right now, you included... things are clicking. Be thankful you didn't get traded away at the deadline and know your lane. 

Yankee fans love you Luke. The Yankee organization does actually appreciate you. But the players right now? Well... let's just say you made it weird. 

Stop making it weird. 
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