Friday, May 31, 2019


In other words, he's taking positive steps to return to the Yankees from the IR.  I wasn't suggesting he's making moves on chick's or something, although, I'm sure some women would be fine with that. The dude still has a girlfriend though, doesn't he?

Anyway... I'm getting way off track.

The truth is Judge has been out since April, but he's slowly making progress.  Here's the latest from the Sporting News:

"Aaron Judge - is taking plenty of steps in the right direction...Thursday before New York's game against the Red Sox was postponed, Judge handled some work in the outfield fielding ground balls, fly balls and balls off the wall. From all accounts, this mobility and strength on throws to the bases were impressive....

'There is no pain and no problem. I am letting it go. The last couple of days, getting back to normal routine and getting the rhythm down again.'" 

I love what I see here.  I cannot wait for Judge to get back to this lineup. He's the face of the Yankees.  We need that leadership. Or should I say... that "extra" leadership. There is no question the Yankees are doing just fine without them. What an impressive run!

Get well soon Aaron. Can't wait to get you back!

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Not a lot in Yankeeland today because of the Yankees vs. Red Sox rainout yesterday. So I was digging around and there's just a bunch of little stories out there. I also did want to share this with you on this gorgeous Friday in the tri-state... and it involves baseball cards, something I love. I'm a huge card collector... a dying hobby in this day and age.

This dude's name is Mikey. Fun dude. It looks like this channel is new, but I'm already hooked.  It's called CHASING DONNIE BASEBALL and in every episode he breaks open an unopened box of cards from a certain season, whatever that may be. And I have to tell you... I'm obsessed. Here's one clip...

And there others as well.

I don't know… in this day and age where everyone is pissed about politics and just unhappy in general, this is my happy place. So much fun and brings me back to my childhood.  In fact, I reached out to ask him if we can interview him here at BYB and he agreed, and so, in the next week or 2 we will have an interview with "Mikey".  Looking forward to that.

In the meantime, check out this dude's channel, subscribe and enjoy.

I hope this got you in a good mood on this amazing Friday!

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Thursday, May 30, 2019


I didn't expect that headline but I am seeing it everywhere. We've been talking about signing a pitcher on BYB a lot lately, but I did find an interesting little rumor floating out there. Would you think I was crazy if I told you there is speculation out there that the Yankees could not only sign a new pitcher, but ALSO trade for one, too?

Considering how mindful Hal Steinbrenner has been with the luxury tax for awhile now this certainly hasn't been a popular idea but SNY is floating an interesting idea HERE. It has to make you scratch your head even if it is just for a minute.

It's an interesting idea. One that may make more sense then we thought especially when you consider how conservative the Yankees are probably going to be in regards to Domingo German and his workload. I know I would be if I was calling the shots. The Yankees have been hit pretty hard this season with injuries as we all know. Position players got nailed first, and now so are pitchers.

If SNY sources are correct and the Yankees have "in the neighborhood" of $20 million before they exceed the second luxury tax bracket and are taxed again then maybe it could happen. We know the Yankees have exceeded the first tax bracket, but they could still make some moves without getting hit by a second tax.

One of those move could be adding Keuchel. I'm not in love with Dallas Keuchel, but if he is willing to take a one-year pro-rated deal it's not a bad move. A pro-rated $18 million contract would be about $12 million paid to him and that's not horrible. It's nowhere near what Keuchel's production is worth but it is still a nice chunk of change for him and additional insurance for the Yankees rotation.

So what about the trade idea too? Well if the Yankees are interested in a Marcus Stroman, Trevor Bauer or Zack Wheeler also it's a similar scenario. If the Yankees acquired a pitcher at the trade deadline they luxury tax hit would be less than half of the salary.

For a guy like Stroman that could be a bargain and great insurance. I would pull the trigger on that move in a heartbeat if the Blue Jays were willing to give him up. The Yankees should be interested in any of these guys.

When you break the numbers down the idea of signing a starter and trading for one also is appealing. Will the Yankees want to get this close to another tax? Maybe not. But if they want to win and need that extra push come July it could happen and if it works it would be money well spent.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Source: Newsday

As DJ LeMahieu stepped up to the batter's box on Tuesday night with the bases loaded in the 7th inning, the YES Network gave this stat about our best pickup for the 2019 season:  LeMahieu has the third best average in baseball with runner's in scoring position.  As if on cue, he didn't disappoint as he launched a base hit down the middle into centerfield scoring two runs in the Yankees rally at the stadium before eventually losing to the San Diego Padres 5-4.  That seemingly ordinary guy, LeMahieu, I'd take three more of him on this Yankee team.

Source: AP

"Despite being one of the industry’s best defensive second basemen, with three Gold Glove Awards in the five prior seasons, LeMahieu signed a two-year, $24 million contract with the Yankees in January based on the premise he would bounce around the infield. Because the transaction essentially ended the possibility the Yankees would sign Manny Machado, it sparked outrage among a significant contingent of the team’s fans," reported the NY Post.  Those naysayers are eating crow now as LeMahieu presents a significant resume for the 2019 American League All Star Team.

Source: SNY

The Yankee designated infielder is batting .313 with 29 RBIs and he is lifting this team beyond what was expected of him from the outside with Didi Gregorius down and Troy Tulowitzki up to his chronic injury woes.  "I think now, in the biggest market in the world, people are starting to understand how good of a player he is," Jim Hendry, (a special assignment scout, who drafted LeMahieu to the Cubs back in 2009) said. It may have been a quiet signing, but his impact has been anything but that so far this season," reported SNY."

LeMahieu may be soft spoken and quiet in appearance but his player presence is anything but as both a defender and contributor to the evolving small ball, situational hitting ball club who is leading the AL East still without their regular cast in place.  Watching LeMahieu lead this Yankee team in outright battles night after night is exciting.  Pair him with Gio Urshela and I am sold.

Yea, that DJ LeMahieu, I'll take three more of him.  His contributions to this Yankee team are priceless.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Get it? It's a tortoise, because it's taking a long time for Aaron Judge to get back. It's very, very slow. BUT... there's movement. Get it? GET IT? Oh shut up...

Aaron Judge is hurt as you all know. He has been sidelined since April 21 with a strained oblique. But now this is out... he's swung a bat. Breaking news... Meredith Marakovits with the tweet:

OK then. I just fell off my chair.

Carry on.

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Love him or hate him, and I know the majority of you hate him, this is shocking news to me, and because it's baseball news, and because Dustin Pedoria has had an impact on this game, I found it fitting to report.  Pedroia may be done with baseball... forever.  Crazy to think about, but true.

USA Today writes:

"He has been the Red Sox’s heart and soul since the first day he put on the uniform, epitomizing toughness and resiliency. Boston won three World Series championships during his tenure, and Pedroia helped keep the franchise into a perennial power. Now, the time has come, Pedroia acknowledged Monday, to accept the harsh reality that his career may be over. Pedroia is returning home to Chandler, Ariz., next week and will give his left knee time to rest, and perhaps, finally heal. It has been two years since Pedroia has played regularly, and the pain refuses to go away. 

'I’m at a point right now where I need some time,’ Pedroia said. 

'Right now, I know I need a break from the everyday stresses I’ve been dealing with. … It’s weird, man. Some days, I feel fine. An hour later, walking is tough.'"

Say what you will about this guy. One thing you can't call him is lazy.  He's the hardest worker on the field when he's there. Red Sock or not... you really need to respect him. He'd a gamer.

Get well soon Dustin. Shame... baseball gave you a tough break.


It's America's Pastime. Come on, man.

Now obviously I sound ignorant and I am kind of doing it on purpose. After all, players from all over the world play baseball in America and I for one an all in on that front. But baseball is London is just weird to me, and it's a gimmick and we're all falling for it.  Oh well.

I think this is a pretty silly story, but wanted to see what you thought.  It's about HBO's John Oliver and his hatred for the Yankees. writes:

"Oliver said his Mets roots run deep, going back to when he worked with N.J.'s Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show.

'Jon made it pretty clear that being a Mets fan was mandatory. But also, as a real sports fan in England, I knew that it was just not acceptable to come to America and support the Yankees. It’s just not OK. By default I was a Mets fan, because I knew being a Yankee fan was the wrong thing to do morally.'”

Um... keep rooting for the Mets, Oliver. That's fine with us Yankee fans. As you can see... we're doing fine without you.

Go Yanks.

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Monday, May 27, 2019


The Yankees have some holes in their rotation and as Dallas Keuchel's value increases, so does the Yankees interest. Next week the free agent will have a job, you can bet on it. Question is, will that job be with the Yankees? Maybe.

The Yankees are looking at their options at this point as every contending team should be. An interested team can sign him after Midnight next Monday without worrying about losing a precious draft pick. All he will cost is money at that point. Sounds silly to say that all he costs is money but it is true. If teams didn't have to sacrifice a draft pick he would've signed with a team in the winter. So if the Yankees decide they want him, all they have to do is decide that they want to spend the extra money. We all know they have plenty of that.

And maybe they should spend the money. The Yankees have endured a lot this season, but when you look at the starting rotation getting hit with injuries now it wouldn't hurt to have another arm. Hopefully we get good news about James Paxton returning this week but he may deal with discomfort for the rest of the season, read more HERE. Then the Yankees still have CC Sabathia to still worry about. He recently got a cortisone shot and lubricant in his surgically repaired knee, which is a scary thought. We also have Luis Severino still out and hopefully his rehab continues to progress and we get him back shortly after the All-Star break. Fingers crossed.

That's a lot of injuries to consider. So we shouldn't be surprised to hear that the Yankees did scout Keuchel this weekend in California, read more HERE. There have been rumors on why the Yankees have not seriously pursued Keuchel before, HERE is an example of a good one. The Yankees do love their power pitchers. Keuchel has been known to be a ground ball / strike out pitcher which in my book is a GREAT thing to have at Yankee stadium BUT not when ground ball and strike out rates are on the decline. Even so....Keuchel could still be a valuable asset to the Yankees.

I think the Yankees are at the point where even if they aren't sold on the declining Keuchel, we are at the point where the Yankees should be taking a harder second look. J.A. Happ is not the same guy we saw last year. He definitely looks like he is in a decline. The Yankees have struck gold with Domingo German, but you have to wonder how many innings they are going to let him pitch. He's young, and last year he pitched 85.2 innings, his highest ever. It's likely they are going to hut him down between 130-150 innings.

There's still a lot of baseball left this season, but there are enough concerns between workload limits and injury concerns that adding more rotation depth seems like a necessity at this point. The Yankees may not have ever been "all-in" with Keuchel, but he is the best option out there with a growing need for pitching and the easiest move to make. Oh and the Rays are reportedly interested in him too so, there's that. It would be nice to keep him away from them.

I guess we will wait and see what happens.....but maybe Keuchel will become a reality after all.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, May 26, 2019


Source: Newsday

Yesterday I ran the Spring Lake Five, the largest five-mile race in the country and likely the most popular. The field was stacked with diversity in both age and pace.  Directly in front of me was a man wearing a navy blue tee shirt with the words "It's hard to beat a person who never gives up" on the back. The author of that quote? Babe Ruth. And as I ran past the runner, I couldn't help but think about those words and their meaning not only for me but this current Yankee team. My reflection on these words continued for the remainder of the day, leading into the two-game set with the Kansas City Royals.  These Yankees are incredible; as incredibly diverse as the running field in Spring Lake, New Jersey; committed, focused and yes, a team that truly doesn't give up.

Source: AP

You can start with guys like DJ LeMahieu and end with Cameron Maybin and all those guys in between, who frame this team that never gives up.  "(We are playing) really well. The focus each and every day on the game and on playing winning baseball and everyone pulling their weight and the mantra of doing your job, they’ve really taken to that. A lot of them have done it really well," said Aaron Boone as reported 

Source: NY Post

The Yankees have been battling back to win games, blowing out games with truly weaker teams, and walking off in grand style. At the helm has been Luke Voit, who has really stepped up and lead this team with his bat and passion for winning. His 470-foot blast in the first of two against the Royals really made a mark not only for the Yankees but for his home state of Missouri.  You can't help but like the guy who was considered an afterthought if not for his New York pickup late last season.

"It’s unreal, man. It’s so much fun. All of the guys in the locker room have each other’s back and every day it’s like I see something different and something special happens and I just can’t wait to see what this team is going to keep doing and it’s fun and that’s a credit to our coaches for letting us be ourselves and everyone is going out there and doing their things," said Voit as reported

Source: SNY

On this unofficial kickoff to summer, it's hard to believe we are the team we are today unless you really think about how this quote has manifested itself into Yankee lore and clearly into this 2019 team.  It's hard to beat a person who never gives up; especially if that person represents a group of guys who refuse to lose.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and enjoy some good 'ol baseball!

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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A quick note on this Memorial day weekend.  Not sure if you all know this, I guess some of you do, but our BYB guy Mike O'Hara was in a show on FOX called "42 Faith".  I watched it yesterday and was blown away.

First of all, the story about Jackie Robinson is amazing. I'm really not sure how someone could be as strong as he was to deal with all he dealt with. But the story of Branch Rickey is equally fascinating.  And Mike O'Hara is right there, with other folks like icon Ken Burns and Yogi Berra's granddaughter, Lindsay Berra. Even Carl Erskine, who is very, very old now had a few wonderful stories about Jackie.

Ed Henry was the host of this. I thought he was great. I love when things are not political these days.  You can tell he's a huge sports fan. But Mike O'Hara man. The dude got in there and rubbed elbows with the best of them and did a terrific job helping to tell the story.  I was super impressed.

Here is a promo that I found online about the Robinson documentary. Check it out:

Anyway, huge kudos to Mike.  Just another example that Mike can do anything. He's an terrific story teller, holds a ton of knowledge and also just a great guy and writer for BYB. We are lucky to know him.

Well done Mike!

I leave you all with this on a Sunday morning of Memorial Day weekend...

My favorite bit by O'Hara! LOL. Still one of the best.

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Saturday, May 25, 2019


I just thought many of us knew this, but it's worth explaining.

Now, let me say that as far as Dallas Keuchel is concerned, I always thought the Yankees should have just gone for him months ago. It just made sense to me. But you know what?  We fans, at least some of us just don't realize just how important draft picks are. And so, the reason why the Yankees weren't digging in the get Dallas was because of that.

And so a BYB fan wrote me a note and ask me simply this:

"You have said a few times in your posts that the Yankees should go for Keuchel. Why haven't they?"

Well, here's the real reason why.  I actually love the way Gotham Sports Network explains it... so here it is:

"Dallas Keuchel has regressed from his Cy Young form but is still a reliable lefty who likely has something to prove. After hoping for a long term deal this off-season, nothing materialized for Keuchel. He has said he will not take less than what he is worth. He turned down the Qualifying offer which was just under $18 million for one season, so that will still be the bar for whenever he signs. The magic date is now June 3rd, the date of the MLB draft. 

Once the draft passes, Keuchel will no longer be attached to draft pick compensation. Rumors are that the Yankees are favorites to land him and that he may sign on June 4th."

Make sense? Sure, to regular fans you don't realize the impact of draft picks. I mean... I don't care personally. But the Yankees do... and  that's why they're waiting.

I love Keuchel and think he'll reinvent himself with the Yankees.  He could also shit the bed by the way. That beard is his intimidation factor. You remove that, do you remove his balls?

We'll have to see how it all pans out.

Stay tuned...


That quote above comes from my friend Marci Hensley.  Why you ask? Because Ty Hensley, Marci's son is working hard and making things happen with the Utica Unicorns.  Number 7... Ty Hensley. That's right... THAT GUY!

We all know his journey. Hell, We here at Bleeding Yankee Blue are literally one of the few Yankee sites that not only interviewed him when he was drafted by the Yankees, but have followed him ever since and I am happy to say we because friends in the process. I love the way these boys, both Ty and his brother Jake are raised. They are determined, strong, smart young men.

Anyone that has gone through what Ty has would have stopped by now. Maybe got a local job in his community and just blended in.  Not Ty. Ty is a fighter... as long as we have known him he has been. Last night with the Utica Unicorns, more progress... and we here at BYB could not be more proud.

The Oakland Press writes:

"Donald Goodson tossed 7 scoreless innings, scattering 3 hits and struck out 4, while Adrian Guzman 3 for 4 with a home run and 2 runs batted in to lead the Utica Unicorns (6-1) to a win over the Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers...

RHP Ty Hensley earned his first save of the season for the Unicorns tossing the final 2 innings striking out 3."

Unicorns do exist, Marci... they really do.

Congrats to Ty. Keep grinding kid. We are proud over here at BYB!

This should be a lesson to anyone out there that wants to give up. It comes down to one word...


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Friday, May 24, 2019


Source: Newsday

Another great week to be a Yankee fan as they completely humiliate the Orioles in another series.
Clint Frazier, has been on a roll. Smacking two out of the park on Tuesday night improving his line from .259/.293/.463 to .268/.300/.518. Gleyber Torres joined in the fun Monday night with his fourth multi-homer game of the year.  Red Thunder and Gleyber Day stole the show this week for sure!

ALERT! Fun Factoid: Frazier’s home runs helped the Orioles yield their 100th home run in their 48th game. The previous record held by 2000 Royals, achieving this in 57 games. It really doesn’t mean anything, except that it is embarrassing, and our team helped them get there.

Source: NYDailyNews

Some bad news for the Yankee round up is that our veteran lefty CC Sabathia was placed on the 10-day IL even though he earned the win against the Orioles Wednesday night. The injury does not seem very severe, so a short stay on the IL seems likely at the moment.

The Mets in proper fashion are plagued with injuries. Most interestingly, Yoenis Cespedes, allegedly falling into a hole on his St. Lucie ranch, fractured his ankle. Yea. Remember that guy? I don’t. Guess we won’t be seeing him ever.

Mets have also lost Jeff McNeil, Robinson Cano, Michael Conforto, and Brandon Nimmo. The IL is becoming a little too full for my liking.

Source: CBS Sports

In better news, Rajai Davis has a call-up story he will never forget. Hopping into his Uber from Pennsylvania to Queens, Davis bonded with his driver for the next two hours. Six innings after arriving at Citi Field, Davis hit a three-run homer in his first Mets appearance.

“I’m just really grateful and thankful for the opportunity that the front office gave me,” Davis said. “I appreciate it. I’m trying to make an impact right away, and I was fortunate enough to be put in that position to make something happen,” reported

Source: CBS Sports

Zack Greinke, former Dodger and current Diamondback, still not a favorite of Suzie Pintstripe and me, has joined the 2,500 strikeout club. Greinke is the 37th pitcher to reach 2,500 strikeouts and the fifth active. Others include CC Sabathia (now at 3020), Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, and Felix Hernandez.

“I think we all need to sit back and appreciate what that means and who we have throwing for us every fifth day,” D-backs manager Torey Lovullo said. “He’s a very special, special pitcher,” reported

Source: NBC Sports

The White Sox had a very rare feat in their game on Wednesday, getting a triple-play and grand slam in one game. The triple-play was performed by Yoan Moncada, Yolmer Sanchez, and Jose Abreu.

“There's a lot of things that have to go well for that to occur,” manager Rick Renteria said. “You have to be well within range of that bag and be able to release it. They got it out of their gloves, getting it in and out quickly. Marisnick's fleet of foot. Everything had to be perfect.”

Source: The Chicago Tribune

Charlie Tilson is responsible for the grand slam, which also counted as his first big league home run. The White Sox are only the fourth team in the last 40 years to have hit a grand slam and turned a triple play in the same game.
Another week in the books! Cannot wait to sit with a glass of wine by the beach this weekend and watch our teams get some wins.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

--Missy O'Rourke
BYB Contributor
Twitter: @missy_orourke

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Thursday, May 23, 2019


Baseball is in a period of change. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has been on a quest to make improvements and appeal to a younger generation.....but 19-year old Carter Stewart just threw him a curveball that Manfred surely wasn't expecting.

We talked about baseball's challenges earlier this month in MLB IS FAILING ALL THANKS TO ITS FAILING LEADER and one of the common themes we have seen in the past two seasons is how free agency is for the birds. It's not what it used to be and teams are not spending big money to go after quality guys like Craig Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel, who are STILL unemployed (though not for long). Carter Stewart has chosen a much different path.

Multiple sources have the scoop, but Jeff Passan at ESPN has a good story on it HERE. We won't see Stewart in a MLB uniform for a while. Instead, Stewart has SHUNNED the draft and according to sources he will sign with the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks of the Japanese Pacific League by the end of the month. His deal will be a six-year contract worth $7 million plus incentives and it will be a groundbreaking deal that could have long-term consequences for Major League Baseball's amateur and professional affiliates.

Stewart could have signed a deal last year with the Atlanta Braves and gone the traditional route.
"Stewart, who was chosen by the Atlanta Braves with the eighth pick in the 2018 draft out of a Florida high school but did not sign after they reduced their signing-bonus offer due to an alleged injury, was expected to be chosen in the early second round of this June's draft. By signing with Fukuoka, which has won four of the past five Japan Series, Stewart would guarantee himself significantly more money than he would have made with a major league organization -- and could theoretically join the major leagues as a 25-year-old free agent."

Even first round drafted baseball prospects rely mostly on their big signing bonuses before working through the minor leagues on very low salaries. Once they get to the majors, players still don't make much until they become arbitration eligible or sign an extension like Luis Severino and Aaron Hicks did this off season. So really a players long-term future is a gamble. An early-career injury (like one the Braves were concerned about with Stewart) could prevent even the most talented players from getting more money. Stewart no longer has to worry about this.

So it's no wonder why Stewart's agent Scott Boras wanted to avoid all of this. For years he has manipulated baseball. You've probably heard someone somewhere say he is "bad for baseball" but he's helped players score deals in MLB and has tried to use the lure of taking a player to an independent league in hopes to gain leverage. It's never really worked until now.

So who knows what happens next in Stewart's journey. At 25 he could choose to come back to MLB based on the posting system or we may not ever hear about him again. For now, we wait and see what happens to Stewart. Does he succeed in Japan? Does he regress or is he just a bust?

Time will tell. Baseball is changing, and Manfred doesn't have an answer for this yet. Good thing  Japanese teams are only allowed to have four foreign players on their rosters, so it's unlikely that Stewart started a big trend but he certainly could be the example.

Stewart has a much bigger deal than Major League Baseball was going to offer. Looks like he outsmarted everyone.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Source: AP

Sure the Yankees refuse to lose.  We have seen this incredible work over the last few weeks.  In particular, however, the Yankees have amped up the way they have been winning over the last couple of games in Baltimore.  As the Baltimore Oriole fan community so eloquently posted in their very own SBNation blog, "Orioles get clobbered into submission by Yankees in 11-4 loss," the Yankees are on a serious tear and there seems to be no stopping them.


According to CBS sports, "Clint Frazier entered the night with six home runs and a 98 OPS+ on the season. Both those figures are going up after a big-time performance against the Orioles on Tuesday." He contributed to the Baltimore beat down with two home runs and five runs batted in, carrying the Yankees to victory. Frazier has contributed tremendous to his value, which could increase his trade appeal, should the Yankees decide to deal him prior to the trade deadline.

Source: The NY Times

To see the Yankees swinging the bat the way they are, despite their challenges is in a word: incredible.  Behind this incredible game play has been a real commitment from players with a fighter's attitude and punch.  They get knocked down, but when they get up, they come up swinging.

Source: The NY Times

"Sanchez crushed his home run in the first inning, setting the stage for the Yankees to go up 9-0 through five innings. It was Sanchez’s 14th blast of the season. Sanchez has six homers in 19 at-bats at Camden Yards this season. He’s tied for the second-most home runs in the AL," reported Coupled a key hit from Gio Urshela and stellar pitching from Domingo German, the Yankees are dominating the AL East, growing their first place lead with this win.

Source: SNY

The Yankees play in an early evening start in Camden Yards tonight followed by the series ending game on Thursday.  Although sweeping is not necessary to keep their dominance, it sure would be nice to see them take the broom out against the Birds.  It's clobbering time in Baltimore and hopefully this momentum continues throughout the Memorial Day Weekend.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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