Saturday, June 30, 2012


When all the working parts come together, it's the most perfect Yankees team ever. As a fan, all you can do is fall in love with the talent of these guys.  I think to myself "This is the way it's always supposed to me." It's games like this that my kids will watch with me and say "They make it look easy Dad", and being a fan all these years... I tend to agree with them. These are my New York Yankees.

Today on a hot day in the Bronx the Yankees went with a clean slate and it was the perfect combination of great pitching and power hitting.  I'll take it any way I can get it as long as pitching holds those hot White Sox hitters back and our offense can knock'em home.
Let's start with the pitching first. Hiroki Kuroda got the win and struck out 11 White Sox today.  He looked amazing, even though he started out the first alittle rough. Bottom line, he settled down and dominated. But it wasn't only him, the relief was outstanding in David Robertson and Rafael Soriano. DRob had 2 K's today in the 8th. The guy looked like David Robertson, the guy that we here at Bleeding Yankee Blue suggested should have been the Cy Young winner last year (Read WHY DAVID ROBERTSON IS CY YOUNG WORTHY), or at least be in the top 3.  When DRob's on, there is no one that can hit him. So, with those 2 strikeout's he racked up, that's $2 more that goes in the strikeout pot from BYB's pocket to the High Socks for Hope foundation run by David & Erin Robertson.  Great work as always David. Friday night is long forgotten.

Rafael Soriano came in in the 9th inning after Boone Logan had a slight hiccup.  A double play ended the game and the "untuck" took place.  Let's  be honest, it was over 93 degrees today, I would have accepted him ripping off the jersey and showing off the guinea tee. Whatever, it doesn't matter...the Untuck means Game Over... and it was GAME OVER. 
The offense was all about home runs.  3 homers today, 3 solo shots.  One from Robinson Cano and one from Curtis Granderson and one by DeWayne Wise, who, let's face it, has been impressing me lately.  Is there nothing that he can't do? He just pitched last night. Wise was 3 for 3 today with 2 RBIs, the Wise man's confidence is up, you can see it.  Damn, I love when the Yankees click.

Final today: Yankees 4 - White Sox 0

Tomorrow is Old Timers' day.  It, for me is one of the greatest days at Yankee Stadium next to the playoffs, World Series and Opening Day.  It all starts alittle after 11am on YES.  Watch it, take it in and sit with your kid and explain just how great some of these guys were because you will see so much history in those few hours that will make you smile.  It's Yankee baseball at it's best.  Damn...I'm getting chills just thinking about it.  Enjoy the rest of today.

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REMEMBER WHITEY THE WAY HE WAS…AWESOME: The New York Times had a terrific piece about Whitey Ford on June 19th, I wanted to include in the Newsstand this week.  Whitey Ford is iconic in Yankeeland and this piece, titled Two One-Hitters with a Twist of Relief by Richard Sandomir is really good.  The piece talks about how Whitey pitched 2 one hitters one week apart and RA Dickey is the most recent case of this happening. But it goes on to talk about his relief appearance in between those 2 one hitters, relieving Bob Turley in the 8th inning. It spoke about how using starters as relief in the 50’s was not uncommon and then there’s a great quote from Marty Appel’s book Pinstripe Empire: “Casey stumbled on it with Allie Reynolds, who turned out to be equally effective in both roles at a time when there was still the common belief that there was something inferior about relief pitching...”
The full piece can be found by clicking on the title of the Times piece above.  I don’t know, I just thought it was pretty cool and something you really don’t this starters of doing these days unless they need to get in work before the playoffs… my how things have changed.

YANKEES PROMOTE, PICKUP & CUT A PITCHER:  The Yankees have claimed Danny Farquhar and then cut him and claimed Chris Schwinden who was claimed off waivers from the Cleveland Indians. He was sent to AAA. He was a former Met. Click his name to read his stats.  They also promoted David Phelps. Wow...that was fast. Read the Associated Press story HERE.  The Yanks had just claimed Farquhar a few days ago off waivers from the Oakland Athletics. Busy, busy, busy.

FUTURE YANKEE FANS FROM DOWN UNDER: This picture was taken and sent to me by my good friend Charles Moses of Austraila.  These are his grandchildren, all in Yankee gear and all future Yankee fans.  It just amazes me how widespread the love for the New York Yankees is.  Don’t forget, both Charles and his son Joey, came to the Big Apple a few months ago and I hand delivered their shirts to them over a pint. Read BYB, AUSTRAILA & THE BIG APPLE if you want more to that story.  Thanks for sending it to in mate.
DROB IS A MAN, MAN: I like this nugget and respect David and Erin Robertson, so I thought you'd like to check it out. ESPN's Andrew Marchand has the story of DRob speaking out since his blown save 2 nights ago. Read HERE. In the nutshell he told ESPN NY quote: "My wife's got her own opinions... It is not like I tell her what to do. Her opinion is her opinion." Erin tweeted after the game that David should have started the 9th inning.  Hey, she has every right to root for her man.  I love that DRob came out to the media to address it. I dig it. Good for you David!
A TIP OF THE CAP: Yankees Fans Unite and Bronx Baseball Daily plug Bleeding Yankee Blue once in a while and I found 2 good posts on their sites that I suggest you check out.  YFU has this one titled Yankees Report Card: June and BBD has this one titled Phil Hughes throws 2 different curveballs. Both are worth a read.

KATE UPTON AGAIN: Leave it to Terry Richardson to come up with yet another Kate Upton video of her just dancing around in a bikini.  I’m not sure why these are so popular…sarcasm, but I tell you what, Terry Richardson was smart to latch onto Kate Upton, because he’s got to be enjoying the ride.  This one is of Kate Upton in a Baywatch type setting. It appears to be some type of video with Kate Upton doing what she does. Careful, some material may not be suitable for minors:
Note to Terry, get Chrissy Teigen in some of these, you don’t want to over expose poor Kate.

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Year Of The Pitcher?  Maybe not. The 2012 season has brought with it a surge of tremendous pitching performances.  Already to date, there have been five no-hitters thrown, including two perfect games and the first no-hitter in New York Mets history. This has led some to say that this year is the year of the pitcher.
Yankee fans have experienced this first hand during June as their starting five have been a “fab five” by going 19 – 5 with a 2.66 ERA.  Wednesday, June 27th may end up being remembered by Yankee faithful as our “day that will live in infamy”.  In one 24 hour period we lost our ace CC Sabathia – placed on the DL with a adductor (groin) strain - and our beloved southpaw Andy Pettitte -  out for at least six weeks with a fractured ankle. Read HERE.

Combined, the two were 12 – 6 with a 3.37 ERA and a 1.21 WHIP.  During June, they were 4 – 2 with a stellar 2.96 ERA.  To say that we lost a key portion of our rotation would be the understatement of the year.

We fans of the boys in pinstripes can take heart.  We are not alone in our wallowing for the loss we experienced on our “black Wednesday”.   A look at the current MLB disabled list reveals an absolute pitching pot-o-gold across both leagues.  As of today, five Cy Young awards reside on the DL, and numerous team “aces” are out of action for various periods of time.  Included on the list of arms currently not taking the mound anytime soon are:
  •  Josh Beckett – the beer drinking, chicken loving ace of the Red Sox staff
  • Ryan Dempster – Ace of the Cubs and rumored to be on the New York Yankees short list.
  •  Bartolo Colon – Veteran ace for the A’s who began the season looking like the Cy Young award winner he once was (2005).
  • Roy Halladay – Ace of the Phillies and widely considered the premier pitcher in all of baseball.  He has two Cy Young awards sitting on his mantle.
  • Chris Carpenter - Another former Cy Young winner on the DL for the Cardinals (meaning both 2005 Cy Young  winners are currently on the disabled list with a nerve issue, read HERE.)
  • Daniel Hudson – 16 game winner for the Diamondbacks last season
As you can see, our team isn’t the only one with a less-than-complete starting rotation.  As the old adage goes “you can never have enough pitching”, and in 2012 that rings truer than ever.

Year of the pitcher?  I think not, unless you are a doctor or trainer.  In that case, yes, it’s a banner year for hurlers across the league.

--Steve Skinner, BYB Guest Writer

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The 40-40 Club. A group of professional baseball players that have accomplished something so difficult that only four men are part of the club:  Jose Canseco (1988), Barry Bonds (1996), Alex Rodriguez (1998), and Alfonso Soriano (2006). Why else would Jay-Z name his sports bar the 40-40 club…it’s exclusive. The requirements? Having a total of at least 40 homeruns and 40 stolen bases in a single season. Of course when I think of home runs, I think of Curtis Granderson.
Granderson isn’t known for his stolen bases. He doesn’t run like Speedy Gonzalez from one base to the next. But last season he did have 25 stolen bases, one more than his careers high set in 2006. My feeling is simply that if Curtis can get on base and run alittle bit more, there is a good shot he could get to the club… or at least come very close… hey, you never know.
So far this season, Granderson has a whopping 6 stolen bases and 22 home runs. That's half way to his total number of home runs from last season. It is obvious that the changes Granderson made to his swing have helped. That was obvious last season and continues to show through this season. He gets the big hits when they count the most.

This kind of reminds me when Alfonso Soriano played for the Yankees. In 2002 and 2003, Soriano missed the forty- forty club by inches. Granderson doesn’t remind me of Soriano a lot of ways…except one. I love watching both of their at bats. Both players spoil me with the homer. I expect the long ball from them. The difference of course is Soriano’s advantage over Granderson was that he boldly stole bases.

Where the home run count is concerned, I am positive that Granderson could make it to 40 in a single season The big question is, can he get on base and run rather than cranking them out all the time? Quite simply…never say die. You need to believe in our guy, the Grandy man.

--Erica Morales, BYB Writer

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Friday, June 29, 2012


Tonight reminded me of the old story about The Little Dutch Boy.  The boy who was on his way to school, saw a leak in the dike and tried to plug the hole with his finger.  The problem was, he couldn't do it alone and others needed to help repair the leak. If I needed to cast it, Adam Warren would be my dutch boy and the offense would be the others trying to stop the leak.  In my story...the leak is the Chicago White Sox, always creeping back into the game; No matter how hard the Yankee offense tried, the White Sox , or water, kept coming.  Unfortunately, in my story, the dike broke and the Yankees drowned...Damn.

Last night's game blew the air out of the Yankees sails tonight.  I'm convinced of it.  You combine that with the Yankees scoring but their pitching not able to hold a red hot White Sox lineup and, you're bound to lose a ball game, or... 2 in a row.
Adam Warren started. Sure, go ahead... ride this kid if you choose, but know this, tonight's outing was his first in the Majors. They all can't be gems. Warren went 2.1 innings, allowed 8 hits and 6 runs. Not too great but for all we know this kid could grow up to be one of the most effective pitchers in baseball. Don't believe me? Well, while Yankeeland was blasting this kid on Twitter, Mikey sent out this tweet:
Very telling. All we're saying is anything can happen.  Hand in there Adam.  David Phelps was called up tonight. He went 3.1 innings, allowed 4 hits and 2 runs. One thing I noticed was after Phelps came in to relieve Warren and get out of the inning, Warren was sure to come over and high five his best friend Phelps. You gotta love that stuff.  That's baseball.
Cory Wade made an appearance tonight. What can I say, the guy is lost.  His pitches are flat, he's hittable and there is probably  nothing more humiliating than getting called out of the game for an outfielder to come in pitch in your place.  That's right, DeWayne Wise pitched after Wade (2.1IP, 7 H, 6 R) and went 0.2 of an inning and got out of it before more damage could be done.  I like that.  Believe it or not, with a tired pen, if you can do this sort of thing once in a while, do it.  I liked this move by Girardi and Wise did well.
Curtis Granderson, Jayson Nix and Andruw Jones each had 2 RBIs each.  Curtis cranked out his 22nd home run.  Derek Jeter, Jones and Nix each had doubles. Bottom line, it wasn't enough. The White Sox kept on coming.

Final Score: White Sox 14 - Yankees 7.

Tough loss tonight.  The Yankees need a clean slate and come out playing hard tomorrow.  Let's go Yankees!

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(In Photo: Clay Rapada)
When team's unravel in a game and lose it after they've cruised through the previous 8 innings, finger pointing among fans is insanely popular. Some fans blame the manager, others blame one pitcher or the other and it just escalates into a name calling session. Enough's enough.

I was mad last night when the Yankees lost. It never should have happened. The best part about blogging is I never want to wait to write. Instead, I want my real feelings to come out. I may have come off harsh in YANKEE "TEAM" WIN BECOMES "TEAM" LOSS AFTER SOLID NOVA OUTING, but as I wrote in that post, it was a team loss...25 guys who play to win, and last night they didn't. It sucks, but you turn the page.
One guy who impressed me more than anyone was Clay Rapada who without a doubt feels the worst. He knows he let his team down on what many would suggest was a simple throw to second. Can you blame him for the loss? Sure, he was a big part of it but after the game, being interviewed, one thing's for sure, you knew Clay Rapada was beating himself up more than he needed to. As far as I'm concerned, last night he showed class, he showed passion and he showed fans that he knew he let us down and he was sorry in that post game interview. In all honesty, that's all I needed.
When losses happen, I don't like finger pointing, although I do it too, but I mean specifically from the players. I don't want to hear that this guy should have come in an entire inning and that guy shouldn't have thrown to second. I want to hear that they knew they blew it. I like it when they take their lumps like men and then, they go home and forget. Why? Because this is a 162 game season...if you can't move on from this loss, you might as well not play.

Clay Rapada became a true Yankee last night. Not for his silly throw, but for how it was handled in the clubhouse with the media. I loved how he told the media that he felt bad for putting DRob in a tough spot and he let the team down. Believe me, Clay gives a crap about what the fans think and he knows we love this team. He's done so much right this year, so, as far as last night's bad throw to second is concerned... let's just say, I'm over it. All's forgiven Clay, all's forgiven.

Let's Go Yankees!

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Look, I failed to mention Ryan Dempster in my piece titled NOW THE YANKEES WILL PUSH HARD FOR PITCHING because I wanted to give Dempy his own post.  After all, this guy has been pretty darn good this season and with the Chicago Cubs... literally the most horrible ball club ever right now. Yeah, they'll have a fire sale.  I have no doubt.

Matt Garza to me is a great choice if the Yankees decide that they want to go outside the home to get stability, but Ryan Dempster makes the most sense.  Why? I’ll tell you.  For 1, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports says that the Cubs are willing to talk about trading him and they are taking offers, read HERE. Secondly, the Cubs are willing to pay much of Dempster’s $14 million salary to unload him.  Enter the Yankees, the guys that used to buy everyone, but are now willing to save a few bucks any way they can.  This Dempster deal is right up their alley.  But wait…there’s more.
Ryan Dempster will be ready to roll after the All-Star break , so as all the teams gear up to make trades by the July 31st trade deadline, the Yankees can scout Dempster when he returns, see if he’s still got it like he did before he got hurt (3-3 with a 2.11 ERA in 12 games) and if they like what they see, Cash should and most likely will get on the phone with Theo and make a deal.
Now, There is no doubt in my mind that the Yankees are not too big on Dellin Betances these days.  Not sure what happened to this kid, but a few days ago it was reported that the Yanks demoted him from AAA to AA (Read HERE) and that can only mean they don’t like what they see on the higher level.  That also means that Betances is on the bubble.  He’s can be traded at this point and he’s not the only one.  Cory Wade has been lost for a few weeks now and while he has potential to snap out of it, the Yankees don’t have any need for slackers in the already dominant bullpen.  If I’m the Yankees, I try to make a deal because this is the perfect scenario for them. The Cubs will pick up salary on Dempster and there are guys the Yanks are willing to move.

Dempster is the perfect rental and trust me, I see this going down before a Zack Greinke, Matt Garza, Francisco Liriano or King Felix for sure. Pay attention to this one, my guts acting up.

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Bleeding Yankee Blue told you guys about HOPE Week this week in YANKEES' HOPE WEEK IS THE GREAT WEEK ON EARTH, something the New York Yankees have done for the past 4 years where there will be a group of Yankees that will go out and do something special. They’ll visit underprivileged kids, they’ll help people in need, they’ll shake hands with the fans and most importantly, they give back to communities; not with Yankee representatives in suits who carry the Yankee name, but actual players, Robinson Cano, Boone Logan, Curtis Granderson, Jayson Nix, Nick Swisher, Brian Cashman… they’re all out there.

The idea makes me gush. Sure, I’m 40 and meeting these guys is a treat, but one thing that I love and it makes my heart flutter is when I see a little kid smile ear to ear as they are giving the “pounds” to a New York Yankee.  They are so excited and to me, that’s what life’s about, having fun, helping out when you can and enjoying life.  HOPE. You can’t beat it.
I told you about a story a few weeks back in a piece called WHY ANDY PETTITTE'S GIFT KEEPS ON GIVING.  Andy Pettitte gave a baseball to a legally blind boy named Andy Fass who happened to be in the Trenton Thunder facility for an award his sister was receiving for school.  Suddenly, the boy who had no interest in baseball suddenly had a life changing experience, all because Andy Pettitte took a moment to meet him. Read HERE.  Suddenly, little Andy believed.  Here’s a portion of that story written by Paul Franklin of the Times of Trenton: 

“The boy didn’t initially realize he was holding a baseball because he has oculocutaneous albinism. Andy is legally blind, and his parents learned soon after he was born that he would not be able to play baseball — though things may work out differently, thanks in part to that night at Waterfront Park.

The evening continued to be memorable. A family friend waited in line after the game and had Pettitte sign the ball. And, by coincidence, The Times captured the moment the pitcher handed the ball to Andy in a photo that appeared on the front page the next day.

Andy’s mom e-mailed the Thunder to thank them for a night that turned out to be more special than they could have imagined, and the public relations department found the story so poignant that it forwarded her letter to the Yankees. Soon two Yankee baseball caps arrived in the mail."
Well, this week the Yankees invited Andy Fass and his family to the stadium to throw out the first pitch...for HOPE Week.  Now this kid believes he can do anything and I love it.  His mother recently commented on BYB about the experience and how blessed they were that and Andy was going to be giving little league a shot, even though he’s legally blind.  You want to talk about Hope? That’s hope.   Here’s what his mother ? wrote to us:
I can’t say it enough. I love what the New York Yankees are doing and I appreciate and respect the idea so much.  Maybe one day, if BYB ever gets bigger and more popular, we can do something just as special. Because I tell you what, giving back when you can…let’s just say nothing beats the feeling inside.  God Bless my New York Yankees, this is definitely a great week.

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(This would never happen, humor me…it’s Friday.)

 Jeter: So the big closer's making a name for himself huh?

Soriano: who

Jeter: you LOL

Soriano: why

Jeter: Untucking the shirt bro.

Soriano: me untucking?

Jeter: Bro you text like you talk, short and confused. Lol

Soriano: lol?

Jeter: laughing out loud

Soriano: who is

Jeter: I am, that’s what LOL means

Soriano: oh

Jeter: I wanted to let you know you’re doing great

Soriano: I know

Jeter: You’re a tough guy to read Sori

Soriano: you’re reading me?

Jeter: not like a book…forget it. Mariano is proud to see you rolling. 
Did he call you yet?

Soriano: rolling?

Jeter: you know, you keep racking up saves.  It’s great for New York!

Soriano: I am a closer

Jeter: I know you are

Soriano: that’s what my job is

Jeter: tight ass, calm down, I’m complimenting you

Soriano: don’t call me names

Jeter: is  this Soriano or Posada on the other end of this phone??

Soriano: Soriano

Jeter: you know what?  Forget it, this conversation is giving me 
anxiety. I cant handle it.


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Obviously, you know the importance of the Runyon 5K run on August 12th at Yankee Stadium right? We wrote about it in WHY THE RUNYON 5K RUN IS BACK AT YANKEE STADIUM. This important event raises money for cancer research and it really is a great cause.

Well, in addition to reminding you to sign up, you need to know that the official starters have been announced for the event.  Last year it was the great Roy White.  This year it's Mickey Rivers and Ron Blomberg, 2 great Yankees who are coming out for a terrific day.

As the release goes: "The only charitable run/walk that uses the legendary ballpark as its course, the fourth annual Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadiumwill take place on Sunday, August 12, 2012. Participants will run or walk the concourses, climb stairs between levels and appear on the video board as they take their own victory laps on the warning track that circles the field. Since its inception in 2009, the run has raised more than $1.4 million to support groundbreaking cancer research by the nation's most innovative young scientists, funded by the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation."

A Reminder: "Registration is still open at for a fee of $40 and a minimum fundraising requirement of $60. After July 12 the registration fee increases to $50. Family members and supporters can view the event from the Delta SKY360° Suite overlooking home plate."

Hope to see you there!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012


I never like blaming my Yankees for a tough loss. You can blame Clay Rapada or David Robertson, you can blame the offense for not hitting in enough runs, but it is what it is, a tough loss and not only that, this was a bad team loss. We looked like the Mets. I was all ready to write something brilliant about how Ivan Nova will carry the New York Yankees in the absence of CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte. I was ready to suggest that young Ivan Nova was a work horse tonight and stepped up big time when we needed him and you know what? He did.

The Yankees should not have lost this game tonight. It was a clear win with big mistakes.DRob was in a tough spot, Clay shouldn't have thrown to second. You can look at it now and Monday Morning's probably not even fair to do. Bottom line, I'm a fan first and I hate to see my guys lose. One thing I do know though...they will be back. You bite your lip and take your lumps and you come back tomorrow.
First off Nova. A really great outing tonight spoiled by Joe's binder creeping in. Nova went 7.1 innings, allowed 6 hits and 1 run. He struck out 4. Brilliant. He really stepped up and I love it. When the binder crept in Girardi mixed and matched...Boone Logan came in followed by Cody Eppley and Clay Rapada and David Robertson.
The offense was there, Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano and Mark Teixeira each had 1 RBI. Cano's been helping this team every single game. He's always involved. That's the sign of a leader. Mark Teixeira hit a solo shot tonight. ARod and Cano each cranked doubles. Was it enough? Some may say no, some may say yes. Alex also struck out 2 times tonight. I hate that, he strikes out way too much.

Sure, there was hope in the bottom of the 9th after the Sox took the lead. DeWayne Wise had a nice hit to lead things off, but after 2 outs, Derek Jeter, who had a deep shot didn't have enough on it. Now it's my feeling that it was clearly catchable, but Michael Kay called it like it was going to hit the subway. He was over-excited and for what? He was channeling Sterling.

Final tonight: White Sox 4- Yankees 3. DRob gets the loss. To be honest, I know Rafael Soriano has pitched 5 days and Girardi wanted to give him a rest, but you have a hot team in the White Sox and you want the win to set the tone...I would have brought him in. But whatever.

Bad bad loss and I'm deflated. Enough said.

ONE FINAL NOTE: 3184 hits tonight for Jeter and he tied Cal Ripken Jr on the all time hit list, he's now #13. Jeter is going to the Hall of Fame... no doubt about it.

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Brian Cashman always has good intentions when he speaks to the media about growing our club from within and giving the kids a chance.  What do I mean? Well, with CC Sabathia getting put on the DL before yesterday’s game and Andy Pettitte getting hurt by a liner in the 5th inning fracturing his ankle (Read HERE in case you live under a rock), Cashman said clearly that he wanted to bring Freddy Garcia into the starting role and being up someone like Adam Warren to take Garcia’s spot while the big guys heal. Read HERE.  Look, that’s all fine and good, but that’s not realistic to what the Yankees REALLY want to do.

The Yankees preach patience, but that’s what they want you to believe.  There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s their job, to not show their hand but instead, lurk and sneak a call and put the pieces in place to get quality and experience for what many know will be a strong run for the American League pennant after the All-star break.  The Yankees may give you every indication that they will bring up youngsters to fill the gaps and help make the run, and sure, 1 guy may help, but the Yankees want a seasoned Major League pitcher, a rental if you will, and for me, I am pretty positive that they’ll be working the phones pretty hard right now to try and pick up someone like a Matt Garza now that Andy and CC are down for the count.
You have to assume CC and Andy will be back, but what if healing takes longer to heal than they think? Let’s face it, that’s very possible when where talking about a 40 year old pitcher.  Andy is pretty invincible but a busted ankle is no joke.  Getting insurance, stability with a starter like Matt Garza makes sense to me.  Plus, let’s think about this, we have 2 overhyped pitchers in the minor leagues in Dellin Betances and Manny Baneulos, (read YOUNG GUNS III: STRUGGLE OF THE KILLER B's) and while I have a thing for Manny Banuelos and won’t give up on him yet, I have not problem packaging Betances and/or Cory Wade and/or even a Freddy Garcia for a Matt Garza or someone else who I believe can give us results.   
Why? Because we have guys like Joba Chamberlain and David Aardsma working their way back and they can fill the long man and extra reliever role while we add a starter, especially at the trade deadline.  Plus, you need to realize,with a guy like Garza for example, the Cubs are done this season, they'll probably sell of guys like crazy.  
What about Francisco Liriano?  For some reason the Yankees and Liriano are always connected and that can only mean 1 thing; both the Twins and the Yankees have talked more than once about it.  Buster Olney tweeted about it as well.  Read his Tweet HERE.  Clearly it may be a good fit for the Yankees.

Another option may be Zack Greinke.  Ken Rosenthal reported HERE that if the Brewers can't sign him to a long term deal they may be willing to part with him by the deadline.  That would be interesting. Sure, we’ve heard the stories about Grienke and how he’d fail in New York because he pitches better in a small market, but how the hell do we know? He’s never pitched in New York as a Yankee.  I’d be willing to try.

And while we’re throwing out names, what’s to say the Yankees won’t throw the farm at Seattle again and take another shot at King Felix? Sure, he's under contract with the Mariners until the end of 2014 but crazier things have happened and I have always believed that the Yanks have the best shot to land him, whether it’s now or later.  Plus, they’ve already given up Jesus Montero to the Mariners, a guy they swore they wouldn't part with. And yes, the Mariners are clearly getting more back on the Michael Pineda/Montero trade than we are right now.  Why not throw more into the Mariner pot and see what type of deal we can make?
Yes, it's true, the $189 million cap is a concern, the Yankees want to be under that cap, plus they need to figure out the futures of Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano in pinstripes.  I can tell you this, they like both and according to Brian Cashman, they will do their best the bring them both back, read HERE. So 
 Cashman really needs to get creative and do what he does best, negotiate good deals. 

Look, I’m not expert, but I know there’s pitching out there. The question becomes, What are the Yankees willing to part with, how much will they spend and save and will they get seasoned players to help them win down the stretch?  I believe they can handle those questions… After all, it’s their job to win it all for us fans, the same fans who pay these players' salaries. At the end of the day, we want to win and we want the best team on the field and believe me… Yankee brass knows that.  Stay tuned.

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