Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I’ve never done it before, but it was for a good cause, and let’s be honest, I was curious. I rarely have a moment to do much of anything, but the timing was right, so I went for it.

2 Bleeding Yankee Blue readers who happen to be father and son, we’re coming to New York City…from Australia! I’m not kidding. Huge Yankee fans and also big fans of Bruce Springsteen…who knew?  They purchased 2 shirts and asked if we could get them to their hotel when they arrived in New York.  At first I was going to mail them, but I figured, my schedule was open that day at that hour, so why not deliver them?
We met on the street and I was immediately blown away.  Charles and Joey Moses were probably 2 of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time.  Friendly, happy, appreciative…like family.   Not only are they BYB readers, they’re true Yankee fans.  We had a round of beers, we talked about the Yankees, family and Bruce Springsteen. Charles told me about how 1 year they travelled to Asbury Park and in typical new Jersey fashion, someone asked Charles "Where you from?" The told the man Australia. Charles said, the next thing the man said stuck with him "You came all the way from Australia to visit Asbury Park?" I was rolling.  The 3 of us had a really great time and while the meeting was brief, I consider them friends for life. 

The next day they attended their first Yankees, Rays game of the year and soon enough, I was receiving pictures of the guys all over the Bronx, wearing their shirts! In the stadium, out of the stadium, you name it, they did it and I appreciate it. What amazing support! They believe in our cause to help raise money for High Socks for Hope, David & Erin Robertson's foundation. I love it. 
Charles and Joey went the extra mile…literally. From Australia to the Bronx and they never disappointed me as fans as well as human beings.  I appreciated our meeting. They say you can learn a lot about a person in their first impression.  I did, Charles is a kind man and his son follows in his footsteps.  They wanted a good time in New York City and they got it. Great food, Yankee baseball and meeting new people in the greatest city in the world.  It was really the best of both worlds for them.  New York is such an incredible melting pot with so many different people all over the place, it literally never sleeps... like the expression goes.  They got to see their Yankees for 3 games in this visit and walked away with a 2-1 winning record in their visit to the stadium!

Thank you guys, thanks for the meeting and thanks for making me smile! I got to meet 2 Yankee fanatics and 2 guys that I'll call friends for life.  That's for your support Charles and Joey and thanks for visiting my city... the greatest city in the world, New York, New York!

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