Thursday, March 31, 2022


I will admit, I was very skeptical of the trade that brought Josh Donaldson to the Bronx. I'm still not in love with it but it's already making one impact so it's something.

I still have reservations about picking up a 36-year-old shortstop with an extensive injury history but he's already making contributions that don't reflect in his own stats. It's always good to have some strong clubhouse leadership and Donaldson is proving to be a good mentor for Kyle Higashioka, you can check it out for yourself HERE.

Higashioka says he modeled his swing after Donaldson since as early as 2015, he found what did not work for him and has learned to tweak some of his mechanics, now he seeks him out just to get his advice on how to become a better hitter....and it's working.

Before yesterday's game Higashioka had a .467 BA in seven games and tied the MLB league lead with four hoe runs in spring training.'s just spring training and those stats "don't count" but who doesn't want to see Higashioka take his new found confidence into the regular season and build upon it. These are baby steps but important ones. Last season he had a .181 BA in 193 at bats with 29 RBI's and 10 home runs....I like to imagine how much better it could be with 400+ at bats and the mentoring of Donaldson. That would be a huge win for the Yankees.

I try not to get ahead of myself here, but what happens off of the field is just as important as what happens during game time. I always like to watch a good leader in action, and right now Donaldson is just that. 

If Donaldson can stay healthy, consistent on the field and help guys like Higashioka blosson then this would be a huge win for the Yankees. I hope Donaldson proves all of my doubts about him coming here wrong.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Wednesday, March 30, 2022


Source: NY Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Soreness. That's what Yankee pitching coach Matt Blake and skipper Aaron Boone said about Luis Severino, the Yankees second starter behind ace Gerrit Cole. So what exactly does this mean? It means Severino likely won't be ready for the start of the season. It also raises concern about the righty's overall health and readiness for his first season back from Tommy John surgery. Can Sevy be dominant again? 

“I think if we had three or four more outings, you’d see it iron out,” pitching coach Matt Blake said Monday. “But right now, it’s like we’ve got probably another seven-to-10 days to get this right and then continue to build on it in the season. It’s not going to be a finished product,” reported

Source: AP

Severino's 17.18 ERA in two starts demonstrate the rustiness that Blake suggests in his assessment of the Yankee starter. The general arm soreness that Severino is experiencing is also a cause for alarm, signalling to Boone that he needs to skip Sevy's start slated for today against the Blue Jays. I will spare you Boone's rambling about Sevy and instead will continue with Blake's assessment of his starter.

“Yeah, I think anytime a guy comes out in spring training and doesn’t necessarily have the success that we want, it gives you pause,” he said. “I think the fact that the velo has been there and the quality of the pitches have been there, but the execution hasn’t … I think some of it is game speed and just getting the delivery under control and getting him to repeat that a little bit more,” reported

The Yankees are hopeful that a bullpen session today instead of a start will help Sevy recover from his last outing on Friday. With today's scratch, Sevy's start would be next Tuesday against the Phillies, although the Yankees could try and get Sevy in over the weekend. The hope was that he would pitch in the Yankees’ second regular-season game on extra rest Saturday April 9 at Yankee Stadium against the Red Sox. 

But the best laid plans often change and when you have a pitcher who hasn't pitched a full season since 2019, has Tommy John Surgery in early 2020 and only comes in for four relief appearances towards the end of 2021, and feels sore after only a couple of spring training starts there needs to be concern. How will the Yankee front office respond to this situation? Cashman are we still good? Is your phone off silent? 

Source: NY Post

I am rooting for Sevy but I am also realistic. He needs to work through some things, take his time coming back to full strength. And while that is happening who is going to step up? Do the Yankees have someone ready to step in or do they need to make a deal? Likely a little of both, but if I were Cashman, I'd get something going. Sevy is sore and there is nothing more than just pure time that can help him get better. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof


OK, I have an IT question and I really am not getting answers anywhere else. I hope you all can help me. Bleeding Yankee Blue has been around since September 14, 2010 and this is the first time this has ever happened. 

Look at this picture. This is the home page of BYB.  

Now look at the left column. This is what I see. The left column is blank. I don't know how... I don't know why, but this started about 3 weeks ago and what's even stranger is when I go into the other tabs, like Sponsors or the BYB Book Club or one of the others... the left column appears. 

So clearly the side column exists, it just doesn't exist on my home page. OR... are you see it on the home page and I'm just losing my mind?

I need some help. Suzie and I were talking about this the other day and we thought it may be a browser issue. But I have now tried BYB on Chrome, Edge and Firefox and I have the same result.  I tried clearing my cache... and nothing changes. 

If you can help me solve it, I will put together a BYB / Yankees package and send it to you filled with shirts, wristbands and other goodies.

Thank you in advance, my email is or comment to me on Facebook or Twitter. 

I appreciate you fam! Thank you.

Monday, March 28, 2022


Remember back in 2020 when we all watched Deivi Garcia and were excited about his future? It feels like so long ago especially after the terrible season he just had, but now there are signs that the old Garcia is on his way back! And with that another reminder about just how bad the Yankees reliance of analytics are.

Analytics are here to stay in baseball, but the Yankees have been particularly bad at it. REALLY bad and now Garcia is just another example of that. In January I wrote ALL EYES ON THESE YANKEE PROSPECTS IN 2022! and I said I thought Garcia could rebound if Matt Blake and his boneheads would stop trying to turn him into something he wasn't....and I was right.

Check THIS out. More details on just how wrong the Yankees were again. Imagine that.
"Last year, believing Garcia was too 'rotational' in his delivery — meaning he turned too much — the Yankees adjusted his pitching form and his control issues worsened. He walked 68 batters, had a WHIP of 1.875 and allowed 21 homers in just 90 ²/₃ innings with Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and finished the season with a 7.25 ERA."

Now Garcia said he has reverted some of his mechanics back to what he was doing back in 2020. You know....the year he actually was effective. Then Blake and his analytical staff with no experience tweaked with him and broke him down. So much for "if it aint broke don't fix it." They didn't just make some minor adjustments with Garcia, they tried to change him into something he wasn't and that's the Yankees failure.

So hopefully Garcia is rebounding. It's early, and spring games "don't matter" but I disagree in this case because this is about getting Garcia's confidence back again. Even Kyle Higashioka said he could see the difference, and Aaron Boone too but again he's part of the problem so I won't give him any credit.

Garcia is proof that the Yankees don't know what they are doing with Blake in charge. "Coaches" who never played in the majors shouldn't be experimenting with young prospects. They don't have the experience or knowledge to make them successful. The Yankees have egg on their face.

I've never wanted to see a young kid succeed more than I do Deivi because the Yankees failed him....plain and simple. I hope he rounds in a big way this season and finds his way back to the rotation despite the Yankees massive screwup.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, March 27, 2022


Source: Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Brian Cashman told the media that his phone isn't on silent when asked if the Yankees will be making more moves prior to Opening Day, now slated for April 7th. In addition, the Yankees GM said he would make the Yankees franchise player, Aaron Judge, an extension offer ahead of the season's opener. Following a 10-9 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, one of the best teams in baseball, the Yankees are keeping their options open for more depth and breadth to this 2022 team. And that's good because right now, they are not good enough.

Source: Corey Sipkin

I for one is glad that Cashman addressed the Judge situation. He brings so much to the table for the Yankees. His charisma, his swing, his defense and just his disposition keeps the Yankees blood pumping. He needs his extension and then he just needs to focus on playing baseball. “I’m a baseball player,’’ Judge said. “I’m gonna come in here and do what I need to do on the field. If I take care of what I’ve got to do on the field, everything else will work out,” reported the New York Post. Not surprised at his response to reporters regarding his extension. He is confident and ready to perform. Just like we need him to be.

Then there is pitching, which has been the Yankees' Achilles heel for years. Injuries and just lack depth have hurt the Yankees over the last several seasons. Will Cashman bring in more starting pitching for 2022?

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

"The Yankees are one of several teams in the mix to trade for Oakland Athletics starting pitchers Sean Manaea and Frankie Montas, who are available on the block," reported Does Cashman get this done without giving up prospects? Maybe, if they consider shipping Gleyber Torres to Oakland?

“I would expect the Yankees do everything possible to preserve both of them (Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza) and retain their flexibility going forward,” MLB Ken Rosenthal said on Ryan Ruocco and CC Sabathia's  R2C2 podcast this week. “Maybe both become stars for the Yankees. Maybe one gets traded for an even bigger pitcher than Frankie Montas.”

Source: Athletics Nations

My optimism remains high that the Yankees go after more. They have to in order to contend against the teams in their own division let alone the rest of MLB. The Jays, the Rays, the Orioles and the Sox all score a lot of runs against the Yankees and have just the ballparks and talent to make things happen. If the Yankees don't lock these teams down, and don't score their own runs, they are going to be simply left out of what looks to be an exciting season. Let's hope Cashman keeps his ringer on extra loud for something more—because right now, this team is just not there yet.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Thursday, March 24, 2022


The Yankees just made a trade with the Twins that brought Ben Rortvedt to the Bronx and kicked Gary Sanchez to the curb. Rortvedt was the bet defensive catcher in the Twins system and after Sanchez that's a huge plus. So....why are the Yankees still interested in other catchers?

It's a fair question. I'm not surprised by it but Twitter has been buzzing about it. Even if you overlook that Rortvedt has an oblique injury that Aaron Boone confirms will not be healed by opening day there are other reasons why the Yankees are making calls.

I love that Rortvedt is strong defensively, the Yankees need more of that behind the plate and I hope he develops more and turns into the strong catcher the Yankees believe he will be. He's got a lot of promise, but Rortvedt and Kyle Higashioka are the only catchers on the 40 man roster. After that the Yankees have Rob Brantly and he's not a viable option. The Yankees need depth.

It's also hard to overlook that Rortvedt is only 23 years old, has played in 39 games and has a .169BA. A tandem of Higashioka and Rortvedt is not a safe bet for an entire season. The Yankees need more depth and proven, reliable catcher. The Yankees aren't willing to trade good defense for lackluster offense and they shouldn't. We already know how challenged our offense is, so the Yankees need a catcher who can give some offense.

So that's why the Yankees have checked on Willson Contreras availability with the Cubs, read more HERE. If I were the Cubs, I would wait for an overwhelming offer because when it comes to Contreras, they are in the drivers seat. The Cubs may be in rebuild mode, but their catcher is probably the best piece they have left and he's a pretty damn good catcher. He's a free agent at the end of 2022 and he has been rumored to be on the trading block all winter.

I like the idea of Contreras in pinstripes, it definitely makes us stronger but even if he is available, I don't think the Cubs move him right away. If I were the Cubs I would sit back and wait until summer. If they are far out of the postseason picture then it makes sense to sell to the highest bidder. 

I don't think Contreras will be as affordable as some people think. Yes, he's about to be a free agent BUT he's also a good high in demand catcher and there just isn't a lot of supply out there. I wonder what the Yankees would be willing to give up to get him....

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Wednesday, March 23, 2022


Source: ClutchPoints

The rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays just got more fierce. Word on the street is that the Jays are eyeing up the Yankees currently most tenured player who they failed to sign. Brett Gardner could fly the coop right over the Canadian border and it is not sitting well with me.

Source: Associated Press

The Yankees have said that they have other more viable options in the outfield, choosing to bypass Gardner despite his deep commitment to the only major league team he has called home. "The Blue Jays have a heavily righty hitting lineup. They would like to add a spare lefty-hitting outfielder with plate patience — an asset of Gardner’s throughout his career. If Gardner is interested in playing somewhere besides the Yankees, multiple executives told The Post they believe he could get a major league contract somewhere because he can still run, defend and is viewed as a hard-working clubhouse leader," reported the New York Post.

I'll tell you what, that quote could not be more true—hard-working clubhouse leader who can run, defend and adds dimension to any lineup. The Blue Jays have already stacked their team with winners including their newest first baseman Matt Chapman

Source: New York Times

According to the New York Times, "Among the reinforcements brought in for 2022: starting pitcher Kevin Gausman (whose breakout 2021 season with the San Francisco Giants, with a 2.81 E.R.A., earned him an All-Star spot and a five-year, $115 million deal) and starting pitcher Yusei Kikuchi (who had a 4.41 E.R.A. last year as the Mariners’ lone All-Star). And, of course, there is Chapman, who arrived on Thursday from the Athletics’ spring training site in Arizona and was in the Blue Jays’ clubhouse at 5:55 a.m. on Friday." And could Brett Gardner be the next piece the contending team adds to their arsenal that includes Bo Bichette, George SpringerVladimir Guerrero Jr. and starting pitcher and Cy Young winner Robbie Ray?

Source: Sports Illustrated

According to the Post, "Gardner’s representatives has said the veteran intends to play a 15th season. But clubs that could be interested wonder if Gardner, 38, is so aligned with the Yankees that if he cannot latch on with them he just retires." The Blue Jays have engaged Gardner's representatives just in case he just decides to play out his career on a new team, in a different country but in the same division as his beloved Yankees.

So, we have not seen the last of Gardner. And I believe he is more than ready to contend, more so than his younger peers. I wish it was in New York, but I have to say, if he goes to Toronto, he may very well have an exciting final year, which could see a Jays-Mets World Series. And his Yankees go home empty-handed again.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Tuesday, March 22, 2022


Aaron Hicks is a waste of a contract. His 7-year, 70-million-dollar contract was a terrible and we all saw it for what it was. He gets hurt too much and doesn't put up the numbers he should for that amount of money.  If he could stay on the field and stay healthy, I really wouldn't care what he says, but this time he literally needs to shut up.

WFAN Radio New York writes:

"Aaron Hicks says the Yankees are trying to implement a little more attitude in 2022, and adding some notoriously tough and outspoken players like Josh Donaldson will help establish that identity that he feels has been missing.

“I think our phrase for this year is ‘Have some f--k you,’” Hicks said on the latest R2C2 podcast. “Obviously that’s something that we’re missing. I’m definitely ready to do that.”

Stay on the field for 100 games and then go tell the Yankees what you expect of them. You don't lead by example Aaron... so there's that.

Monday, March 21, 2022


The Yankees wanted versatility and they got it in the form of a cheater. Sure, not everyone agrees with me on this one but I really don't care. The Yankees desire for versatility comes at a price and I'm not talking about the amount of money in his contract.

The Yankees saw endless possibilities with Marwin Gonzalez because the cheater can play all over the infield and also play all three outfield positions. Sure, that sounds nice but it comes with the price of integrity which some people may not care about but I do.

Sure, the Yankees got him on the cheap at a minor league deal for only $1.1 million if he reaches the major league roster but what about the stigma that goes with it? He's part of the 2017 cheating ASSTROS team that knocked the Yankees out of the postseason. He's not worth a penny.

That .199 BA last season is less than what he weighs. He's useless. Love how good his stat looked in 2017 when he was cheating. He was one of the ASSTROS that benefited most from their trash can banging and then as soon as he is exposed for the cheater he is he can't hit the broad side of a barn. To say he's in a decline is an insult to almost every other player in the league.

And what about his terrible "apology" he gave two years ago, we wrote about it in THE LATEST DIRTY ASSTRO APOLOGY IS BEYOND STUPID! What about when he said "that's how it is unfortunately. It's how it is, they're going to get booed. Hopefully they can get through that." That's what he said about the bad reputations his former teammates were going to have to deal with as they traveled to other stadiums. Easy to say when he was a Minnesota Twin....but he's not anymore. 

So no, I won't give Gonzalez a "Welcome to the Bronx" because he's a loser and now he hopes to stay in the show and have a chance with the team he cheated against. He doesn't deserve the uniform at all. Giving him one to wear would be a tragedy as far as I am concerned.

I hope his own words about being booed haunt him.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Sunday, March 20, 2022


It one of those things. The Yankees and Trevor Story have always been connected in some capacity when it came to free agency. The question was always when is was going to happen.  But then the Yankees got Isiah  Kiner-Falafa, a shortstop... and with Anthony Volpe coming up from the farm next year or the year after... it made sense. 

But now we keep hearing about Story again. It's the same old story.  

Mass live writes:

"Story “has multiple new suitors” as “the Astros, Rangers and others have joined the mix.” Heyman then reported the Yankees “have emerged as a possibility.” “Yankees and Astros likely have an edge in Trevor Story pursuit as he’d play SS in either place. Two good choices since they are also winning teams. Yankees are definitely in whereas they really weren’t in on Correa. Prefer Story.”

This comes from Jon Heyman so don't get crazy. I do find it interesting however. If it's correct and it's a 3 year deal with an opt out after 2, why not? 

"The Yankees have the recently acquired Isiah Kiner-Falefa at short, but he's hardly entrenched, and the Red Sox badly need a defensive upgrade over the otherwise highly skilled Xander Bogaerts. If Story winds up willing to man second or third, then that obviously widens his market."

Right now, the only thing we can do as fans, is wait. And we will.

Saturday, March 19, 2022


The Yankees got a new catcher in Ben Rortvedt when they traded away Gary Sanchez.  There was some relief, because Rortvedt is a stud defender. Read NEW YANKEE CATCHER IS A STUD DEFENDER for more on that. Well, now Rortvedt's hurt.

The New York Post writes:

"...newly acquired Ben Rortvedt has been sidelined with an oblique injury, according to Aaron Boone.

The 24-year-old is still doing catching drills, but isn’t hitting, which figures to put his readiness for Opening Day in question."

Let's see what happens next. I hope it's not a bad injury.


Yankee fans didn't ever want Carlos Correa.  No. Here's the truth: Yankee fans always like the idea that we're the Yankees and could get whatever we wanted in the free agent market.  Carlos Correa was out there, he was available, yes. He was also part of that 2017 Astros cheating championship. 

In fact, he was fingered as one of the guys who was part of it. So trust me when I tell you, while it's always great to see, new, top free agents in Yankee pinstripes... Correa was never gonna be the guy.  So when this idiot tweets that he was... this guy just needs to shut the fuck up.

While I think the Donaldson trade is absolutely horrible, taking on $50 million on a broken down third baseman is ridiculous, I'm thrilled Correa went elsewhere. 

Let the Twins try and figure out how to deal with a chubby catcher with no motivation in Sanchez, and deal with Correa having an attitude and talking trash every week. Be my guest.  And this goes back to these "experts" that have it all figured out. They don't. If you were a fan, a true fan you would understand realistically what the Yankees were doing. Being provocative is annoying now. Carrabis is the leader of annoying. You know who else is? Buster Olney:

The fact is the Yankees have a new young shortstop coming up the pike in Anthony Volpe. The idea was to get a SS who would be there, but not forever.  I personally wanted Didi Gregoirus to be that guy and I know for a fact that the Yankees were interested in that. I don't know what happened to that conversation other that it just didn't work out because it would need to be a trade with the Phillies. 

But what I do know is they made a move to bring in Isiah Kiner-Falefa, And this guy already loves being a Yankee. With that, you see where it goes, and when Volpe is ready, the idea of alittle competition at the position is always in the cards.  

But guys like Olney would never write that in a tweet because it's not sexy enough. And this guy has never had a "baseball insider" moment in his life. Guys like Olney is only right when the story is confirmed by Jeff Passan because you and I both know that guys like Passan and Jack Curry do it correctly. Olney... Heyman... Nightengale... they're hacks.  Nightengale was ready to say Correa went to the Mets, trust me.

The Yankees made some moves to better themselves this week.  While Donaldson isn't my first choice, people like my 19 year old sees it as a plus, if the guy can stay healthy.  People love Kiner-Falefa and he's growing on me too.  Rizzo at first? I will definitely take that. DJ at second? Hey... I kind of like this infield. 

Provocative tweets as a way to get likes and retweets? Go away. I will never follow these pricks and I will never fall for their shit. In the end, you wanna know what really matters? What the fans think. How the fans react and what the fans really want.  It's not what the press is telling you.  That, in part is why Bleeding Yankee Blue was even started. We are REAL talk from REAL fans and we don't sugar coat it and we will NEVER LIE TO YOU in this new world of false information.  

Hey Yankee fans... I will always take your opinions over these clowns.  Why? Cause you're invested. That's why.

Happy Saturday.

Friday, March 18, 2022


It was only a matter of time. Luke Voit was a solid player for us.  We needed some personality; we needed some ego, and we needed a first baseman right around the time that Greg Bird was really sucking the life out of the team.  And so, Luke Voit showed up and showed promise. 

But then Luke Voit got hurt. And then it happened again and again.  And when he was healthy, he was good and when he was not, we waited. And then he started feeling alittle comfortable and blabbing and when he talked about (and I'm paraphrasing here) "I just want to play" and "I don't know what the Yankees are thinking" and "Maybe I should go to another team", well, the team you're on doesn't really like that. And so, when he made his latest comments "I'm going to stay positive" right after Anthony Rizzo got signed to his deal... you knew it was time for Voit to go.

Luke Voit was traded today... and he was traded for literally nothing.

Bleacher Report writes:

"The Yankees announced Friday they are trading Voit to the San Diego Padres for right-handed pitching prospect Justin Lange.

New York signed Rizzo to a two-year deal Thursday. He hit .249/.340/.428 in 49 games with the Yankees after being acquired from the Chicago Cubs prior to the trade deadline.

Bringing Rizzo back added to a crowded infield rotation for the Yankees. They also have Josh Donaldson, Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Gleyber Torres and DJ LeMahieu. Giancarlo Stanton is likely to be the primary designated hitter in the Bronx this season."

Does Voit hate the Yanks for that? I'm gonna be honest, I always thought the Yankees were using Voit so I'd be pissed if I'm Voit. But tomorrow, I'd be thrilled to turn the page.  The Padres will use this guy and he's gonna go off for San Diego.  

The bottom line is... it was time.

Good luck Luke. You're gonna do great things and San Diego seems like a city that will suit you just fine!
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