Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Bleeding Yankee Blue wanted to accomplish something great.  Sure, we’re not about to raise a million dollars here, but giving to people that are less fortunate is always a nice thing to do and it makes us feel good that you guys have dove right in and contributed. 
Look, by now you know that if you buy a shirt here on Bleeding Yankee Blue, you will be giving $1 toward High Socks for Hope. In fact, sites like Pinstripe Alley, BomberBoulevard and Bronx Baseball Daily have all promoted the BYB cause and we Thank them for that. It means a lot.  After all, it’s a charity we’re running so every little bit helps. They see that and we appreciate them plugging it.

Many have dove in and made a purchase. The latest comes from Mikal sporting a shirt below.
It’s a nice looking shirt, the material is sturdy and the white letters just "pop" off the dark blue! You can’t beat that. In the past, we have requested that whomever buys a shirt should take a picture and send it in.  We love to be interactive with you guys. Here is one of our writers, Christy Lee sporting hers. You gotta love it. 
So take a moment, look at our website, look to the left and look for the mature looking guy that reminds me of Mickey Mantle, (below) that’s Mikey Blue’s dad.  Right below it there is a button, it says BUY NOW.  That’s for PayPal...time to buy.
If you don’t use Paypal, you should, it’s safe and easy and once the purchase is made, the shirt gets sent out right away.  When you order, specify what you need. We have Small, Medium, Large, XL and 2XL. We are sold out of 3XL.

If you want to send a check or money order, you can do that.  All you need to do is send it to the P.O. Box below.  Specify what size you need, how many you need and make sure you send us your address and we’ll get it out to you.
Look, High Socks for Hope is a good cause.  David and Erin Robertson are good people and when they decided to raise money for people in Tuscaloosa, Alabama who had their homes destroyed by destructive tornadoes in 2011, we thought we should get on board and help…and the best part is now you can too. 

Go for it, Buy a shirt today... you'll be happy you did.

 ORDER A BYB SHIRT NOW, DROB WEARS ONE! Also, Please comment, we have DISQUS, it's easier than ever. Let me know what you think and follow me on Twitter @BleednYankeeBlu and join the group Bleeding Yankee Blue on Facebook, just type it in

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