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Over the past 4 years at Bleeding Yankee Blue, we've been able to chat and really get into the heads of the YES Network crew.  For me personally, it started with Jack Curry, a personal favorite for me, because he was a guy I read when he was with the New York Times and admired.  As time went on and he went to the YES Network, it seemed like the perfect marriage for me personally to watch him there. After all, I loved both Curry's work... and now he was on YES.

But then it expanded. We interviewed Kimberly Jones, and later we chatted with buddy Bob Lorenz and even Meredith Marakovits and we even finally nailed down Ken Singleton.  All our interviews were a lot of fun and unique and we here at BYB are YES Network fans! So for us personally, the BYB writers that got to chat with these personalities of YES, well, it's personally satisfying.

Now I'm gonna give you all another treat. The one and only Nancy Newman.

I have always admired Nancy and I am a big fan of Yankees Magazine as I know many of you are too.  I always appreciated the way Nancy presented that show, but there was more to Nancy Newman.  She's had a busy career before YES and her hard work continues. Plus, sports has always been a big part of her life.

And so, I wanted to ask her some personal questions... you know, what makes Nancy Newman tick. Lucky for me, she's a BYB fan! I love that and appreciate it!  Not only that, we had a great chat and she answered all our questions.  I couldn't be happier.

And now, I offer you this... it's our BYB interview with Nancy Newman!  Enjoy this... I certainly did:

BYB: OK. This is a thrill for me. I hope you realize this...

Nancy Newman: Thank you, Robert! It is my pleasure!  Thank you for the invitation for interview! You do great work!

BYB: Thank you. Now Nancy, are you a Yankee fan? I know your background is extensive, working at the 2004 Olympics in Greece with NBC, and doing Sports for CNN. 

But where is your allegiance in baseball? 

Nancy Newman: I was definitely a Yankees fan in my formative years. My father was a big Yankees guy!  Bobby Murcer and Don Mattingly were big favorites in our house!  The Blue-Jays coming into existence was huge too.  It gave our family, and everyone in the Niagara Falls area, a chance to attend Major League Baseball games and witness the best.  I think it was at that point as a kid, that I really became hooked on baseball.  Going to games regularly was totally captivating for me!

BYB: I've been a fan of Yankees Magazine for a while. You do a great job.  How did that come about for you?

Nancy Newman: Thank you for the kind words regarding Yankees Magazine. It is a great program to work on. Our terrific executives at YES thought I was the right fit for the show. The producers are top-notch, talented and wonderful guys.

BYB: It's clear by your resume that you've always been a sports fan.  Tell me about growing up and wanting to be in broadcasting. Tell the BYB audience, especially young women who want to break into the business of sports reporting...

Nancy Newman: It's true, I have always loved sports.  I was a figure skater growing up and I loved skating, but I was also hugely into professional sports.  We went to alot of hockey, baseball and football games as a family.  We spent hours talking sports, reciting stats, discussing in-game strategy, it was a familial bonding experience! 

My advice to someone looking to work on camera in television would be this; To firstly, know your subject.  Good performance comes from confidence and confidence comes from the love of your subject matter.  Secondly, don't be too tough on yourself with regard to trying to make things happen quickly! Have a plan, but not so rigid so as to miss opportunities along the way you may not have previously considered! Focus on polishing your skills while on your journey, not just the destination.

BYB: It's no secret that Bleeding Yankee Blue loves the YES crew.  We've interviewed Meredith, Jack, Kenny and Bob Lorenz. Although, we find Lorenz shady. THAT IS A JOKE... We love him!

Tell me about the gang and the relationship you all have together. We are big fans of all of you!

Nancy Newman: I will say thank you on behalf of all of us at YES!  It is a GREAT crew, right?! I give a lot of credit to our amazing YES executives who place a high value on team building.  They take great care and put a lot of emphasis on fostering and nurturing a strong relationship amongst our Yankees broadcast team.

BYB: Where were you when Derek Jeter had his 3000th hit?

Nancy Newman: Derek Jeter's 3000th hit will be one of those moments remembered for a lifetime for all of us fortunate enough to have been there as well as for everyone watching it wherever they were. I was with the Yankees Magazine crew in the Stadium!  What a moment!

BYB: Let's follow that up with where were you when Derek Jeter had his final hit at Yankee Stadium?

Nancy Newman: Derek Jeter's final hit at the Stadium may be even more unforgettable! I remember being on the press box level at the Stadium envisioning the eventual scenario and saying to myself "Is this really happening?!" Of course, we soon found out, it was indeed!

BYB: Who was your favorite player growing up. It can be baseball or non-baseball. Yankee or non-Yankee. Spill the beans.

Nancy Newman: Wayne Gretzky.  The Great One.

BYB: Love it. OK, who was it who really got you into sports growing up?

Nancy Newman: My father and uncle for sure! The athlete I most looked up to when I was a youngster was  Dorothy Hamill.  She was the most amazing skater I had ever seen and so, to the eyes of this young figure skater, she had no equal!  I still keep her autographed photo from the Goodwill Games on my desk at home. 

BYB: I just want to say, chatting with you over the past few weeks, it's refreshing to know that I am not the only one who still uses a Blackberry.  Apparently you do too, huh?  Random I know, but explain to our audience why you like it when it comes to correspondence... Frankly, I'm tired of explaining myself... ha ha

Nancy Newman: I find myself explaining my Blackberry status to people, too!!  I just love my Blackberry and have not been able to "consciously uncouple" with it !  You can't beat the security features and that classic keyboard! Glad to have you with me on that!  I'm a Blackberry and iPad girl.

BYB: Finally, do you read Bleeding Yankee Blue? What do you think? Do we have a shot at the big time one day?

Nancy Newman: Yes, I definitely read Bleeding Yankee Blue!  I find your commentaries informative and thoughtful!  You and your writers are clearly dedicated and speak to the true Yankee fan in a factual and realistic way.  I respect your work!  Keep it up and great things are ahead for you for sure.

Nancy, I loved this interview with you. Sincerely.  Thanks for taking the time to talk to the BYB audience.  You are now officially part of the Bleeding Yankee Blue family.  Thanks!

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