Monday, June 25, 2012


It's no secret that John Kruk ticked me off a while back when he was ripping on Nick Swisher during the Yankees, Red Sox game back on April 22nd. You remember, the Yankees won 15-9 and it was Nick Swisher who had the game of his life and stood on second base and banged his chest like King Kong.  It was then John Kruk who said “Yeah, Nick, you did your job. That’s what you were expected to do so just accept it and be a little more humble...” Read HERE.

Listening to a commentator say that on a National televised game shocked me.  Why is Swisher being singled out like that? That got to me a bit because you know me, I've always been a fan of the passion on the field...when warranted.  You don't want to showboat, you don't want to taunt, but if you come up big in the ballgame, show it.  Swish came up big in that game.

I have never had a problem with Francisco Cervelli fist pumping and I damn sure don't have a problem with Nick Swisher pounding his chest, 1 time in a big game for his team and himself.   And, if you read our post, VALVERDE'S SPITTER & OTHER ANTICS from over the weekend, I don't have a problem with Jose Valverde's stupid dance either, he has the right to do it, he just clearly looks idiotic. 
So, you know me, I'm fascinated with Twitter, so I reached out to Kurk, because, you can do that kind of thing these days.  He never responded to me, but luckily we have passionate and loyal Bleeding Yankee Blue readers and thanks to @egyankee, she sent our post to Kruk again.  This around, John was nice enough to respond to us, because, we really wanted to know, Was there a double standard when it came to the New York Yankees? Why would Kruk get on Nick Swisher's case, but commentators end up always giving Jose Valverde a slide when he does his "clown jig", as I put it?  Well, Kruk responded... here it is:
Kruk's alright! In fact, I was never exactly ticked at Kruk specifically as I am of many of these commentators who hammer the Yankees for a lot of things, but not other teams who may do the same stuff. The Swisher / Valverde situation was a perfect example. Thanks for responding Mr. Kruk.

What does this prove? Nothing but getting these commentators on the record.  So many times the Yankees are considered "evil", the ones who are always in the spotlight.  All I wanted to do was make sure I didn't misunderstand what Kruk was saying. Clearly it bothered me...what can I say, I'm a baseball nerd.

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