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I wouldn’t have expected Jay Buhner to speak out of turn about the Seattle Mariners recently, but his passion for the Mariners and his want to turn the franchise around is evident.  Buhner apparently is willing to let Ichiro Suzuki walk and would “vomit” if the Mariners were to sign him to say a 3 year, $35 million deal after this season.  He was on the “Brock and Salk show” talking about that, (Read HERE.)  His main reason?  The Mariners need to stop “spending all the money on one guy.”   He then quickly said “no offense, no offense” which to me is hilarious.  He just threw the Mariners franchise player under the bus and then tried to act like it didn’t happen.
I get what Jay Buhner’s saying and to be honest, Ichiro may be the Mariners franchise player but lord knows if the Mariners want to turn the team around like Buhner suggests, they should think about unloading Ichiro and I have a home for him, especially if the Mariners want to just pick up the rest of that 2012 salary…the Bronx.   You're laughing right? Well laugh away, it's funny to me too because we're in a new Yankee world where cheap is the new rich. That being said, it's my blog, not yours, just continue to smirk...and read.

I told you guys that a few months ago in ICHIRO IN PINSTRIPES? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. that I would love the idea of Ichiro in pinstripes, and sure, because he’s owed $17 million this season, it probably isn’t realistic unless the Mariner’s were to pick up $16 million of that, and they won’t, but if they did…I’d welcome Ichiro down the stretch in New York...  I really would.  
True, right now we’re all loving Raul Ibanez and Andruw Jones, they’re hot right now,  but if you’re going for a 30 + guy anyway, why not go for a 30+ athletic guy…again, IF the Mariners were to pick up the majority of that steep Ichioro 2012 salary, I'm in.

(In Picture: Denard Span)
Ichiro may be old, but he’s also experienced and is probably hungry for a post season, something he’s never been able to do in Seattle. Get him if the price is right and if not, there are other guys who I’d recommend:

Denard Span: I mentioned him in SPEED WILL BE A FACTOR WITH GARDNER OUT and I like him a lot.  Span’s fast and a pretty decent outfielder.  Not only that, the Minnesota Twins are stinking up the joint.  So if the Yankees and Twins can talk money (A lot less than Ichiro’s 2012 contract), it is probably more logical than my pipe dream of Ichiro Suzuki or even a Shane Victorino
 Will Venable: Wow, I was impressed with this idea.  It comes from Ken Davidoff of the New Yorlk Post who suggested him in his piece HERE. Davidoff writes: “The Princeton product isn't eligible for free agency until after the 2015 season, and he isn't the type of player whose salary is going to escalate dramatically; he could be a long-term fit in the Yankees' payroll-reduction plan, if they like him. His career splits show that he could benefit considerably from leaving Petco Park."

DeWayne Wise: Yes, I know, we already have him and he’s quite athletic, but he’s not a hitter and the Yankees really need a speedster, a fielder AND a hitter. Sure, if we don’t look at old players for rentals, or someone like Denard Span, should the Yanks keep doing what they’re doing? Raul Ibanez, Andruw Jones and DeWayne Wise?

Look, bottom line, there are options, and it may require Cashman to do alittle digging, but it really depends on what other teams want to eat salary-wise when trading these guys to the Yanks. Remember, the Yankees want to keep that payroll down and they’re sticking to it. Again, my Ichiro idea may sound absolutely ridiculous, but so was the  Ivan Rodriguez idea a few years ago.  My point is, if Cashman can be creative and smart about this outfielder situation, anything is possible, be it Span, Ichiro…or we just stick with the 3 headed monster in Jones, Ibanez and Wise…believe it or not, that be may the WISE choice…get it? GET IT?

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