Saturday, June 2, 2012


Ichiro Suzuki is in the last year of his contract with the Seattle Mariners.  That being said, many believe that this season, after everything he's accomplished, he'll retire.  I suspect he hasn't done 1 thing a New York Yankee.

It isn't out of the question you know, the Yankees will perhaps see Nick Swisher walk after 2012 ends because it will be the first time he will be a free agent in his career.  This, in turn will be the Yankees a gapping hole on right field.  The timings right is all I'm saying and if Ichiro is leaning toward retirement any way, what's to say he wouldn't give pinstripes 1 year just to well... say he did.

Ichiro may be 38 years old, but he's by no means "old" like players who hit that age.  After all, Johnny Damon's still playing, Raul Ibanez is. What's to say the Yankees can't sway Ichiro to come to the Bronx for a simple 1 year deal?

Can you imagine the speed we'd have on our club? Ichiro is still a terrific leadoff hitter, or you still go with Derek Jeter or you move Brett Gardner up.  Plus if you did have Ichiro as your leadoff and perhaps Jeter as your second in the order, Brett Gardner could essentially become your second leadoff in the 9th hole.  Hey, it's just a thought and just an idea but I like what I'm saying right now and sure, Ichiro is not the same Ichiro as he was 7 years ago, but neither is Derek Jeter and I'd say our Captain's doing just fine.

Ichiro is a 10 time all star, he's still dynamic in the outfield and still a spark plug...I'm not saying it will happen, I'm saying it definitely could happen...Ichiro to the Bronx? Hey, it really ain't a bad idea.

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