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If the Miami Marlins are dealing, there are creative ways to get what we want, especially if your Brian Cashman.  When the that blockbuster deal went down between the Marlins and the Blue Jays Tuesday night, Ricky Nolasco was on my mind, but so was Giancarlo Stanton...that's right, I went there.

Yes, it's time to snatch up Ricky Nolasco, for 1, but there's a problem... money.  Look, I wrote late Tuesday night in BLUE JAYS GET MOTHERLOAD IN TRADE WITH MARLINS that there was a rumor suggesting that after that blockbuster trade, the Marlins were looking to also unload Ricky Nolasco. I said then and I'll say it now... The time is now. Get him.
Now, let me be honest, Nolasco is not a superstar. He's AJ Burnett. He's also owned about $11 million but after 2013, he's done. Hey, we once signed AJ Burnett, didn't we? The feeling then was he was mediorce, but the Yankees billed him as the 1,2 punch with CC Sabathia... almost everyone bought into it.  Not me, I knew he was mediocre, but he also couldn't handle the Bronx.  Now, I have a different take on Nolasco.

Nolasco's young and "mold-able", meaning, we can work with this kid and perhaps develop him.  Now you're reading this and you think I'm crazy.  I'm sitting here saying "Well, Michael Pineda worked out real nice for us, didn't he?"  Nolasco gets wins. He may not be the greatest pitcher to put on pinstripes, but I believe a change of scenery could be good for this kid, despite what Andrew Marchand says, read HERE. If we can figure out the money, maybe the Marlins pick up some, I roll the dice, you have nothing to lose, except maybe a prospect or 2.  Having alittle extra pitching cannot hurt and after we saw the way the farm self-destructed last season with guys like Jose Campos and Manny Banuelos, I'd jump on this. After all, who knows when we'll see those 2.

Here are the numbers for Nolasco last season: 12-13 / 4.48 ERA / 191 IP / 125 K

Last year was not a good year, which only means to me that may he's cheap, something the Yankees love right now.  Don't forget though, in 2008 (15-8), 2009 (13-9), 2010 (14-9). That wasn't a decade ago, that was just a few years ago.
Now, there is also talk about the Marlins looking to give up first baseman and outfielder Logan Morrison too. But I don't want Morrison, I want Giancarlo Stanton.  The Yanks could use a right fielder since Nick Swisher left and Giancarlo could be the greatest catch ever.  The trouble is, how do we make this happen and who do the Yankees give up? Plus, how does Cash convince Loria  that he might as well just go balls out and give the whole Marlins team away? 
With a Stanton and Nolasco package, the question is who do we give up. The answer is prospects and probably someone big... like Alex Rodriguez, like Curtis Granderson.  Look, I hate to even suggest it, but sometimes you have to go big to get big.  Stanton's big.  Sure, we'll have to take a ton of that ARod contract, but there are smarter people who get paid a helluva lot of money to figure that stuff out...I don't have to.

Look,  it's clear by what Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria said yesterday to Jon Heyman of Loria has no patience and his plan to screw the Miami taxpayers with an empty multi-million dollar stadium and lackluster players came true, despite his suggestion that that was never the case. He simply told Heyman, "We finished in last place. Figure it out" when asked about why he made that big trade to the Blue Jays. Loria wants to go in another direction.  Loria is doing what the Marlins have always done and that whole charade last year with huge signings and being "the Yankees of the south" was all just bogus. It failed miserably and now the Marlins will start over. In other words, give the Marlins what they want, not wins, but a stable of prospects.  In return the Yankees can pick up a Ricky Nolasco, maybe a 1B/OF type in Logan Morrison or, like I said, Giancarlo Stanton, a guy the Marlins have called untouchable...but no one is one. 

My take is, if the Marlins are selling any way, the Yankees need to find a way to buy, especially if right fielder Stanton is available.  If Brian Cashman can convince the Marlins to give us Stanton, the Yankees just won the 2013 World Series. But look, I'm getting way ahead of myself

Bottom line, I start with Ricky Nolsaco, especially if he can also bring me Giancarlo Stanton. Everyone is for sale in Miami right now, and while the Yankees don't want to spend a ton of money, if the price is right, Cashman will and should pull the trigger any way possible.  Sure, prospects will be a big trading chip, but there will be plenty more involved. He can do it. He can bring back us 29 year old pitcher with potential, and a 23 year old superstar outfielder that would make us all forget about Jesus Montero.  And then, Yankeeland will rejoice again...I just know it.

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