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A compilation is never easy, but it is now time for our second installment of Reinventing the Yankee Walk Up Songs.  My colleague Jeana Bellezza picked some winners in hers. Read REINVENTING THE YANKEE WALK UP SONG: PART 1

I have my own ideas for some walk up fun for our boys in pinstripes.  In my installment, I would like to use our current lineup plus Derek Jeter, of course as he is the Captain.  I want to give the Yankee team on the field right now some credit for some great hitting lately.  Additionally, I get the added bonus of that great triple play (yup, still thinking about it), so my energy, along with the Yankees, is on fire right now!

Stepping up to the plate first is our center fielder Brett Gardner to the tunes of Cruise by Florida-Georgia Line.

We know Brett sweats country music and no song is hotter right now than this one.  It sets the tone of the game with the idea of the team cruisin’ to victory with a big splash from our lead off batter.

Robinson Cano, in the two-hole, steps up to How We Do by Hardwell & Showtek- fun techno song that will get all the fans on their feet every time he comes up to bat.  Robby needs a little fun and a little techno to match his groove this year- this might be just the song to step him up!

Batting third, is the red hot Kevin Youkilis with his theme Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.  The line “Welcome to the new age” seems to suit Youk’s new digs perfectly here in the Bronx.  His radioactive game play has certainly turned some heads not only in here in New York but around the league as well.

Clean up batter Travis Hafner steps up to Bangarang by Skillex- an explosive song for an equally explosive bat and why not, he’s in our fourth spot looking to jet us up in runs with every at bat. 

Vernon Wells holding down the 5th spot in the order with Started From the Bottom by Drake“Started from bottom now my whole team is here,” sets the tone for coming back and chipping away at our opponent’s lead.  I feel like this is going to be that kind year from time to time, and this song will remind us that we can always come back even if we are behind.

Ichiro Suzuki is definitely the matrix of the team.  He is fast and he is furious.  He’s the perfect poster child for Harlem Shake by Baauer.  Sometimes he’s the only one in the game who’s getting hits and making plays but then, out of nowhere, he inspires the entire lineup to step up and join in the party.

Eduardo Nunez- whatever they throw at him, he keeps getting back up and dusting himself off.  He gets plunked one minute and the next minute he is slugging a base hit. Even we fans give him curve balls every so often when we get frustrated with his newness from time to time. That’s why Pitbull’s Don’t Stop the Party is just the song for a guy that will never give up. 

Jayson Nix definitely has that pirate kind of disposition-you never know what he has in store for you- he is quite unpredictable and surprising.  Coming from Texas, why not give him Pirate Flag by Kenny Chesney to walk up and set that kind of pirate like tone toward the end of the batting order.  Who says Yankees can’t be Pirates sometimes- look at Russell Martin and AJ Burnett?

Lyle Overbay’s song needs to be Jason Aldeen’s Dirt Road Anthem because he is doing just that- chilling on a dirt road and doing the job he was called up to do.  Sure, he is filling a spot left by the ailing Mark Teixeira and perhaps that’s why he just goes in there and does his job with no pressure, no worry.  But at the end of the day, first base is sort of like a dirt road and with Lyle there, we know he will consistently go out every day and help our team, scooping up ball after ball and keeping the game on track. 

Francisco Cervelli, Sail by Awol Nation fits the passionate catcher quite well as he continues to show his dedication and commitment to winning as his batting average “sails” up each week. 

Derek Jeter... our captain.  He typically goes with a Jay-Z song but I have to tell you, after the months he has had and battles he has fought, I like Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors for him.  I think this could be a new anthem for Jeet- he’s probably looked in a lot of mirrors and starred back at himself, building his attitude, strengthening his confidence, reinventing his moxie.  This is where Jeet digs deep within himself and pours his confidence on the field for all to soak in.  This is why we are so empty without him.  Those mirrors staring back at our captain have served him well and the walk up song exemplifies this. 

So, there you go- my picks for the walk up songs for our guys this season.  Some techno, sprinkled with some rap, pop, and country!  Just the sort of music to set the tone for the season- what do you think?  Be the DJ yourself and tweet us your play list!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Opinion Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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