Monday, May 23, 2022


The Yankees aren't admitting this yet but, they are worried about Deivi Garcia and so am I. Garcia used to be the Yankees second-best pitching prospect and he's in a downward spiral and barely cracked the top 30. He couldn't wait for 2021 to come to an end but his 2022 start so far is nothing to feel great about.

We got a short, encouraging glimpse of Garcia in Spring Training but it was short lived. I was hopeful that he would carry that with him into the regular season. As bad as his 2021 start was, this year looks even worse and he better turn it around fast otherwise some new kids are knocking on the door of the 40-man roster.

The season is young but he has a bloated 9.90 ERA in six starts with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders down in Triple-A. In 20 innings he has allowed 22 earned runs on 27 hits and walked 16 batters. He's quickly losing ground to guys like JP Sears and Hayden Wesneski, who isn't on the Yankees 40-man roster yet but he's making the Yankees think long and hard about that. If Wesneski continues to impress, Garcia is going to find himself left behind.

I hope Garcia can pull himself out of this. He's still 23 so he's young and I think he can be saved, however I already said ANALYTICS FAILED DEIVI GACIA AND NOW THERE IS PROOF! The Yankees have some other kids that are starting to climb the rankings and Garcia is freefalling. I think the Yankees are to blame for a lot of that because....the Yankees haven't done well developing young talent. They look at numbers spit out of a computer and try to tinker with these younger kids like they are a science experiment. Not to mention Matt Blake and Aaron Boone are just brainless morons.

But Garcia is in a race against time. He may be young enough, but some of these other kids pitching well are older than him and proving they are already closer to that big league opportunity. They may outpitch him for a big league opportunity and that would suck. I like Garcia, I've always pushed for him....but time may not be on his side anymore.

I hope Garcia can pull it together quickly. We always want to see the kid that we follow for a long time make it to the show and be successful. I still hope that happens, but I'm worried about him. He doesn't have a lot of reputable coaches behind him to guide him....and history has proven this. 

I want to see the Garcia from Spring Training come back again....please!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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