Friday, November 28, 2014


Keep calm everyone. My dad has it all figured out....well, he thinks he does and I for one think it is not only funny, but it's interesting. My dad wants to be a General Manager ladies and gentlemen and for the Yankees none the less. Maybe I am finally bringing him over to our can only hope.

Brian Cashman has a hard job, no doubt about it. I admit, I don't always agree with some of his moves and there have been times where I have twitched violently as a response to some of his signings but I would never want that man's job. My dad isn't even a Yankees fan so the fact that he has so much interest lately makes me laugh. Check it out....

Dad: Who is this Giancarlo Stanton kid?

Me: He is a 25 year old outfielder for the Miami Marlins.

Dad: You mean the Yankees missed ANOTHER young superstar?

Me: We aren't going to get them all, dad. The Marlins drafted him in 2007. They picked right.

Dad: Well now the Marlins get him for another 13 years and for $325 million. They should have drafted him. If I was in charge it would have happened BUT not that extension. I guess they haven't seen what the Yankees are going through with the Alex Rodriguez deal. No one is worth that many years.

Me: I guess not, and you are right.

Dad: Now he will never play for the Yankees.

Me: I guess not. There is another great player out there for us.

Dad: Boston is having another big off season. They made two good signings.

Me: *shrugs* I didn't really want Pablo Sandoval anyways.

Dad: Why not? He did great in the postseason.

Me: Yes, he did. However, those postseason numbers are not what the Yankees would most likely get out of him during the regular season. Plus, he was too expensive. I like Chase Headley more and he won't command that kind of years or money.

Dad: I don't know, I like the idea of Sandoval better.

Me: Let's revisit this after he has to adjust to hitting at Fenway and dealing with the Green Monster.

Dad: OK, we will. And what about Hanley Ramirez? I don't get that at all. The Yankees should have been all over this guy. You lost Derek Jeter and Ramirez has very impressive numbers for a shortstop!

Me: I agree with you about his production, but Ramirez is also very injury prone. You have seen what has been going on with the Yankees the past two seasons, we have struggled to stay healthy. He is expensive also. I think the Yankees need to focus on staying healthy and can still get good production out of someone else who isn't that high of a risk. It's OK that we don't have a long-term replacement for Jeter right now. Truth is, I don't think you CAN replace him. We just need someone who can do the job and contribute. Cashman will find him.

Dad: When are you going to start signing people? Boston is going to sign everyone!

Me: So they can take on massive salary again, realize it doesn't mean you have a winning team and trade them all off again like they did in 2012? Go for it. They cant make up their mind what direction they want to take. That alone gives me no reason to panic.

Dad: You guys need to do something, and if I were Brian Cashman I would be getting more aggressive with Brandon McCarthy and Chase Headley.

Me: I will be sure to tell him dad. HEY! Maybe you can be his assistant GM!

Dad: OK smarty pants.

So please Brian Cashman....please start making some moves. It's hard enough hearing my dad the Mets / Diamondbacks fan tease me on a regular basis when it comes to his teams but now he is taking an interest in Boston which makes me sick to my stomach.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ

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