Saturday, November 29, 2014


BYB is trying to confirm a possibly BIG offer involving Max Scherzer.  The report is that this morning the Yankees have made a 6 year offer to Max Scherzer.  We first read about it on Twitter from Dan Pfeiffer here:

BYB has heard heard 2 things, none of which is a 6 year deal. The deal I was able to confirm was possibly 7 years and $190 million dollars. Let me also tell you that another source revealed to me that he cannot confirm either deal mentioned above.  So... as always, rumors are flying. We are working to confirm that deal right now.

As you know Bleeding Yankee Blue has suggested many times that the Yankees were quietly aiming to sign at least 1 pitcher, be it Max Scherzer or Nationals lefty Gio Gonzalez.  The bottom line was, they needed to do something, they were clearly outplayed by the Red Sox and Blue Jays.

If this offer is complete, we will be sure to bring you the update, but as you know we like to make sure these stories are firm.

Let's recap, the rumor is the Yankees offered a 6 year deal to Scherzer.  We at BYB have heard the offer is actually 7 and around $190 million.

Wow... more when we know it.  Stay close.

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