Saturday, August 10, 2019


Some umpires are just terrible. That's Chris Segal.

Now, some are great, but let's be honest, they are human too.  That being said, last night's call against Gardner and then the un-needed ejection because I guess Segal thought he heard something... or... in my opinion made it up because he didn't have the facts... is just inexcusable.

Chris Segal may be the worst umpire I have ever seen.  That being said, and you will hate me for this...  Brett Gardner is kind of an embarrassment with his ridiculous antics. The bat hitting the dugout wall show. Him running around, dodging Aaron Boone to scream in the umpire's face.  I get it, you're mad for being wrongly ejected, but stop being a fucking baby. Kids are watching. Who the hell do you think you are?

OK... I got that off my chest.  Back to loser Chris Segal.  Worst. Umpire. Ever. gives us a recap on the night:

"Gardner was ejected and had to be restrained from going after home plate umpire Chris Segal in the fourth inning. 

Segal called Cameron Maybin out on a third strike that appeared to miss low but was lifted into the strike zone by catcher Danny Jansen. Yankees manager Aaron Boone, bench coach Josh Bard and Gardner protested from the dugout before Segal ejected Gardner following another low strike during Mike Tauchman's at-bat. 

'He just wanted to assume or wanted to take a guess, and he was wrong,' Gardner said of Segal. 'Then he lied to me about it which was a huge problem, and that's what made me a little upset.' At first, Boone came out alone to talk to Segal, who is normally a Triple-A umpire. Initially calm when he left the dugout, Gardner soon lost his temper when he learned he'd been ejected and had to be restrained by Boone, Tauchman and crew chief Dan Iassogna. 

Gardner had doubled and struck out earlier in the game. 

'Gardy is as competitive and as fiery as they come,' Boone said. 'If you're going to get kicked out of a game you want it to be justified and warranted, so I understand how fired up he was, and I found out how strong he was trying to hold him back.' 

Television replays appeared to show that Maybin, who was seated next to Gardner on the bench, made the comment that led to the ejection."

And so this is what needs to happen. Segal needs to apologize.

Would keeping Gardner in eventually lead to a Yankee win last night? Probably not. JA Happ was horrible last night.  But when someone is wrongly accused, and it's known and documented after the fact, an apology needs to take place. If Segal doesn't do that, he's a pathetic piece of garbage.

And I won't get on Maybin either.  Cameron Maybin is the energy this team needs. He's just as passionate as anyone, so saying whatever he said to back Gardy up last night is justified.  It gets the base fired up.

What Gardy did with his jumping around and trying to dodge Boone was childish and stupid.  Be a leader for Christ sake!  Umpire's are far from perfect. I mean sure, you want them to make the right call and that's what they're paid to do... but for crying out loud, Gardy… stop with the bat banging and helmet throwing and tantrums. You're supposed to be a leader! You're supposed to be better than Segal in that situation.  You came out looking like a child who just lost his damn lollipop.

Segal sucks folks. What can I tell you?
Let's hope he does the right thing and apologizes.

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