Sunday, August 11, 2019


All the haters can hate all they want. Clint Frazier is still a good player and while he knows his defense was the reason for his demotion, he's owning it and working to improve it. His dream? To land with the New York Yankees one day. I'm rooting for him.

I love this little nugget because it's under the radar, but perfect for us here at BYB.  YES Network made it a point to share Frazier's progress.  A little tweet (recognition) and of course our guys Jack Curry and Bob Lorenz reporting on it.  Check this out:

As you can see, defense on the farm is improving. And as you all know... when you're playing well... you're happy.  Frazier is happy, and no doubt he is hoping to get the call soon.

I hip my cap. Sure, the haters are gonna hate, but this guy is grinding through that negativity, learning to navigate and is no doubt making things happen!

Go Clint, go!

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  1. Frazier should be up being the DH in place of Ford.Now I like Mike and he has spme power but has no speed on the bases.
    Frazier cpuld also play a day or to in the field and rotate Judge , Sanchez and even Torres at the DH.
    Frazier is already MLB tested and ready.


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