Friday, August 9, 2019


Monday, August 5th marked one year since Gio Urshela joined the pinstripes and it's been a pleasure to have him ever since. During the latest Red Sox series, Gio was hit by a foul ball and fans urged him to get up by chanting his name. It's clear everyone loves the guy.

Luckily unlike our other IL members, Urshela's X-rays came back negative and was just experiencing soreness.

“It doesn’t matter, the injuries,” Urshela said. “We come here to play every day, to win the game.”
During the game against the Orioles Wednesday night, Urshela's two-run homer helped to break the MLB single-season record for most home runs against one team. Don't you just love some great stats!

What's going to happen when Miguel Andujar returns? Last season Andujar finished second in AL Rookie of the year voting and sadly was only able to play 12 games this season before getting injured.

However, Urshela has been proving himself this year batting .319, placing him in the top 3 percent in all of baseball...impressive. It is stats like this that lead me to believe that Urshela will hopefully be here to stay. If the Yanks decide to keep both, we will most likely see a good 'ole Spring Training competition to see who's going to get the start at third.

It would not hurt to have depth at third base, as we've learned this year you never know what could happen and we are currently very injury prone. Whoever does not start can still DH and sub. Having two incredible third basemen is definitely not the worst problem the Yankees could face.

--Missy O'Rourke
BYB Contributor
Twitter: @missy_orourke


  1. We cit Encarnation and move Miggy to DH or 1st and move Voit to DH maybe.
    I would rather have Miggy than Encarnation if Miggy is healthy.
    You keep Urshella at 3B.

  2. I say one of them gets traded in the off- season for a pitcher. Great topic.


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