Thursday, August 8, 2019


Anyone else love this dude's energy?

There's something very special about Cameron Maybin.  I mean, this guy's a veteran at this point, but he knows how to rev up a clubhouse and of course, when it comes to his bat, athletic abilities and the incredible way this guys knocks in runs and scores himself... how can we not root hard for this guy?

He is a spark plug for this Yankees team... much like Willie 'Mays' Hayes of the Indians in 'Major League' of course.

Last night Maybin did everything right for the Yankees in their 14-2 romping of the Baltimore Orioles.  4-5, 2 runs scored, 2 RBIs.  I mean even the Baltimore Sun was talking about this guy... reluctantly I assume:

"Cameron Maybin blooped an RBI single among center fielder Stevie Wilkerson, right fielder Trey Mancini and second baseman Jonathan Villar on a ball that had a 7% percent chance of being a hit, per Statcast…

The relievers who followed him did little to quell New York’s might. Gio Urshela hit home runs off Miguel Castro and Tayler Scott, and after Maybin took Tom Eshelman deep in the ninth, Higashioka homered off David Hess for the Yankees’ 16th home run of the series, tying the 1977 Boston Red Sox for the most in a three-game set. "

The point is, this guy was a huge part of the win last night, but everyone rallied around that energy.

I'm a big fan of Maybin. He's batting .310 this season. Sure only 6 stolen bases, but 20 RBIs and 33 runs scored in only 145 ABs.  Big contributor.

Energy, energy, energy! Love this dude on this Yankees team this season!

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