Thursday, August 8, 2019


I'm starting to believe the Yankees use the same doctors that also cleared Kevin Durant to play in the NBA finals. If you don't follow basketball, I will save you the research and tell you that decision didn't turn out well.

In a bizarre turn of events, Gleyber Torres will avoid the disabled list....for now and Thairo Estrada will go back to Triple-A. Yes, I say for now because I am skeptical. None of this makes a lot of sense. The Yankees have already had a season plagued with injuries with 25 different players landing on the disabled list at some point this season. Torres was going to be 26, but now he's not. I should be happy about that and I want to be but....nobody knows what is going on.

MLB has a good story on this HERE, Aaron Boone tried to quickly pass this off as a sigh of relief and good news, but I don't buy it. How is it possible that after rounds of tests doctors have no explanation for the core pain Torres has experienced? It's not a sports hernia, or a strain but we don't know that is isn't anything to worry about either. This could be a premature celebration.

It just doesn't add up. Torres was pulled from Sunday's game but tests didn't show anything that night. The Yankees used him as a DH on Monday. He reported no pain, and said he thought his core pain was caused by swinging too hard. I guess that's not far-fetched but then on Tuesday he was once again pulled from the game in the third inning and was sent for tests again. Nothing showed up in those tests.

The Yankees have been winning despite a ton of injuries all season. It makes you wonder if we should be questioning our conditioning staff and our doctors. If we don't understand what Torres is dealing with, how can we treat him and get him healthy again? How can we do that with our other injuries? Are we correctly treating the injuries that Aaron Hicks, Edwin Encarnacion, Giancarlo Stanton and Luke Voit have? There are too many unknowns here to feel confident with going forward.

But for some reason, Boone feels good about this. When asked if he was concerned about Torres' condition he said "I guess a little bit, sure, but we're also encouraged that we don’t think it’s serious, nor does he, for that matter." How can we really say we don't think it's serious when we don't understand what is causing his core pain? "I guess a little bit" doesn't sound like we are out of the woods with this.

I've been skeptical all season. I just think something doesn't add up. Torres is a gamer, all of these guys are. They are going to try and play through their pain and say it isn't serious because they don't want to miss any time. They want to be their for their team. I can admire that, but getting healthy is more important as we get closer to the postseason.

There has to be an answer here. Are these doctor just not being thorough? Are they not running the right tests? Are the Yankees taking too much risk by handling Torres on a day-to-day basis?

I want to feel good about this "encouraging" news....but I don't. Not yet.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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  1. I have thought the same thing .It pre dates this year , remember Youk and Hafner.
    Might be time to take away the sledge hammers and sleds.
    Just think the pitchers have been getting hurt the past couple of years.


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