Monday, April 16, 2012


It’s clear to me that Eduardo Nunez, given enough at bats during the regular season, could be a .300 hitter. I believe that. Nunez also has the speed. He’s one of the fastest guys in the league hands down and you get the guy on base, there is no doubt he can do damage. But there’s another place he could do worse damage…the infield. I don’t care what anyone says, Eduardo Nunez is a horrible infielder and all the training the world can’t change this guy. He fields grounders like he’s got hands of stone. Luckily for us, he has the wheels and the athleticism that may provide the Yankees with a smarter alternative for the big guy…the outfield.

We’ve heard it before, anyone can play the outfield. Well, that’s not exactly true, Raul Ibanez can’t anymore, but a young guy with Eduardo’s legs and alittle practice with the mitt could really benefit the Yankees as a backup outfielder, for now at least. It’s not too far fetched. Nunez could fill in for one of our guys and we can get that bat in the lineup and essentially get him on base and manufacture runs.

Now, I’m no expert, it's just a thought and there's plenty of mumbling about it lately as HERE. The reality is it just may work, except, don’t expect this to come down over night. Don’t forget, Nunez has enough trouble fielding infield balls so practice in the outfield will need to make perfect. It can be done, but we can’t expect the guy to be our backup outfielder permenantly steps.

Look, in my little mind, it makes sense. Clearly GGS needs a rest once in a while and while Andruw Jones used to be a terrific outfielder, you can’t expect that thick body to be prancing around the outfield snagging baseballs. Plus, we all remember Raul Ibanez last week in St. Petersburg botching that play...let's face it, Ibanez isn’t exactly athletic anymore, so why not give Nunez a shot?

What do you think? You think I’m nuts? Tell me, just be kind, keep it clean.

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