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In my lifetime as a fan of baseball, as well as the New York Yankees, I always rooted for the little guy. Growing up, I appreciated what speed could do to change the dynamic of a ball club and I appreciated men smaller than the others out on a baseball diamond, yet, competing at the same level. I had huge respect for guys like Phil Rizzuto, David Eckstein and Homer Bush because, I am just like them, minus the talent of course. Not to say Homer was small like Rizzuto, Homer was 5'10" and cock diesel, but just smaller than the average Major League Player.

When Homer Bush was a member of the 1998 New York Yankees club and a guy that was always in the middle of it. He made his debut with the Yankees in 1997 and played until 2004 on the Major League level. After the 2008 Yankee championship, Bush was traded to the Blue Jays along with Graeme Lloyd, and David Wells for Roger Clemens. Luckily for us, Bush was resigned by the Yankees in 2004 and when he came back, I was thrilled.

These days Homer Bush is on Facebook and I was able to catch up with him and ask him to speak with us. He said yes, I was thrilled. I bring you our Bleeding Yankee Blue interview with Mr. Homer Bush:

BYB: Every child impersonates a player's batting stance or pitching stretch. My favorite was Ron Guidry. Who was yours and why?

Homer Bush: Ozzie Smith, because he was a slick fielding shortstop.
BYB: You were part of the 1998 World Champion Yankees, one of the greatest teams ever in the history of baseball. How important is that championship team to you?

Homer Bush: Among other things, being on the 1998 World Series Championship team has giving me popularity and financial benefits that I never dreamed of.
BYB: Describe the inner workings of the Joe Torre, Don Zimmer Machine. They were a staple of those Yankee teams for 4 championships. What was it about them that really helped boost the team?

Homer Bush: They both believed in every player on the roster plus, they had a calm presence that said everything's gonna be alright.
(In Photo: Chili Davis)
BYB: What player or players on the 1998 team did you attach yourself with, learn from and admire the most and why?

Homer Bush: Tim Raines, Darryl Strawberry and Chili Davis. We talked hitting everyday. I hit .380 that year because I was prepared for every at bat.

BYB: What do you think of the New Yankee stadium compared to the old one?

Homer Bush: I miss the old stadium, but the new stadium is awesome! In order for the Yankees to keep putting a beast of a team on the field, the extra seating and suites are needed to generate more revenue.
BYB: What's it like to appear in an Old-Timer's game?

Homer Bush: Old Timer's Day is my favorite...The fans show me mad love! I get the opportunity to be around some of the best and greatest players to ever put on a uniform. As you can imagine, I get a ton of pictures and autographs.
BYB: When your at the Old Timer's games, what legends do you like to chat with and why?

Homer Bush: The older the better. Hector Lopez is my favorite. Yogi Berra is the man though! They have some amazing stories about how different the game was during their playing days. It makes a player like myself appreciate playing during the era I played.

BYB: Is there any website or appearance that we can plug for you?

Homer Bush: Homer Bush Baseball on Facebook. Check it out.

BYB: Do you ever read Bleeding Yankee Blue? If so, what do you think?

Homer Bush: I do not...I will though.

Well, thank you Homer, we hope you do and thank you for talking to us. We appreciate your time and I personally loved you on the Yankees.

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