Friday, December 2, 2022


I like Josh Donaldson in pinstripes. I think that while his bat has been a little off as we entered September, his glove is still solid at third base. I would keep him around. Aaron Hicks on the other hand is bad defensively as well as at the plate.  For the amount of money were paying him, it's literally the equivalent of throwing it in a fire. We are getting nothing in return.

Now comes a report from Max Goodman (actually from Joel Sherman of the Post first, that the Yankees are going to try and move these guys this offseason. Bring it if it means Hicks is gonzo!

"According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Yankees will "work hard" to "get rid" of third baseman Josh Donaldson and outfielder Aaron Hicks this offseason...

Hicks, who signed a massive extension worth $70 million before the 2019 season, is still under contract until at least the 2025 season. As of now, he'll make $10.5 million in 2023, $29.5 million over the next three years (with a $1 million trade assignment bonus and $1 million buyout attached to his club option for the 2026 campaign). The switch-hitting outfielder had his moments, and finally stayed healthy this year (until the postseason), but his slumps were extensive and the boos at Yankee Stadium were Joey Gallo-esque.

In other words, it'll be extremely difficult to find a trade partner..."

Bottom line, I am really hoping there is a team in need of a switch-hitting outfielder who thinks he can still hit 30 homers and steal 30 bases. Cashman has to figure out a way to move that loser.

I guess we shall see. 

I leave you with this. This kid named Glitchyboy28 on YouTube who appears to be trying to start a YouTube channel.  I guess like any kid does these days. I don't know, this kid makes me laugh and I rarely watch stuff like this.  Anyway, Check out Glitchyboy28. I am going to subscribe. You know why? Because I love young people trying to hustle to make a buck. It excites me!

And here's another one of this kid!

Go Get'um Glitchyboy28!


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