Sunday, June 12, 2022


I mean how embarrassing!

Exactly how you predicted it with your analysis, right Peter Keating?

Robinson Cano is at the end. It's a shame, but I often think back to that time that moron Peter Keating of ESPN the magazine (Read our 2013 BYB post here) tried to disparage me here at Bleeding Yankee Blue when I ripped on Robinson Cano for not being a hustler and padding numbers.  Here's a portion of that silly article. I will not post the link, because it's really a bad article. But here's the part that's signfiicant.

Keating decided to try and suggest that I was wrong, that Cano was playing, but not playing HARD because he was saving himself... you know, longevity in baseball and all that shit. I guess what Keating was trying to do was suggest that Robinson Cano is SOOO talented that's all he needed to do, pace himself.  

Well, note to every single baseball analyst out there, but espectially to Peter Keating; You're close to idiotic.  We are now 9 years from when you tried to disparage me in your article and Robinson Cano is dresssed up like fucking Spongebob on a minor league Padres ballclub, because, well... it's over. Pacing did nothing Keating. Do you watch sports???  Cano didn't hustle, he didn't hustle for years and when didn't and wasn't performing, he went to PEDs. and when he got caught, he just forgot how to play the game in general. Pacing himself was not part of the equation. Plain and simple, Cano was LAZY. Exactly what I said. He never worked hard and guess what else... Cano won't be in the Hall of Fame either. He's fallen.  

CBS writes

"...the Padres have little to lose by sending CanĂ³ to Triple-A and giving him an opportunity to get on track. The worst-case scenario is that he doesn't perform much, if any better and that they have to release him again. "

Now with the El Paso Chihuahuas, Cano had an RBI hit.

Notice he gets the hit and jogs to first base. Losers never learn. 

Here's my point. Robinson Cano never respected the game, he cared about himself and 9 years later the slug still jogs and is a minor league baseball player in a spongebob uniform.  Peter Keating who is a freaking analyst couldn't be more wrong about Cano, or, dare I say the athlete in general. You get to the pros to play hard and win. You don't get there to be second, you get there to be first.   

Cano, isn't first... he's like 15th. My has he fallen.  

Hey Peter, I'm still waiting for me apology after you decided to try and embarass me in your stupid stealth-attack publication all those years ago. It didn't work. It just made me angry.

You won't like me when I'm angry.

F off.  Imagine if Aaron Judge or Derek Jeter or Mike Trout jogged to first? You're ridiculous and so is Cano. Maybe you should move in together and talk about loser things.

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  1. It's what all true baseball fans noticed about Cano. We hated his lack of hustle. But it also sent a message. He was starvso rest of team did same thing. (not all) but you know what I am talking about.
    When your best player hustle then everyone does. Games are won and lost many because of hustle.


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