Monday, July 26, 2021


I remember back in the day when people used to crucify Joe Girardi for his "binder" managerial methods and now we have Aaron Boone and his bonehead analytics. We weren't happy before, but man who is happier now? Yesterday's loss was a boneheaded error that Boone needs to own.

Domingo German did his job yesterday, and Boone let him down. Instead of believing in his starter, he went the analytical route that backfired horribly. The proof was in front of him. German wasn't the perfect pitcher for this assignment today but guess what....he was getting the job done! He held the Red Sox hitless until his 93rd pitch of the day and then that was the sign Boone needed to Yank him? 

Get outta here with that garbage!!

Boone just had a pitch count in his mind and it was past his magic number so instead of trusting his pitcher to finish the inning at bare minimum, he gave up on his guy and went to his NON managerial nonsense. Boone suddenly lost his trust in German, but felt much more comfortable with the taxed

Why on earth would Bonehead Boone use Jonathan Loaisiga two days in a row after an extended COVID absense? Loaisiga was throttled immediately and then Boone throws Zack Britton in there hoping he can get three outs with runners on second and third. Boone doesn't use his head. It was obvious that Loaisiga didn't have it on the mound. He should've yanked him after the minimum three batters required. Boone had other pitchers to use here that were more rested. What about Chad Green? He didn't pitch the day before and was a very obvious answer, especially with an off day today. Use anyone else on the bench that is rested! Boone just didn't use his brain.

And he hasn't used his brain consistently this season. We can't blame German. You can argue that Britton and Loaisiga also didn't get the job done that was trusted to them....but what about Boone? He's equally at fault for not knowing when his pitcher just doesn't have it and chose not to pull him as
soon as he could. The Yankees didn't have to lose this game and waste German's no hitter....but Boone let it happen.

I'm over this guy. He can't manage and needs to be held responsible just as much as the players. This blunder is on Boone and he needs to OWN IT and find a new job, too!

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj


  1. That makes two games this series that Boone has to own. Monty was throwing a great game and Boone did the same thing to him.

  2. I believe that German should had the opportunity to pitch to at least one more better before making that decision to pull him.
    Now whatever mojo Loiasaga had he no longer has it. Back to back games and the Red Sox got 2 hits off of him the day before though no damage was done.His stuff clearly was not sharp since he came back.
    Let me say this though, Red Sox had 2nd and 3rd and no outs and their hitter got the run in and moved the runner over on a ground ball.The next better gets a sac fly.
    Yankees had bases loaded and 1 out and Stanton k's badly and Torres fly out. Only good thing I can say about Stanton is he didn't hit in to a double play like he usually does. I know he has 11 hits that puts the Yankees ahead and more than anyone else but a hit with the bases loaded is the type of hit we needed.Blake is clueless on how to help them now that sticky stuff is gone.
    We need a different core of players, time to move on from Hicks and Frazier ( who I like because he lives being a Yankee)and Gardner give him his day at the stadium and send him on his way.
    Let's ride with Florial, you never know maybe he needed to be challenged and he was bored facing minor league pitching.See if we can't give Stanton a bonus to wave his no trade and pay half his salary and move him. We overoaid for DJ, he making an awful lot of money to be a .270 hitter without power.Maybe we put Florual in the leadoff and use DJ to hit second and do a lot of hit and run and Judge and Stanton in their normal power hitting spots. Any type of shake up would be welcome.


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