Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Have I mentioned that I hate the Clay Holmes trade? Have I? Can't stand it.  It does nothing but give the Yankees an extra arm to go to, but there are plenty wrong with THIS arm. I guess they couldn't get it done with guys like Brooks Kriske so they went with other no names to fill the void.  Seriously... WHAT THE HELL ARE THE YANKEES DOING THIS YEAR?

Not only did the Yankees get Holmes, they traded away a solid Hoy Park and Diego Castillo.  Whatever man.  I just don't get it.

Fangraphs writes:

"Depending on how one frames Monday’s Yankees and Pirates swap of reliever Clay Holmes for upper-level minor leaguers Hoy Park and Diego Castillo, it can look pretty rough. Holmes, who is out of options, is walking over five per 9 IP and has an ERA just a shade under 5.00 in a middle relief role for one of the worst teams in baseball, while Park and Castillo are annihilating the upper levels of the minors and play valuable defensive positions. But even though my shoot-from-the-hip reaction to this deal was that the Yankees took a bit of a bath because I think Castillo has the most long-term upside of the players exchanged, there are indications that Holmes is better than his superficial stats and really special in a few ways. There are also minor league roster dynamics at play for New York that make parting with these two middle infielders more palatable."

I love Fangraphs, but they didn't need all these words to say "this deal is dumb."

But this they needed to explain... and it's important when it comes to Holmes:

"...Holmes barely threw in 2020 due to a foot fracture and a forearm strain) may be contributing to that poor control. Holmes’ walk rates (15% career, 13% this year) are troubling, though he’s slowly improved in that regard every season of his career. The Yankees are walking a tight rope here. Holmes is out of options and he had forearm trouble last year (he’s about a half decade removed from a 2014 Tommy John). He’s a little wild. "

Feel good about this yet? Me neither.

Time to call the New York Yankees. Here's the number:

(718) 293-4300

I would then ask for Media Relations and/or Tickets and make sure you tell them they need to get it together because if no fans come to the ballpark, they will be forced to make a change. I just did.

We have had a shitty season folks... trades like this make it worse. I feel like we're headed backwards, not forward. Awful.

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  1. You neglect to mention that Holmes has the highest ground ball rate in all of MLB. You don't think that might play in Yankee Stadium? I do. I'd bet Yankees scouts do too.


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