Sunday, July 4, 2021


 I'm not sure I believe it, but hey, you never know. writes:

"As the July 30 non-waiver trade deadline approaches, expect to hear more and more about Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo ...

It’s no secret the Yankees need help in the outfield. It’s also no secret the Yankees’ lineup is heavy on right-handed hitters. The lefty-hitting Gallo can solve both of those problems. And Rangers GM Chris Young knows that...

“We appreciate Joey and value everything he brings. We expected that he would get hot at some point and put up power numbers in line with where we think he can produce. We’re starting to see that right now. It’s been fun to watch. I think that he makes the other hitters in the lineup better, especially when he’s hitting like this. He’s a threat to not only get on base but to hit for power as well. So, I think at this point we’re continuing to explore all avenues and options with him.”

And you know what makes me sick? The Yankees just picked up Tim Locastro, a solid option for the outfield for the Yankees. How many outfielders do we need, really?

Any way... another rumor during the rumor season. Bring it.  But Yanks... do me a favor, concentrate on what solid talent you have IN house... and stop appearing so desperate!

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  1. Really Locastro a solid option, NOT.
    Not a fan of Gallo either , we need high average , contact hitters who can move or hit behind the runner.
    Gallo hits them a mile but he misses them bay mile.
    The Marlins CF makes sense. Hicks, Florial and Garcia should be enough to get him.


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