Monday, July 5, 2021


How about some good news for once? Something uplifting that will be sure to make us all smile because we need it. I've been searching for any and all information I can find on Jasson Dominguez for months now because let's face it he is fascinating. So when I saw the recent news I screamed in excitement....

Dominguez isn't even a major leaguer yet and he's already made history. You can check it out HERE but Dominguez will make history July 11th when he plays in the Futures Game as the first player to participate without completing a full-season league. Dominguez actually just played in his first minor-league came on June 28th in center field where he was 0-2 with a walk.

The complete roster for both teams has been released and Yankees pitcher Luis Medina was also named to the team. If you like prospects like me, there are some intriguing names on the roster this year and I know people who don't even like the Yankees who say they are also most excited to see Dominguez in action also.

At first I was surprised to hear that Dominguez was named as a participant this year because he just got his first start and there are a lot of other young talented players out there that could have a spot. Maybe some of them have been overlooked. On the other hand, there has been a HUGE buzz about Dominguez since the Yankees signed him. He's hyped as the next Mike Trout, and let's face it, baseball under Rob Manfred has been an absolute disaster. Putting a flashy name like Dominguez can and will draw POSITIVE attention to this game....and MLB needs that now more than ever.

I'm happy or Dominguez and Medina too. This is a big deal for both of them. I hope Dominguez soaks up this experience and enjoys every moment of it. He has an accomplishment that no one can take away from him. 

Enjoy your first All-Star appearance, Jasson. I know your next one will be as a big leaguer.   

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj


  1. It seems like the organization is jamming this kid that hasn't shown anything to try and make fans happy rather than making a change to the crappy roster.

    A tad salty, my bad.

  2. If this hype is so good bring him up like the Nationals did Soto.
    Has anyone thought maybe Cespedes could help. Have not heard anything about him since early spring.
    Just asking, could he be any worse than what we have?


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