Saturday, June 5, 2021


Aaron Boone sucks. Let's not get it twisted. It is time to change the manager and restructure this entire club.

Randy Miller of has it right when it comes to Boone. He makes excuses for his guys. He tries to fire them up by getting ejected. We've seen this movie before Boone. 

Billy Martin lived once in pinstripes too, and when he was fired, he deserved it. And when he got ejected, like it or not, that too was a tactic to fire up the Yankees team that was sluggish and sad.  We're here again and you have less experience than Martin... for realz.

Miller writes:

"Yankees manager Aaron Boone dove deep into his Santa Claus-sized bag of excuses Friday night after his offense was offensive again in a ho-hum 5-2 loss to the Red Sox.

Before the skipper claimed that his ballclub had “a lot of good at-bats” on a night 15 of their 27 outs were strikeouts — been there, heard that — another season-long Achilles was brought up during HIS post-game Zoom Q & A. This latest two-runs-or-fewer evening, which made 10 in the last 15 games and 23 of 58 for the season, included haunting double plays yet again.

These two hiked the Yankees’ season total to 54, which ties the Astros for the most in the majors.

Boone’s take?

“I remember growing up, a lot of times the best right-handed slugger led the league in hitting into double plays,” Boone said. “I remember Jim Rice used to always lead the league in hitting into double plays. It’s part of the reality of usually the better teams. We need to get to be that offense that we can be, but typically the better teams are going to be higher up in hitting in double plays because they hit the ball harder and there’s more people on base."

Listen to me, there are 2 things we as fans hate in baseball... striking out in a big moment and getting men on base only to have them wiped away with a double play. 

Let's be honest, Aaron Boone doesn't get it. What the hell do I care if Jim Rice used to lead the season in double plays? Not my problem. My problem is rooting for the Yankees and hope they win based on LITTLE MISTAKES. Why? Because they are major league players...that's why.

The Yankees suck. They are not fundamentally sound. They lunge at pitches, don't have pitch recogniztion and they are not patient at the plate.  They strike out a hell of a lot and hit into double plays... and DEATH SENTENCE. And as the Manager who has coach's that specialize in those specific functions, YOU NEED TO FIX IT! 

The bottom line is the Yankees are not playing good baseball, and when you have a dude that wants to be the player's friend in Aaron Boone, you no longer have a hard nosed confident team, you have a hang out. WE NO LONGER WANT THE HANG OUT, AARON. We want wins.

Stop sucking at your job. Get mad at the team and right the ship, because at the end of the day... it's your fault and you need to be fired.


  1. Billy Martin's tombstone is a better manager than Aaron Boone !

  2. Boone always sucked as a manager.

  3. This would be a far more credible post if proper grammar was used...

  4. They need to do something about this now! Tired of his excuses for this team! Stop holding their hands and kick their butts instead!!! Can't stand anymore!

  5. Go back to ESPN and act like you know everything!!!

  6. Fundamentally weak team, never get a clutch hit, not having fun. Right the ship quickly or this season will be over in the next week or so.

  7. Take one guess who the Yankees could have hired to go down as the worst Yankees manager is history....he currently has unmanaged them into the ground


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