Sunday, June 6, 2021


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Another absolutely terrible game for the Yankees. When one person is responsible for the only three runs, your team is able to put up on the board, there is a problem. And what is Aaron Boone doing while the Red Sox broke the game open in the top of the 8th to best the Yankees 7-3? Picking his nose on national television as his bullpen blew a game that once again the Yankees should have won. 

"The Bronx Bombers were mostly expected to live up to their name — carrying what looked like a world-beating lineup into the season with a risky, unsteady pitching staff outside of Gerrit Cole. The reality has been anything but," reported Yahoo Sports. But Boone simply cannot manage this group of talented individuals to be the team they are expected to be in 2021. The Yankees are last in most of the major categories including runners in scoring position and overall runs scored. 

"What exactly makes Boone a good manager? I’ve been pondering this question since his first year at the helm in the Bronx. I rarely believe the Yankees have the strategic advantage in the dugout," reported From not knowing how to manage his pitchers to resting veterans because they are veterans, Boone has single-handedly put this team out of contention. But he seems simply unfazed by it all. He actually appears to be daydreaming in the dugout instead, while we and a Fox Sports national audience watches—And is absolutely embarrassed. 

It used to be that the Yankees could mask their way through their offensive weaknesses because they could hit the home run. Now with the home run strategy fizzling for the Bombers, Boone is just out of options. Because...he cannot manage. And he does not belong at the helm of the most decorated team in baseball. 

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My question is when will upper management catch up and realize that Boone is ineffective and it is time to change. The Yankees administration have become way to patient and perhaps soft since the years of George Steinbrenner. No way the Boss goes for any of this. Billy Martin was fired every other day and guess what, he was winning. But yet, Boone lives to see another day from the dugout.  If you don't believe me, go ahead and read my skipper's take on this nonsense in TIME TO BE FIRED, AARON BOONE.

Honestly, it is joke to see Boone try and navigate the press, defend his team and lose against umpires and just lose games that the Yankees are expected to win. If this is a rebuilding year for the Red Sox and they are jumping all over the Yankees, what does this say about the Yankees? This Yankee team is forgettable. And unless everyone comes together to own their weaknesses and actually do something about it, the freefall of the 2021 Yankees will continue. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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  1. Also the hitting coach needs to go ,to many players in a slump at one time, the team looks at to many strikes, they foul off to many hittable pitches


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