Monday, June 7, 2021


I rarely like to make quick, or rash decisions because it rarely pans out. Instead of fixing a problem it can often have the exact opposite result. However, we've given this a LONG go around here. The Yankees are a sinking ship and there simply isn't enough time to sit back and hope for a drastic turnaround, especially when we aren't seeing the results we really need.

I am ready to move on from Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone and Marcus Thames and many others and start from scratch. I don't think it is harsh, but it is a cost of doing business. Baseball is a business after all. Ken Davidoff of the New York Post disagrees, however and you can find that HERE in case you missed it.

He thinks Boone and Cashman DESERVE the chance to fix this. Haven't we been waiting since April? Cashman said he believed in he team and there was magic we just haven't seen yet. How long are we supposed to wait? Especially as we sit in fourth place in the division. How is that supposed to work as we sit and wait for a sparkplug with our minor league call ups. If we continue to sit and wait, we could be out of the race by the All-Star break. We can't afford to wait!

What has Boone and Cashman done to earn our patience? They have leaned erratically to analytics and they have not fostered a team that embraces baseball fundamentals at all. They don't hit, they don't field. They also don't hit for average or manufacture runs and now we aren't even the Bronx Bombers anymore. We don't hit homeruns and we don't even have the valuable let handed hitters that should feast off of that short porch. They don't play with good fundamentals anymore. Our offense is the bottom of all categories in all of MLB and we are second in all MLB for hitting into double plays! So having patience with Boone or Cashman won't fix this. That ship has sailed.

Will firing Boone fix that? No, but someone has to be held accountable and it starts with the skipper. He has to be good for more than just a crazy soundbite filled with optimism and empty words. This isn't anything new, when a team is underperforming managers are fired. It's what happens. You can't fire the whole team, the Yankees are stuck with some really bad contracts that they won't be able to move. Aaron Hicks was a huge mistake and Giancarlo Stanton just cripples the Yankees payroll going forward. Boone may not hit for the team, but he should take the fall for the team because that's what happens in the real world.

And the same blame should go for Cashman too. There was so much promise after 2017 with Luis Severino, Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez that never panned out. The farm system hasn't panned out and we need a leader who can get rebuild our farm. I just dont see that man as Cashman anymore, I admit at one point I did. He has a ridiculous payroll to work with and a ton of resources that many GMs would kill for, and all we have to show for it is 2009. That's not enough. I don't think he can find the right people anymore.

So sorry Davidoff, but now we need someone who can actually fix this franchise going forward. It's not just about this season anymore, it's about the future too. Boone is only good for a soundbite and as a "yes man" and the relationship with Cashman has run its course. It's time to move on and do a serious house cleaning. The opportunity to fix this for all of these guys is's time for someone else to come in and get the job done.

No hard feelings, thanks for your service but....BYE!


  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj

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  1. Time to hire Buck Showalter not as the manager but the GM and hire Willie Randolph or trade some prospects to the Marlins for Don Mattingly.Time to replace Thanes and P.J. and replace them with someone like O'Niel. Time to place Stsnton back on the IL because Boonehead said he was dealing with quad issue still. Then he can go to Scranton and find his stroke.
    Time for the Yankees to start putting players in motion steal, hit and run, bunt the other way and quit taking so many pitches.We need the Ted Williams philosophy see the ball hit the ball. We take hittable pitches and then swing wildly at pitches out of the zone.I love Frazier and am a fan but am I the only one that notices he is a better RF than LF and hits when he plays RF. Shouldn't make a difference unless he is just more comfortable in RF when he plays.


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