Tuesday, June 8, 2021


The Yankees need to get it together. It's absolutely brutal these days and I hate writing a Yankee blog when all they do is lose.  But I gotta tell you, I received a note from a die-hard fan and he wants to remain anonymous because there are rules when it comes to email correspondence and this one is between the Yankee ticket folks and this person. And so, if it unlawful to repost, I can however at least give you the play by play here just so you understand the frustration of this fan... and of course many of us fans from the New York, NJ and Connecticut area.  So here it goes:

The other day one of the Yankee Account Executives wrote this gentleman, we will call him Hank. It was a note reminding him of great opportunities as a ticket holder of the New York Yankees. I am paraphrasing these entire correspondence...

"We wanted you to know of our Summer Rivalry Suite Pack. This is a great opportunity to get a premium matchup at nearly 50% off!

Upcoming Games:

7/3 Saturday vs. Mets 1:05pm

7/18 Sunday vs. Red Sox 7:08pm"

Then Hank responded:

"Thank you, but right now I am not buying any Yankee tickets. Consider it a holding pattern. The offense has frustrated me. I am really looking to see the bats improve before I buy any tickets.  Once we start to see a winning streak of 4 or 5 games, then I will buy tickets. Thank you."

The Yankees Account Executive responded with a:

"Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know."

After that, more emails were sent to Hank in the hope for him to buy Yankee tickets:

"Good morning Hank,

I hope I'm not bothering you. We hoped to connect about some of the great 2021 Yankee ticket packages. We even have suite options and group rates.

There are many varieties and we of course would love to see you at the stadium supporting the Yankees.

Can we call you so we can explain more?

Let me know and I can give you a call. Thank you."

Hank responds:

"No. I’m sorry. Believe me, it is not your fault. We are not going to buy tickets right now because the Yankee offense is lacking. It’s not a good situation as a Yankee fan. If they were to suddenly win a string of games I would consider it. Right now for instance, the New York Yankees have scored less runs per game than any other team in the American League. Did you know that? Detroit Tigers. The Baltimore Orioles. Did you know that every other team is scoring more than the Yankees? That's not good and something I'd rather not see live. The Yankees need to fix this before I consider buying. Sorry."

That's frustration folks. That is what we are all feeling these days.  This guy decided to tee off on the ticket salespeople and while he stated that it's not their fault, what is obvious is that the Yankees are losing their fan base. NOT GOOD.

Anyway... not exactly what I wanted to share today, but hey, we are BYB and we do it differently. Enjoy.

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