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You gotta love hard work.  When you chase dreams, fight for what you believe in, dreams can come true.  It happens to so many in the world and we've run down the list of players and people that blow us away because their drive is unbelievable.  

As many of you know, we've told Ty Hensley's story since the day he signed with the Yankees... read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: TY HENSLEY: YANKEES 1ST ROUND PICK and BYB EXCLUSIVE: TY HENSLEY TALKS POST SURGERY for more on that.  Since then, we've communicated quite regularly with the Hensley family. We love them.  

When news broke that Ty's brother JR signed to play football for the University of Hawaii... it was like my own son signed on.  I say that because I appreciate just how hard these kids work.  And when goals are accomplished, you can't help but love how it all unfolds... especially for the person it happens to.  You just hope that that kind of stuff rubs off on your own kids... it's inspiring.

I decided to chat with JR Hensley and find out how he felt after signing with Hawaii.  We also asked about his family and his brother Ty... You 're gonna love this if you love hard work and commitment! 

So, here he is, JR Hensley... enjoy this, I did! 

BYB: Tell us about "Signing day."  Many don't understand how it works. Is the University of Hawaii in contact with you already, and then on signing day you sign your intent? 

JR Hensley: Yeah. It's just like baseball. You get recruited, and when the right offer comes in, you can commit and sign. For me personally, I waited until that morning of Signing Day to commit. 

BYB: I gotta tell you, I was blown away by the NewOK story about your close relationship with your brother, Ty.  I had no idea you guys were that tight!  Tell me about your relationship? 

JR Hensley: Since I was a young age, and ever since I can remember, my family has been unbreakable. My mom and dad preached that me and my brother solid values. 

So yeah, we are close. We are best friends and I would do anything for him just like he would do anything for me. I talk to Ty every day, even when he's not home. I love that guy! 

BYB: Did you play sports together as kids? 

JR Hensley: Yeah, alittle. We started football at the same time, but since the age difference is alittle over 3 years, I haven't been able to play with him other than when I was a freshman and he was a senior in the 2012 baseball season.

BYB: You spoke about hard work when you spoke of Ty at Signing Day. You said:  "I looked up to him so much and the amount of work he put in to get to the place he was." I was touched by that, but that stems from your background and your upbringing.  How important is hard work in the Hensley home? 

JR Hensley: Hard work is everything. There are no excuses. If you want something, you go get it. You can do anything, if you work for it.  My family has preached that for as long as I can remember. 

BYB: So, I guess I know who your mentor is...  

JR Hensley: My brother. No doubt. 

BYB: You’re a football guy and we’ll get back to that in a moment, but you played baseball too.  A southpaw, huh?  Me too.

JR Hensley: Ha ha. Yes sir!  I wasn't a bad baseball player,  but you don't really see many OLINE and pitcher combos, and there's a reason why.  My body just kind of decided for me!  But look,  I will always miss baseball. 

BYB: What’s your nickname? The Bear? I'm kidding. You got a good one? 

JR Hensley: Well, JR isn't really my name. It's actually Jake Ryan Hensley.  That's why I'm called JR.  I was named after the movie "Sixteen Candles". 

BYB: How important is God in your life? 

JR Hensley: In my family, God comes first over anything.  

BYB: You’re going to play football in Hawaii because you climbed the ladder of hard work and dedication to your craft.  What athlete do you most admire who shares the same goals? 

JR Hensley: Not to sound cheesy, but it's my brother. His work ethic is unreal. 

BYB: If you had a chance to go Pro, what team are you secretly hoping calls your name one day?

JR Hensley:  Oh...  the Pats, BABY!!

BYB: Finally, I want to personally thank the Hensleys for being such an inspiration to not only to the BYB audience, but to children everywhere including my own. What do you tell kids who become frustrated and want to quit in their life goals? 

JR Hensley: Don't give up! You'll never know if you don't give it your all.  Don't lose sight of what you want in life.  

BYB: Hey JR, do you read BYB? If so, what do you think?

JR Hensley: I read it a lot more than you think, and I freaking love it!

We support you Jake and we support Ty and the Hensley family 100%.  The Hensley family is like my family... we have the same values and we have the same commitment to life and it's goals.  I appreciate our friendship with the Hensleys and I am pleased to be able to speak to Ty and JR pretty much whenever we need to.  

Shout out to Marci and Mike, you guys did it right... be proud!

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